: I agree that the removal of his barrels granting vision is the only controversial point about his nerfs. Though it has great implications not only for his laning phase, but also for later stages of the game. The considerable range on his E allowed him to check brushes from further away than a ward placement and this change will make it easier to abuse him early with brush plays.
True, i 100% agree, but as for a ward like placement in the later stages of the game, it is out of range from him and grants vision just a like a blue trinket. its considered a waste if he puts a barrel far away from him for vision and can be destroyed granting gold too. This feature was the same 2 seasons ago with a 48% wr on him, and had no problems regarding playing a against the champion. Edit: By saying ''48% wr on him'' meaning his wr, not my wr with gp.
: i swear i read it and i wanted to see how far that nerf is its.. its kinda removing what she was about...
Nidalee was a problem when she could spam q back when she was really meta. Zoe now does it even better with less skill. They changed nidalee for that, and hence these changes on zoe.
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: Twisted fate minirewoek idea
Meh, you made q too complicated, and the fact that w always starts cycling through blue always isnt nice, its nice to sometimes double tap w and find an instant gold card. That makes it have luck into the into the champ, thats who twisted fate is. Coming from a 240k tf main. Plus, twisted fate is fine in the meta where he is now, with plenty of counterplay.

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