: No you are very wrong in the case of Azir, because the thing is, the other 5g units are strong without their synergy, with Azir you are making it so that he needs his synergy to to do well. Thats the issue, swain doesn't need shapeshifter, or deamon or imperial to do well on his own he is strong, this goes the same for every 5g unit but in the cast of Azir, 1 or even 2 soldiers is not gonna change anything because even a Gnar is better than him just for existing let alone anything else. The point of units at higher costs is to be strong as a whole and the more they cost the more strong they are on their own without their synergies, but with Azir it seems like he is pretty weak unless he has his synergy, and even then A, he has no crowd control, B he could get killed as soon as he summoned his soldiers and his damage could be worthless, but MF as a comparison could bullet time for 1 second and still be worth more than Azir, his skill is just too weak for his cost. Either you need to make him like Yas in that he needs only 50 mana to summon a soldier, in that case I can see it possibly working, but the main issue is that the soldiers only deal damage if Azir does, if Azir is CC'ed his ability has no effect he could get killed. The other characters even if they get their ult off for a short time deal a heck of a lot of damage or do a lot to the enemy team. I could maybe see Azir as 3g in his current state but a 5g? No way not even remotely worth it.
Hmm.. you're right. I'll think about something new, because he might be too weak for a 5g. I'll look at it tomorrow. But next to Azir, do you like the new ideas or is there something you see missing?
: You see the main problems that I still see are that with Nasus you could just give him his ultimate immediately and make it stronger with ascension, because the Q is yes underwhelming but think about his cost he is a 3g unit so he by definition needs to hit harder, take a look at Mordekaiser as an example who also has a familiar attack except his is aoe and in an area and he is a 1g unit. So for Nasus the better ability is for him to either have his R at the start or his E, which could be nice since it reduces armour and deals damage in an area. With renekton while his W is original its very underwelming especially considering his cost of 2g. A lot of other 2g units have a someone hard hitting ability that affects more than 1 target. So you need to give him an ability that is his own. How about he slices and dices in and then stuns someone, and when he gets ascended he can slice and dice back to safey. Would be pretty cool and have nice synergy with assassins and such. The problem with amumu is while his early game is just blitzcrank but puts himself in danger, and then when he gets ascended he becomes the god of crowd control. Its not only inconsistent its kinda broken in the sense that 1g unit isn't an investment for the lategame they carry you to the late game. Thats why I would say warwick is better because of his synergy and kit. Amumu would fit better with Tantrum as it can allow him to tank and lash out at opposing front liners. With Xerath the reason why I need his scaling to be lower is that the sorcerer synergy doesn't just benefit its own, it benefits all spell damage. Meaning you could turn Xerath to a sorcerer have the synergy and deal a %%%% ton of unnecessary damage, heck Kennen is already unbalanced for the same reason. The main reason why I say Azir needs his Emperor's divide is that people pick 5g's not for their damage but for their play making, because even a level 1 5g is stronger than a level 2 4g, so its very important that they have their strongest abilities on hand. With Azir he summons soldiers, which yeah is kinda nice but its not game changing, Yasuo is both tanky and has a lower mana pool so he can spam his ability and get knock ups often, MF can turn a fight just on her own, anivia melts frontlines, Kayle has an invul sheild. The point I made is that if he is gonna be 5g he has gotta be worth picking even if you don't count his synergy. Finally I would like you to consider instead of changing abilities when Ascended just upgrade the existing ones with new and more powerful effects so that the unit's play style remains the same but gets stronger with the synergy.
The point that you made about Morde in comparison to Nasus is valid. As a 3g Nasus should have a stronger ability, even early on, than a 1 cost. What I think I'm going to do, is change up its damage, but keep its scaling, so it doesn't make him extremely powerful lvl 3. And as for Renekton, I can see the point that you're trying to make. I'll think about what's better for him, because just a single target stun might indeed be on the weak side. About Amumu, yes it puts himself in danger, but he's tanky and is supposed to disrupt the backline. What I want to point out, is that Amumu can already be ascended when there are 2 and 3 costs in the shop. Even though 1 costs are supposed to carry you into late game, almost every has 1 or 2 1costs at the end of the game. Amumu is the same, if you want to build an ascended team. By removing his bandage toss, you remove all originality to his kit again, so maybe instead of latching onto the backline, you can make him latch onto the front line. This way you can put him in the corner, so assassins jump on him, but he bandage tosses into the front line, where he is supposed to be, tanking. In order to make him sorcerer, you already need to waste one of his item slots to give him a spatula. Next to that, Aurelion sol is the same in that case, because he does even more damage than Xerath, and is **_Already_** Sorcerer. But yeah, if that's too strong, they can lower the scaling per level a bit, I guess. But you need to keep in mind, that he is a 4 cost, and elementalist, not sorcerer. I think Azir's is strong enough, but I need to see testing before I could say he's weak. I think having 3 invulnerable damage dealers, even more so when they have attack speed buffs, is pretty strong, but maybe I'm wrong.
