RiCaR1 (EUW)
: My match history bugged, so did the mission tracker
I got the same issue... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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: Aatrox rework?
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202294884-Champion-Update-Schedule He is getting a visual and gameplay update Next in line are {{champion:20}} and {{champion:84}} , also for visual and gameplay update.
: It was mostly nice, yeh, but Warmogs should return or another ARAM specific item introduced to fill the gap.
: Why Orianna has strong early, mid and late game?
I main oriana and trust me if you want to nerf her this would be the nerf she needs. Q mana cost 50 at all lvl's.
Trick2g (EUNE)
: What "GG" meant before × What "GG" means now
I always say GG at end of the game to give my respect to the other team that won or lost the game! Its totaly different to people that are yelling izi whole game long. In my opinion you may get banned for good.
ButtBear (EUW)
: Looking for team DUTCH
Nog 1 man nodig!
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: Talons winrate is more than fine. People that play him and play him well, do good.
> [{quoted}](name=LoveJessAndPoppy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QoirqsGz,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-06-16T21:19:01.816+0000) > > Talons winrate is more than fine. > > People that play him and play him well, do good. True, but what has that to do with what i said? Cause thats still true too xD He has more counterplay cause you can actually do something against him except waiting for 1 sec in wich you would be already dead first.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Serika Zero,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=70ONssYd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-06-16T17:33:33.323+0000) > > U were playing Vayne and didn't avoid the Graves's ultimate. > He is not OP, the Graves player was simply better than you, accept the fact that you need to improve as a player rather than calling a champion OP because you lost to him/her/it. > If anything, Graves has fallen down the ADC list because he has problems dealing with tanks (killing them) > As a Vayne, you can stun Graves and kill him before he gets a single spell or auto attack on you. You can also tumble out of Q/R range. > But that requires skills, which is why Vayne is hard to play while Graves is easy to play. > Just because he is easier to play, doesn't make him stronger or OP, it simply means you need more Vayne practice. I have lost against graves 80% of my games as ADC. His burst is simply too much for any ADC to handle after level 6. Also you can't stun graves if you're not near a wall, and even if you want to stun him, he can still burst you down before you can do anything while your E gets to him.
> [{quoted}](name=Buttcramp,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=70ONssYd,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-06-16T17:45:43.527+0000) > > I have lost against graves 80% of my games as ADC. His burst is simply too much for any ADC to handle after level 6. > Also you can't stun graves if you're not near a wall, and even if you want to stun him, he can still burst you down before you can do anything while your E gets to him. Did you know there is a adc called ashe, she can stun him and i kill him before stun wheres off Did you know there is a adc called sivir, she can use spellshield and rip all of his ult damage if used correctly (but how hard can pressing a button at the right time be) Also tristana is quite nice against him, outplay him by jumping over him, and you also have way more range against him There is sow much you can do about graves but it takes skills. Just like killing all kinds of adc's
: Yeah, but I didn't feel it hit Talon, from what I recall the Silence was stupidly short anyway.
> [{quoted}](name=LoveJessAndPoppy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QoirqsGz,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-06-16T18:45:17.214+0000) > > Yeah, but I didn't feel it hit Talon, from what I recall the Silence was stupidly short anyway. It was 1 sec silence and it really did nerf him... seriously he has way more counterplay then first!
ButtBear (EUW)
: DUTCH team 3 spelers gezocht EUW
Op dit moment genoeg mensen haha, thnxx snelle reacties!
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: How many Chat restriction did you got ? Just for curiosity ? Don't make a big deal of it, i know sometime life is a bit though and you just want to release it all, happens to me as well, but then life move forward
this is my first... sow far i know, my brother used to have this account first but started on another i will ask him E: Rip... whatever... gues i'm going to make account of my own. Now i understand why i have chat restriction for 75 games... its the third on this account. I can feel myself in this punishment xD
: Whatever the reason is, don't flame. I don't understand why people tend to think that they are entitled to flame if they get flamed in the first place. Just don't flame, end of the story. If someone start to insult you, mute him, and report him at the end of the game. But if you start to answer him, you won't be better than him.
