: If your unable to express yourself in a decent matter, you might wanna stay off the forums. There is no reason at all to voice your oppinion that way. Nothing to do with being touchy, more to do with being a decent person.
Cagniant (EUW)
: yeah, sure. now i shall TRAIN PREDICTION AND PROPHECY SKILL to paly against one cancer champ. Thanks for your shitty advices, put it in ur back.
And ye, your shitty red trinket does nothing since i cant choose target for skill and it has delay effect.
: I stoped readying your post after cancer. Please adjust your attitude
: If you think that its rng whether you hit vayne with a skill shot or not then you should train your prediction mechanics Also its only uncertain where she qs to when its outside of the jungle In the jungle its usually 1 possible direction if your grouped because the other is suicide into 5 people Red trinket is a possible counter not the best but you said "NO" counters Syndra usually has 1 extra ball around her late game due to perma qing mostly even 2 It becomes 3 with using w and fighting easily which 1 shots vayne(and takes er to 10% with peel/huge defense items, just 1 pf 4 of her spells hit any other vayne is dead and yes its easy to hit them when you dont fight on open mid lane 1v1 or2v2 ^^ Vayne doesnt 3 shot anymore as q crit got removed its a4 shot vs targets who arent behind and more vs people like syndra who build liandris and a possible zonyias to be rather tanky vs the likes of vayne
yeah, sure. now i shall TRAIN PREDICTION AND PROPHECY SKILL to paly against one cancer champ. Thanks for your shitty advices, put it in ur back.
: counters to her w its only 25% of her dmg and isnt that good against anything that doesnt stack health(yes 200 dmg every 3rd hit isnt broken on an adc vs squishys draven q does around 5 times that dmg in 3 aa) attackspeed slows (frozen heart/randuins and general abilities like nasus w/malp e etc etc etc) stacking armor is a good way to counter vayne thing is as any adc just stacking armor results in a last whisper being broken thats why her late is so good with the %true dmg her w needs 3 hits to do dmg on you so making her hit smth else after 1-2 hits makes the ability non existant so mobile champions can deny itand so can cc also her r stealth has counters aoe ANYTHING(no a good team will not miss it unless she flashes it and then its 5min without a flash to kill her) point and click cc or burst(syndra ult) red trinket(to spot her so you can aim your skillshots and know how to position) dots (basically red trinket because taking dmg in stealth or camouflage makes you show your hitbox every time it happens disengage when she ults because vayne needs to fight , without her r her fighting potential drops insanely(comparable to twitch just that twitch has easier time doing stuff without his ult)
So i shall RNG AOE and hope that i will predict her moves? Nice counter, red trinket has delay and not so useless. Syndra needs to stack balls each 2 sec before R, but vayne can just 3-shot her... Another poor example of counter.
: You know if you get better at the game you shut her down early so she does nothing and then its a 5v4? And even if you dont or her teams stalls long enough, predicting where she goes isnt that hard. A usual vayne gets one shot by the mid laner and aoecced or chain cced and no not even qss can stop a well performes cc chain with burst
You know usually this whore become 7-4-7 from 0-3-0? 2 items on her and gg. Pick vayne to win a game.
