Katfyr (EUW)
: Were AP mages honestly a "problem" to nerf their items and buff MR items?
raps1355 (EUW)
: Think mid laners is in a bad place right now and has been since the dfg removal which has only compounded since the juggernaut creation. As it stands mid cannot contest top lane with equal gold in a 1v1 which is sad considering how much damage top laners do while enjoying that survivability. Top laners now = alistar + master yi when they used to be just master yi like. Didnt have this problem when i could dfg 100-0 garen under his tower :)
Removal of DFG allowed more diversity in the mid lane instead of just being assassins and nukes.
kiksenx (EUNE)
: The new Rageblade is soo awesome :D New kayle guide: 1. Buy rageblade as first item. 2. Go back to lane. 3. Get 8 stacks on rageblade 4. Wreck you'r opponent's face.
I know, but its hard to decide to get it first or the new hurricane. The crit life steal perk ya' know. Also, you forget step 5. Win the game :D
xHemH (EUNE)
: Hello there, I have been a mage since I started league in season 1 and I believe that Riot tried to make mages' items somewhat the same price with marksmen's items, but they do not realize that an adc can farm till min 10-20 since that's their only job, they don't have to roam, they don't have to ward for themselves (since supports will do that) they will not have to recall that much (because many supports have heals) and they can just stay in lane for long, especially now with the new masteries that provide tons of sustain. So basically : {{item:3001}} : -100 gold (ok that's good, it probably is the best core item at the moment for mages) {{item:3165}} : +250 gold, ohh so kind of you Riot, one of the most common core items on mages that provided what they needed during mid game is now more expnsive, you might say 250g is not much but it actually is a lot, around 13 minions, if you consider that almost every item is 13 cs more, well with 5 ap items you would need an extra 65 cs of what you needed. {{item:3174}} : Hey , get up to 2800 gold, because come on, why not make core ap items as expnsive as ADC ones? After all mid laners "don't have to ward, don't have to roam, don't get poked, don't lose cs because they might be zoned out, they keep farming all game of course because they never force fights with their junglers, they never get ganked since no one ganks Mid lane, it's so hard to gank it" {{item:3089}} : A major late game item for almost every mage, hey +300 g, go up to 3800 g price, because why not? More expensive than Bloodthirster which provides like 2x better stats for ADCs, since it gives SO MUCH lifesteal +75 ad + a shield , while Rabandon's just gives 120 ap and bonus ap based on your ap) {{item:3191}} : Less armor , less AP, yeah ok.. why would you even do that? its not like mages ever stomped ad assassins in mid, gp was always viable, zed too, talon too, yasuo too and so on. Not to mention they were actually stronger than mages anyway, they are assassins after all. {{item:3157}} : THERE YOU GO! This is the major reason I am mad at Riot, the ONLY defensive ap item we had to survive teamfights and attacks from assassins was Zhonya's Hourglass and now it gives less armor and also costs 500 GOLD MORE!! just wow.. Zed Meta INC, mages can't protect themselves anymore, since it's gonna take at least 20 mins to rush this item, not to say 25 mins , considering you also build a core item for mid game (e.g. Morello/athene's). {{item:3003}} : A pretty rare item that is only built on certain mages. Riot Logic : We are bored, let's make it 100 gold more expensive , EVEN THOUGH people only build it on Ryze/Anivia and etc champions that farm all game and need a good mana pool. {{item:3027}} : +20 AP . YEAAAAAAAAAAH ohh wait.. that 20 ap will also mean +300 g, so that means that you will start stacking RoA's passive later in the game => you will get 10 stacks later => you will have a pretty weak early and mid game , not to mention this item used to be the core item for many champions (e.g. swain), well too bad, now you will need 3000 gold just to get an item that barely gives any stats and it actually needs stacking to become worth. {{item:3116}} : Uhmm why not +200g? JUST WHY NOT? Rito Logic {{item:3136}} : Why not +100g? I see no reason why not. {{item:3151}} : Why not also +100 g? {{item:3152}} : Ohh boys! HEY MAGES MAINS! We got something positive on one item, what item? what