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: Yes u can. You need to lose quite a few games but it's possible and happens frequently. However there will be a red triangle above ur solo Q rank in ur profile page warning you about your imminent demotion should u lose more games when it's about to happen.
Hansiman (EUW)
: You can still drop from Gold V to Silver I if you lose and your MMR is low enough.
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: ***
Wow. Your life must be sad when the only comments you ever put on Boards are these,calling someone stupid. Not to mention it's a post 11 months old. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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Rivënge (EUW)
: Whatsup, I am a top main, my main champs are riven(kinda bad for tournament^^)/gnar/ jarvan. I can play galio jayce and somd other stuff. My main account is plat 3 (Rivënge) my smurf is plat 1(lamina eruit). I added you in lol.
Alright. :D I accepted you so send me a message in game.
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Novalinko (EUW)
: Looking for team on Beta tournament cup
: cannot add you my friend, your list is full, clear and add me Borat Sagdiyevv
I'll add you after my game :D we'll talk there.
Greboud (EUW)
: Looking for a Jungler in Beta Tournament?
Sylense (EUW)
: Looking for players for CLASH
I got few people,let me know if you wanna join us.
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: looking for players for clash tournament add me if u intrested to make one and want to win
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: Plat Jungler LFT for clash beta tournament
: Veteran LoL player looking for a Beta tournament team (can play jun/top/adc)
Nycteus (EUW)
: Still looking for a tournament team, can play 3 days (plat support)
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AarkNam (EUW)
: project skin shard, get a skin you already own!
: Clan tags.
They can't keep track of every tag jeez,it's not that they don't give a f,can't solve the problem if they are not aware of it,just report people like that i guess.
: No reason i was perma banned
I'm pretty sure that's a lie. Because sometimes when someone is really toxic and goes overboard with it,they skip over the 14 day ban and perma ban them instantly. You didn't provide any chat logs/proof that you didn't flame, yet you're here complaining on Boards in public and trying to justify yourself without any proof of you being innocent. You probably either saw your toxic chat logs in game when you log or maybe you got an e mail from Riot with all of them. If not,you can always write to Riot Support,ask for chat logs if you didn't get any and the explanation of why you got banned. Though i'm sure it's not a mistake. People don't get permabanned for nothing.
: Pre-season is too long.
Yeah,kinda does feel like normals,but they are not. Not a lot of people will leave just because it's preseason. There's a lot of fun stuff to do. I guess you don't even understand what preseason is. And as you said,they would come back anyway after 2 months. ;3 It's a time of change and experiments. Bugs,exploits,stuff that can be beyond broken and not balanced. And it's just time to chill. Think about november/december. Sooner than you think Holidays are here,New Year event in game,hopefully snow comes to the Rift. Time to be busy irl with family and friends,not stress about some rank or elo and how your jungler is never ganking you lmao,but when you got the time,to play with friends for a bit and just enjoy the event not stress about ranked. Nobody would like for season to start now since there's a lot about runes to explore and a lot of people don't know what can they all do,so it's good to learn before actually going back to real ranked again. It makes sense to start a New season in New year,like a fresh start. Now. If they make pre season short,then once the season starts it will have bugs and runes won't be balanced because some stuff would be 'OP BROKEN POGCHAMP OMG ABUSE IT' and you'd have baby rage kids complaining about bugs all the time,crying over and over. And nobody wants that. Ranked causes a lot of stress and frustration for some,much more than normals. Since everyone wants to win of course,competition is fine but people get mad so easily. Stopping the importances of ranked games for a bit,for like two months is a good thing. Plus,if you're that big of a tryhard or just not happy with your current rank you can still play rank to raise your mmr a bit,not sure how will the mmr reset work this season but the higher division the better before the reset i guess. Preseason was always a thing and it won't become shorter in future i belive,it's always gonna be a thing. A good thing. Another thing you mention the motivation. You should have had the 'Motivation' to play ranked for almost the whole year now and that's a while,it's just time to chill now.