: You make vayne seem like she actually has range, an early game and 2 shots everyone while being insanely tanky Vayne SUCKS early -> kill her and deny cs if possible camp her as mid/jgl She NEEDS to fight so poke comps and disengage in general fucls her over as once she ults she is in need to stay in there compared to cait or tris who can fight when they want and dont need it to be useful She has low range so she usually goes into your teams range when she goes out of steallth -> aoe dmg/cc and general burst/cc counter her dont go 1v1 vs her she is the best duellist ingame as an adc your positioning is easier to pull of so just dont face ham into their team There are 3 cases of adcs vs vayne Hypercarry: Twitch/jinx/tris/kog all of them have more range and can immediatly punish her tumbling forward in a teamfight with at least a forced flash if not a kill due to having at least as much dps as vayne does Spellcaster: Lucian/jhin/corki/draven are used to bully her early to make her useless basically all game but in late they have some problems against her as they usually dont have the best dps All of them have burst chunks tho(vayne doesnt anymore after q crit nerf) which exceed hers so if they cam get a shot at her mid fight she will fall low tho They arent supposed to go againsz er late hame tho as they want to win mid game "Mid style" Cait/xayah/varus/kalista/ashe All have around her dps but usually slightly worse, they pften have more range or better cc in their kit while also having a way better early game All of them just play with their team to either Cait outrange and siege Xayah force fights at 1 point for explosive aoe Varus catch and poke Kalista secure objectives Ashe catch The enemy team Vayne naturally also has advantages but she isnt op atm Especially after the recent patch where she got more or less nerfed in powerspikes value No crit on q means ie/statiks is far worse even with base dmg buff W %nerf / flat dmg buff -> basically no change at all outside of being a nerf to fighting tankier people R up time after kills means she already is ahead in a fight and its just lile jinx passive for example which means when its upits usually in her favor anyway Tl:dr Vayne isnt op Vayne is insanely weak early Vayne sucks vs teamplay
Your arguments is obsolete since there is no counter to her W passive (less buttons to press!) and her R stealth.
fabbe28 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cagniant,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=11tENEAa,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-09-29T18:46:40.838+0000) > > Oh i didnt notice that you are maining that autistic (Lore) whore. Firstly you play 2-button champ, lastly you missing the strings. say one counter to shaco's stealth and his damage
Shaco is melee is it enough?
Sefi (EUNE)
: Ok first of all Vayne is a psychotic %%%%%, not autistic; there's a big difference. Second, did you ever heard the terms 'area of effect damage' and 'crowd control'? Because those are your Vayne counters, easy. Lastly, you're the one %%%%%ing because lack of knowledge and skill, not me.
QSS, read beneath. AOE < tumble, flash, teammates. You can't flash your AOE you know? And yes she is autistic dumb female due to lore. Psychotics are old WW, Singed, Mundo, ...
Sefi (EUNE)
: I resent this, any casual silver should know how to deal with Vayne.
> Have no arguments to argue with > Call opponent 'silver' 'bronze' anything else that compared with a teen self importance. > You have showed your bluntness, you may proceed
fabbe28 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tectonic Marvel,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=11tENEAa,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-29T18:29:43.596+0000) > > Not wanting to defend anybody, I got my opinions about Vayne ( I play her a lot but I think she has a lot of dirty gameplay), but her early game got buffed into an oblivion now (her Q ad ratio is now equal at level 1 to the 5th level of last patch) and her W hits harder as well up to a certain point ( check Phreak&#x27;s patch rundown). > > You might want to pick a different argument there. Remember, I am not defending anybody, just pointing out your flawed argument. It is correct that vayne's early game was buffed this patch however this does not change her weak laning much. Champions like kalista and Draven can still easily abuse her early laning and if the problem is that she scales really well into the lategame you just have to pick champs that scale better like twitch or kogmaw.
Kogmaw - no stealth, no tumble, no knock-up or stun. Just a pinned turret. Vayne - stealth,, tumble, knock-up, stun, %HP dmg, Q+R to double AD and crit to kill. Definitely, Kog is better to pick for loosing.
: First of all, you can just ban her. What's so difficult about that? If you find a champ so disgustingly broken you don't know how to deal with it just ban it. What's the issue? Also don't compare champs to other champions, every champion is different with different strengths and weaknesses, but for the record since you're trying to do it, try linking some ADCs which are currently viable in botlane, not 2 champions who are lurking in the depths of "not played" and "unconventional" Vayne is a deulist so if you're going 1v1 vs her and she destroys you, go cry instead of being suprised. Just force a teamfight and force your focus onto her, if her support isn't half decent she'll die instantly.
