: > [{quoted}](name=πET,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RNKGsMOs,comment-id=000100020000000100000001,timestamp=2018-04-22T14:57:59.323+0000) > > The number of players being punished has all to do with the sensitivity of the systems in place that judge the reported behavior of players and little with the behavior itself. Do you think the system is too sensitive or not sensitive enough?
neither, the system is just broken, everyone who plays this game has paper skin and will report for anything from not covering buffs to playing bad in lane, this two things combined will get anyone who is even slightly negative banned, the only solution is to not use chat at all which is sad and pathetic but thats what the game has degraded too over the years
: > [{quoted}](name=πET,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YENZ40AU,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2018-04-19T17:20:38.909+0000) > > I couldn't agree more. Some flaming, like telling people to go kill themselves go way too far, but on average I think it would be better if players would grow a thicker skin. I'm not immune either. I've known my dark periods where my behavior might not have been the best example, but that was triggered by endlessly getting queued up by inters, AFKers or other trolls, not by flamers. Especially since there is a mute button now. It's king of a none-issue if you ask me. > > When it comes to flaming I think it should be redefined to something closer to how many people see bullying. Singling out someone for no apparent reason and just pestering them with cruel words or actions for instance. Not players arguing in harsh words on a matter they don't agree with. I think those harsh words come with the territory and I think not seeing eye to eye on how the game should be played is anything more than logic. I never say things like %%% or %%%%%%, the only insults i use are mainly troller/afker/inter/feeder/bad player i dont see the point in using extreme offensive words to someone.
yeah getting banned for telling someone they suck is ridiculous, getting banned for telling someone to kill themselves is fair, lmao
: No i wouldnt but the system does. Just avoid using chat if you have nothing nice to say.
well im glad to see someone has some common sence, unfortunately its too late for that now i guess, man i miss the tribunal system
: got banned, what do you guys think
so i went ahead and made a support ticket and as suspected i got the usual bot like reply of "no way hosey you are toxic lol", it seems that no matter how minor or tedious my chat discrepancies might have been there is no chance of me being unbanned, this is absolutely ridiculous and in all honesty this type of treatment is why alot of people have abandoned this game, the tribunal system was 100x better than this, i have played this game on various accounts since beta but its safe to say im done, ive watched the community of this game change from decent people to a bunch of paper skinned baby like kids and the game itself reflects it, gg lads.
: Brookerras: ff it, we dont have a jungler Brookerras: ive died 3 times Brookerras: twice bc of you Brookerras: im not blaming the jungler - I laughts here xD In chat communication spamming with caps eqals yelling its annoying to do that
IF I WRITE LIKE THIS DOES THAT MEAN I SHOULD BE BANNED? like im using caps lock to stress something important, we were about to lose the game??? the funny part is as i did this i think i made him realise and he rushed back to base so...
: If you ever used the report screen you would have noticed the "Negative attitude" report category. Well thats just what your games fit in, with you ranting and complaining in the chat it is no wonder you got banned(do not even try to justify yourself because stuff like Brookerras: ff it, we dont have a jungler, Brookerras: you guys do nothing-Brookerras: so sick and Brookerras: dont play mid again ori, also ryze top sucks isn't creative criticism or even criticism at all). Also your so called bot who looks for red flags and bans you is non existent since there is no mayor redflag that a bot or a algorithm can detect(unless you left out something along the lines of "kill yourself" or "ill murder your family" etc.)
being slightly negative because of people actively trolling = ban, if thats how the community wants the game to be then so be it, i cant protest that, but i will say it is absolutely pathetic, i feel like im playing on tilts whenever i play this game and i feel like i have to structure every sentence in a way that cant be taken negative in any way by anyone in fear of a ban, the only thing i can say after that is do my chat logs indicate that i was so negative to the point where i deserve to be banned? honestly? a community of people with paper skin more like.
: For example like this: > this game was lost ages ago, 0 wards, ryze sucks, ori missplays her abilities > dont play mid again ori, also ryze top sucks. Riot system automaticly take that as a flame
me saying that ryze sucks is flame? i just dont understand, if you were to pick teemo jungle in ranked and i said to you, "teemo jungle sucks" you would consider that flame?.. me having an opinion about a champion is not flaming, again this community seems to take everything as an insult, i just dont understand in the slightest
: As I see it: Game one: very negative and flaming teammates Game two: kind of negative, but not for a ban until the last sentence that was flaming teammates Game three: practicly same as game 2 Queastion for you: Is this your first punishment, any warning or something? Did you get actually banned or just a chat restriction?
i just dont see this how you see it, where in game 1 am i actually flaming teamates? i pointed out their mistakes yes, this does not mean the same thing as flaming??? me saying to the enemy team that our jungler is farming jungle while they take our base is not being toxic towards any of my teamates here in any way.... (thats the only part of game 1 text that i thought you might be referring too idk?) same applies for game 2 and 3 in all honesty.
: Here is abviously flaming jungler and other players and negative attitude.. So why u are surprised? Rules are rules. Mybe you should read rules before play this game? Then will be less questions..
please explain to me how this is flaming? pointing out people mistakes so they can actively change them in the game which may lead to a win is not flaming, i feel like half the community takes any sort of criticism as "flaming" and that is the core problem with the current banning system.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
yeah i will, but if that doesn't work then what? :( i don't think a thread like this would generate enough attention would it? idk
: got banned, what do you guys think
the worst part is i dont know what to even do to get unbanned, the common sense thing would be to open a ticket right? but past examples with many many players show that it wont help in the slightest, ill just get some almost botlike reply which says something along the lines of "nope sorry you are toxic" its ridiculous
Ìxeas (EUW)
: >there wasn't one game where the people i was negative too didn't deserve it Then you don't deserve to get unbanned as well, right? If that's the way you look at it, no one can help you.
just what i expected as a reply, someone to comment how i don't deserve to get unbanned rather than actually addressing what im saying, typical
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