Šnekňuba (EUNE)
: The new teambuilder ranked draft pick
I think it's worth pointing out that selecting a role before the game starts doesn't necessarily mean you have to play it. There's nothing stopping you from asking someone to swap roles with you once you see the bans or first picks, and you can also ask for a laneswap if you have a bad matchup top and your midlaner is willing to swap lanes with you. Also, if you really need that counterpick, you can still pick someone else's champion and then tell the other person which champion you want to pick, and swap afterwards. Yes, some people will not be as cooperative, but the nice people will always try and help you out if you don't feel comfortable with the role you chose anymore. I personally think this new matchmaking solves a lot more problems than it creates, and will definitely reduce the number of times people rage from not getting their preferred roles. Depending on how successful it is, some people currently put off by ranked games might actually start to play them more often (myself included).
: no it will say something like "the user is offline"
Unless they changed it in the last month or so, that should actually work. I didn't get that notification when I did it, and my friend told me he saw the message I sent him even though he was offline at the time. So as I've said, unless this was changed recently, it should still work.
Decrit (EUW)
: ... on the enemy wards i hope, else i was playing her wrong this whole time :O
Yeah, Rappel can only be cast on enemy units, so she can't jump on her own wards. It's not exactly the same, but it's still a neat trick ^^
Decrit (EUW)
: and Katarina
and Elise can Rappel on wards too
: It's retarded that you can surrender without the consent of all 5 players.
I think this is in place to prevent an intentional feeder or troll from keeping you in the game when you really don't want to. It happens very rarely, but it would make these games even more frustrating. Personally, a game where I'm losing with a troll on the team is the only game where I actually want to surrender if someone starts the vote. Not because I think the game is unwinnable, but simply because the game would be just as frustrating even if we end up winning. I generally don't surrender otherwise regardless of how much we are losing by, there's always a chance that we can turn the game or win one teamfight and then end.
: Teambuilder for ranked but not with champions, but with lanes/position?
I think they are trying to get it ready for next season, so it's probably not too far away. It might only be for normal games next season, but from what I've heard, I'm pretty sure they're planning to introduce it to ranked in Season 6.
: And the "wanted" ones keep getting very random lately for no reason like: Defender Mid "Oh, OK... Fine let's see... {{champion:8}} Very Long? {{champion:31}} Very Long? {{champion:3}} Very Long? That's odd..." Marksman Top "{{champion:17}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:133}} Very Long too? The heck..." So I just usually sit and shuffle them till they stop being random... like you know... Bot Marksman, Bot Supp, Jungle/Top Warrior/Defender few times in row.
Especially with Mid and Top (and usually Jungle), people tend to simply look for 'any role' instead of picking 'Marksman' or 'Mage'. Because of this, the "wanted" list is not very accurate, since people don't choose specific roles for each lane, so the system can't tell what roles the lobby leader actually wants. Also, I think the 'Very Long' messages are not based on these "wanted" list. They probably use the average time for that champion to find a game with that lane and role. So for example, if you wanted to play {{champion:3}} mid, and chose your role as "Tank", it will probably take longer to find a game than a {{champion:112}}, since less people are willing to let a Galio in their team due to him not being in the meta. That's why {{champion:3}} might get a message saying 'Very Long', while {{champion:112}} might only get 'Average', as Viktors tend to find games faster. It's possible to get a game quickly with any champion, it's just less likely on champions like Galio. Overall, just don't base what champions you pick on the "wanted" list or on the 'Very Long' messages, as they aren't usually that accurate, especially the "wanted" list.
: we could make it so that players in promotions are ONLY matched with and against other people in promotions, that way you won't get afks/trolls
It wouldn't work in high elo games. Something like a promo game from Master to Challenger already takes a while to start because of the low amount of people. Imagine how long it would take to find 10 people all on their promos to Challenger queueing up at the same time (which I don't think is even possible).