: Bye bye League of legends
zifoooooz (EUNE)
: old runes back
Smh lazy people lol. Is it that hard for you to learn and adapt? I mean you could learn all the runes and fully understand them from reading the affects in like an hour or so. If you don't wanna dedicate your time and effort to learn them,your opinion is rather weak,since you're calling something bad,something you don't even understand. Every preseason 'Breaks' the game,that's what Preseason is for. To teset,bend and break the rules of game for about two months until stuff is balanced and in right place. Old runes were boring af,these give cool effect,new ways to build stuff on your champions and create new paths,use some champions and make them fun instead of sticking to playing just few meta champs. I'll understand if you're a newbie to complain,but if you're and older player that can'd handle the preseason changes..Rip. Makes it fun for new people and some veteran players might check in now and then to see what's up. Sure it won't be the same game,changes are huge but that's to be expected in a big game like this. I understand you can be nostalgic,but beside that your 'Pool' is kinda meh. Just because you are not willing to learn and evolve as a player. No arguments nor material to talk about,everyone can call stuff 'Broken'. Plus. They just came out,give them some time to change a little and balance out so once the season start it should be more balanced,but no matter how many votes or complains,the new runes are here to stay.
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: Looking for smurfs to duo with!
Smurfing and looking to put this acc in plat,currently gold 3,add me if you wanna play.
: I think that's what zac in his passive state is called
It's not. Watch this video,the first clip. Someone in Imaqtpie's team name show's up as 'Blob' just read his chat, but there is no Zac in his team nor the enemy one. Could be a weird way to tweak/teas it or it's some sort of a random bug. .3.
Phrase (EUW)
: i lowkey want to kms
Wellll not wasted. I mean yeah you can try her out, If you like her then buy her so you can play her at any time,but like this you can at least play her for free few times. If for some reason you decide you don't wanna buy her you'll still have your 5+k Ip in the bank for another champion.;P
: Championship Ashe - Chroma
A chroma for Championship Ashe skin is also now available. This chroma is available together with the 2017 Golden Championship Ward by crafting it for 320 tokens. Tokens are available each day during Worlds. As for the Chroma. I assume it will be available in the loot around until the end of worlds so like around 17-19 November. Tokens and stuff expire on December 5 but there won't be missions for that long so yeah. The skin is Legacy meaning it'll be available only during worlds. Championship Ashe 1350 RP Legacy [Available 9/18/17 - 11/5/17] This skin will return to the store every year during Worlds, but the icon and loading screen border will only be available this year. 2017 is also your best chance to unlock her Golden Chroma and Ward, which will become legacy content following the tournament; note that you’ll need to either complete Worlds Master Pass missions or pick up extra tokens from Hextech Chests to hit 320 Worlds Tokens. Championship Ashe will be available in the store for 1,350 RP from September 18 until the day after Finals. To your last question. No. If you want the chroma you will you have to buy the extra missions with money. Doing all the free missions on the end leaves you with 175 tokens. While with all the extra ones,if you complete all missions you can have over 700. But some missions already expired,since worlds missions are around already now for like 2-3 weeks. Doubt you can still get the chroma. Hope that answers it all.
: well at this point it feels like deleting chat completely is the only way to keep me from getting permaban in future. As I'm totally not immune to people starting to blackmail / harass / insult me. It turns me into being toxic if people call me names out of no reason or because I died to a gank.