item? Ohh ofc.. WotA, an item for Vladimir mostly, ok Rito.. and it's great -200g. Cool so 2 items that give no mana or anything related with it become cheaper, Akali/Vladimir/Kennen and etc champions, your time starts now, you just got a huge advantage over every else mage. Their core items are at least +200g while yours are -200g, so that makes you a profit of 400g, which is even more than a kill, so it's like you start 1/0/1 every game with kennen/akali/Vladimir, since you will have your core item 400g sooner than enemy normal mages. {{item:3041}} : Ohh finally a cool buff, maybe now Mejai's becomes the basic item for APCs or what? seems more worth than everything else LOL xD. Something good finally, but it's not enough to compensate for everything else. {{item:3135}} : +150g, because why not? {{item:3101}} and {{item:3115}} and {{item:3100}} : All buffed, because Kayle meta INC, now that mages can't rush zhonya's fast either, kayle is just the best pick, her main items got buffed and she got her ult to counter assassins, unlike almost every other mage now that zhonya's costs 500g more. And that's how.. someone stops being a Mage main after so many seasons... Every single Mage item got nerfed and every single Marksman and Marksman's Item got buffed. Pretty fair huh? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Love you riot! Thanks for the {{item:3124}} buff too!
: Dunno i dont like the changes...riot just put to many crits and they say "reworked adc" no thats not a reworked adc...some of us dont play only crit adc {{champion:81}} {{item:3070}} RIP {{champion:81}} {{item:3070}} You will be missed!
Don't you just love the heal 15% of crit perk? Isn't just FUN to play against someone using it plus a hurricane? RIP {{champion:22}} , 0% crit chance
: Patch 5.22- The whole world is UNbalanced
Vayne can now get 12% max true health damage on her silver bolts which obliterates any tank, now even Mundo. Grievous wounds every auto for only 1350 while mages need 2800~.
: To those saying dont blame your team, blame yourself
* Ward for them * Ping like mad showing them where the enemy is * tell them if they do [Blank] they will win Also, pick champs you can carry with. Pick a champ that you are so good with, so that as long as you team doesn't afk you'll win. I use Ziggs mid so I can win lane, gank easier, ult to clear far away minion waves, kite the enemy to extinction, and get some of that freelo. I did noticed you won a ton of games as support. Try to get that support role as much as possible while avoiding top.
: > [{quoted}](name=ChiTenshi,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VEJXa31I,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2015-11-05T19:15:00.237+0000) > > That's More a Problem with the Passive. It Grants her Damage **and** Bonus Movement Speed, making Trades Easily Won with Fiora. Remove the Passive, and her Q is Instantly not a Problem. Remove the passive and fiora goes to the same cave kassadin lives on. Fiora is supposed to be the grand duelist, which means she must be able to duel anyone and anything in exchange of being extremely squishy and not reliable in teamfights. If anything needs a hit, it's her riposte. Also, for the love of god, do not capitalize 80% of all your words. It drives me insane.
But Kassadin's lonely :C {{item:3070}} {{champion:38}} {{item:3070}}
: "A promo bonus for parties", great solo players getting fucked over again as usual, not to mention the new crafting crap they got going on which is nice and all but why the fuck do people playing in parties get more keys than solo players, as a matter of fact where are any of the bonuses for solo players? It's like they just don't give a shit about solo players any more and I would be more than happy if they just added a pure SOLO queue with no premades at all, most other games have this option but riot don't care enough to add one.
They want to encourage people to find friends. They just don't want you to feel lonely, so the party rewards are to motivate ya, right...?
: no last whisper and infinity?
The new last whisper is pretty garbage and the infinity edge's passive doesn't work on Ashe.
: * Not everyone wants to play with "friends" (aka. anonymous people on the internet) * Not everyone has the time and dedication to maintain an active friendlist * Playing with friends doesn't solve the problem of the enemy team tilting and doing the exact same thing.
