Lsayu (EUNE)
: To tell you it's not cool to taunt someone after winning a lane. At the very least it's unsportsmanlike. You will also likely increase the harassment he receives from his team mates, so definitely not cool.
Lmfao, boo hoo? Holy shit dude. Who the hell cares? People legit get mad over taunts or what? People who win lane against me and taunt I have no problems with. Those downvotes too ahaha, does everyone here actually take video games this serious or is this a massive troll I'm not in on?
: English isn't everyone's first language, and they won't let that hold them back from flaming xD What elo were you playing in? I'm interested to find out if higher elos are just as toxic as bronze / silver, I know plat is toxic as hell aswell.
: > me taunting after winning lane cool..
..Okay? What's the point of this comment..? Edit: BETTER DOWNVOTE
: Yeaaaa, but i wouldn't do that,of course! :)
[Of course not!](
: Madre is 'Mother' in Spanish or Portugese I believe, no idea about the other.
I should taunt to my mother. Best insult I've seen in-game. Google translate got "basura" to "trash", but I don't see how that goes in that sentence. Black gabber is a mystery to me.
: Vayne in lower ELO?
I'm only gold (hardly even play ranked at all), but I'd say it isn't worth learning a champion like that. I just went with someone like graves whenever I was placed at ~~adc~~ 'marksman'. Simple guy who does some damage, no complex 420 mlg bullshit dancing around in lane. The amount of times I see a Vayne ult then instantly tumble forward for 1 auto, only for the enemies to turn and she has no escape at all.. christ..
munraker (EUW)
: daf*q is going on???
Wait.. you're telling me right after a patch reworking champions, some of them are a little unbalanced?? No.. They'll get nerfed / buffed accordingly next patch. Of course they'll be a bit off on the balance to start with, it's to be expected.
: Remove the RP system
RP is actually easier to deal with - as money slowly rises overall, the cost of buying RP changes, yet the items can stay at the exact same RP price.
Rioter Comments
: Ban for be toxic
Wait people still do the classic "It was my brother not me" shit online? That's on the same level as "My dog ate my homework".
Lenno420 (EUW)
: 14 day ban, really...
Nah bro, I can't believe that you are this perfect sportsmanlike player every single game if you've been hit with a ban like that. I've never been banned a single time in-game and I'm not sportsmanlike really, I just never type in the chat. >if you say something back, you are suddenly the bad guy Don't do that and fixed.
: To fast banned for 14 days
**Seven** friends all got banned, even though they're apparently not flamers. "It's just a coincidence!" Lol okay then. I'm glad you got banned for using that word too.
: My Good Bye note .
[Sums it up I guess](
: Im f*cking done
> So, telling the truth to 10 years old mentally disabled kids with issues means I'm toxic? Telling them they SUCK SO FUCKING HARD is a crime? Stopped taking you serious about there. Been playing for 5 years and don't know the rules, impressive. No wonder you got banned for 2 weeks, Riot sure are stupid right?
Práedyth (EUW)
: banning riven becasue riven players are toxic..?
Actually, I sometimes ban Riven for reasons similar to this. It's a gamble if you'll get one who destroys everything, or one who dies a few times in lane, rages and quits. Either one is usually pretty annoying in the chat. I don't like going against the champion itself either. I'm not saying she is hard to play against, but it's just annoying. Mini-flash, mini-flash, mini-flash, mini-flash.. ugh. Same reason I dislike LeBlanc and Kalista.
: Forum is so hard to use for EUNE players.
The EUW and EUNE boards are shared. You can see this thread through either EUNE or EUW boards, but using the NA boards you'll get a 404. - - - - - EUW version of this thread: EUNE version of this thread: NA version of this thread: (404) - - - - - Just login on the EUW boards with your EUNE account.
D0b3n (EUW)
: Can you somehow get banned by taunting the enemy team?
Nah, you can't be banned for that itself, if you're not using the chat. Salty guys love to report me if I do this in lane, but I've never been banned at all for it.
MistWind (EUW)
: SO..wheres this Warwick rework we are hearing for almost 2 years?
Penns (EUW)
: Im trying to tell you that both teams have the same chance of getting a troll/ feeder/... and that the "4 trolls on your team and 5 trolls on the enemy team" argument doesnt really make sense.
