: You can get much better quality hardware for less of the price to be honest. 1229 is a rip off. build it yourself and you can get similar specs for 600
Wow really? Can you send me your build?
dandrewioa (EUNE)
: that is the worst build for 1200$. they are charging you a premium of about 400-500$ dude. i can make you a better list
If you can, and are willing to I would like that
Luniya (EUNE)
: Now, I ain't an expert by any means at all, but I've taken an interest on this kind of subject for a year now (of course not actively), and from what I see, for that price, the only thing that makes me question its worth is the graphic card. It's an ASUS RX580 Nitro 4GB DDR5. Now, I'd use Geforce GTX instead of ASUS cuz I got experience in that department, IDK anything about that graphic card, but it's 4GB, the highest graphic card I know of (on store right now at least), are of 6GB, so honestly it does not sound like a bad trade. I'd preferably upgrade those 8192MB DDR4 RAM to 12GB, if not 16GB. 8GB is cool, but if you bought a 12 or 16GB you wouldn't have to worry about upgrading your computer again for a longer time. I'm sure the comment above or below me would be more useful/better, but as I saw no comments on this section yet, I'd decide to take a shot. Sorry for anything wrong with how I looked upon this subject {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Hope I could help though {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} EDIT: I've thought it through, and even though I don't have much knowledge about the AMD graphic card, I asked a friend more knowledgeable about this subject than me, and he suggested that you got a NVIDIA Geforce GTX (1060 6GB) instead (And also look for a motherboard that is compatible with that of course). Of course, it works, but I don't believe the price will rise (or decrease, probably rise though) by a lot if you could make those changes. However of course if it is on sale for that build then go for it I guess. You are DEFINITELY not getting ripped off from my understanding though. TL;DR: Get GTX(1060) if possibru.
You were really helpfull. Thank you{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I am not an expert but it looks fine. I hope you won't play only League with that build
haha, no not only league,
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Overloard99 (EUNE)
: You can get like Intel I5 6500 and more or Intel I7 or AMD ryzen. For graphic cards get Nvidia 1050 TI, 1060 and more or AMD 480. AMD components are cheaper tho, Intel is expensive and Nvidia is also expensive but worth! And yeah try to get 16 gb ram. Good luck!
Thank you, I think I will go for intel.
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings C3CLegend, I see Torpedosheep covered the GPU part quite nicely, at least when it comes to prize ranges. However there's a few more things you should consider about the GPU. Where you buy it from. The prize for the exact same GPU can vary from country to country, so if you live close to the border somewhere, check the prizes on the other side for reference. You'll need to buy a couple of components to build a fully functional computer, so I'll just list them here. * Mouse * Keyboard * Screen * Speakers * Power supply * GPU * CPU * Motherboard * Harddrive * RAM * Software (OS) * Cabinet * Networking cable * DVD-Reader (or whatever the specific term is) There are quite a few details to be aware of. Each component takes up a bit of power, which adds up, so if your power supply isn't powerful enough, your computer won't start once assembled. The motherboard is the most important component to consider. Some boards have multiple slots for GPU, or the slots doesn't have enough pins to accommodate certain GPU sizes. You also need to know which type of CPU there is space for and how many pins the CPU should have. If the Make sure that the cabinet has sufficient space to contain the motherboard. Because most people who build their own computers often replace or upgrade components, it is important to pay attention to the slots the motherboard has, so that you don't end up in a situation where you can't hook up the DVD-Reader, or if you want to run 2 GPU in SLI that there's no space for it. When it comes to Hard Drives, I recommend getting a flash drive (SSD stands for Solid State Drive) for your operating system, and a regular hdd as a secondary internal drive where you can store files, games and whatnot. Certain games, or Operating Systems requires a DVD to install, so you absolutely need one, fortunately enough it doesn't have to be flashy just working. I know there's some differences between a CD reader and DVD reader, so just make sure to do your research first. When it comes to RAM it's not enough to know how much you get, but also which generation and how fast they are. Your requirements weren't that specific either, running games in HD with 60 FPS can vary greatly depending on the game. League can run in HD with 60 FPS on a GTX 670. But if you choose to play a bigger game, then it could become a challenge, so you need to figure out where the sweet spot is for you, but I would probably recommend a GXT 980 TI. Just know that even if they're called the same, there are MANY different GPU' within that category, so you need to look at the manufacturer, the dedicated memory and the speed. [Example](https://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-980-ti/buy-online) This is also one post where it pays off to buy a GPU with somewhat higher specs than you would need because it'll last longer before you need to replace it. On the other hand, if you buy 2 GPU with somewhat lower specs, and combine them through an SLI bridge, then it may be irrelevant if the game you're playing doesn't support SLI. Food for thought, I think this reply is big enough as is.
Thank you, I see now that I have to specify my requirements a bit.
Sidia (EUW)
: This is true unless you want highend gaming GPUs as miners chase after the mid-tier cards. Currently they buy out GTX 1060, which (sadly) would have been a fine card for a 1000€ build. Also europe is not affected nearly as hard as the US cards. I searched at the top builds of PCPartpicker at the moment and got to see this which seems a very fitting build: https://pcpartpicker.com/guide/fWCmP6/great-intel-gaming-build I looked over it and it seems fine, I don't know if you can keep that price when you buy the parts in europe though. For germany price is set at 1112.09€
It looks like a great build, and I am dutch so I asume the price will be just about the same. Thank you
: Greetings. It looks like you haven't heard of this, but the prices for graphic cards are currently skyrocketing! Many GPUs sell for** 100+€** more than they usually do. Because of this, if you are not in a rush, you should really consider waiting for the prizes to drop again, or look out for a good prebuilt deal (_though those are quite rare_). --- Here's an example of the **Asus ROG Strix RX 580's** value over the past months. Of course prizes in US/EU vary, but the problem stays the same. https://www.extremetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/RX580-640x324.png --- **Why are graphic cards so expensive right now?** Cryptocurrency mining is booming once again. This means people are setting up powerful arrays they use to mine virtual currencies like Bitcoin. This obviously increased the demand for GPUs by a lot, and vendors adjusted their prizes accordingly. Example of a (small!) Bitcoin mine: http://i.imgur.com/tb124Nm.jpg
Thank you, this was of great help to me, I shall keep in mind what you said and work with that.
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