Every champ has the same stats as HP AD AP and etc. Every champ has a parameters like movespeed attack speed and etc. Any champ can be compared and IS compared. Or you want to say that RIOT's balance team is just a bunch of jerks? You know, you cant focus what you cant see? So vayne will always starts a teamfight.
fabbe28 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cagniant,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=11tENEAa,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-09-29T18:40:30.520+0000) > > Red trinket does not let me to take her in aim, so as ADC vs ADC vayne will always have advantage of first shot + positioning. > > Red trinket also has kind of &quot;delay&quot;, so it is still RNG to find her. > > Vayne has larger AA range than any of point click stunners. Also Vayne has QSS that makes opponent as useless as free kill. > > Nope she is not since there are lifesteal for ++300 hp on crits and BIG indicators of aoe to dodge. > > Vayne is broken, overrated AD that allows to 1-2 shot +%True damage + uncounterable stealth that let her to lead the game. > She is uncomparable with Varus or Kog If lifesteal is the problem there is 2 items that make it less effective. {{item:3165}} and {{item:3123}} both apply grevious wounds and ingite also applies it.
Funny, {{item:3072}} counters {{item:3165}} . {{item:3123}} is for AA not for AOE.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Ok lets remove one of the more popular champion based on one person wining on the boards. Or, you could, you know, learn to play? {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
> Before saying that vayne is balanced, say at least one counter to her stealth and overrated AD+%TrueDamage perks Oh i didnt notice that you are maining that autistic (Lore) whore. Firstly you play 2-button champ, lastly you missing the strings.
Tectonic (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cagniant,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=11tENEAa,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-09-29T18:31:41.841+0000) > > &#x27;&gt;overpowered > > &#x27;&gt;REALLY good Seems like a L2P issue
Seems like 'do not touch my vayne i like to RMB to win' Not even sure that you know the principles of game theory or any of such 'science issues'
fabbe28 (EUNE)
: If you wanna know where she is during stealth just use a red trinket and countering vayne isnt that hard if you just know what you're doing and pick a champion that can abuse her weak laning phase. In lategame she is very strong but that's because her kit is built to do that. If ur finding it very hard to lock down a vayne in fights pick a champion with point click stuns like lissandra and ryze. Also vayne is very weak to aoe damage making champions with it pretty good at shutting her down in teamfights as she can not dodge the damage with her q.
Red trinket does not let me to take her in aim, so as ADC vs ADC vayne will always have advantage of first shot + positioning. Red trinket also has kind of "delay", so it is still RNG to find her. Vayne has larger AA range than any of point click stunners. Also Vayne has QSS that makes opponent as useless as free kill. >Also vayne is very weak to aoe damage Nope she is not since there are lifesteal for ++300 hp on crits and BIG indicators of aoe to dodge. Vayne is broken, overrated AD that allows to 1-2 shot +%True damage + uncounterable stealth that let her to lead the game. She is uncomparable with Varus or Kog
Tectonic (EUW)
: Vayne is nowhere near overpowered she's just really good lategame.
'>overpowered '>REALLY good
Joetri10 (EUW)
: You harass her early game and deny her farm. You do not 1v1 her. Vayne is top tier late game, however early and mid game, she is trash if kept at check.
then she collects IE + statik and game is over. You simply can't say 'she is trash at early' since botlane is always 2 players play combination. And there are combinations that makes her stronger than any opponents' botlane.
Rioter Comments
ultra56 (EUNE)
: Got to diamond for the first time!
How much $$ you spend? More donations == less noobs and useless' in your team.
Jovars (EUW)
: I got banned for 2 weeks after talking shit back to a guy 1 game.
You don't talk like a slave you got banned. And yeah he was right, because RIOT are same as nazi.
: The sad thing is that you are so limited that now you think normal peoples are robots or lobotomized. Trust me, seriously, you are the one with issues. If you can't keep your mind clear in an mmorpg, I wonder how you would react in a serious situation in real life. Better get some sense of perspective right now.
I wonder how such noname like you can act yourself as a doctor of psychology and tell me what is wrong and what is right. And yeah i will not trust you, bob who judge a man by a few letters. not even seeing it's face.
Rioter Comments
: Muting all players every game
1.3 billion income company can't delete in-game chat => had to manually mute everyone each game.
: I am sorry.
An ideal example how system brokes a person and made a slave from the remains of it. Well done.
5oulDARK (EUW)
: Would it be better if riot just removed chat feature from the game?
