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Yowzah (EUNE)
: Hey there, I see that you were able to finally download your replays. Do make sure that they are from the current patch though, as older replays won't play anyway! In any case, you can try the following method. Firstly, locate your replays saved in your Documents folder, under League of Legends, then Replays. Make a note of the name of one of your recent replays found there. Then open 'Run' by pressing the windows key + R. Paste the following in there: "[your league installation folder]/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/ of Legends.exe" "[your absolute documents path]/League of Legends/Replays/[your replay name].rofl" "-UseRads" Replace everything with square brackets with your corresponding path. Make sure to change any "\" with "/". It will also help having the client open when you try this. If this doesn't work then check out the solution in [this thread]( which might help you out. Do let me know how this goes.
I had the exact same problem and tried out what you told me but, there is one problem: in documents/leagueoflegends/replays there is no data. any tip for that? Edit: btw in the launcher it shows me that i downloaded a game
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