* You can friend only the players you like to play with, then get to know them. If you don't like them, don't friend them and start over * Get 99 friends and tell me you won't have at least 4 people active * However, it does stop your team from tilting, lowering the chance of not having fun.
: Sigh
Have you tried partying up with your friends? By getting a bunch, you can just play with them all day instead of having to wait till 1 AM. Trust me, you'll have munch more fun that way. :)
Minstrel (EUNE)
: > a useless escape, has low damage, HAS A CHANNEL TIME, and costs a chuck of mana It doesn't work for that, though. It's no more an escape, an execution tool or anything of the sort. Keep in mind that with it you'll be able to almost teleport to lane every time you B. That's no small accomplishment. You can splitpush like crazy, you can catch people alone, its uses are different than what they used to be.
Her old ult could do all that, but faster and with no channel time ;-;
: For messing with enemy last hitting, there is Alistar. On Soraka i actually do mind casting heals on creeps, my HP are way too precious to lose them here. However on Karma, its fun to push turrets with shielding the cannon minion :P
Most people don't realize this but... the warmog passive stays active even after using Soraka's heal.
: Why cant you people post this kind of threads in a nice critisizing and constructive manner? Nobody is going to take you serious if you write the work "fvcking" 2 times in every sentence. Try to spend a bit more time, to write a thread with atleast good grammar. Im all for a decent rework for Quinn, but people like you, make it even less possible.
Yes, he did come out a little childish, but he has a point. The least viable adc besides Teemo gets seriously nerfed to oblivion. Her kit is changed by removing her bread and butter, her ult. Take a moment and look at the new ult. Now, what is it good for? You might notice it is not only a useless escape, has low damage, HAS A CHANNEL TIME, and costs a chuck of mana, but also looks kinda stupid. Now, now. Before you say be grateful for people taking the time to attempt to rework her, please realize how this rework changed her play style completely with even less viability. It's no wonder he's mad.
: In Start Of Season 5 I won 8 out of 10 games in placements and I was put in Bronze 5
You probably lost the important the placement games...or... your stats weren't the best in the 8 games you played.
Sepums (EUW)
: Option to mute pings.
Easy way to stop pings and all kinds of communication with your team. Simply press the glowing button on the keyboard that turns on your computer. Usually holding it for 2-5 seconds does the trick. For real though, a disabling pings for one ally option would stop those annoying spammers. I also love the idea of disabling emotes.
CLampToN (EUW)
: New meta | Mundo Support
He's basically an annoying Nidalee with faster cleavers that can also damage your tanky support.
: So I like SKT overall, all of the team.(I had SKT icon on) I was flamed for being a noob Faker fanboy -_-
Most people who do like SKT like Faker the most. He is probably the most commonly known player in the whole game, hint the insult noob through in there.
Fat7yy (EUNE)
: How should we deal with toxic, disrespectful teammates?
Tell them something simple they can do, then attempt to carry them. Better to have them do a small but necessary job then them just be useless or harmful.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Just because you think it doesn't work, doesn't mean it doesn't.
Please just try it, by all means. Please deal with the playing the champs with kits close to useless for the role WHILE getting flamed the whole time. The only good part is where the enemy team kinda jokes with you saying "Janna mid op xD".
alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=CLNinja,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ez1ouETm,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-26T05:52:00.566+0000) > > But it doesn't work... Have u tried it?
Actually I have tried Janna mid and it's pretty useless. You get decent poke and sustain, but no damage. I haven't tried the other 4 cause I just got flamed constantly the whole game and in champ select. They also have a kit that doesn't or is against the roles purpose.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Hey. If it looks stupid, but works, it aint stupid.
Frightpest (EUNE)
: Quick Champion Advice
You can NEVER go wrong with Lux. However, saving for Ziggs is probably better.
: No one is getting the Championship Riven this year. I'm pretty sure. Or just one.
The other 75 people probably thought Fnatic would win. How disappointing...
alasarcher (EUNE)
: There is no such thing as "trollpick" its only in minds of those who think that meta is rule. If he stated tjat he will go mid, then instalocked mid, what did u expect he will lock? There are 2 options here, other guy who wanted mid can go other role, or 2 mid. Nothing is wrong here. You confuse 2 things: Trolling and Trollpick Trolling is when you pick Tahm Kench, eat your ally and drop him in middle of enemy team on purpose. Trollpick- doesnt exist.
