TheVojo (EUNE)
: I just made a smurf for EUW, so ill add ya. If it wouldn't be a problem share some of your coaching magic with yours truly.
Ok, tell me your EUW name acc cuse im not at home atm but i can add u with the mobile app
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: You might be looking for a place for your team to be, so im posting this. You can have your own private room on the teamspeak, and we have lots of members who are looking to form a team. Essentially the Chaos Vanguard (CV) is a multi-gaming community for Europe and NA that aims to provide a fun and safe environment for players. We have a large website and teamspeak, and we try to host daily events for you to be able to play with people such as aram inhouses, hide and seek, defend soraka bot etc. We've also got tournaments with giveaways as well as organized ranked teams. If you ever get bored of league you could just jump down to one of our different sections for games such as counter strike, heroes of the storm, warframe and smite. Competitive teams also get their own channels on our teamspeak. Lemme know what you think :D You can find us at: Website: TeamSpeak:
I need to see how the sistem of competitive teams is made. But it seems preatty nice. Thanks for the coment :D
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