EDYinnit (EUW)
: It's 200% as efficient _as Nashor's Tooth_ which is actually on the high end of efficiency itself at 137%, meaning Devourer by default is at an effective 274% gold efficient, unstacked. I don't know any other items offhand that are more than 150% gold efficient (without stacking) and nothing but {{item:3041}} and {{item:3141}} is above 200% efficiency ({{item:3027}} is 189% efficient stacked); Mejai's and SotO also suffer the ability to lose their value if their owner dies. As the item is incredibly gold efficient from the start, there is _no_ reason not to gank, as I already outlined. Champion kills/assists are worth a camp. Taxing scuttler on the way in and out is two camps. Securing dragon is worth 5 camps. If anything, you have more reason to gank because it's even more valuable in the stacking department. Besides, anyone will tell you that "I'm {{champion:19}} so I don't gank until 6" is a sign of a bad player. Less effective, sure, but you can have Chilling Smite if _nothing_ else, or get your teammate to bait an all-in so the enemy's escape is already down. Let's go back to the gold efficiency for a moment. Devourer (0 stacks) = Nashor's Tooth + 20AP (-335g for cdr/as stat difference). Sated Devourer = Nashor's Tooth + 420AP (-335g) AP is valued at 21.75g as per Amplifying Tome. Sated Devourer = Nashor's Tooth -335g + __9135g__ So because you failed to suffer a "gg surrender at 20", you should get to have 3-4 items' value piled into a single slot? I think not. --- Regarding Morde: I fought him with Renekton in top lane, skirmished as best I could (which I am pretty good at on the old lizard) and never suffered a third Q. But because I can't ever stay in melee range, I don't get to stack Fury, or farm particularly well. Don't get me wrong on this anecdote, I did "okay" in that I didn't feed him, but it was clear from level 3 that there was never any way for me to fight him. He didn't even build particularly well, either. Q cooldown 10 - 4 sec (6 - 2.4 with full CDR) E cooldown 6 - 5 sec (3.6 - 3 with full CDR) Plus a shield to burn through before the damage you're dealing applies. Taking E and two Qs is plenty of damage, the third Q is devastating but not necessary to win a trade (it turns a trade into a kill). There's no way to burn through ~75% of his shield and deal significant damage to him in a 2.5 second skirmish. Remember that he can just third-Q a minion to stack his passive even if he can't hit you with it. His problem lies in those cooldowns, there's no window of opportunity that isn't covered by his shield. And that's in a lane without his W contributing. Extend the cooldowns out a bit and he has a window of vulnerability. I've played him, I know how fast that shield _can_ decay when you aren't rotating out spells to maintain it constantly.
> It's 200% as efficient as Nashor's Tooth which is actually on the high end of efficiency itself at 137%, meaning Devourer by default is at an effective 274% gold efficient, unstacked. These calculations gave me a headache. You're mixing **item gold efficiency** with **on-hit damage efficiency**, and doing it wrong too. '200% as efficient' is just flat out wrong, especially since you're talking about the moment you buy it. Even if you only count the on-hit damage as 'efficiency', Nashor's Tooth has **15 (+15% AP)** damage, while Devourer starts at 30 flat damage. Nashor's already gives you 80 AP, and since champions who build it have AP runes and masteries, this will come close to 100 AP, meaning the damage is pretty much equal to an unstacked Devourer the moment you buy it, disregarding the scalings on both beyond that. The only other useful stat Devourer offers is Attack speed, and only 10& more than Nashor's. Nashor's also gives **20% CDR** and the **80 AP**, which both help increase the damage the champion does with abilities. Devourer only improves your autoattacks, and does nothing to increase spell damage until it becomes Sated, and even then it's still based only on autoattack reliant abilities. Champions who build Nashor's get a lot more out of building it than just the on-hit effect. You're removing **over 2k gold worth of stats** from your comparison of the items. In fact, if you only considered the 40% attack speed and 15 bonus on-hit damage, Nashor's becomes only **50% gold** efficient, which is why the other stats are so important to