I know it can be tilting or frustrating,when you die getting pinged on/talked about or getting called names sure does not help. But try to keep your focus,maybe buy a ward play more safe etc. But yeah,sure sure delete chat if people are toxic. Just report them at the end of the game,don't argue with them so you get involved too,since you will get punished too like you did,which is not 100% your fault since you were provoked,but still. On your account you make actions and you are responsible for them,system won't look did people tilt you or whatever,you gotta keep it under control. So just delete the chat and carry on with the game. Good luck.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Tweezawed (EUW)
: Legacy Orbs, the best of the worst
Why would you buy the Legacy orb? I mean let's go by logic here. In the Legacy orb you will for sure get a legacy skin. Yeah there are some cool ones but let's be honest. Over 100 of legacy skins are almost like chromas,not much changed,they are cheap and tbh shitty,minus the new ones or some old that got animations changed but that's it. Those orbs are also more expensive than the normal orb. Now,the normal orb can give ANY skin in the game,which raises the pool of the skins you can get,meaning you can get ultimate,mythical,etc skins,I mean chances are not huge you gotta be lucky but at leas you have them. Means you can get much better skins with cool animations and the orb itself is cheaper. Unless you're a hunter for old shitty skins, I don't see a point in buying the legacy orb. I opened 3 normal orbs,got Traditional Sejuani. Baron Von veigar and the Infernal Nasus.
: 25 game chat ban after losing temper in a SINGLE game...?
Weather it's one game or ten games,you can't use that as an excuse. Yeah we all got bad games,but you were toxic,negative,you were even spamming the chat ,you said you give up and troll,calling people names and just being rude overall. Calling people 'Kids' when you are also acting immature..I mean what did you expect? This is exactly why you can get banned because of just one game. Because if you don't punish people and be like..Yeah you can flame for 10 games,after that we ban,everyone would flame for 9 games and then stop. But like this,when you flame you know your risks,you don't have 10 games or so allowed to flame,it does not mater dude. You are not immune to ban just because you were toxic in one game,that would mean that Riot is okay with people who are toxic,even if it was in one game. And that is not the case. I doubt you are a clean sportsmanlike player if your game starts off by talking like that,i assume you act like this from time to time just like you said 'Everyone has a bad game from time to time' which means you Act toxic like this from time to time,which is not okay. > ok guys so I admit to losing my temper a bit Right at the start you admit it,no much point in reading further since you yourself admit you fked up,but 'A bit' ? Oh come on. I read through everything and yeah,it was a well deserved ban. You might want to just minimize the chat and push it down so you don't even see it,or mute everyone and disable all chat. Because if you keep acting like this,next ban is the 14 day one and then the Permaban at the end. It's really not worth losing your account,the time and effort,money /if you did use any/ to just go to waste and disappear because you couldn't keep your cool.
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timowil (EUW)
Yeah it sucks that items/settings reset on that. If it's possible to change it so it doesn't reset after different log in,they should do it and for god's sake just put the Log out option.
: Vision Master - Mission Question
No. What the.. How did you even get that idea lmao Killing blow is like the last hit,meaning you are the one who takes the last hp bar of the ward/destroy it.
: here is the thing I can't remember my email but wtf, I expected riot to be fair in this.I wasted so much time on this game that I could've used for way better things.
Nobody forced you to 'Waste' time in this game,it was your own choice. 'I expected Riot to be fair in this' You don't get any benefits by playing a lot in any way. Once again you,don't just right off the bat start blaming Riot when you most likely don't know the source of the problem. You don't know the email? Lmao wtf,how even. Contact Riot support instead of going Baby rage mode here on Boards,bashing on Riot when you don't even know exactly what happened.
: Name change, any suggestions?
Fiancée of Sona I think it sounds a bit stupid tbh. I'm just being honest. Unless you wanna look like a weeb that is in love with a game character,no offense lol plus iv'e already seen names like that. I'll try to think of something similar or related to Sona. MyCrazyPerSona Sona Lisa -Like Mona Lisa ;P Melody Soul SonaSenpai Dangerous Strings Just Crescendo it DJSona in the house Unheard Melody Unheard Love SonasUnheardLover Sona Iona - Because she's from iona .3. Etwahl Power Etwahl Musician Etwahl Addicted Etwahl Melody Etwahl Is the name of her instrument/weapon if you like the name you can make combinations of your own of it if you like. Also her spells have nice names,ever though of using one of the as the actual name? Hymn of Valor Aria of Perseverance Song of Celerity I dunno in my opinion would be kinda cool to see that whenever you play sona and when not it still sounds nice. Either way hope you like some of those or decide to change them up a little,would be nice if some of those give you a brand new idea. Good luck with the name changing.{{sticker:sona-playing}}
: 3 vs 3 gold rush
This is my smurf but add me,I wanna get at least g5 on 3v3.