No i don't think i'm entitled to flame... but everyone in this world comes to a point in wich they can't controll all the frustration anymore and let is out. I just 1 time let it out and get milions of shit back... its like god is wanting me to jump in front of a train for flamed that one time. Not even with this game more then millions of shit happens in life too... and seriously i wish i was dead right now. That how i feel... and today it just got worse. Being totaly happy with the event in this shit time, wanting to team up with my friends but now i'm just sitting here not playing cause why would i :( Yeah i'm this desperate kid... with no life no friends getting bullied at school having only a few online friends... and thats it, but even online everyone seems to hate me
Probably a ghost game if you can't reconect. After some time you should be able to play again and if the game isn't in your history its definitly a ghost game At this point there isn't much you can do now
: There is no way you have been last pick in 70% of your games, unless you've only played about 20 Ranked games. And even then, it's a slim chance. Pick order balances itself out.
meh i've played 50 now... and i just stopped If i would start one right now i can make a screen shot of me being last pick no joke... Why would i make this thread if it wasn't true?
Neonchan (EUW)
: 20% unless you are in a premade and not the gameleader, than it's 24%. If you are the gameleader in a premade, it is 16%
> [{quoted}](name=Neonchan,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=LVZiQZ21,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-15T14:08:55.418+0000) > > 20% unless you are in a premade and not the gameleader, than it's 24%. If you are the gameleader in a premade, it is 16% Okey... gues i just have bad luck... like always having bad luck just received my first chat restriction too, flaming on someone who destroyed my rankedgame by trolling. Gues he wins more on me the he tought... me having a chat restriction, having a loss at ranked, no pool party event for me... and go on. I just stop playing this game all the fun just gone. Way to often last pick in ranked games that it isn't even normall anymore and then this shit too... rito you can destroys peoples happiness at some points. Thank you gues i will never be lucky in my life and of game lest do something you cannot win at or lose that would be best for me *sight*
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: pretty much this.. if you did nothing that would be punishable.. you have nothing to worry about
Okey, didn't really knew system filters the reports out. But the main thing i actually want to know is why people report at a game mode thats actually for fun. They always need to blame someone. I have intention to blame someone too, like if i have supp morg and ask 99999 times to shield for all the cc thats killing me and still not does it, but then i actually have feeling he is to blame xD But report? Why? Its sow hard to do that directly...
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: The kind of nerfs Leblanc really needs
The cain of lb is getting nerfed already sow yeah... it will be harder to hit now Hitbox width decreased from 70 to 55
: Ekko is such a broken champ that needs more and more nerf.
I want to say something too, I just finished a game in wich i where varus... ekko was mid. I was fed with 11/1 Ekko only was standing 2/4... You would say this is a way to easy kill. Sow i ulted him and start AA him. Then I used my Q on third stack but he flashed to escape it. Sow i need 1 more AA, but then it happend. Before i blinked i was dead. Not really thinking trough i walked behind him to get in range for 1 more AA, like who wouldn't (on my lvl of play)... I came in range of his ult wich gave him more then half of his HP back, and i already lost 60% of it. Then he easily could use his Q on me wich dealt another 20% of my healt... his dash just finished it and it went sow fast... i was like hmm... okey. Later in game he just reached over 2000 damage within a sec. Think of it, being in a team battle ekko goes in and flashes out, later he ults back in and sersiously it was over.... nothing to do about it when that happens. Totaly destruction sow believe it or not he is going to get nerfed. End game only his ult could finish me off.
: How far are people with toxic behaviour gonna stay unpunished?
Woow and i got a chat restriction :O i'm like god compared to that... The most flaming thing i ever said is newb, or why the fuck you think you can solo drag at lvl 4? Sow yeah...
