: First day with Alpha
I wish mine didn't work, then i would actually have constructive feedback to give to the developers :(
: Voice Chat !
I like this idea. I use voice chat with friends, it would be nice to not have to use another client to do so How about limit voice chat tho those on you're friends list, and make it optional too
: Viewing profiles
I think its intended. Everything up Top is Primary, anything that can be exited out off is Secondary and a boundry is created between the secondary page and the top. If you click "Learn More" on the Alpha page, you will create a new secondary page (with an X appearing in the top right) When it comes to the Shop, i imagine that clicking on a new champion will also create a Secondary page. So maybe to the developers, is there a better way to make the distinction between primary and secondary pages clearer? (but i think its fine)
My Syndra (EUNE)
: Does anyone actually really like dinamic q?
I like it, team work is what matters most not "carrying" People who say its a measure of individual performance is lying to themselves - if that was the case, they can win the game for me if they like. I main supp, so i really have no idea what people are on about. Yeah there's the potential to get "boosted" but at the same time, my gold/plat friends arent in a rush carry me because if i perform badly, they loose their rank. There individual performance isn't enough.
GLurch (EUW)
: I never said that.However,as I said it is not that easy to get a good connection in some places.It's not just "buy an internet cable" and done.
No i get that fair enough, but how often are people asking for special treatment when they haven't explored other options. How many people are complaining about DC's but **haven't** tried using an Ethernet cable?
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: Dynamic Queue is destroying the game we all love. I suggest we all stop buying RP.
GLurch (EUW)
: Not in every country everywhere you can get good internet this easily.Especially for people that live somewhere in a small village it is really hard. Just because you live in a city where you of course get the best connection and stuff,does not mean everybody has this possibility.
And that justifies going afk without punishment because "You couldn't help it"?
Boleró (EUW)
: AFK punished for unavoidable circumstances
You wouldn't complain about not being able to play a PC game if your PC didn't have the right specs? Good internet in this just as much of a requirement for League as a good graphics card is a requirement to play AAA games on PC. Stop spending money on skins and switch ISP's Research port forwarding BUY AN ETHERNET CABLE
Rismosch (EUW)
: Any proof? I read something at Surrender@20 but nothing in the Patchnotes. Surrender@20 also stated: "Assuming all goes well with testing, they aim to launch this in 6.11!" And because I didn't found anything in the Patchnotes, I assume somthing went wrong. [Source](http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/611-pbe-cycle.html#misc)
: Evolution of a Dragon Champion
Still waiting for the Definitely Not Ao Shin skin, where the stars are whirlwinds
: I don't get the whole discussion about Dynamic Q / SoloQ
Well its different for lots of people but the 2 main arguments are. * Your rank used to represent how good **you** were. But now that people can go as teams, its no longer reflective of individual skill. I'm not Hyper-competitive, so i prefer this system (and all the less toxicity that goes with it. Zero arguments about lanes and roles etc) Competitive people hate it even though the quality of the games is better. * The other argument is that at higher tiers, matchmaking struggles to pair you with similarly ranked people. 5 Masters against 5 diamonds etc.
Nakhishia (EUW)
: Champion Mastery 6 and 7
The coin that you can buy champion shards will be enabled this patch. Around 1700 ip per coin.
: Bye bye trash can game, trash can players and trash can staff
: If you disable all chat, your League life will be much-much more enjoyable
: So your point is to reach level 6, then get 3 tokens, 600 essence for level 7, then get 3 tokens 600 essence for level 7-1star, again for level 7-2star etc ? Geez that would be for a emote collector, like me, endless. Im happy that I have 320 Mastery Points now and you want to quintuple existing system :D
With the coin, essences shouldn't be an issue (hopefully) assuming it's 1k-2k ip a piece But yeah "quintuple" (had to google it) That's what i want :)
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Savage Devi (EUNE)
: [Dev posts](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/bZL8vAWw-champion-mastery-qa?comment=00800000) aren't going to help. I'm talking about learning from the community, as people are working together to figure out the metrics themselves. And so far, we've had tons of people wondering why they didn't get the rank they deserved with impressive KDAs. So rank being tied to more metrics than just KDA has pretty much already been concluded.
In my experience tho, that only happens in short games because while they might have a high KDA average (something like 7/0/3) They don't have the time to rack up the really large numbers I know roughly when im going to get an S based on my KDA. If i die >4 times, its unlikely that ill get one 4/2/20 is what i try and aim for
ZseLotH (EUNE)
: Its easier achieving s-rank as support by going full damage builds and killing whatever you can. Did it with leona xD no ward item etc just trying to ks everything and having tons of damage in my build.
