: ARURF is on the PBE
this is goddam stupid . i cant log into my pbe account and riot suport is being fkin useless
: Does your password use the letters "z" or "y"? Sometimes my keyboard tends to invert the two, and I once had a password with "y" in it, but it didn't allow me to log in, because my keyboard inverted the two. I thought I forgot my password lol, but it was just that. Fixed it for good now tho.
no, it doesn't :/
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jacktjong (EUW)
: The rotating gamemode queue has been gone for quite some time now I believe. Now they just release special event gamemodes every so often. Poroking will probably only return during winter, and OfA and URF might show up very scarcely. URF usually only gets released during April Fools and edited versions of it show up during other events sometimes. OfA just shows up randomly.
the last one for all was 1 year ago . i realy want a ofa yuumi with 1 tank and 4 ap and just have 1 fkin 5 man unit run at u and be bombarded with 5 yuumi q's
: Strange lag appearing two days ago
me to i always had 19 ms but i just lost a ranked because i had 300 ms a couple days ago it was like 5 times a game 2 sec 300 ms spikes but today it was constantly (also had an afk and 3 feeders but its not about that)
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Emper (EUNE)
: This new honor system look so cool, but some player will get reward cause they are good and got that honor from random players and then there will be players who are playing premades and after games giving honors to themselves. Which will be maybe kinda unfair. But we will see how development team will handle this case. :)
it wil be like the honor system now if you get multiple honors from same person it wont count

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