: The grade is determined by a composition of: * Kill / Death / Assist number * Damage deal to enemy champions * Ward placed during game (spaming wards doesn't count) * Creeps score (lane, your own jungle and enemies' jungle) The numbers are then compared to other players who played the same champion. It may surprised you this, but on Twitch.tv, a steamer with Kayle Top lane 12/5/4, 226 CS (5 of which is from enemies' jungle) at 27 minutes, 22K damage (highest in the team), 9 wards placed, 1 vision ward bought, 1 ward killed actually earned an S. So clearly, although KDA matters, but insane amount of KDA would not necessary earn you an S.
also objective participation. with which i mean turrets dragon and baron
HotDesire (EUW)
: New Slot for Pink ward
maybe sometthing like a summoner spell that allows you to not only place more wards, but the summoner spell itself is a pink ward thats invisible for the first 1min after placing it, which would make a good summoner spell for supports
: Make manapool items beneficial for energy type champs
though i am in favor of a new item that benefits energy users having mana conferted to energy is op. i would rather see an item that doubles the ammount of energy regained, with the instant regain in their abilities not the passive regain, that gives like cdr maybe health a small amount of ap and ad, seeeing as every energy user aside from zed can use both stats. and maybe this sounds too strong, but as i dont know much about balancing myself i didnt include umbers, so the numbers can be really low, making it more of a niche item.
: is this a joke? so u basicaly wanna buff, zed, akali and all other assasin mooved by energy??
those are the only two assassins moved by energy, seeing as lee is a tank fighter shen is also a taank fighter and kennen is a mage marksman
: I am sure they put the Sunfire damage to good use, had incredibly high AS and their AA's hit like a truck.
they did put the sunfire damage to good use, did not have incredibly high as, which isnt even that nessecary on lucy, because of his passive, so using an ability-passive-ability and so on is enough. and for the lat part again no, cause the goal of this build in general isnt to have your aa's hit like a truck, but to brawl it out with opponents which they did
: is that 1s slow considered CC? Is that jump that has to be done ON TARGET considered mobility? The only thing she has is her damage, if you remove her damage just delete the champion already
yeah a slow is clasified as cc that jump is classified as mobility, its enemy targetted low range mobility, but mobility nontheless.
: Fiora's Q benefits from normal life steal anyway.
no bashing or anyhting just adding extra info to the statement above fiora's q i applies onhit effects, which is why it benefits from lifesteal
: You have too much CDR, Have no idea what you focus with this build but w/e teemo is teemo might work or feed. Also gauntlet looks strange here. And you made 1st mistake you planed your full build before game without knowing vs what you are even going to play.
having a full build before the game isn't bad, but sticking to said build 24/7 without adjustments is. example he would normally build frozen mallet into iceborn, and continues to do this when facing an ability opponent that would be bad. also this in general doesnt seem like a ranked build, and having builds planned for normals is even less aof a probblem
: {{item:3115}} useless if building tank get damage from {{item:3151}} {{item:3512}} ok {{item:3022}} replace with {{item:3116}} {{item:3025}} replace whit {{item:3157}} {{item:3060}} ok {{item:3020}} ok These will make you allmost as tanky but now you will actully do damage to.