They can't, 1.3 billion income can't allow this to itself. Firstly RIOT can't face that it's filphy attempts to learn 'how to behave like a robot/good dog' doesn't work with 18+/[smart] aged part of auditory? especially having an useless support system, what can't explain a single action, spamming pointless autoreplies. Secondly if RIOT does really want to improve their game, they HAD TO bring back a SoloQueue with tough requirements and LP system reward. [As minimum in case if one team has an AFK so it won't lose LP neither MMR, meanwhile AFKer will be punished instantly for this.] After that RIOT shall unban everyone who has been banned for 'chat behaviour' [it's not a behaviour because each human person's temper is unique and noone, neither nazi, neither soviet rats, neither RIOT - noone can't break it and create a submissive flock for it's enjoyment] PS: DOTA 2 - spam everything as much as you can and feel free. HOTS - Same as DOTA 2 LoL - you've asked to report an AFK? get restricted. [trying to make a guilty person from me, meanwhile AFKer lost the game, forcing to play 4vs6 [HAVE FUN TO LOOSE IT IS SO FUN YOU LOST GAME HAVE FUN YOU LOST THING/JOB/ETC HAVE FUN JUST LOOSE EVERYTHING AND GET A FUN] and gone unpunished. Such competitive, very sportsmanlike.
Grοss Gore (EUNE)
: Permabanned cause of words doesn't seem fair/mute button too hard to press?!
This game is only for those who can act/behave themselves as a robot. Or robots.
: Kinda exceding the "normal" toxicity of league
So you think that people will love you for loosing their games? Nope. If you didn't play like a log, you probably could get a honor or myst. gift. UPD: Just check his history. It is a typical example of troll who provoke people for flame. 2-10-1 and 1-10-2 with AD items at Lux. At Platinum 4 RANKED, probably DynamicQueue boosted. Firstly they ruin games then they cry about 'being flamed'. PS: As you can notice it is a russian with abusive nickname.
: How not to flame step by step...
A little instruction how to delete chat, if 1.3 billion income company can't do it.
Proxie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cagniant,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zt0ijEXq,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-10-14T20:26:50.172+0000) > > LoL. > > Why do you even think that &quot;hope you get cancer&quot; is related to disease, not a zodiac cancer partner? Another &#x27;victim syndrome&#x27;, who currently is looking for a protection and attention at forum. PHD, if I&#x27;m not mistaking. Your'e just as bad.
Didn't expect anything better from you.
Estti379 (EUW)
: I act like a human since I started in season 2, never got any punishments at all. That alone disproves your point. What you need is self control. Those who can't keep their bad behaviour out of the game, get punished.
Like a 'robot'. You're even typing like a robot, ending your words as those autoreply supporters about importance of blah blah blah rules blah blah behaviour blah blah blah. PS: 100 games per year? Do not compare yourself with another people who play x5 more games at year than you as minimum.
backo1999 (EUW)
: Getting restrictions for flaming
You act as a human, you get restricted. This game is about acting like a robot since 2014-2015.
: i know that's why i said it might give false positive results, but lets be real here, in this game how many people actually talk about the zodiac sign when saying cancer.. i didn't say ban, i said a flag, something like this discussion will be flagged, then a Riot employee can take a look at the discussion and decide if it was insulting and should be punished or if it was about zodiac signs.. again like i said i don't have a solution, it's just my personal opinion that wishing cancer over a game is wrong
Then 'toxics' will evolve and use CNR/cane sir and etc. It is not a solution. In most cases there always an in-game reason of toxicity - a fear to lost LP because of noobs in your team => attempts to take control in your hands, using rude way of communication, showing yourself as alpha. It is a human nature, but it can be solved by remaking a DynQueue system, giving players LP depending at their end-game stats and by removing in-game chat.
Aiyus (EUW)
: I can't even explain it in a short title
1.3 billion income company can't delete an in-game chat.
: Can we get rid of this ?
