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: i dont know about LoL neither what u need to listen to, since your question is too generic. 25 years ago, u went to shop, purchased the dvd, install and play it. a released game with almost zero gamebreaking bugs. then online shop selling disc. then online shop selling cd keys /steam&simila. --------------------------- first we had single player games or split screen games then we got online multiplayer with b2p cd / cd key then we got online games with subscription then we got online games f2p there are p2w or p2 advance f2p there are p2 cosmetic f2p
: Gaming industry has become more mature in the sense that now it has a competitive scene. League Of Legends(from now on referred as LOL) has helped in some degree to that as heavy marketing campaigns and sponsoring game events and championships. Player ethics around LOL are really low standard. LOL community is one of the most toxic I've even experienced. It might be related to the ranking system/concept. It can be stressful depending on your competitive mindset. Is like(similar) all multiplayer board games. Have you ever played one of those? When someone is winning and then everyone allies to ruin this person game and 2nd player ends winning (it's an example). Duo bullying is a frequent practice. Well, LOL, is similar. No matter how good you are individually, you are 20% of the team. To add on this matter, I am positive that Match making teams you up with losing streaks players if you start peaking above 65% win rate. Mhmmm I will try to make an XLS study on that and not talk without data. The thing is, it might be frustrating to a person to perform good and not be able to influence entirely the outcome. This is all come out the miss conception of "ELO" or "MMR". Those stats are for 1 vs 1 games. In LOL should be how good you are to carry as team. You can be a potato, literally, and be paired with 4 great players and you are going to win. Until the weight of your skill/knowledge impairs the rest of the mates. Players show low education levels in language and maths (can't even grasp some basic concepts sometimes, like addition applied to a game). Few take the time to watch game stats before forming an opinion. Or even look at them at all. LOL is still a very addictive game. Where a lot of variables play their role. Specially, and ironically, that is multiplayer. By the way, Koreans are the best players (not only at LOL). And then, there is the rest. And it has to do not only with mechanics, but the way the approach games and community.
thank you soooooo much! Your input will help me soooo very much! <3 <3 <3 {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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: Any way to get emotes with no real money investment?
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: send ticket or email to riot. we are just users
: ***
I really do want to talk to riot! But for now i just want to hear your opinion! My research question is - how has the gaming industry evolved with its players - but with the specific example of league of legends! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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