: Champion creator
assasin tank like old fizz
: nop
rip, podemos fazer scrim para sexta pois de hj a quinta temos agenda lotada.
Strigina (EUNE)
: Actually can't remember any ABRON, but the amount of people writing "Yasou" made me confused whether I always read his name wrong, it's just a common typo or it's typo so common, people actually started to use it as his nickname.
Yasou looks like a Japanese pasta.
: Why does flex 'not count'?
actually when you hit diamond on flex u got some decent team mates around d5- challenger on solo q
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Do you know some decent top Laner around d3 d2 d1 ? from Portugal?
KayIe Bot (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 FullFake,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=UWPqhEAu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-10T16:15:18.879+0000) > > i think i played with u some days ago,do you still playing with that master yi who are carrying all games alone ? hahaaaaa yea we play alot together with kayle support top and hyper yi jungle. Were you one of those guys who flamed us for winning games with it? xD btw, when an adc is 10/0 and the support is 0/0/10, did the adc hardcarry the support in every single case?
Why should i flame? it easy to handle it, kill kayle before she R yi. ppl are just stupid and focus on yi :) they don't rememebr to stop kayle 1, then yi will no longer have kayle W + {{item:3504}} /{{item:3109}}
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 LëmonNation,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=fLvuqJ3d,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-07-10T15:55:03.160+0000) > > as a Brazilian i need to ask it > > > TRAZ ELE DE VOLTA NESSA BAGAÇA AEW! {{champion:82}} Ugh, I'm sorry but even though I'm trying to learn nine languages atm... I can't understand yours yet D: But I suppose I can agree and say HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
as a portuguese native speaker i can say it is not portuguese, it is pure brazilian pure HUE HUE HUE lvl :D
QQTeemo (EUNE)
: [Deleted] Why is this player not banned yet RIOT? How many games have to be lost?
: Bulgaria
sure, add me on game i will accept around 20:0 Uk time i'm at my work now.
l MrD l (EUW)
: How to counter this champion combo?
pick fiddle, ult kayle and fear her, she will die easy.
: Im a jungle main but secondary is top. Willing to travel. Msg me in interested d3 on d2 promos
Sure, where are u from ?
SlizzerPT (EUW)
: Nah hahaha, im lookin for.. players
triste, faço parte de uma org bem paga, e estamos precisando de um top com urgencia para entrar na liga portuguesa de lo, se vc encontrar algum entre d3 a d1 me avisa, diga p ele q a org paga transporte salario e oferece jerseys. em troca eu te indico alguns players por volta de gold.
KayIe Bot (EUW)
: Searching the club with the tag OTP
i think i played with u some days ago,do you still playing with that master yi who are carrying all games alone ?
SlizzerPT (EUW)
: NoSense E-Sports
do you know some good toplaner from your country ? around d3 d2 or d1 ?
: Good luck collecting your ip ^^ Btw, if you already have every champion, you could buy 3 champions shards for 5100 and reroll them ^^
If you re roll champions u can't get a champion that you already have ?
: who to buy as adc
{{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3165}} this way you will get mobility and GREAT ABILITY for your adc mechanics.
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Siaro (EUW)
: I wanna main Quinn.
Just add my friend IGN Akru ( the best quin ) if u say, Akru Vai toma no cu, he will start to help you :)
TheWarrior0 (EUNE)
: steam my acc rito plz
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: its g5 now... so my mmr demoted me ?
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: i got demoted without going to 0 lp?
Wukongz (EUNE)
: {{champion:62}} "Jungle Love" - it makes the ladies go bananas. Created in association with {{champion:16}}
: Yep... pretty much that, and if you keep killing melees I believe the time you have to wait gets shorter.
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Helblindi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 FullFake,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Ffdz2pt2,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-27T16:19:23.589+0000) > > Platinum deserve a TOXIC Skin, i never saw a elo more toxic then platinum . Wait till you get to diamond xD
Already diamond since season 4, and i know diamond 5/4 sucks hard. :) after d3 everything is ok
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Do Gold players deserve the Victorious skins or should it be Platinum + instead?
Platinum deserve a TOXIC Skin, i never saw a elo more toxic then platinum .
Febos (EUW)
: Appreciated. Have a cookie; it's on me {{item:2009}} ######Sorry about the bite, I had to taste it to be sure it was good.