I will try that! :) Thanks lol
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: If you actually knew how rankings worked, you wouldn't have to change your playstyle in the slightest. I suggest actually learning the system thoroughly.
Link me a dev post and ill follow it. But its a system
Skere (EUW)
: - Kda isn't the only factor for your rating - It compares you to the average player of that champion, if you just support well you will get S - Getting S rating is not hard, you get it pretty much every game you win
"Getting S rating is not hard" Elitist crap i don't wish to see.
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: /remake
If that were the case, you would have been considered afk anyway and would have lost the LP. For 99% of the cases Remake will be fair, tho 1% of people might get legitimately screwed. But overall, the net benefit massivly outweighs the downside... Like gun control Couldn't help myself
Armakar (EUW)
: Bannings for programs
Thing is tho, if I got banned for something that really wasn't my fault. Riot, I'm ringing you. I'm paying whatever stupid international charges i have to pay until i talk to someone to sort it out. If all people are doing is leaving messages on a message board, it's a half measure. Maybe people did really deserve it or maybe they just don't really care about their account. I have a "valuable" account. I don't think Riot wants to scew people over and go "ah well, that's just our system" I think the people who are complaining, aren't telling us the whole story.
: Live
:O Is mastery tokens working now ?
: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Is this PBE or live? :S
Varjokani (EUNE)
: Is Curse voice safe?
I use curse all the time (for the last 2 years) Its fine :) The overlay doesn't give you any competitive advantage, it just allows you to adjust people's volumes in game
: Hey there, It is a known issue that Summoner Icons don't change on the Boards. It has been like that for a while now but they are working on it. Until then you'll just have to do with the icon your Boards profile is showing atm. Personally I'm using the Battlecast Icon but The Boards just shows the Battlecast _Poro_ Icon. (I swear, there is a difference)
Ah thanks for clearing that up :) (they prioritised cuteness over badassery)
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Eveninn (EUW)
: I assume it's like with Skins and Champions. "Coming this patch", so during it. Most likely in a few days, but theoretically it could be anywhere between now and next patch. -------------- I also found this lil bit as answer to someone asking after mastery 7: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=55Lci1wc,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-18T05:32:18.576+0000) > > This will unfortunately be a bit delayed, as we've experienced issues with this feature that's negatively impacting, so it'll be temporarily disabled. We hope to have it up and running again in the next few days (hopefully sooner rather than later!)
Ah that's a shame :/ The changes have already been made to the UI tho, so its kinda misleading.
Andy Ten (EUW)
: S+ first game S- next game no champion mastery token
Rismosch (EUW)
: Sorry to crush your dreams, but when you are "stuck in ELO Hell", than you deserve it. Seriously, when you play thousands of games and you still can't get out of Bronze into Silver, than you simply deserve it. When you actually are the best player in the world, yes you can have bad games here and there, but overall you would win most of the time, which means that you would climb.
That awkward moment when you misread someone's comment (I deleted it pretty quickly) Have a cool day (I wasn't much of a dick)
Funny Ice (EUW)
: 8/10 promo wins=silver 5
Do research on MMR before you shitpost. The only thing you can accuse riot of is not pairing you against harder opponents so that you could get more MMR But if you lost those games, would you be complaining that you was in bronze? Probably.
Fajerk (EUW)
: I strongly believe that ranked rewards will concentrate on dynamic queue as long as that works, also smaller servers will pretty much have only dynamic queue, this means that putting rewards there is priority. Dynamic queue replaces actual solo/duoQ and ranekd teams at once, soloQ is new addition because ppl demanded it, beside it was requested years before (yes tons of "no duos in ranked" threads).
They re introduced Solo because of backlash. I'm worried that in an attempt to make those people happy, they will create a reward which will make dynamic ranked pointless.
: Where did you get that from? What I read today just said that they still have to think about rewards. Did Riot actually say somewhere that there will be no rewards for dynamic queue? That would be...odd. Do you have a link?
I dont need a source. I'm talking about expected outcomes. Motivation and psychology. How do you think the rewards will be split? Will they reward teams just as much as solo players? Or will they show preference like the current system. Will players be forced to play "solo" like they currently do, to get the victorious skin? Will players bitch if solo only gives them a gold star? How do you think this will play out? And how will it be any different to the current system? - I'm mad because i see no changes. They implemented a change that was moving forward with one philosophy (teams) and then bring out something that is opposed to that (solo only) Hextech crafting favours teams (drop rates on chests are higher in premades)
duckarp (EUNE)
: They still haven't decided on the rewards, as they have almost a year for that... The season hasn't even started yet and you think about rewards already...