What if I Pick: {{champion:30}} Jungle {{champion:61}} Adc {{champion:119}} Support {{champion:16}} Top {{champion:40}} Mid Do you consider these valid in any way for the role they are suppose to do? Will these cause you to lose? Definitely.
: Yea, having 2 100% scaling abilities on an infinite scaling kit is a bit ridiculous. Having 1600+ AP in a pro-level game (FNC vs KOO) kind of reveals the extent of the problem considering these guys wouldn't be letting Veigar or Nasus farm willingly.
: Riot Already Looking At Nerfing Veigar, What Do You Think It Will Be?
1) Lower his stun duration 2) Lower his stun cast range 3) Make the stun cooldown longer 4) Make his ult have a cast time that can be canceled by cc.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: 3-0 for Koo Tigers. Game 1 was close, but Koo managed to win in the end. Game 2 and 3 were dominated by Koo.
Fiora and Veigar though...
Oznova (EUW)
: Why are people so ignorant?
You probably should've invested in buying at least a pink and a green. If the "support" won't ward, then you might need to use some of your lead to protect yourself. Also, never play ranked at the end of the season. Lot of people trying to reach for the next rank. Many try-hards.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Mundo stacks her and since Fiora has %hp dmg she should completely destroy him.
Do NOT underestimate buffed Mundo with the titanic Hydra. Every 12 seconds he gets basic attack then does 600 BONUS AD! He is soooo getting a nerf soon...
: Syndra's yes. As I mentioned, she is less controlled, as she has to maintain those Qs, giving her a very short window for when she can burst. Diana is not scary because of her ultimate does a huge amount of damage. Her entire kit is about controlled burst. You choose when to use that empowered AA. You choose when to dash in with the ultimate. Personally what I do against Fiora after level 6 when I want to pick a fight (and she's dumb enough to take it). I go in melee range and I do 1 auto attack (starting to stack passive), when she tries to last hit something. I Q to animation cancel my previous aa and then aa again (even if you suck at diana and are as bad as me, its close to impossible to miss a point black Q). Now Fiora has 3 choices: A) parry Q B) try to fight me using her stuff like Q for a vital then R etc C) try to dash away from me. If she does option A). I can strafe up or down, dodging her W damage (or just shield it) and then continue with my burst, safely. If she does option B). I can shield and block her entire Q damage output and even 1 more vital proc damage with my refreshing shields, and then proceed with my all in combo. If she does option C). I can use my E to cancel her Q, slow her and put her in more easy aa range. Fiora can't use her parry during Q animation. Now, regardless of what Fiora chooses. I have the advantage because: -if she doesn't Q offensively, I can put that on max cooldown 12s -my burst is the best in the game at this level and I can CONTROL IT. I can choose when to R R AA freely. And in meanwhile get passive stacks. -fiora needs mobility to move around and get her passive rolling. That is difficult to do when the enemy is just auto attacking you in the face. You would be like: i proced the vital on your front, now let me circle around you to hit that on your back, oh you already hit me 3 times. -diana's passive is more brute force -diana's first item spike: {{item:3101}} 1250g -fiora's first item spike: {{item:3077}} 1900g -diana's first full item spike: {{item:3115}} 3000g -fiora's first full item spike: {{item:3074}} 3300g -already went over the fact that shields counters %hp damage This means I can be up to 500g behind Fiora in the early game and still kick her ass (tiamat vs sting). This means you can afford to lose CS to zone out Fiora. Finally: Diana's lv2 shield blocks 110+60%ap damage, fiora's lv3 Q does 85+85%ad damage and her vitals do 3% max hp damage, that would be ~1000hp for diana at lv 6, so 30dmg from passive. Assuming no AD and no AP and no Armor on our heroines. Diana shield = 110 damage blocked Fiora Q+passive = 85+30=115 damage dealt Fiora will heal ~50hp out of all this, meanwhile Diana's shield would do 102 dmg Also, since it might be nice to know, That's for lv6. On lv 3. Diana shield lv 2, blocks 110 damage Fiora Q+passive = 65/75 + 24 = 99 damage That's why I keep telling people to play Diana into Fiora. You do NOT TAKE DAMAGE. And on lv1: Diana blocks 80 damage. Fiora Q+passive = 65+21 = 86.. Fiora gets healed for 25hp, takes 66 damage for her troubles. Fiora done: 6 damage Diana done: 41 damage Is it worth it for Diana to lose ~5 hp and do 50 hp as damage? The choice is yours summoner.