*too also people favor frozen mallet on teemo of rylai's cause rylai only applies a slow on abilities, meaning your q and your already in poseesion of a slow r. i think frozen mallet is redundant in the build, cause stacking item slows is no use, but at the same time zhonya's doesnt provide enough armor imo, so i would suggest a sunfire, so you get some extra hp, and when you hide in a bush and people are trying to find you you can slowly burn them without revealing yourself. and i think the point of nashor is better kiting potential, not more damage, seeing as the whole point of this build seems kiting to me because of the following reasons frozen mallet= slow is easier kiting nashor is faster basic attacks combined with mallet's slows make easier kiting zzrot extra movement speed near turrets(and destroyed turret residue) aka easier kiting like i said imo redundant, but iceborn has a spellblade that applies a slow again meaning easier kiting sorc boots are just as is and banner seems to compliment zzrot to make this build also (split) pusher-ish
farls (EUW)
: Veigar and Nasus
veigar is totally balanced so go out and try tank veigar contantly harrasing opponents for that extra ap, and if the hitting of abilities is consistent by 30 min you'll have as much if not more ap than the enemy laner, while having not a single ap item
Thomasrc (EUW)
: S Rank Broken
you had an extra 29 seconds and you couldnt even get those 5 minions smh. all jokes aside there are many more factors to getting an s rank than just your kda+minion farm
: Mordekaiser W change mostly
try going triforce into tank with morde its not so bad also pick up sterak to make triforce deal more damage
bulz7 (EUNE)
: Fixing the assassin tank thing
wanne stop seeing tank ekko remove his damned %hp damage, cause assassins are supposed to target squishies, in which case his burst is enough andd in fizz's case either remove it or make it a dot over time scaling with his ap not enemies hp
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=bulz7,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ARV1vaJ0,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-14T10:53:53.834+0000) > >i think any champion can just build tank and still deal lot of damage due to these op items Prove it, make adc work with tank items, i wanna see a tank {{champion:96}} with {{item:3068}} {{item:3025}}
ive actually seen a tank lucian and tank ashe with thus build do pretty wel
: Unorthodox Builds.
ap bruiser {{champion:55}} start with {{item:3146}} than build either {{item:3068}} or {{item:3065}} depending on the matchup, and the next item is the other for boots i always go {{item:3047}} cause you know he's an assassin kappa real reason is to have 2 armor items even if the armor from ninja tabi is very low second mr item is gonna be {{item:3001}} last item depends really but i would suggest either {{item:3285}} or {{item:3116}} and after that sell your ninja boots for {{item:3742}} so you still got some movementspeed more armor and more hp. its very fun cause as kata you are gonna get focused 90% of the time so when everyone focuses you try to disrupt your ult and you dont die instantly and sometimes even make it out alive the enemy teaam will have lost alot of firepower so your teammates can clean up. and if you are carefull you can even throw some q for damage and spellvamping up some hp thunderlord is the mastery i take so you still got some damage even after building tank after gunblade
Sadon Emsi (EUNE)
: There might be 1kk players playing bard each one in other position, how can I compare my stats to that?
your stats are always compared to others playing the same champ in the same postition. otherwise it wouldnt be fair for the annie's and brand supports for example
: 0 cc, 0 mobility, 0 escapes No, it's balanced. And if you can't dodge her tentacles or you stay put in the middle of her ult, you might change game, just saying
0 cc i guess we are just gonna ignore that slow that she has 0 mobility i guess we are just gonna ignore that jump that she has 0 escapes i guess. . . no thats right and on the last part i agree
: Veigar should lose a portion of his stacks upon dying
that moment when you see a tank veigar on your team with more ap than the enemy ap carry. so much balance
: Then what would be the point in even playing him? Any good player would know to strike Nasus while he is low level before he gets stacks. So not only would you render him from getting stacks by forcing him to back all the time or die. You'd also be taking away a part of hat he has earned. Veigar hasn't even changed that much either. He's the same as he was before the change in which his ult would nearly or would one shot everyone he used it on. Except now he has to actually weaken them a bit to get it back to normal strength or better.
you are right veigar didnt really change. . . , except now he doesnt even need to farm to get ap, just keep spamming your abilities on the opponent and get more ap than they have with ap items
ImaNoob32 (EUW)
: End of Game Marks.
your rank isnt just depended on you. its your game comparred to other people playing the same champ in the same roll of your skill level. so if you played that game as lets say lucian jungle or top you mightve gotten an s, but other lucian adc did flat out better than you. also it isnt just kda, but also wards placed/destroyed kill participation objective you helped in, even buying and placing 1 ink ward can make a diffrence between getting an s- and an a+
Moody Greg (EUNE)
: non meta pick = lose??
meta stands for most efficient tactic available or something like that, so ofcourse meta champs are a bit stronger than others, but picking a meta champ isnt an auto win. i would say always play comfort picks over meta picks. and maybe you just connected to kindred on a sexual level like you've never donee with rengo before
: When I play vs When I play adc
i know how you feel. i am also a very aggressive support player, but when i play adc my support almost always is extremly passive.