YES! I do. Extrinsic motivation, I respond well to it (and will probably hold off on ranked until they figure their sh*t out)
: Basically you're the one being racist as you're the one claiming these as stereotypes against black people.
That's not cool. The stereotypes already exist, the guy is just pointing out that these characters conform to those stereotypes. Acknowledging them doesn't make someone a bigot. Someone isn't necessarily homophobic because they point out that another couple is gay.
: Is this true?
Call it a hunch. I think it will be implemented with the client update
: > You also remove the option of having a Duo partner. ...in Solo-Q. You can still duo in Dynamic Queue. > And also completely negating the value of Dynamic Ranked Ehm...why? If you like dynamic queue, just play it. If you like solo q, play that. No one is harming anyone here, people just have the option to choose whether they prefer the solo experience or the team experience. Who are you to decide that dynamic queue is better for everyone? Some people like the competition of playing in a team with complete strangers. Just because YOU don't like that Riot doesn't have to remove it completely.
Well my issue is with the rewards. People who play ranked teams got penalised by not getting the victorious skins or the borders. I thought having dynamic would reward players with good team play. How is the rewards going to play out with "Hardcore Solo"? If they choose to give those people something exclusive, they are encouraging the toxic "if i cant carry, we all loose" attitude.
Rioter Comments
: "Increase your lp by having a winning streak!"
What did you realistically expect? Did you write it just to vent or did you actually expect riot to go "oh look at that win streak, we should promote him and fix our system"? Either the system is broken and you're getting screwed Or your assumptions about the system are wrong (i.e. you think you're playing high elo players but actually not) I would bet the latter. And lets face it, the only reason to be playing ranked now is to gain MMR for your promo's. (Your silver status isn't going to mean anything on Jan 21st)
: Need help about the ranked system please
**MMR is your actual skill level. ** When you go into normals, all your MMR gets added up and you get paired with a team with a similar average MMR (so that the game roughly has a 50/50 outcome on who wins) **Ranked ignores MMR. ** You are your rank, and you get paired up with and against others with similar rank. The system doesn't try and aim for a 50/50 ratio tho, so if you win a game the system thinks you will loose, you will get more LP. If you loose that game, you only loose a little LP The reverse is also true. If you loose a game the system thinks you will win, you loose more LP. If you win, you only gain a little. - You need to main some champs. I can play support at Gold level (pretty certain) but not having mains for the other lanes means that its just luck if i get the lane that i want. You need to remove that from the equation (luck) Pick 2 lanes that you want to main, then learn 2 champions each (so that if one gets banned, you can choose the other) - The reason you're playing against others with 500 wins is because either * A. The system is putting you in a game it will think you will loose so you can potentially earn more LP * B. That person isn't as good as you think they are. If they have 500 ranked wins but still in Silver, then they might have hit their own skill cap.
Rioter Comments
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Lee Sin is not a ninja. Why does he have energy?
: The new client features look decent, but wouldn't it be nice with some QoL changes too?
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/2016-season-update/client-update.html They plan on reworking the whole UI. But they are making champ select changes to the current UI first.
: I'm trying to highlight the idiocracy of their statement about building characters seeing as Bard's lore is about how he doesn't like a box and many other lores were replaced for seemingly no reason.
I agree with his statements. The problem the old lore had was justifying why champions participated in the League of Legends. Each champion had to have a reason and that limitation was holding back the game. Ekko (despite being broken) has an origin, a story and not much else. There is no continuity for him to conform too, just an interesting character from zaun.
Ohiyesa (EUW)
: why would i do that it doesnt help me at all
Its not meant too. Its unlikely that you will ever play against them again, but it does help the community. The community appreciates your sacrifice, and we wish you luck in not getting toxic people in the future.
Tinahh (EUW)
: 14 days ban
If you are going to play off-meta picks, you might want to mute your chat. Not everyone who flames or swears gets reported, because you can be perceived as positive despite those things. Playing off-meta tho immediately puts you under more scrutiny. It's an uncooperative thing to do because the meta exists for a reason. If you lose, people will blame you. If you have flamed at all, people will exploit that. The only way to get around it, is to not have anything in your chat logs that can be scrutinised. It sounds unfair (and it is) but the alternative is that you play champions in their proper positions and you will have much more leeway. Another way around it is to be more charismatic. If people like you, then they will hate you less when you play thresh mid.
: Pool Party week rewards not for those who got chat restricted even if only once......
I think it's fair providing the things restricted people buy doesn't contribute to the overall points pool. (ah the puns)
3ng98 (EUNE)
: !6/6 until 21/6 lets achive those 55 milions points just join on chat room: team up
11 millions wins in a 5 man (in a week)... I'm not holding my breath *badum*
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