Nope, that's not true. Your team has a slightly less chance overall, provided you're not a troll or similar. Let's take it to the extreme and say it's just you and one person against 10 people. There's a much higher chance that one of those 10 will be toxic compared to the chance that your team-mate will be. It's the same thing in 4 against 5, just not as extreme. Really though that argument does work fine, it's basic probability. 4 people who have a chance of being toxic isn't as bad as 5 people who have a chance of being toxic.
Penns (EUW)
: Please not this argument again.. You read it everywhere and its flat out false. Every player is "you". How do you know the enemy team doesnt have someone complaining about trolls? It seems plausible because, obviously you dont troll, so there can only be 4, but actually thats not true. Idk if you agree with my original post or not, but thats basically what I said. You can win even tho you did badly and you can lose even tho you got fed really hard. In both scenarios, you are not what determines win, loss and your elo (just in these scenarios, if you get fed + your team stomps, you deserve a win and vice versa, so you still mostly determine your elo unless probability is kicking your ass/ loving you, just to make that clear lol)
Yeah, I agree with the most part with your post. Now this'll probably come across rude, but this: >Please not this argument again.. You read it everywhere and its flat out false. Every player is "you". How do you know the enemy team doesnt have someone complaining about trolls? It seems plausible because, obviously you dont troll, so there can only be 4, but actually thats not true. Can you reword this somehow? I legit haven't got the slightest clue what the fuck you are saying here. Again - I'm not attacking you here at all, I just seriously have no idea what you're trying to tell me.
If you barely use chat the chat ban is literally not an issue. And you clearly was doing something dude, bans aren't just wafted out for completely no reason. Your temper and overall attitude here also gives a big impression on what people'll think about your post here.
Alright here's my view buddy. You're not gonna like it though. chrisboy450 joined the room. random joined the room. random joined the room. random joined the room. random joined the room. **chrisboy450: mind reporting ori?** Already, you dun goofed. The enemy team has nothing to do with what happened in your own team's chat. And they have no way of getting evidence of what happened. _So how the hell do they know that you're not lying?_ I highly doubt they would have reported. You should report them if they were, and be done with it. Secondly, continuing to talk to them over and over. Really dude, nobody cares. Honestly. It's the harsh truth, I used to do the exact same. You can't talk sense into people in LoL most of the time. Just report them and leave, staying doesn't help anything. Not attacking you personally here, but on the internet you seriously need to learn that. Again, I used to be just like you attempting to prove a point, but it's impossible and nobody cares after a few minutes/hours anyway. And lastly, they were constantly harassing you on the in-game chat? /mute. Report. Quit. Really is that simple. - - - - - >Why do you ban this account while other people are a lot more toxic than I am If a player is toxic on any level and getting banned, I see no problem here. >They flamed me the whole game and yet he doesn't have a ban, a ranked restriction or a chat restriction... How is this even possible Since they probably aren't toxic all the time, or just started to be it recently. Maybe it's their only bad game in a while, or maybe they weren't even being toxic to begin with - nobody here knows what's happened fully. But still, we don't know what happened in-game. Without context Orianna doesn't look like she is in the complete wrong here. Kogmaw looks a lot worse. "MDR" is French for "LOL", also. Feel free to attack me in a reply, I'm all up for it. "As i said, your actions = your punishment. Their actions = their punishment sooner or later if appropriate." That is from the other poster and is completely correct.
DogIsGod (EUNE)
: If I could ban items...
I'd ban Ludens and Infinity Edge. Ludens since it now makes _any_ poke ability 10x as annoying constantly, especially whilst laning / your teammate who loves to tank harass follows you around. And I'd ban IE since it encourages crits. I hate luck in every game. Pisses me off. Should of gone with dodge imo. ~~(uh oh unpopular opinion alert)~~
Penns (EUW)
: Why Soloq is luck based.
