: > [{quoted}](name=RallerenP,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2c4NREE7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-27T17:03:21.947+0000) > > I think that at the very least you should get it lowered to a 25 game chat restriction, but for future reference don't repeat what others say to you. Especially not things like homophobic slurs. you first receive 10 game chat restriction if u keep getting punished you get more chat restrictions if u still keep getting punished u get bans. its obviously not his first time getting punished
Well, I can assure you that this is not true at all. This is my first punishment. I can even Screen you the response the rioter gave me [Screenshot](https://www.imagebanana.com/s/889/XlLDUcRp.html) Translation: >We have a zero tolerance policy regarding extreme negative behaviour and extreme insults. Since this kind of behavior is a serious violation of the summoner code it can be that you will immediately receive a 14 day or permanent suspension. You have used the word ***ot and this is forbidden disregarding the context. So the system might very well decide that you get a much more severe punishment as your first punishment. Also not to be a smart-ass but this Screenshot also pictures a rioter using an extreme insult and thus a violation of the summoners code. Since Context never matters where is his punishment? Not serious, but this argument proves how interesting this rule is.
: Few questions: Did a Rioter respond before/on last thursday? What did you hear from the Rioter if they responded at all? Did you respond after that? Otherwise you have to be patient, I am sure that if you are not lying at all your suspension will get removed.
Yeah, I opened the ticket the day I was banned. Sunday the 19th. I got an answer last Thursday telling me that Riot has a 0 tolerance politics and for that I got banned for 14 days. I argued that it´s stupid to refuse to look at the whole picture of why I wrote what I wrote and that I don´t think that I deserve a Ban since I didn´t insult anyone. Even the summoners code only states > Don´t rage, blame or tear people down which I don't think that I broke. Now I do think that repeating what morg told me was a really stupid move, especially since I did it twice, but I still don´t think that I deserve a two week ban for that. The Rioter then told me that I asked the other team to report morgana, which counts as an insult. After that I linked him the response from RiotNaKyle and the Tread to where a player got unbanned after a Rioter decided that Context actually matters. This was also last Thursday and the last time I got an answer from the Rioter. However coincidently after opening this thread I got an answer on the ticket that they have a special team for these things and they forwarded it to it. So at least this thread got me something.
RallerenP (EUW)
: I agree that an apology is in order. The system definently did not act like it's supposed to here, and the Rioter that 'helped' him did nothing to correct it. This was not just a case of the system making a mistake. But I don't think any refunds are in order. He DID break a 0 tolerance policy and Riot has a clear stance on it. Again, the system is definently not intended nor should it be, but Riot does have clear stances on this. The scenario I would describe as the most optimal one, is one in which OP gets completely unbanned or, depending on his previous behaviour, a 10 game chat restriction. A 2 week ban is definently overkill. The middle ground is a scenario where it gets lowered to 25 games chat restriction, which I would be OK with. The worst case scenario is it staying at a 2 week ban, which I do not agree with at all.
I never got into trouble in the past. I even got the skin a few yeas ago if you never got punished in the past. Been playing since Season 3 or so, so that´s quite a time. I don't need an apology from riot much less any form of compensation. I would be totally ok if my ban gets lifted and I get my honor level back. And also the Ban was issued last Sunday, so I don't think lowering it to a chat restriction is a fair trade off, especially since I still don´t think I did something wrong. I definitely did something stupid. No Question about that, but that could´ve been resolved with a message from a rioter telling me to not repeat things like that or else I could get hit with a false/positive from the automated Ban System.
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