: Win lane lose game, help & tips please
It seems you play top? Why not wait till you see that bot pushes to you're turret. Use tp and help bot out and communicate with you're jungle to gank with 4 man. Deffinetly you will make a kill ;)
: cc destoys any assassin
Not really true, if you stun a zed for 1 sec and wont kill him in that sec then he might still be able to kill you. Same goes for yasuo, and if you're and adc like vayne and stun him, be hoping he didn't put up his wind wall then... Depends on how hard you're team mate fed him. Yes it happens, and even when that happens getting sow fed, is there a way to stop them?
: People need to learn how the Jungle role works.
The thing i have with junglers is asking for a gank when jungler just ignores it. You can just replie at it... but no just refuses. Then you ask again if the jungler can gank you're lane, when opponent over extend the lane. But still no reaction and no help. Last try then, can you plss help i have a hard time against my opponent and a gank would be really nice. Still no reaction. A other thing is when you're jungler comes ganked already is 4/0 and you stil 0/0 takes the kill on purpose. For me it's like why do that, it won't help me in my lane, and wouldn't it be better for the team to give me the kill. You will have to gank again and again cause the lane won't get that easier when playing against a counter. Some things really frustates then. It's not a must but in my opinion it would make you a way more better jungler. At last, don't go jungle if you don't know where the exit of it is. Ganking not once, even after lvl 6, never help in team battles, not watching over objectives like dragon or baron, and never communicate with other lanes... then just go afk, and yes they are out there xD My real life experience, a tryndamere that needed a blue when i came as mid laner to take it. I didn't get it.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi ButtBear, There's been a decent amount of these sorts of issues recently, normally involving one game server. Unfortunately there's not a massive amount you can do from your end as it's a server side issue - if you get entirely disconnected and are unable to reconnect, normally this is due to the game becoming a 'ghost game', which will expire itself after a maximum of two hours - and normally doesn't show in the match history.
Okey first time it happens to me, quite weird. Sow i just have to wait for 2 hours?
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Jens Cole (EUNE)
: A safe midlaner?
Orianna for me!!
: * Step 1: Don't ban Kata * Step 2: Wait for enemy to pick Kata * Step 3: Pick {{champion:31}} mid * Step 4: Watch Kata {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Yeah i beat kata quite often in lane it's not that hard... the problem is... having a easy kill adc in your team that doesn't really understand how to play against a kata ;) But she still sucks in teamfights where i %%%% her again cause love galio, azir and cassio
Marat0s (EUW)
: About this whole tank meta thingy
I just finished a games with a olaf that build only armor and still got damage like shit... that it was just no fun at all. A champion getting more then 400 armor and killing adc's within 3 attacks, and tell me: How do i fight an olaf with his ult on running towards you with more then 400 armor and around 4K health? Same goes for gragas, only tank items. Had 22 ap but still accomplished to get over 50k damage! Why doe we even play adc? why don't we all play champions that can get over 400 armor and still do sow much damage nobody can survive??
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ButtBear (EUW)
: WTF? Am i doing something wrong?
Fail... i tought end of the month...
Jesus4ever (EUNE)
: HIDDEN League of Legends PATCH 5.4 Notes! Part 1/2
You forgot kata: Passive: We decided to give all here abilities no cooldown Shunpo: range now 1500 Death Lotus: 350/550/750 (+375% Attack Damage) (+250% Ability Power) magic damage over 2.5 sec to 750/950/1150 (+500 Attack Damage) (+350% Ability Power) magic damage over 10 sec.
Worugru (EUW)
: Ritos mind in 5.4 patch
Just waiting for riot when they relize they actualy never nerfed kata. They only think they do but still... Me 9/1 ashe Kata 1/6 I seriously got one shot by that ult. Just pres R and i was gone.... i just need to play that champ cause the only thing i need to do is pres R and get a pentakill. That passive... seriously? That E range plss... No who gets the real nerfs... Talon, Azir, Veigar and shit goes on. The game is getting worse by every patch!!!!
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