Solo queue is luck based, yes. But not entirely, even though it seems like it. It's the same thing with trolls - if you yourself aren't a troll (or just never speak a word in chat like me), there's 4 people on your team who could be trolls, and 5 on the enemy team who could be trolls. So eventually, it checks out for the enemy team having a slightly higher chance overall. That same logic applies to your team-mates, provided you're somewhat decent at playing the game. But in reality, it takes so many games for this to happen that it always feels like luck. We can look at my alts' previous 10 games here, which is a small sample, so they'll seem like complete luck. I can remember these games fairly well, so I've put little descriptions in each one. Unfortunately though they are mostly positive - the negative games are a lot easier to explain why it's just luck, but this will do I guess. [Previous 10 (11) games]( - - - - - Really though, I've had games where I'm like 1-9 and we've won easily, because the other lanes of the enemy team are a lot worse. Also games where I'm 15/0 but can't do anything because if I die a single time, the game is over, and the enemies are just as strong as me from the teams feed. Nobody can go against 5 people just as strong as yourself when this happens, if you have 4 people not doing anything useful. I really wish there was some kind of game like this where it was just solo playing, or maybe with just a friend. Unfortunately all of the "good" games are team-based now it seems (CS:GO, TF2, LoL to name a few), and all singleplayer games recently have been absolutely awful in my opinion. I hate having to rely on others for any reason, I just want it to be me and my skill, but I don't want the game I'm playing to suck. Whilst off-topic, something to mention - supports can't carry. I'm sorry dudes that disagree, but it really is true. I am awful at supporting, but in the **VERY rare** instance that I do well (because the enemy team is a lot worse than me for some reason), it's the most painful experience. I'll get a great positive score with a whole bunch of assists, but you can't do anything on your own. Like push a lane or something. And if you leave your "team-mates", they'll die. I end up losing against 5 players who are easily worse than myself and can't do shit about it, since I'm stuck with 4 muppets. If I was playing any other part I could probably manage to win the game. Worst experience for me when playing LoL, I'd say. It's so painful.
Roundar (EUW)
: Penta steal, what do you think about it?
I swear I'm the only person in this game that really doesn't give a shit about the amount of kills in one go. I see people flip out over not getting a pentakill in-game with the chat. It's the same thing about "kill stealing". I'll hit people who are on any low health, and other people will hit them too. It's not "their" kill, or "my" kill, who cares. The amount of times I've tried giving kills over only for the enemy to escape is annoyingly high, so I don't bother with it anymore.
: When my team starts talking shit ...
Hey I remember you, you're the guy who hates premades. Reading the chat is indeed funny to me as well, but I don't play any differently myself. Though sometimes, on really rare occasions, if someone has decided to blame me for absolutely no reason in chat, then later is in trouble nearby.. I may have slight trouble clicking towards them to help them escape.
Rioter Comments
Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: I sometimes do stuff AMA
White meat, dark meat, or is it all the same?
: > [{quoted}](name=Annie Dark Child,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=VfaeeEUa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-21T16:30:00.579+0000) > > Because you can prove that, yep. We're meant to just take your word for it? yep.
So the whole "Proof chat restriction system NEEDS to get a massive rework." isn't backed up by anything. I'm not sure why you made this thread.
: Proof chat restriction system NEEDS to get a massive rework.
>than me in 700 games, meanwhile i receive 3.2k chat restriction(never wished anyone cancer/death or anything like that) and these people dont. Because you can prove that, yep. We're meant to just take your word for it?
Travingel (EUW)
: there should be an exchange gift option, that 2 players gift eachother something. in stead of sepperate
Or just wait until you can mystery gift yourself.
Travingel (EUW)
: ''lets exchange gifts'' yup....i got scammed
Well yeah, pretty obvious that'll happen with someone out of the community here.
KagMaster (EUNE)
: One more thing the jungle camps (all) are the new ones who do i make them look old like they were miss the red and blue sooo much
[You can with this](, but they are **_very_** bugged. Some you can't smite and they don't attack properly at all.
KagMaster (EUNE)
: Thank you sooo much u just brought my memories back there is no way i can thank you SOO FREAKING MUCH!!!
I didn't make it lol, just sharing it, been following the development on this for about a month.
: I want to touch Nasus's arms so bad
: Very nice mod!!!Ty for sharing!!
That's alright bro, let me know if you have issues installing it.
BenasBr (EUW)
: Am i the only one who thinks older map was way more nice and had more colors ? :/
It amazed me that Riot didn't keep the old map, since the layout is exactly the same. It's not hard to let people choose before the game starts, or to update the map with the portal gates. I hate the new one. When you first play with this one you remember how colourful it used to be.
KagMaster (EUNE)
: IT WORKS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
Yeah, install it properly and it works absolutely fine. A few sounds are missing but otherwise it's perfect. Again, do not install the monsters add-on thing. It's buggy as fuck. Deal with the new ones for now.
