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: wow you really straighten me up :D So hilarious that a toxic player write on the forum that he can't help to be toxic, his major life problem is he can't help flaming in a video game, and so many are like "awwwwwwww poor soul" let's all comfort him. Then many saw my post, which was one line, an a joke made as an hint to many posts complain about "please unban me" **even if he didn't write that**, but I wrote that joke because I don't believe him, or care about him :), I don't believe he has an existential crisis and poor soul can't retain himself for beeign toxic. Then you and all that keep poking me escalated the situation so much and forget why you are here and try to do what ? point fingers how soulless without compassion I am not being heart melted by the OP little regret story ? You realize I just write **one line**, which was 80% nonsens, and from that you all keep replying to me, so I write so many about the poor OP that he wrote a huge message back to me (which if I'll have time I will replay). So if you feel about that guy, why you reply to a nonsense as my first reply instead of just downvote and ignore! because nobody care about OP they just like to enter in verbal contradictions and like to find a black sheep to point fingers at :D Forum website is not the GAME! in the game players go to relax and have fun and play a game not to be flamed, and you are stuck there you can't leave and no time to arguments and discussions, while here you can read or ignore, you can reply you can give arguments and have discussions so why compare it ?! About me, I don't need to look at myself because I never claimed I am not toxic, or I am polite, I don't look acknowledge on a video game forum especially so toxic as this one, nor I search compassion and understanding. _do you realize you signed your little message with a nickname ? _ it make it more oficial or true ? :D
Heya, {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I'm not talking about just this post, I'm talking about everything that you post, everything you put is generally very passive aggressive. Just look at how many questions you included in your monologue, so very defensive. Very hypocritical calling someone else toxic when you consistently create arguments on the internet, you must be proud. Yeah, I'm aware I wrote my name at the bottom of the message, I was being polite and formal. CaitΙin
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: It's funny when some players same as in game they don't understand something and assume others are bad, or kids, instead of question their own ability :D
Heya, {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I just took a look through your post history, and objectively almost every comment you leave on the forums is passive aggressive or at least said in an attempt to instigate an argument, and you're the one talking about people being toxic in a video game being a bad thing? I think people like you, who sit in the back and deny all their wrongdoings not only terrible hypocrites but worse in almost every way to straight up toxic people. OP is trying to actually reform and admitting to his mistakes and you're sitting here judging him, starting arguments and being straight up disrespectful. Honestly you should take a hard long look at yourself and instead of criticizing other people constantly, work on yourself. CaitΙin
Exhility (EUW)
: Placed into silver, don't know why
My advice to you is make the most of it, the best practice you get in league is playing against players that are better than you. If you seriously want to improve you should take advantage of every game you have before you get to your 'real' rank.
IMelchorI (EUW)
: can he log back in or does he get an authentication error too?
I'm not sure, he hasn't been online since the disconnect so I can't say.
IMelchorI (EUW)
: Disconnected in the midst of a game.
It sounds like the same sort of things that happened to two of my teammates, they weren't duo but both dced at the exact same time and we lost a ranked game because of it (check my post about 10 minutes ago for info).
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: LF Silver/Gold top
Age: 17 Main role: mid Champion pool: kassadin/taliyah/twisted fate Available time: wednesday-friday Do you have discord and working microphone: yes Can you speak english fluently: yes im from england
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220101 (EUNE)
: i wanna be better
just say everything you would type, but outloud instead try /mute all in-game, if you cant see their response, why flame ? instead of typing, spam ping them with "?" its better than being toxic to them if you're on a 2+ loss streak, take at least an hour break, most likely you're tilted even if you're 100% sure it's a loss just focus on yourself, try and improve (don't die and let the fed enemy snowball even further, farm creeps as best you can etc)
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: That's a bugged champion select, that happens sometimes. But the servers aren't down.
Look at the threads being made recently, a bunch of people are having problems with champion select = an issue, it's not just a one off thing
Snowi (EUW)
: Riot personnel please --CHECK--
+1 happened to me too
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: The servers go down for the new patch at 3 am CEST. Which is in about 7 hours. So this doesn't add up. You just dodged yourself.
Lol, this happened to me also about 10 minutes ago and which is proof that champ select is bugged, i had to dodge to leave, there was no other way out
: Stuck in champ select
Yep, i'm stuck in champ select seems like i have to take the lp loss lmao, pathetic


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