make up the 137% gold efficiency. As for the '274% gold efficient, unstacked', that makes absolutely no sense. You're mixing the gold efficiency of Nashor's, which gives AP, CDR, Attack speed and on-hit damage, with your wrong calculation of Devourer on-hit damage being 200% as strong as Nashor's. All this shows is that you simply looked up item gold efficiency of some items, but you have no idea what that gold efficiency even means, since you only compare parts of an item with a whole item. The only way this would work is if you wanted to build Nashor's on a champ with no important AP scalings and no need to reduce cooldowns (but building Nashor's on champions like Master Yi isn't a good idea in the first place), so overlooking the other stats it gives you is not how gold efficiency works. > Let's go back to the gold efficiency for a moment. Devourer (0 stacks) = Nashor's Tooth + 20AP (-335g for cdr/as stat difference). Sated Devourer = Nashor's Tooth + 420AP (-335g) > AP is valued at 21.75g as per Amplifying Tome. Sated Devourer = Nashor's Tooth -335g + 9135g Again, gold efficiency doesn't work like that. Sated Devourer doesn't ACTUALLY give you 420 AP, so the +9135g doesn't work. Champions that build Nashor's actually use the AP, so only applying it to the on-hit bonus is making Sated Devourer look much more efficient than it actually is (but I guess that's your goal anyway). I get that you think the item is broken, but stop making arguments about stuff like gold efficiency or whatever else you want to argue about. Devourer ALREADY DID THIS before Sated Devourer was introduced, and no-one complained about it then, so clearly the Attack speed and on-hit damage are not the problem at all. The phantom hit is what actually makes the item strong, not the stats it gives by themselves. All Riot did was give you a reason to actually delay the item becoming Sated, because before you could simply ignore the Devourer jungler and win the early game. Now you actually have to change your strategy to delay the other jungler from getting his stacks, instead of simply playing the way you always do. It's the same way you gank a Ryze to delay him from becoming strong, you need to play around the other jungler and delay his Sated Devourer.
: {{champion:63}} got indirect buffs with the ap changes, {{champion:3}} got buffed a little while ago and got indirect buffs with the magic resist buffs, {{champion:99}} has a buff on the pbe, {{champion:267}} and {{champion:161}} just got a buff, {{champion:44}} and {{champion:83}} are getting reworks soon, and the rest really don't need buffs.
The Yorick rework probably won't happen within the next year. Rioters have said the current priorities are Poppy > Taric > Urgot, and Taric probably won't be released before the end of the year, and I'm not sure when Urgot is planned to be finished by. I'm not even sure there's anyone actually working on Yorick atm, since the last rework they planned was stopped and they intend to start from scratch again.
cacarott (EUW)
: So Faker playing him earlier this year in the Korean championship means he was trolling?
He wasn't trolling, but he was styling (playing something less optimal to show off how good he is). Master Yi is definitely viable at higher elos, but he's not as easy to play to a high level as other champions, since he is relatively easy to shut down when playing as an organised team, and he has no utility, so he becomes useless when behind. In competitive games, Faker can get away with playing something more risky like Master Yi mid, but an average midlaner would struggle to make it work (like it happened to the Enemy Esports midlaner in NA when he tried it, his team fell behind and he couldn't do anything except go in and die).
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: The AP jungler pool sucks anyway, not including tanks, It's pretty much Fiddle, Diana and Elise, eve if you build her runeglaive.
{{champion:76}} and {{champion:10}} are also good atm, and there's also Runeglaive {{champion:245}} and {{champion:105}} who are decent, so I wouldn't say the AP champion pool sucks. There might not be that many champions and not everyone can play them, but there's enough choices if you want to start playing an AP jungler. PS: I saw AP {{champion:107}} twice yesterday too (thank Nightblue for that) but I'm pretty sure that won't be a thing again.
