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So you say you cant manage to play 10 games of ranked in like 3 weeks since it was announced. If you dont care about them anyways why not just do it?
Leïtoo (EUNE)
: can i play clash with champions i dont have? i mean can i play riven, but i dont have her bought? :D
I think all champs are unlocked so it would not make any sense if you couldnt play them. Not sure if it is a good idea though xD
Verdaloth (EUW)
: [Known Issues and FAQ's] Preseason and End of Season
So the loot tab has always been laggy/buggy for me. Don't know if that's me or the game but now its even worse. I can't click at any of the orbs/tokens/key fragments. Is this a known issue or a problem with my pc?


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