Potchikir (EUW)
: very positive ingame but i get alot of warnings on forums
Same dude lol happened to me couple of times for the most random things. .3.
Chasinn1 (EUW)
: 22/08/2017 - Player bans
Rape and a ban in a game..? That's a pretty extreme and rather stupid example of what you're trying to say. .-.
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Are there plans to include emotes in hextech loot?
Yeah. They said it'll be a thing in future. .3. Plus over time,we already know about some emotes we will get for free soon so,yeah.
: They are fun to use for your own satisfaction. But to BM enemy? Unefective af
Tell that to all the people that use it for BM.
: Hey, thanks a lot for taking the effort to write all of this. I totally understand your frustration here, it's clear that you put a lot of effort into this, probably more than some of the winners. The way that judging those entries worked was by letting a bunch of Volunteers vote on the entries. Of course these votes are subjective, and I guess the others gravitated more towards the improvised and funny cosplays, because that's what we had in mind when we launched. We thought players would only submit funny and weird cosplays, and not actually go for an accurate one. I guess that's what threw the judgement off here. --- Now I agree with you, and I'll definitely take it into consideration for next events. This is the first time we've done a cosplay contest, and we really didn't know what to expect. About the false information you got from one of the Volus... That really sucks :/ They didn't lie to you on purpose, it must've been a mix-up on their side. We didn't ask for Star Guardian themed cosplays, the Artwork Raffle however _did_ require SG themed entries. --- I'm sorry this worked out so badly for you, hopefully our next events will make up for it. Good luck! {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I'll give the next event/contest a chance if i see it. Weather it's artwork or cosplays again. Star Guardian event was on Front page of Boards on the side so it's good it was showed there. So it would be good to make the future ones stand out there as well. I am not sure what Volus is..? I assume you have groups working on it. But if you have few/different groups of people working on the event,making the thread and replying to people,next time,Please make sure you are ALL on the same page as for what is needed/asked for the contest. If i knew that the skin was supposed to be funny, I wouldn't go for detailed precision,trying to make it look as much as the actual skin. But something more comedic. Also make sure you let the people know what is Yay and what Nay, If i get lied again ill be really upset,because it sucks getting nothing for your...I don't wanna call it 'Hard work' but in a way it is,it's not like it took weeks to make it,but it still wasn't simple since it was my first time making something like that. And please use this as an example, I know you said this is the first time you've done a cosplay contest,so hopefully stuff like this won't happen in future events. Not just to me but anyone. One more thing. In the reply above you mentioned 'you' do art contests. So who are 'you' people? Is there a way i can follow your contests and stuff? Weather it's art or whatever. I'm not on Boards every day all the time and if it's not on front home page where i can see it,it would suck to miss the chance and opportunity to participate. Anyway i guess that's it. Thank you for the quick reply and once again sorry if i came off as rude in my post. I was frustrated,still slightly am but what can i do. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
: Was a kind of understandable mistake though. He was fed, they were trying to make a play for over 10 minutes and nothing worked so he tried to make the game winning soloplay, overreached hard and lost them the game in the end
I guess it is understandable but he was tunel visioning too hard on the enemy,like he wasn't even thinking that enemy team is right there behind to back him up. Enemy even had Zhonya lol It was pretty much a desperate play,probably because as you mentioned,10 minutes or so trying to make plays,pressure did it's thing.
UtvaraizIV (EUNE)
: The Star Guardians animated series or manga
It's a good idea,people suggested it before. Who knows,it might happen. One thing tho. When you wanna write so much..paragraphs. Use Space to make it more clear and easier to read,it's really messy like this. And don't worry,your English is just fine.{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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