: My best so far: {{champion:16}} A {{champion:37}} B+ {{champion:99}} B {{champion:10}} B+ {{champion:12}} C- My KP is generally <50%. So I think that is the problem.
my best {{champion:85}} S+ {{champion:267}} S+ {{champion:62}} S yeah these where all support
: > [{quoted}](name=Burakke No Light,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=i3k5X2t5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-11T01:57:35.137+0000) > > hermaphrodite > wouldnt have guessed it without her cougar from i was going to guess trans actually
you would think so, but those boobs are real bro trust me im an engineer
: Mordekaiser/Darius both Juggernauts?
morde has a heal too, and he gains health when he has his ult on someone, so ulting an enemy tank, or dragon will put your health up there with the others
: Outta curiosity, why does Nidalee have a mane?
hermaphrodite wouldnt have guessed it without her cougar from
: Err... Sir Lifesteal is calculated from the actual damage done to an enemy, after armor and all other forms of damage reduction. Thornmail's passive = Reflects 15% of the physical damage taken (+ 25% bonus armor) from basic attacks and on-hit effects back to its source as magic damage. For the sick of simplicity, let's take Armor pen, Runes, Masteries, crits out of consideration (assume there are none). Calculations: Caitlyn = 280 total Attack damage, 20% Lifesteal Malphite = 150 bonus armor (Sunfire + Thornamil) Base armor at Lv18 = 92 Armor reduction = 1 - 100(100+150+92) = 71% Caitlyn's damage to Malphite = 280 x 0.29 = 81 damage Cailtlyn's Lifesteal = 81 damage x 0.2 = 16 Actual damage reflected = 0.15 x 81 + 0.25 x 150 = 49.65 = 50 damage as magic Caitlyn's magic resist = 30 so 50 x 100/(100+30) = 38 magic damage received Take away lifesteal received = 38 - 16 = 22 damage deficit Now, if you want to completely nerf the effect of Thornmail (for a 150 bonus armor Malphite) you'll need: 38 / 16 x 20 = 47.5% Lifesteal Thornmail useless?
thormail doesnt reflect on hit damage.
Wαrdwick (EUW)
: why not just use the higher one
because ranked should be where people climb the ladder not normals. if the highest of the two is being used everyone can just spam normals until he faces like high plat low diamond, than go into ranked and if he is bronze he'll lose like 1 lp for a lose while maybe even skipping divisions for a win
: just make his w heal him if the other circle connects (ex: put it on a minion and heal if it touches the enemy champ if u recast it) and make his q have a slow and his e have a base healing thats all since spellvamp is really hard to get now
i would say move the heal to his e make his w back to the old one where you dont need to touch circles to make it activate and give either his ult or his w a slow, or just the third hit of his q,
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NoDaddyItHurts,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qb5Xx2cB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-06-07T15:33:19.711+0000) > > Why would you want to make it almost impossible to get multiple Drakes of the same type in a row? 20% (19%) is not impossible mate. That's still a very high percentage. The problem of multiple dragons is that some Dragons (Fire and Ocean Dragons) are stronger than the others (Earth and Cloud Dragons). If your team gets hold of 3 Fire Dragons, you probably won't lose; but if you have 3 Cloud Dragons then that's as good as nothing. Like I said, 20% chance is still a very high chance and they could make it so that a dragon chance to spawn would never go lower than 19%. "Everything is possible when you work as a team".