Febos (EUW)
: Holy this was painful to read. > [{quoted}](name=Cyborg No 12,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Oj087qqa,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-27T15:17:51.612+0000) > > she realy wont have any reson to be in the institude The Institude of War doesn't exist. Summoners don't exist either. Champions are not controlled by anyone. They fight for their own agenda. > Ryze that got 3 major updates and in the last one he nor just having terrible sounds at his spells and at his voice and only can whining and talking about his damned scroll? Because the scroll he protects holds great rune magic, so great that it literally consumed his master with lust for more power, someone that Ryze looked up to, and that got him killed. Ryze is zealous about protecting the scroll because he has been doing that for many years, ever since the great rune war. > And to menthin some new champions as well those no have reson to be at the Rifts, like Gnar and Rek'Sai That's the thing. Champions don't need to have a solid reason to be on the Rift. The Rift is just a "meeting" place for those characters. Some fight for something they want, some fight just for the sake of it. For instance, Gnar is a primitive yordle. He's driven by instinct, much like a wild animal. Just look at how he talks and behaves. Rek'Sai is a voidborn and those guys want to invade Runeterra and destroy every living thing on it. > Tahm Kench Tahm Kench wants more victims for his deals. > Why are they controllable? How get a wild being as most Void-lings become a summoners' little toy? They aren't, as I said previously. You are not controlling them, even though some champions still have those references. {{champion:82}} {{champion:9}} etc > True not only this bothers me about her update Ahri wasn't updated. Her lore was. > Will you execute a terrible brain wash on her that will make her in to a mental issiues having over acted child like you did to Lux? > Lux now say horseshits as taiunt and say sutch stuffs as she gets atacked "I'll tell you to Garen" , Lux is a "child". She's a teenager and she behaves like one. *** I didn't bother quoting the rest. You are just ranting about something that isn't happening.
: Change the last thing you ate for a champion with some rules,and add a sauce
Haha ,so i order a Big Mac and i received a {{champion:12}} with Whisky BBQ Not bad
: is ryze viable in plat? is he worth mastering after cassio
in my opinion he worth the price ( 450 ip ) :D
karolmo (EUW)
: wtf does scrim mean? U mean stream?
scrim is when a Team play against another team.
: Oh Udyr, I never thought about him... good idea!
and if u are in URF just go for {{champion:202}} and use 99999999999999999tiems your ( E ) and gg :D
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why does Riot refuse to change Riven's shield scaling to AP?
Old riven > W > Stun for 1.25 secs. E> shield for 2 secs > Q much more op > Passive >Much more Op. after rall these nerfs you still asking to nerf her.
: Jungle Mains pls help
{{champion:77}} {{champion:35}}
Rioter Comments
Click [here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/4Xt1ZYw8-new-darkin-champion-will-it-ever-be-released) to know more about darkin
: How to deal with late game master yi
{{champion:203}} + {{champion:44}} R
: Not a main,but I can play Elise decently (at least I hope so).My strategy is get to level 3,have all of my abilities up and search for a lane to gank.As Elise you have the power to camp a lane quite easily.Usually I go for a gank at mid or bot (whichever seems more like a free kill) 1. If I gank mid,I put a deep ward and can see if there is something I can steal.If there is not,I go back to base.(assuming we killed the enemy mid laner or got him low enough to make him back) 2. If I gank bot,I destroy the scryer's bloom [searched for his name to show that I know how it is called (vision providing plant)],put a ward to the bush and tell my bot to come for dragon.(again,assuming the gank went well) If my gank at bot was succesful then I leave it be for the time as they are ahead.Then I go to the top side of my jungle.Take Red,take rift scuttler,put a deep ward and try to ward mid or top. 1. If I gank top,(and the gank was good)I either take herald with my top laner or roam with him to mid lane.If the enemy jungler is at bot side then I go for herald,if he is at top side,then I go with my top laner towards mid.(of course there is the chance that the top laner will not follow me to mid,so then I: a)gank mid alone. (if I see kill potential) b)Steal enemy jungle. (if enemy jungler is bot side) c)Go back to my jungle or base.(if enemy jungler is top side and there is no kill potential at mid) Rest depends on game. My build goes like this. {{item:1039}} {{item:2031}} -->{{item:3715}} {{item:2032}} {{item:2055}}-->{{item:1001}} {{item:1414}} -->{{item:3027}} {{item:3020}} -->{{item:3151}} -->{{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} whichever you need first
Thank you so much i will try it :) , btw i saw SKT1 Peanut do {{item:3116}} every game
Rioter Comments
: sorry, but your summs on the ADC are totally wrong, you should always go with {{summoner:12}} and {{summoner:11}} if you wanna climb!! dont blame the supp for your bad calls! :p
Finally someone who understand me. i will keep it in mind thx :)
: You cannot get someone banned just for going out of the meta even if you report them. Anyone is free to play any champ at any role with any items and summs and you are nobody to order players how to play just because you are a meta sheep and you blindly follow streamers, builds or w/e without even realising why is something good for X situation and when is it good.
Games, Contests & Jokes Contest & Jokes Jokes JOKE$ JOKES J0OKE$S
Doomley (EUW)
: A feature that Riot should add to the game.
bring a challenger medal for this guy {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} . Best idea ever. it happen a lot in D5 also, most of adc are autofilled, and if you don't have a adc the game is basically lost.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
So how will challenger series work without ranked team ?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Rioter Comments
: A couple of questions..
{{champion:223}} . {{champion:60}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:427}} >{{champion:120}}
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Maybe I'm not up to date with news but what is "ranked team"? If Riot won't announce anything at the end of season there will be no changes made. As for now I don't think we know any planned changes to ranked queues, so it's impossible to tell.
Well ranked team was here since season 2 ( as i remember ) u can create a Team and invite more 7 guys, only that8 members can play for this team, once you hit challenger top 15 on ranked team you can sing up for challenger tournament and if you win you have a small chance to join LCS. this is +/- how it was working last year
Etherim (EUW)
: [Giveaway] Any skin at 975 RP Giveaway ! ;D
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