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Dewi (EUW)
: Can't create team for Clash even though I meet all requirements.
Since Clash is 5v5 i guess you have to be Ranked in 1 of the 2 5v5 Modes.
: Morgana small rework idea
actually sounds pretty nice!
ozd12 (EUNE)
: Can you please not change the health bars?
> The health bars in League of Legends are getting an update soon that's recently been **previewed** in a developer's update It is a preview, if its really true that the majority of the playerbase hates it they will change it for sure, but i think its pretty nice.
: I need LeagueOfLegends in a zip file
Maybe try to find out why your internet crashes every 2 hours?
Exodyr (EUW)
: New pbe signups
I got Honor 4 in a month playing SoloQ. Its not that Hard because there are many Players who Honor you when you try to motivate your Team, atleast in my Experience.
: Can´t sign up PBE account in EUW region
Xilrog (EUW)
: Fps drops in teamfights, with a high end pc?
There is something wrong i can tell, i run a 400€ Potato and can Run Maxed out with 144 FPS even in Fights. Id recommend you to update all drivers and re install League. If that dosent work i assume you %%%%ed up your Overclock.
: aint my first ban got banned for 2 weeks for inting that ban i understood this one very hard to understand cuz i tried to explain why i was so useless to the 3 ppl that spammed %%% in full to me
Great analogy for that, if someone jumps down a House why should you? Just let them flame, because they will get a ban You won't if you don't say anything. Explaining idiots common Game sense just dosen't Work sadly ^^.
: nice to know u can get banned for getting flamed
Yes, banning you for that is little to much, but you should really stop writing so much, just say Report "...." for "...." then /mute all and play ur game, because it seems like the more you write, the more angry you get. "unwinnable with this tard" "ff15" "im not afk, im waitring in base for ff". I can imagine thats not ur first ban so Riot is little harder to you.
: Building LCS Team - Gunner Gaming
Hello, i would like to apply for your Team. Im currently Gold2 and im an ADC/Jungle Main but since you already have an ADC i would like to play Jungle for your Team. And yes i would change my Name ^^. Feel free to Add me for more details. Greetings Richard | Drachir
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