Rioter Comments
JiuYai (EUNE)
: How come...
It's because the game likes you having a 50-50 win ratio overall. And since you're a lower level who suddenly won a bunch of games, it shot you up in MMR for normal games. So enemies get stronger and teammates get weaker. Can't do much about it I'm afraid.
: Mundo goes where he pleases, so where is he?
He's been trying to make a card for Vayne which has no spelling mistakes.
: Yes its definitely a DDoS ..... when I put netstat -na into cmd it shows about 30 IP from same location....and every time enemy sivir sees me I instantly get dropped again his name is Skalper (EUW)
That's a nice name and shame there buddy, totally allowed here.
: If you don't care about players, EUNE is better, concerning the stability. I transferred from EUW about a year ago or so(when it was free), thought it was the biggest mistake I made(cause of the toxicity), but when I see what kind of problems you have on EUW, I'm kinda glad I transferred.
Yeah, EUW has been like this for about a year, but in the last few months it's been hell. And like usual, nothing from Riot, nothing gets done. I'm not transferring my account unless it ever becomes free, I'll just be levelling up to 30 again. I ain't paying to play the fucking game properly. I'll probably get to Gold V soon enough for rewards by the end of the year.
: In the last weeks I only got toxic twice. Look up my last 2 games- you may understand why. My choice of words was pretty damn terrible but (as dumb as it sounds) I think you shouldn't be bannable for getting frustrated and calling someone out who abuses bullshit game mechanics and brags about it. Things said in the heat of the battle are in no way meant to be serious and everybody fuckin knows that. I'm not toxic in real life, I'm not toxic in any other competitive game, so tell me why isn't it the games fault being so extremely frustrating that it makes me a horrible homophobic in game?
Sorry bro, you seem like a nice dude in general, but I've gotta agree with the punishment. It's doing it's job against the people who are not "nice dudes in general". Take the 2 weeks to reflect, I guess. Never flame in the chat when you come back, mute someone if you need to and move on. There's no need for it, keep it to yourself. Best of luck.
: Can we just get back to restrict people for their behavior?
Lol what? Do elaborate. I'm interested in this one.
: I was playing on EUW about year ago and there wasn't any week without problems with the server. On EUNE server issues happens very rare, and generally it's stable realm. Ping is same.
Yeah, just played a game there, ping was 4 higher - big woop. Flawless the whole game. I know it was a bot game, but you'd be surprised how bad EUW can fuck things up.. Guess that's my new home, I'll only use this account to post here I guess, and participate in cool puns with my username maybe 3 times a year. No chance I'm paying for a transfer just to play the fucking game properly. Won't be getting any skins there, rip rp
Ezlas (EUNE)
: Eune has been relatively stable, exept for a few occasions where even I yelled in the forums
"Eune has been relatively stable" Beats "never stable" by far, aha. Thanks for your comment.
: so the fuck is wrong with this fokken EU west server???
LiftLift (EUNE)
: Except he / she was asking about the drophacks, lagging, bugs etc. This year I've seen next to no drophacks, server crashes and things like that (ofc there were some). So as far as that goes I think it's better then? This stuttering has happened in a few games. Overall could count the problems this year on the fingers of my hand.
For real? Damn dude, you've had the luck at your side for this year.
Sky8800 (EUW)
: It's been about half a year since I transfered my account from EUNE to EUW, so I can't say if EUNE has the same kind of issues as EUW has now, but for me the ping was the same, or even a tiny bit better actually, like 35 ms to 40 ms in EUW, and 30 ms to 35 ms in EUNE. Sweden is in the northern part of EU anyway, so that could be the reason. And it's one of the marked countries in the EUNE screen in the game shop for transfers. And I think the last time I played in EUNE was before the "datacenter in Amsterdam" change. So when it comes to ping, if you have good ping in EUW, it will (most likely) be as good in EUNE. Depends on where you live/your ISP etc etc.
Yeah, I understand this already. Thanks for your reply anyway. What I'm talking about is the major shit EUW does. Ping suddenly goes over 500 for everyone. Game server suddenly crashes. Another ghost game. Now every 5 seconds or so the ping goes to 300 then back to 30. Etc etc. If EUW wasn't so unstable I'd have no problem staying here. The "normal" ping (like how the game should operate..) will be fine in both regions, I'm aware of that.
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