: just everything is bad about that, trust me
Your opinion is %%%%%%ed in your statement. You say that Donald Trump is comparable to Hitler, you are so wrong. I bet you just hear other people say "Trump is bad" and they only tell you the bad, negative things he does/wants to do. I agree that he might not be the best president, but to compare him to a person like Hitler is a step too far.
: This is stupid. Its not boosting. I want a silver duo so that the rest of the team will be silver too, not to be carried by my duo. That way theres less chance of trolls and I'm actually able to have more of an impact as support when i get follow up or am able to assist people who actually know what they are doing. If it was boosting then bronze wouldn't be allowed to play with silver
You aren't ALLOWED to play with silver, you get placed in matches with people who have about the same MMR as you, wich means when you get placed with some b5's, that (possibly) your MMR is around that division. And of course it's boosting, playing with people from higher elo so you can climb is getting boosted.
: It is not an extra, it determines how many Key Fragments you get now. Which you may consider an extra but to me this is an intrinsic part of the game. We all want that Hextech Annie and Soulstealer Vayne and that is ignoring the fact that this is Riot's attempt to decrease toxicity. It is actually a really major part of the game now. Also there are end season rewards that we don't even know about yet.
Well, hextech crafting is an extra, so that makes honor an extra as well. They pretty much added a change to determine who gets the extra. The positive, good players, or the negative, bad players.
Zanador (EUNE)
: For three reasons. First, there is no obvious way around it. IF players can honor anyone, then they can also honor the one who intentionally lost the game. Even the instant feedback system needs a couple of minutes to dish out punishment, and the honors are given before that. Second, because we don't know why this trend died out. Maybe it was forgotten simply because people stopped paying attention to the honor system completely. But this might have spread otherwise. And the fact that the old system was so bad, hardly anyone got a badge after a while, also helped. And third, if you are planning to implement a lasting system, and you want to tie a very popular mechanic like hextech crafting to it too, and especially if it is all about positive behavior, then first and most you _must_ look at how it can be abused and what kind of problems can it cause. Just look at other systems we have: The ladder system. It is simply better than the old Elo system, but do people talk about that? Nope, but there is no week without someone mentioning how unfair their promos were. Matchmaking. LoL has one of the best matchmaking systems of any game in the world, and it literally has to handle tens of millions of matches each day, but you can bet you will hear about people who had a bad losing streak. Instant feedback system. Again a lot of other games does not even have anything close to the technology Riot uses, and it has reduced toxicity a lot, but not a day goes by without someone mentioning how it should punish fewer players, and someone else arguing that it should punish more. So you see, before implementing anything big, instead of looking at the benefits, Riot first has to look at the potential negatives.
It probably died out because people realised how stupid it was to give toxic and bad players honors. It's their decision if they want to give them rewards.
: Where did I say I never played her as adc?
Nevermind, read that wrong, my bad.
: How does one get hextech box?
Did you have boxes available to get? You should be able to see that on your profile page.
roughvan (EUNE)
: My Honor experience
You carried your adc, but your adc carried the game. It's pretty obvious that your team honors the person that carried the game.
: New Honor System AMAZING ! Or nope not at all.
So what you're saying is that the whole game is about the honor system now? I don't care about it, so should other people. Think of it like an extra, not something that makes you special or some sh*t.
Don't ask for duos from higher elo... I think it's pretty much boosting.
Gasburger (EUW)
: If you played at a level higher than bronze 2 then you wouldn't be bronze 2. Also don't main support unless you duo with your adc. Start playing carry roles
Let people play what they want lol, if they cry about not being able to carry with their role, it's on them.
: She doesn't really fit the meta at this point, I used to main her last season but this season she's been pretty weak. Also, never play her as ADC, she is super weak as adc, she has to be played as an assassin. I usually played her top, very aggressively, she could bully and kill almost every melee laner and then you could just roam and help other lanes with constant ganks and pressure. Obviously Thunderlord's is the best mastery for this. Give it a shot if you want, but like I said, she doesn't really fit the meta right now and the ulti change made her ganks weaker.
"I never played her as adc, she is very weak as adc" you're not really convinsing people if you haven't experienced what you're talking about.
l MrD l (EUW)
: How to get your teams to listen to you?
Just remember that not all players think clear in such a moment. You might have been able to save the game by going with your team, but staying in base would be a 100% loss. Ping your team a lot if they don't listen, type it a lot in chat ( even tho they will probably just tell you to get cancer) more than that you can't do I guess, maybe a bit of begging, idk.
: Assassins and total damage
The assassin is probably not able to do much more than killing one person unless he's ahead.
AsherUA (EUW)
: There will be 'skins' tab (or smth like that), but it's not in priority, so don't expect it anytime soon.
SpyDa13 (EUW)
: Indeed... every single champ that has been reworked or added after yasuo, made this game more broken..
Would be sad if they made boring useless champs ay 😂
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Zanador (EUNE)
: Fortunately it was not too widespread, and people stopped caring about it just as they stopped caring about honor itself too. But i've seen people talking about it on both EU and NA. And well, since i had the badge right from the start too, i experienced it a bit first hand. Nothing major, most people only made a quick joke about it if they have heard this. But if Riot wanted a better integrated and improved system, then i guess they couldn't ignore it.
Why would they care about a not too widespread short period of time where a few people would do that? It doesn't make sense.
Mr Stabby (EUW)
: Your honor rating would most likely be based on how many people have allchat turned on xD And people who don't have allchat turned on may feel like honoring that pro nazi donald trump spouting lux who was previously muted to them but played really well.
Can you tell me what is bad about pro Donald Trump?

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