Most Fiora's I see tend to buy {{item:3153}} or The Titanic Hydra.
: Diana has the strongest controlled burst in the game from lv 6 to 11. Syndra's is a rival, but she needs to put Qs beforehand, so that makes it less "controlled" than Diana's.
A well timed parry can stop the burst. If the person playing fiora can use it right then Diana loses, but like you said, Diana has that burst and can quickly kill Fiora.
: %hp true damage gets countered by............................................ HEALS AND SHIELDS {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:58}} etc fiora's parry will get countered by all dps heroes: {{champion:268}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:58}} etc And finally poke counters the fact that fiora can critically strike as she can't do that if she is not in range: {{champion:76}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:268}} ok, now that we got this down, lets see what heroes are in 2 or 3 of the categories above: {{champion:131}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:107}} So, which ones of these can play top lane? {{champion:131}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:58}}
{{champion:131}} is just burst, fiora wins {{champion:36}} is slowish and the only thing going for him is the tankiness. 50/50 chance lane {{champion:10}} PERFECT completly perfect {{champion:117}} will lose lane but not get slowballed, makes ganks against fiora easier {{champion:50}} Vulnerable before level 6, then wins lane {{champion:8}} Same a lulu but with a heal and harder ganks {{champion:58}} No, just NO. If Fiora counters his stun he's done.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: I'd say Nothing Counters Fiora. Reasoning: - You cannot Effectively Counter True Max Health Percent Damage (Health does nothing, Armour does nothing). - A Guaranteed Critical Strike Ability is always Broken when put on an Assassin since they can Burst you down without Warning. - Her Riposte has a Block Duration which says, 'F*ck You' to all Burst and Semi-Burst Champions.
Lucian slightly counters Fiora, but who uses Lucian top?
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because those people lack self control, i fail to see the point you're attempting to make, just because people are too stupid to actually use the mute feature doesn't mean they are right to do so, these aren't what "goodie goodies" have forced in to my brain this is common sense, something that seems to be exceedingly rare despite its name You're given the tools to cope with this but should you CHOOSE not to use them then do not complain that someone triggered you or made you sad, you CHOSE to read what they typed, nobody forced you to not press the mute button
Common sense shows that you obviously don't know how human emotion or the brain works. When you learn and understand my point, then feel free to reply.
Cypherous (EUW)
: People need to stop thinking going on tilt is a valid excuse for anything, and sure they can cause depression but so can nearly everything else in life, you want someone to hold your hand 24/7 and protect you from all the bad things in life? Anger management issues is also not a valid reason to avoid punishment, hence why hitting the mute button is your more prudent choice Why exactly is it you feel that a random person on the internet who doesn't know you and who can be muted with a couple of clicks can damage you "self value", i've been here since season one and it seems i have thicker skin than a lot of people who seem to expect other people to fix things for them when they already have the tools to do it themselves without getting punished
Then please tell me why most people never hit the mute button, hm? You're saying 90% of people never have a valid excuse. Think about the bigger picture not just what the goodie-goodies shoved into your brain.
: Actually Cypherous is correct. If a person is toxic towards you, you do not stand to gain anything from lashing out at them. The points you've brought forward are either accidental (improbable when it's about lashing out verbally) or self-defence (also does not connect towards verbally lashing out, because there's equally valid ways to make a point without lashing out and your life isn't in danger).