: Lux e is broken
This reminds me of a bug that exists on every champ. Sometimes when you cast an ability, but you die before you can actually launch the projectile, the ability will stop working after you respawn for the rest of the game. As far as I know, the only way you can fix it is to exit the game and reconnect afterwards. Next time that happens just recall, type 'sry my e stopped working brb' and then reconnect as quickly as you can.
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FaZe MiGaS,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=p6iYAhjT,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-08-14T20:31:24.781+0000) > > Not that frequent ahah good joke 99% of games are like that. Actually its at best 5% of games.. but hey, you were close enough :-p
Only after hitting level 30. Before that people tend to flame a lot more from what I remember. But after getting to level 30 most games aren't this bad.
: i was never drunk, so.......... never I am the only person in the world that thinks alcohol tastes bad? beer, wine, champagne, cocktail, same thing >.>
Nope, I am the same as you, and there are definitely other people who dislike alcohol, so you aren't alone. ^_^ It's true that the majority of people like at least 1 type of alcohol, whether they drink it regularly or not. But liking alcohol is definitely not a bad thing, and I don't mind people who drink it in moderation, even if they drink a bit too much sometimes. The way I see it though, you aren't missing out on too much by not drinking it, so don't worry about it.
: When Someone in Champion Select Hovers Over The Same Champion For 30 Seconds Without Locking In.
I like to say what champion I'm going to pick from the start, then only select him at the last second to give my opponents less time to react. . . . . . I think I watch too much LCS.
: i take my chances, and say it's gonna be Sivir.
I agree. And now I'm going go in a lot of detail to show why, so buckle up. ^^ The Victorious skin goes to champions that had a strong influence in both Pro games and normal ranked games across the entire season. Based on that, it should be between **Sivir** and **Kalista**, since they were picked quite a bit in the Spring Split and became pick/ban in the Summer Split. I personally favour Sivir, but it could be either one. There are other candidates who I think might have a chance too, but not as likely as Sivir or Kalista: * **Rek'sai:** The only champion I can think of that was pick/ban since she got introduced. The reason I don't think she will get the skin is because we've had 2 jungle Victorious skins already (J4 and Elise) and her impact isn't that much greater than Sivir or Kalista. * **Gragas:** Similar to Rek'sai, but only started being picked from the Spring Playoffs onwards, so even less likely. * **Alistar:** Became really strong in Summer, but not really picked during the Spring Split. Also had Janna and Morg as Victorious skins, so Riot will probably try to avoid another support. * **Rumble:** Only solo laner I can think of that was a strong pick throughout the entire season, and even pick/ban at times. However, I didn't see him having the same impact as the ones above at any time in the season, and there wasn't really any point at which he was generally considered the strongest top laner (or mid laner if you are Keane). Champions that were mainly popular in the Spring Split are unlikely to be chosen too, since they probably won't be played that much at Worlds. So champions like **Zed**, **LeBlanc** or **Lissandra** are unlikely. Also, since the meta shifted so much, there are very few champions that were played regularly across the whole season, especially in top and mid lane. Champions like **Ryze**, **Hecarim**, **Gnar**, **Varus**, **Viktor**, **Azir**, **Nautilus**, **Shen**, etc. were very popular, but for a shorter amount of time than the ones mentioned earlier, and were played less or not at all in other periods. Some champions were played a decent amount, but never really became pick/ban and were just generally solid picks. **Maokai**, **Ahri** and **Thresh** are good examples. _**TL;DR:**_ Champions who affect Pro games the most tend to get Victorious skins, and the champions I believe can be considered most impactful throughout both splits are **Sivir**, **Kalista** and **Rek'sai**. Since there were 2 jungler Victorious skins already, Kalista or Sivir seem more likely to get it. I think **Sivir** will get it though. _**TL;DR for TL;DR:**_ {{champion:15}} (maybe {{champion:429}})
: A single HUD layout will never satisfy everyone which is why it needs proper customisation
Specifically addressing the KDA bar, they said they will insert an option to swap between top-right and above the map. I don't know if it will be in the next patch, but I think it probably will be, and if not it will be in 5.17. As for other customisations, they said they don't want to make it too customisable (I think it was something to do with pro players having to use the normal key bindings and HUD placement so they don't have an unfair advantage over other pros). I expect them to add a few other options to move stuff around, but they won't do something like a drag-and-drop style HUD.