No. Cancer is zodiac sigh of 1/12 minority of people. You can't forbid to use it like Nazi did with 'jews'
Ozuraak (EUW)
: 99% of the Players never get banned. So most of the gamers have no problems. Its not the game, its not the others. YOU are the problem. Riot gave you many chances to improve your behaviour, but you didnt. Now they showed you the door.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: To everyone saying "ez" or "easy"
Kids want every word be banned. Easier to delete a whole in-game chat.
: Hello Mr."one of the 70-80%".
Typical reaction of illusion due to Nick Bostrom.
: Report calling is against the rules because: A) It is only creating a negative atmosphere contrary to camaraderie B) Multiple reports arent needed anyways as a single report is enough to trigger investigation and multiple reports won't increase the likelihood of punishment Also weird death camp that you can enter and leave at your own will (log in/out of client), but Riot cant. Maybe the players are the SS guards and Riot is the prisoner?
This rule is dumb because: A) Negative atmosphere is already made by tard who left the game. I can't achieve the main object - destroy a nexus - because enemy team are overwhelmed from start only one i (and +3 people) can do - to waste 30 minutes, watching at unfair uncompetitive game. What is ruined cannot be ruined. B) Mostly reports for AFK/leaving means nothing. But it ruins a game atmosphere much worse than a man who uses chat too often.
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: Thank you for seeing our points. Also, Riot can't really "fix" the community, they can only try improving it, or try mitigating the damage that the toxic players cause. But there always be people who had a bad day and decide to vent in game, short-tempered people who can't handle losing, or trolls that want to see people frustrated. It's sad and annoying, but none of us can completely eradicate the bad parts of the community. What we can do is improving it. If you stop being toxic you could see that as just one less toxic player, but it could also mean that when you don't flame that failing jungler, he won't flame the struggling top-lane in his next game and so on. Your decision to be positive in one game will not magicaly cause LoL to be the happiest, most positive place on earth, but it can have positive consequences down the line. I could probably argue with you over the perma-ban thing, but I don't wanna. Btw, next time you declare war on Riot I expect tanks, mortars and better arguments :) See ya and good luck!
When people got restricted for asking to report a person who left at 5 minutes and didn't came back, refusing to accept RIOT's fault it is not a fix, it is a nazi camp imitation, where people are trained to behave like robot. If you are not behave like a real robot(Aryan) you got banned(putted to death).
Artimèdiz (EUNE)
: F#$@K YOU RIOT!!
RIOT's minionbots are already downvoting it. **But my main theory is that we're all one and same person, we're just a brain cells in one big brain.** This world is an matrix illusion. 99-100% of people are just life imitation and 70-80% of this imitations are made in the worst way. Why shall i respect imitation what simply can't do a math at math based game? If i have a broken calculator i throw it into trash bin, leaving it to decay.
: Matchmaking
Rigged matchmaking, forcing you to have ~50% winrate.
: what happend to this game
RIOT still can't delete an in-game chat, it is probably too hard. That is the reason.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Learn cores of math. logic. Then you will be able to talk with me.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I suppose you don't know what logic is, when you think that IF SOMEONE LEFT THE GAME AND DIDNT BACK IT MEANS THAT GAME IS ALREADY BEEN SCREWED UP and it has no matter what will happen in chat, BECAUSE 5vs5 and 4vs6 games ARE NOT THE SAME. Do not tell me about mislogical rules - a person who leaves a game IS the reason why the game was lost. Do not tell me about behaving like a robot - a person who is not in game PHYSICALLY can not be harrased. I was restricted because i don't want to waste my time for playing 4vs6 game and loosing LP and MMR. WP RIOT. WP you. Nice logic you have. It is really interesting to have a conversation where i had to explain a simple math logic rules.
BillWithIt (EUNE)
: Banning the wrong person?
Once i've been 10 games chat restricted for ASKING to report a person who left a game at minute 5 and didn't came back WITHOUT any recognition and compensation i won't turn back in this kindergarten for spineless creatures.
: Disgusting people of this community
So, you lost a game to him on purpose, taking unreliable person as premade and you want what? Respect you for making game 3vs7?
Magneset (EUW)
: Being a decent human being have nothing to do with "acting like a robot"
As robots say
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