You gain back self pride and you no longer fill just defenseless. Little things cause people to tilt and too much can cause depression(no joke, there are cases, look 'em up). Some people want to defend their self value or have anger management issues, that being over half of the community.
MistWind (EUW)
: Write here what you learned from your last game!
Don't chose support Shaco against a blitz when the rest of your team are a premade without a tank, but have instead lulu top, ap MF mid, and Wukong jungle.
: I fail to see how renekton isn't annoying... Thing is that's just the play style this player likes... as much as it's annoying to the receiving end there are obviously going to be people who want to main them And one more person playing them ain't that bad (and he was playing fiora... I feel like these are a lot less irritating than them).
Renekton is easy to gank and scales pretty terribly. His ult is kinda bad as well. The better of two evils it seems...At least its for the greater good...
: Just make a list of all the champions who fit your play style and try them out during f2p week... then pick the one you enjoy the most. If you enjoy a champion you will do much better than if you dislike them, plus you will enjoy your games with them. Besides that we can't really help you, finding your main is a personal thing which we can only have a little input in, you have to decide which you enjoy and your play style. As far as that list that I said earlier, you should look into {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:238}} ... they all fit the play style you just said (going ham without a care in the world). But it's a pretty big list so you might need to shave it down a lot by who you enjoy or have tried. Hope I helped :D
Everything on your list is SOOOO annoying to play against besides Renekton. Please don't encourage people to play them :C
Ulriah (EUW)
: *Sigh* What point? That you can generalise without any grounds? Gawn said it's the kids because: - They're generally more toxic (or immature) than the adults (duh) - All kids have school during the day so most of them are sleeping during the night What grounds did Luis have for claiming that the people who can play at night are those living off of social income?
And we see here who doesn't play late at night. ^
: Getting back into the game after a Year off.
Toxicity is worse. The only new item worth noting is this thing {{item:3742}} , makes tanks go real fast and get to your adc easy peasy. It is also good if you play a tank support with its bonus slow effect and speed boost. Janna is fine. However, make sure you take a nice long look at the juggernaut patch and the new champs; They are definitely game changing.
: From level 1 you can do this.Try to make the enemy wave focus you.This way the minions will focus one target.And this will result in a push;)..this is the only way
Freebs (EUW)
: Are Varus or Kog worth it right now?
Get Lucian instead if you want an adc*
Kalle02 (EUNE)
: Why are all ADC mains such toxic shits?
Please try to adc with this meta where invincible juggernauts are after you with assassins galore focusing you. Then there's the jungler always out to get you. The adc role is hard and stressful and you have to carry while when you look at supports, they rely on others to climb and don't have to be particularly good with their positioning and alertness. It comes to a matter of view really. You just feel like you have to be so much better while supports have it easy... Supporting is easier and you get chances, but with an adc, when you mess up, its over. Your team loses so much dps vs. utility. It makes players tense.
: How do you think other people climb? are they just Luckier than you? ofc not. When you get good at the game you will climb despite trolls or afks
{{champion:4}} Lady luck is smiling. {{champion:21}} Fortune doesn't favor fools.
Swittz (EUW)
: {{champion:17}} {{item:3724}} {{item:3115}}{{item:3089}} {{item:3006}} {{summoner:11}}
I prefer magic penetration boots over attack speed, but still, a terror to jungle with . >:D
Warderino (EUW)
: What is it with the toxicity in One for All?
{{champion:44}} happened. Parties keep wanting to pick him and then you are FORCED to play with him. It ruins the fun completely. People are just forcing boring champs, I mean like, boooooring ones. No one wants to play them, but you have to.
: Indeed, i did say positivity alone can't win games, but sometimes it CAN change things! Being neutral is the same as flipping a coin and hoping it lands on what u called, willing to do nothing for it to fall in your favour.
Flip a coin, get lucky. I love chances and they are so much more fun to take. Although, flipping a coin with heads on both sides is always nicer. I just hate not being able to do the same for the 4 others on the team. 1 will be put down, 3 will be flipped, and the last will be thrown away...
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