Messeery (EUNE)
: Lucian's range.
The difference between Vayne and most other ADCs is that Vayne has no way of dealing damage outside of her AA range. Lucian, for example, has 2 spells that he can use for damage that don't require him to be in AA range, and his Q can easily reach the opponent from the melee minions. The low range doesn't really affect him since he can deal damage from further away, and can also dash forward to get into range if he has to. AA range affects champions differently, and direct comparisons like this don't really work. Urgot, for example, has the lowest AA range (425), but the Q lock-on range is 1200. If abilities are taken into consideration, Vayne does become pretty short-ranged compared to other ADCs, while Lucian's range isn't as bad as it looks.
: I recently bought him. I want to learn him, but how do I learn him if I get smashed in lane?
The first thing you need to learn is to not get smashed in lane. Kassadin doesn't have a lot of damage early, but he can do well in lane thanks to the sustain he has by starting Flask, which most mid laners who can punish him early won't be starting with. A good way to sustain better is to guard the jungle normally at the start of the game, ward a bush at around 1:00 and recall for a 4th HP potion afterwards. You should be able to get to lane before the first melee minion dies, so you won't miss out on XP or gold and you can stay in lane for longer. After a few game you will start to understand how to trade while playing as Kassadin, so that you can basically get your opponent low and you will still be close to full HP, allowing you to either farm more safely or pick up a kill from a gank. If your opponent builds AP then you can max Q first and negate a lot of damage with the shield, or you can max E first for the extra waveclear and stronger slow for ganks. Maxing E is also great against champions that spam their abilities a lot (Yasuo, Karthus), and you should always max E first against AD champions due to the Q shield being useless and the waveclear you get from E. Learning how to lane is very important, because if you manage to at least stay even you will become very hard to deal with in the mid and late game, where Kassadin's mobility really shines.
Shaydrox (EUW)
: Problem is that especially doran's blade and ring require the support to be hitting minions, so if you're gonna look to create this for supports to have more options it won't really be utilized fully. Maybe for solo lanes it sounds like a decent idea but they will never buy Sightstones because wards are useless amirite? (fk soloq)
Essentially, the reason solo laners don't buy Sightstones is because they would be wasting an item slot and/or put themselves behind their lane opponent, since Sightstone gives very little in terms of combat stats. Also, paying 1600 on a Ruby Sightstone atm is a waste, when you can buy a Giant's Belt and upgrade the yellow trinket for 1250, and you can actually build that Giant's Belt into something more useful later. Upgrading the yellow trinket is more than enough for solo laners (if they actually do it), so these Sightstones would still be built by supports, making the upgrade path even more worthless for them due to the wasted money on the Doran's items.
TestosZ (EUNE)
: When one of my friends got chat restricted he requeted the chat logs but the Riot Support said that there's no way they can check the chat log in such cases blah blah... Meh, whatever xD
They only show chat logs for 14 day bans or permabans I believe, so the people from Riot support are not supposed to show him chat logs if he only got chat restricted.
: No i think it's intended becuz when you use an item u cant refund it and homequards INSTANTLY activate uppon purchase.
I think they should change it so that you can undo purchases before their debuffs are applied (like the Homeguard heal/speed). That should make it possible to undo Homeguard purchases before respawning, which would be a nice quality of life change. I often buy Homeguards 20 seconds before respawning only to see the enemy team back off immediately after, meaning I may no longer have enough gold to purchase the item I wanted, and basically gained nothing at that point by buying Homeguards. Obviously, it may not be that easy to code since it still hasn't been implemented yet, but being unable to undo Homeguard purchases when dead is one of the more annoying and unnecessary things in League. I can't really think of any situations where undoing these can be abused either, since you won't be able to undo it after you respawn.
