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: You need reversed elo-boosting xD
But you get banned, apparently you're 'trolling' even though you're 10-0 'trolling' and bot lane is 0-15, yet you're the 'troll'. Games logic
Snow Enix (EUW)
: I watched a streamer recently playing his placement matches and went 4-6. He ended in gold V... I went 8-2 on my smurf and ended up gold IV... I know how the system works and I guess the dude going 4-6 had stronger opponents overall, but I do feel a bit salty about it. But then I guess I just won the 3 next games and reached gold II, when he would probably not have jumped a division.
i went 8-0 and trolled 2 games, 8-2 Silver 2. went 1-9 - Silver 1. Went 4-6 - Silver 3. All accounts had round about the same MMR.
Snowfox (EUW)
: >well most of them people play better than plat 5s n gold 5s. You're kidding right? Have you ever met a bronze 5 player?
I've been qued with them, while they're stupid as fuck, they listen more, the problem with plat 5's is they 'think' they're good and their ego is huge n they refuse to listen to anyone else, a bronze player knows they're not very good at the game and will listen to a guy carrying, at least bronze 1's seem better than silver 5's and gold 1's better than plat 5 etc. System is balls.
: give me your acount for one week and i will only play Ashe to bronze believe me i'm such a bad Ashe that even a bronze v with no fingers can 1v1 me. #FuckAshe
i'm the same with lee and riven, i mean my plays are good but i have winrates in silver as a diamond 3 player of 5W 14L's etc. The old Ashe was better imo, i'm also 0-7 on Ashe on one of my mains, i feel you
: So hard to get bronze 5
Well i'm not going out to lose anymore, since it isn't working, but i've been playing pretty bad on all 3 of my accounts in general and i still can't drop down, i wanna rush from bronze 5 to x' before season ends but i can't get below silver 3 i just end up in promos again from average half assed gameplay ---
: Is it not the champion who affected the season that gets the victorious skin, or am i the one who didn't get it?. Sivir was not the best marksman around in this season.
she actually is the best currently, but that's beside the point. her ultimate and damage output all over is pretty high up, add in waveclear and a spellsheild, yeah, i'd say she's up there, if not the best
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Steel (EUW)
: Important Tips For Skillful Player
I get really high scores quite consistently, tell me why when i say, guys i'm fed let's push mid, 2 people STILL splitpush bot & top, how can you make them help? you can't that game is 100% lost unless you can 1v5/3v5 and win. Some people just won't listen, then, it gets heated. After telling them to group 14 times i'm going to flame, who wouldn't? that's human. Then i get banned for 14 days? no wonder 80% of players are this bad the 20% that are good get banned.
seXo Jon (EUW)
: 120 ms Shut down ranked pls
Same, i had 24 torrents going. I know it's not always like this, but sometimes it's people in their house making them lag especially on DSL. Fibre i don't have ANY problems unless i seed 20-30 torrents. Literally never had high ping on EUW without it being my fault.
: yup last game seju combo on me as adc was 1,5k dmg in 2 sec ... She had 5k hp btw
Yeah this is my main point. And i doubt that was even a full combo, if she stays close enough she can output double that, and the health is the problem, sure if these champions were squishy then fine, but they're not, the health makes them able to do 3-4 rounds of combos with already very high base damage. I think every 100 points of health should reduce abilitys damage by 2. or something.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: rules on boards are weird or just not clear. I don't do anything wrong and my posts are deleted.
Indeed, I got accused of scamming for no reason.
Akux1 (EUW)
: Surrendering a game
Or you know, make the que dodgeable when you've got a taliban member with ghost and clarity on katarina.
: I've just played 2 games, while i can kill ad carrys and other mages/assassins, tanks still destroy me. Tanks do near enough equal burst damage while taking none, it's just nonsensical to ban assassins when tanks are exactly the same but have 4k health.
Vi, Sejuani, Amumu, Maokai, all destroy me 1v1. That's an Assassin that's banned every single game. Makes no sense to me. Tanks are literally the most broken thing on this game, i don't mean full tanks, it's more the AP tanks, AP is really easy to get, HP is really easy to get, combine them and you have a champion that's outputting double ekko's damage in their entire health pool, same with katarina, people claim she's overpowered yet Sejuani/Maokai just stand still laughing through the combo, even Galio heals from her ult. I don't think ap assassins are overpowered at all.. I could think of at least 30 champions that are strong than Ekko (also won 90% of my games against him) the only time i lose is due to tanks/bruisers. Not assassins.