have you ever done baron or elder drake with 3 mountain drakes? or take a turret with 3 mountain drakes? what you are saying is the same thing why thunderlord was so rediculously popular thatt even tanks and supports took it. straight up damage is good for teamfighting, but the game isn't only about teamfighting
Ceins (EUW)
: But that would also lower the chance for the other team to get a fire drake. So this couldn't be the right way to handle this. IMO a better solution would be to "disable" the next drake to be the same as the one before. So if the first is a Fire drake the second has to be either a mountain, cloud or ocean drake. This would give the team that is behind a 12 minute (2 times the dragon spawn timer) timeframe, where they can catch up in gold and contest the third drake which could be another fire drake. This would also control their snowballing power from getting 2 times +8% damage within 12 minutes. A dragon rotation could look like this: Fire->Mountain->Fire->Cloud->Elder
you do realize that you can get 5 elementals in 1 match right? and with the way you are presenting it getting 3 of the same drakes becomes highly unlikely, while it already is rare. instead of trying to fix the dragon spawining maybe you should work on your map control
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Ranked MMR is a more reliable representation of your skill level and should be used over Normal MMR. The issue of those who do not play Ranked has been brought up many times, but one answer is to use their Normal MMR. Ranked MMR should be used for players that have participated in a Ranked Match recently (and have completed the provisional matches). Normal MMR should be used for those who do not play Ranked Matches, or haven't played a Ranked Match in a while (2 Weeks? A Month?). This will create some irregularities in the match-making but should be more reliable than the current system, and will progressively smooth-out and improve as time goes on.
what about people who have a higher normal mmr than ranked mmr? only asking cause not too long ago i was matched against high gold low plat in normals while being silver in ranked
Colsh (EUW)
: The reason I think that this is added is because AP champions have items like {{item:3157}} ,{{item:3152}} which are very strong which AD champions cannot have so to balance AD and AP items they each have different items. Although I do like the idea I think it would make AP items a little to strong because they already have zhonya's.
meanwhile ad has both {{item:3156}} & {{item:3139}} giving them a shield, qss, lifesteal, and alot of mr zhonya has not that much ap sinds the nerf and a statis that allows you to dodge damage, but alot of times the only thing it does is delay your inevitable death
: Why are you talking about hexdrinker? Seems like you misread. I am saying that you build **QSS **on **mage** in order not to oneshot by Malzahar. Or escape any other supressing abilities like Amumu's ult. So you end up with spending 1300 gold only on active and a component that doesn't build into anything.
my guess on why he''s talking about hexdrinker would be because it is also compared to zhonya's and really and ap hexdrinker needs to be a think, especially with the zhonya nurfs
: It's a trade off for hourglass... each one is tailored to its audience. Hourglass stops you from doing anything so on an adc you would cut your dps by quite a bit bit as a mage you do a combo and wait for cooldowns which is better for them. On the contrary QSS allows you to keep up dps but gives no way to avoid damage, so it's better for people who want to keep up dps like adcs That's why one doesn't have access to the other's defensive item, because the effects have been tailored to their needs and neither side can't have both. So unfortunately no mages won't ever get access to QSS but at the same time adc won't have access to hourglass.
{{item:3222}} not ideal for mages, but it work
dbaker (EUW)
: Zac Builds?
not a zac main, but i play him from time to time so i found this guide, and some points in it helped me with my zac build. basically first you get a defensive item sunfire or spirit visage depending on the matchup. then you get haunting and scorceror shoes. after that you get the other defensive item spirit visage if you build sunfire and vica versa. complete liandry's and get an abysall scepter afterwards, finish the build with randuin's omen. masteries 0-18-12 thunderlords on zac is frikken fun. and in lane(dont play jungle cause i am a bad jungler) match q than e and last w. build can change if you are against a full ad or full ap team i suggest switching randuins for warmong against full ap. against full ad teams you would switch out either spirit or abysall, and im saying either cause they both work well regardless, so it depends on what you want to acomplish. if you want to keep your damage switch out spirit visage, if you wanne be a tank above all else swith out abysall. other armor option would include thornmail, and ohwrecker( i know what you are thinking. . . . ok i dont, but this item really isnt as bad as it seems, and you will be turretdiving those enemies that became warry of zac true power and decided to hug the turret) try it and enjoy