Galacia (EUW)
: Another gamebreaking Jayce Bug - he needs to be disabled
Tried it out in a custom, doing this seems to make the 3rd AA do around 4x as much damage as it should (so if your normal hypercharge attacks deal 1k damage, doing this will make the third one deal 4k). Riot really need to disable Jayce until his W + R interactions are fixed, as it can completely change how the game (or at least the lane) goes. One can lose you the lane by making you deal no damage, while this can win lane by suddenly doing a ton of damage with 1 AA every few seconds.
: Suggestion: Removing the In-Game Chat
If the in-game chat is that big a problem, muting everyone at the start of the game seems like a decent option. It won't stop people from flaming, but at least your performance won't be affected. That said, there are many reasons why removing it would be bad for the game overall: 1) The post-game lobby (if that would still remain) would suffer a lot. All the flamers will suddenly vent at once when the game finishes, making the game seem full of even more toxicity than there already is. This means it's more likely to affect how you play in your next game, especially if you lost and sat through 3 people ranting about how all his team mates suck at once. 2) It deteriorates the social aspect of League. I mean sure, you can talk with friends over skype, but you miss out on interacting with the 4 strangers you may have on your team. You can't make a joke to raise your team's morale, you can't say 'gj' to your support, and you can't even emote at all beyond spamming your laugh or dancing. 3) It would invalidate the honours system. How can I judge if someone is 'friendly' or 'helpful' when they can't say anything during the game to actually show this? And the post-game lobby wouldn't be the best place to have nice conversations due to point #1. Overall, removing chat ensures there won't be flaming during the game, but you're not really solving the problems, and you're reducing League's potential to be enjoyable. If all you care about is winning then it might work, but as I've said before. muting everyone is already a decent alternative. People who would flame will still get angry and tilt, feeders will still feed, afkers will still afk. However, people who normally use chat for thing like saying 'gj' or simply to chat randomly (about life or champion strengths or whatever, and yes this can happen) to miss out an enjoyable aspect of the game, or making friends. The way I see it, since some people actually like chat and those who don't can use the mute button, I think it would be a shame to remove in-game chat.
Sffc (EUW)
: Negate him how? It doesn't stop him from Auto Attacking, Using Q E and dashing to you. Zed doens't need the ultimate damage to kill champions
Most of the time, he needs his ult damage to finish off champions, unless he is fed. And he won't get fed in the first place without his ult damage.
: nunu's ultimate is bugged
I tried it in a custom game, and you can still stop the ult by moving while the bar fills up. Try that in a custom game too and see if it works for you.
: I have INSANE waiting timers for teambuilder. Like... never waitder less than 20 min for a game. Abbandoned it soon after.
Only mid gets timers that long. Jungle and Support get games instantly, ADCs only need a couple of minutes, and Top slightly more than ADC. Since almost everyone wants Mid, you may have to wait a long time, but I've gotten full lobbies quickly sometimes even when queuing as Mid. If you have the patience, team builder is probably the best to play. If you only play Mid it might not be worth the wait, but if you play other roles, I think it's the best queue.
: Yea,except the fact that they lowered the damage dealt to monsters, not the champions...
They lowered damage to champions in an earlier PBE update. The damage now doesn't increase over time like before and has less scaling per level, but deals 100% extra damage to jungle creeps. Basically, damage vs champions and lane minions was nerfed by a lot (especially late game, where it's nerfed to almost half the damage in extended fights), while damage vs jungle camps was slightly buffed.
: What do people think about this refund reason?
Update just went up on the PBE today to make Chromas available on Team Builder, so you can use Chromas from next patch. You just need to wait another week and a half :)


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