: Uhhh maybe because Ekko is broken as fuck lol?
I've just played 2 games, while i can kill ad carrys and other mages/assassins, tanks still destroy me. Tanks do near enough equal burst damage while taking none, it's just nonsensical to ban assassins when tanks are exactly the same but have 4k health.
: Ekko's kit overloaded?
Yet tanks still 2 shot me as ekko, kat, you name it, they 2 shot me, nerf tanks not assassins, you don't see the difference? a tank is supposed to tank NOT ASSASSINATE.
: Nerf Katarina already for fuck sake.
Fuck that, nerf TANKS. They do the same damage! BUT UNKILLABLE
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Riot tmx (EUW)
: Increase of drophacks - May 2015
Drop hacked ranked game right now 4th 1 in a day gg
: Can we finally get 8 bans now?
Or you know, fix the drop hacks. This is the 2nd 1 in 2 days and it makes ur account inaccessible for 2 hours.. I don't need bans i prefer to play against every champ, how will i ever learn? There is more important things than banning champions currently, quite a lot, the ban system is 1 of them
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Riot constantly bans accounts that are detected for cheating. Accusing them of not doing anything is simply wrong. Since it's so easy; why don't you make a tool that will always detect these scripts, regardless of the changes the script makers do? It's not so simple. Yes, part of the defense against these sort of things is to have tools that detect them. I'm pretty sure any form of MMO with some self-respect has this. However, script designers are well aware of this, and every time the games tool to detect this is updated, they'll find ways to update their scripts to avoid detection. It's a constant battle. Blizzard, for instance, has just managed to implement a detection for a botting service that was around for 5+ years. It doesn't mean at all that for these years they did nothing. Making these tools is very hard work.
I've yet to see one person banned on the scripting forum since november/december.
: The REAL REASON why League players are Toxic.
Nothing you can do, but you can at least feel a little better by telling him what an ass hole he is, but that's bannable, the system is truly broken
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: You turn into your last played champion FOREVER! What will you do?
: Why is Zed such a popular ban?
no skill champion, 15+ kills every game i play him.
: Why do players want the Tribunal back instead of the current Automated System?
Because it doesn't work. 19 wins 1 loss, didn't say a word in chat, ranked restricted, after 14 games i was reported for 'verbal abuse' by the enemy laner/premades/whatever, now im in a 20 minute que timer for being drophacked, this automated system is terrible. Anyone that says otherwise is blind.
: I'm tired of these people, you?
The more you report people the more it won't change, you support a reporting system which you can essentially be reported for 'winning lane' then ranked banned for. I'm sick of people like you. Riots system is lazy and doesn't work, at all, it has a 50% innocent ban rate, possibly even more. The more you use the report system the more they think it's working an intended when it's quite obvious that it isn't. Test: Level 30 account - Said nothing in chat - Won 19 games lost 1 - Reported 14 out of 20 games, for no reason, just for carrying - Ranked Restricted. STOP USING THE BROKEN SYSTEM.
Stirling (EUW)
: Drophack in Silver League!!!!
I just want this restriction removed i did nothing wrong, same thing when ranked bans occur, nothing wrong, carry games and get reported by the enemy team. it's the exact same thing this new punishment system is lazy and non-productive. It's also got at least (by my view) a 50% innocent ban/que-time rate. Tribunal worked, why even remove it?
Stirling (EUW)
: Drophack in Silver League!!!!
Same i got drop hacked and now i have a 20 minute que timer, i demand this restriction is removed, this was out of my control.
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: Chat restrictions, ranked bans. It's taking the actual piss, i don't even say anything.
WHERE IS TRIBUNAL FOR EUW? We'll see if ive done anything wrong, cause, nope! Just people get mad and report me because i go like 20-1 etc. Calling me a 'hacker' and stuff, i get ranked banned for it, it's not on and it has to stop.
K77 (EUW)
: False reporting
Chat restrictions, ranked bans. It's taking the actual piss, i don't even say anything.
Sharkai (EUW)
: Naming and shaming
Why is this forum pimp coloured, the old one was simple and easy to read, name and shame riot for this forum layout... i feel like im typing on a bondage forum
Sharkai (EUW)
: Naming and shaming
Can i have my old forum back riot


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