oFabian (EUW)
: what do you mean? i don't exactly know how the keys boxes thing works, but yea i do know i have WAYY more keys than boxes xD
so the keys fragments have an increasing drop rate as you know. meaining day 1 you get 2 or 3 keys the rest of the month you'll get another 1 maybe 2 keys, until the key fragments reset at the beginning of the next month. boxes on the other hand have an indicator and you have to earn them unlike keys which you get "randomly" after a win. if on day 1 you get al 4 boxes you'll still get 3 or 4 more boxes in the month. going by the innacurate statement i made about key frags you'll be left with 3 boxes, which insidently is how much boxes i had left after the first month of this system while playing none stop to try and get them keys. its not possible to earn more keys than boxes if you have no problem unlocking the boxes. even now on 2 accounts i have 3 boxes remaining but i have to play a week of matches before getting a key, so i agree with the op that the fragement drop rate should increase
oFabian (EUW)
: uh am i the only one who thinks they need to increase the chest drop? im here sitting with 9 keyfragments but don't have any chests to use them on xD
i dont understand how you can have more key than boxes unless you arent earning all the boxes as soon as you can
Pootis 5 (EUNE)
: I belive it would really,really feel unfair that someone gets so easy in about 6 months with those methods as much as I got by playing normally two years.If they are doing this,they should find a method for making it fair for everyone.I worked hard and got about 52 champions în 2 years.Otherwise,they should just keep IT as it is right now.As for the idea of using excesive ip,I agree with it,even though I don't yet know the feeling of having everything in lol.(sorry If I sound like a total butthurt,but I just feel it's unfair).
and litteraly cutting the time to level up to 30 was fair? i feel like these idea's are far more fair than that
: These is more like how a ad Zonyas would look like. what you suggest would be OP! fireborn gauntlet {{item:3057}} + {{item:1031}} + {{item:1037}} +275 gold +35 attack damage +45 armor +10 % cooldown reduction Unique passive: spellblade: after useing an abillity, the next basic attack makes 150% base ad on hit. Unique Active: stasis (same as zonyas) But guess my version could have balance issues to.
my take waterborn gauntlet {{item:3057}} {{item:1031}} {{item:3086}} + 500 20% critchance 25% attackspeed 45 armor 300 mana spellblade: after an ability your next basic attack deals bonus damage based on your crit chance and modifiers (150% base ad total without runes) can critical strike active same as zhonya
: [QUESTION] Frostblade Irelia
why are you looking at her face, when you'll be looking at her butt all game long ?
: When will you make the other 4 Darkin?
teemo is the other 4 darkins by himself
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Allow permanently banned players to give away their champions/skins to other players.
how about, someone gets permabanned, so all the stuff they bought with rp gets randomly distibuted to people who have an honor badge. this way all the money doesnt go to waste, and the banned guy can't give his stuff to his smurf, and i doubt he'll have a smurf with an honor badge if he got permabanned. it will also encourage people a little bit nicer, cause im sure people get permabanned almost every day, so their is always a chance to get free stuff. it would also use the honor system a bit more, and if a champ is sent to an account that already owns that champ it could be made into either rp or champ shard, or maybe even essance or something. just to add not all the stuff of a banned account gets send to 1 account, but to multiple accounts.
S0Smula (EUNE)
: I need a refund
could you please explain to me how you can "accidently" purchase the wrong champ? because you have to click two times before the purchase is complete, and just looking after the first click would reveal any mistakes made
: Was meant to be.
btw what do you max first as leona top? i always max w first
: How to get S rating all dey errrdey
lol i've been playing leona top again recently, and then i see this post
Speedy59 (EUW)
: How much do you play your main champ?
i can play 100 out of 100 games with my main, and i have. kennen is my main and i just dont get bored playing him, that being said after like 20 to 30 games i will try some weird things in my build, like full tank ad bruiser etc. i started playing lol cause of him , and i have yet to find myself being bored with the little thunder ninja
: Quint Power in Number of Runes Multiplier
i like the way you explained quint power makes it easy to understand. also why have't you included all quint? to many? cause i was hoping to see how armor per level would do without having to calculate it myself {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
T2Trapany (EUW)
: Why this game is so f*ing fun, but destroyed by tards
everything is a better love story than twilight
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