: Ok firstly. Anceint coin as an item way too broken. Secondly the item RNG pool is somewhat bad as it is, adding more items does not solve this until Riot fixes the RNG on item drops there is no need for new items. Secondly Azir would not be a ranger but probably a unique class just for him, I like the idea of Ascended forms but how would that be implemented would they cast both of their abilities right after one another? I mean if it gave them a passive effect unique to each respective hero or gave them an ascendant state where instead of getting a new ability they just get boosted stats all round? I just think that adding another ability is a bit broken and should either be a thing locked to an item or should not be a thing at all. Finally the heroes in question arent even using their most optimal abilities, for example avoid stacking abilities completely like Nasus' Q because otherwise someone buys him early and he becomes game breaking later on. Renekton would be better with his Q as an ability especially based on his cost. Amumu's Bandage toss would either have to only work against certain targets like blitzcrank's hook, and why bother with amumu when Rek Sai, warwick and Voli all have better abilities in general. Tantrum would suit amumu much more than the rest of his kit. I do agree with Xerath being an elementalist but even then his abilities have ridiculous scaling especially compared to brand, and I think he would be better overall with Arcane barrage than his other abilities as it gives him some utility to damage the backline, although the elementalist synergy is also something that is in need of a fix. If Azir is a 5g unit then he has to use his highest damaging ability end of story, so emperor's divide or bust. Summoning soldiers to commit to dps would just make him a worse *Natures prophet* from auto chess who is already pretty bad as is. Overall the person who made this needs to put a lot more thought into it as a lot of the character's kits seem incomplete as a whole. And I am not gonna even start on the headache the item combinations give.
Thanks for the feedback. I made some changes a while ago: https://i.imgur.com/vbloefh.jpg I completely removed the item part, because I didn't make it in the first place and its mechanics are broken. Aside from that, I want to enlighten you on some of your criticism. -Until other summoners get added into TFT, I don't think he's unique enough for him to have his own class, like Yasuo for example, but I agree that ranger doesn't fit him the best. -At the start of the round, depending on how many of the buff you have, a random/all alies become(s) ascended. The new ascended ability _**replaces**_ the current ability, except for Nasus and Azir, whereas Nasus becomes empowered permanently,_** keeping his normal ability**_, and Azir's ability gets upgraded. Ascended still need to fill their mana bar in order to use the ascended abilities and there are no stat changes (except for needed mana cost changes and the range of empowered ascended when they use their abilty). -I agree that Nasus would be broken, if you buy him early on, but he's a 3 cost with a weak ability (early on). Some changes to his health stats, mr and armor might also fix the problem. If the stacking still becomes too powerfull, they can also adjust the amount of damage that gets added to his Q and the mr/armor that gets added to his ascended form. Late game he would be a very powerfull foe indeed, but you need to wait a long time (a risky play without full ascension team) before he can truly 1v9. -Renekton's Q might be his better ability, but the idea of dealing damage around you, healing the champ, is not original at all (Darius, etc.) -The idea that Amumu lashes onto the furthest enemy, might be a good idea. He's a one cost, so I don't think you can compare him with Rek or Voli, and his powerspike is unlocked with Ascension. My intention is to make most of the champions slighty underaverage, as far as powerlevel goes, before ascension. It's primarily focused on late game. -Xerath is supposed to deal more damage that brand, because brand's ult procs multiple times and bounces around like crazy. I compared the damage more to a weaker Aurelion Sol. (AS damage is 300/500/700). But If his damage is too broken, they can adjust xerath's damage or the mana cost of the spell. -Rite of the Arcane = the barrage you're talking about ;) -I thought about using Azir's ult as his new ability, but I didn't think it would be much stronger than his soldier. It would deal a lot of damage, but he is a 5 cost, he is supposed to be the strongest of them all. So in order to synergize well with his attack speed strats/ranger buff, I wanted to keep his soldier ability. But you're right, maybe it is better to swap his ability with the wall. I actually spent some time thinking about the character kits, so it pains me to hear that I didnt spent enough thought into it, but I take any feedback as apreciated. I hope you see some of my dicisions
: Yup, I really loved your champion's idea ! They are pretty cool and I wish Riot implement them. You might want to post it on the NA boards and reddit if you want a chance that Riot notice them. They aren't many of them on euw boards. For amumu, you only need 2 ascended to have a 50% of him being ascended. Even if did no damage it would still be super strong. The other one being Renekton who also have a guaranteed super long stun + gain attack speed (ascended+ blademaster). Sejuani is S tier only because of her ult stunning everyone, and yet she is tier 4 and have a huge delay. Hmm, or how about putting the bonus to 3 and 5. So it's delayed and when you get 3 of them, it's only 1/3 chance for it to be on the right champ. And you need all of them to have the full bonus, like the nobles right now. I'm not a professional of balance, that's just a proposition.
As you recommended, I just posted it on the NA Boards here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/EExTMx46-expansion-pack-for-teamfight-tactics-v20 . I've made some changes, such as: the buff cost, removal of the item, Amumu's class, Azir's damage type and Nasus his ult. I'd like to hear your opinion on this: do you think it would be better, if Nasus can use it's q, aside from the mr and armor buff he gets when ascended? I willingly removed the duration of his ult, because now he starts the round with the buffs, but I wonder if that would be too weak :\
: I really like the ascended origin. But I think your gold gaining mechanics is too broken. The only way to gain extra gold right now is using pirates: They are overly weak so you'll be losing a lot of hp and the chest is completly RNG. You might get 0 gold at the end of a round. Having an easy way to gain 5 gold on survival or 1/per kill is too OP in my opinion. If amumu's ability is a cc, then it's also too strong. Big aoe ccs in the game are generally for high cost units and all have some kind of delay or condition (like sejuani and morgana). But that's not a problem if the values change.
Thank you for your feedback :O! The item is optional and I used the original creator's idea, but I agree that the item's mechanics might be too broken, but I mainly wanted to focus on the champions. If Amumu's ult would be his default ability, I would totally agree, however that's his ascended form, so I think even for a 1 cost it might be okay? (If you change the duration and damage a bit ;) )
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: nice, too nice to be made by rito
Yeah, true. I hope it gets enough attention, so Riot actually sees it lol.
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