: any champ that you really like. Think about it this way: its a champ you will play A LOT. If you just pick a FOTM champ that you don't enjoy, you won't wanna play him anyway. And any champ can carry by a skilled person below dia, so it doesnt matter which one u like.
I guess that’s true, as I’m shit tier elo I’ll be fine with one I enjoy (I just need to find one I actually enjoy haha)
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: mid/top/jgl/support?
I’ve played jungle mostly, but mid is my preferred role really. Just given up with jungle honestly.
: meh same here. I feel jungle is 100% about early game for most champs, and kayn just doesnt deliver.
Exactly, I like him and he’s one of the first Junglers i ever played, but as Tarzaned says ‘I don’t understand how Kayn players get kills before form’
: If you like assassins, try Kha'Zix in the jungle. He has so much ability to outplay/carry and has been incredibly fun ever since I picked up him a few months ago. My mains include, going by role: Top - Darius (used to be morde before his update ruined him) Jungle - AP shyvana, Kha'Zix Mid - Xerath (my main champ atm, just waiting on them to fix his bugged Q before I play him again because it makes him unplayable), Veigar Support (don't play much) - Nami, Thresh ADC - Miss Fortune, Caitlyn They're who I most enjoy playing and can very much recommend Xerath once his Q gets fixed, Veigar, and Kha.
I have played a good amount of Kha, I’m mastery 6 on him with one 7 token currently. I just always wonder if it’s worth always picking him given that some comps won’t be great to pick him into (e.g, Nasus top, Sej jg, Alistar support - generally lots of tankiness and peel)
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: do you like to split or team fight also lane preference?
Team fight definitely, I’ve never been a split pusher.
: Maining a champion is probably the worst thing you can do. Playing several champions teaches you about several key elements of the game (How to farm differently, how to kite and use Kits, how to build) while playing one champion limits you to it's playstyle and doesn't allow you to be comfortable with any other champion once you've mained it for long enough. Just look at Riven mains, they literally have horrible winrates outside Riven because they can't play any other champion.
Shouldn’t I have a small pool of champs, as opposed to one tricking a champ? Say if I chose 3 champs, would that be a good idea?
: I always mute my team if they say anything negative. It just makes life much easier. In ranked i play kayn a lot because hes very diverse and a monster in lategame if you pick rhaast. I stay away from tank junglers and play a lot of bruisers. I usually go: Kayn for general purpose jungling. Master Yi for when the enemy team has barely any CC and because hes my main champ. Evelynn or karthus when we need ap.
Yeah I should probably start doing that, definitely would help. I do like Kayn and have him mastery 6, but his early just feels so worthless to me that I stopped playing him.
Pikaguif (EUW)
: Maybe your main hasn't been created yet. Like maybe when they rework a champion or they release a new one you will find a champion you'll love.
That’s true; I hope so, because I’m struggling at the moment lol
: I've been playing since season 2 and I only recently found 2 champs I play most often , Ashe and Miss Fortune , like them not because they are too op but because I like the way they look and their abilities.
Really? Maybe it’ll just take a lot of time for me too then
: me too i get bored easily of playing always the same champs/roles i need to switch often to keep my interest alive, aniway i don't play ranked, and i play all roles
Exactly. I start a champ, enjoy them for a while but after I get like 20K on them I’m so bored I can’t bear to play them anymore. I neeed a champ that’s genuinely enjoyable
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: how do you like to play?
I like carrying (I know that sounds soloQ asf), I have tended to lean towards assassins/high damage champs generally (my highest mastery is Yas, unfortunately). But yeah, I like assassins, but I’ve always thought it’s a bad idea to main them as they aren’t always best for a team comp.
: For climbing ranked, best champs to climb would be champs that can carry well and have low banrate. Jungle and mid are really good necause you can roam and assist your team easily. I would suggest mid over jungle tho if you aren't very tiltproof. Playing jungle can be very very stressful.
I can definitely agree with you there. Jungle is my most played role and honestly the constant flame and amount of macro play necessary is both tilting and stressful.
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