: Who's that one champion you hate with all your heart?
{{champion:67}} This champion...... I have like 500 armor, but to this bitx? its paper. FK LIFE, FK THIS BITX
Infernape (EUW)
: The option was basically placebo. It served no purpose. Riot cannot punish someone for not being skilled at the game.
they never did punish them, I imagined they were getting placed with other people who were being reported for unskilled, creating a pool of unskilled people.
Ironmad (EUNE)
: No "L" icon in the taskbar
Hi, Remove from taskbar, go to the lol file, delete the shortcut, right click the original icon, create shortcut, ping to taskbar, and you good.
: Short LoL Video :D
Nice, bot bad, would be awesome if you could include some awesome Ashe snipes :D or really old meta champ plays, Dat shit just doesn't exist anymore :P{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Phaerim (EUW)
: Because Rengar and Lee Sin completely devestates the other team in solo queue low-elo if the player playing them is highly skilled or a smurf. I ban Lee Sin every game I can because he just gets fed on greedy and unskilled players. I recently reached level 30 and got into ranked. Its going horrible because my team always gets rekted by the high skill high reward champions. I hate Lee Sin with a passion.
Hi, I am a plat 3 player, I started from Bronze, I used to horrific at this game, Someone who has annoyed me since release? Lee. Pre lv 30 I was raging at his kit, @ how much advantage he has, he was even more OP back then than he is now. Even now, he is in every fkin game, people even troll picking, yesterday I was first pick, I picked jgl, someone who was 3rd pick, picked Lee with smite, and refused to change. This champion is sending people insane. relying on easy difficulty champs to win, even forcing them to troll there own team mates. Lee has taken it too far this time. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
DonRazor (EUW)
: Diamond 1 Educative Stream! Answering questions in champ select ( if only i had any ) :'(
: Thanks dude! Like how you picked out the teams!
Haha, I enjoyed it :D Going to do some more :P?
: So a sion a heca a garen and a nasus attack u....
As amu, I would flash out of the location I am in and the bandage toss to the wraiths.
: I just had the worst experience I've ever had in this game.
Unfortunately this is how it is, Last night I had a game, (plat 3) and, I had 2 people fight for adc, in the end they both lock in as adc, Ez bot, and Lucian goes top, Lucian flames exrael for being bad, ezrael continues to play bad (intentionally? I dunno) 5 minutes in the game, ezrael has died, Lucian says "im bored, im leaving" "Such and such has disconnected" Naturally we lost, although me and mid were on top in kills, if picks had been done correctly it was an easy game.
: An Old Short Story
{{champion:103}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:64}} Is a good story
: Trying to create a Team to improve
Name: Call A Dr Division: Plat 3 Roles I can play: Jungle Roles I can't play: Top/mid/support/adc Location: UK
Castozor (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Call A Dr,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tzZKhw0g,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-11-30T12:53:32.758+0000) > > I play {{champion:32}} and {{champion:113}} Who else could I be good with? You can also try Zac, his ult is not quite on the level of a good Sej/Amumu ult but it's close. And I prefer his ganks over those of the other 2, at level 9 you can engage from a screen away. You can't ward against that.
Yeah, I guess I should give him a try. I also tried Mundo, with a troll on my team, and generally not as good as the other team, I carried to late game, Mundo is really OP.
: Well they have a lot of CC, a gapcloser and they are tanks, so how about {{champion:89}} or {{champion:111}} for Support?
My Leona score is pretty good, I used to play Naut jungle, but he just seems pathetic, tried him the other day, and it seemed much easier last season, now I guess he's just a support.
: yeh hes still strong but does have counter play like any other champion. In fact he has alot of counterplay.
Those are his strengths, But, he has to land all of his skills except his aids and R, But people like {{champion:105}} and {{champion:103}} , {{champion:90}} is good against, and not many champs are good against these ones. So it's really good that {{champion:90}} exists, if you was to remove him, you would be buffing all of these super mobile champs. That's why i'm guessing this post was made, because someone doesn't like the fact that {{champion:90}} can stop {{champion:105}} from being invulnerable and {{champion:103}} dashing from 1 side of the map to the other. I like this, because to me, champs like that are for the strategically impaired people. Oh, and another thing is, you can buy a {{item:3140}} to get out of his ult. But {{champion:90}} can't buy an item to give him 3 dashes etc. It's called unbalanced, if anything an item like that should exist for champs such as {{champion:90}}
: Malzahar - The Fun Sponge - Why aren't we looking at him?
Dude, malz is not op. I'll tell you why, 1. He has mana 2. He has no gap close 3. He has cool downs. These 3 things make him a viable and unbalanced champ, if anything he should be buffed. I never see malz. (only when my friend plays him) When I do, I respect them.
DJCRobert (EUNE)
: I give up
reinstall dx9? https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/179113
: How to find new Champions you'll enjoy.
I play {{champion:32}} and {{champion:113}} Who else could I be good with?
Agidyne (EUW)
: Remember. Flaming doesn't win you games.
When your being snowballed. Flaming just makes losing a little easier to take.
Car0llle (EUW)
: The Plead For Positive Attitude
It's true, It's because it can be true, Riot only threaten people, which in real life, doesn't really work. You need to convince them , the good things that come from being good. Not, "if you dont be good, this will happen"
xaapez (EUNE)
: Looking for plat duoq partner (toxic ppl ignore this)
Hello, I am plat 5/4, maining jungle and support. check me out, let me know if you want to duo. I'll be available from tomorrow evening 18:00 GMT+0
Olucaron (EUNE)
: What kind of human beings exist in this game?!
Riot seem to have the impression, slamming the hammer on people will influence them to be good xd, and they're really on automatic software to do all the work for them. But with such a vast amount of people working, systems like this should be checked, double checked, and tripple checked, and then put into testing, on several occasions. But from the reports I am seeing, they're failing.
: Did you really just give 2 of the worst toplaners as recommendations? Ok teemo can be good at times but Kayle? Really?
Dude, these guys are fun and require skill, i used to play Riven, but I honestly, nearly died of boredom. Teemo is so squishy...cute.... and fast xd Malphite is slow, tanky...ugly, and slow.... But they are fun, amazing potential, amazing strategies.... :D Kayle, I haven't played in soooooo long, but when I think of her, I have a fun feeling. Unlike my riven, I just lose my will to live. But I mostly play to get better and improve, I guess thats why I enjoy difficult champs to play.
: Reached plat 4!
yea, ull be in plat 5 soon, everytime I reach plat 4, I win like 5 games after, then lose for the next 20 games or so. Seems to be a riot thing, even if I perform well.
: S4 player dont know wich champion to main.
TeiX (EUW)
: that fault lies with you then for not properly engaging vayne you have no business trynig to ctach a dash capable carry opening with an ultimate. Vayne's mobility is rather situational aswell if she cannot attack in that time frame her cooldown is so much higher
But regardless, the other 4 has engaged on my team, vice versa, me and Vayne are in a heated fight, she will kick my ass with ez, I get that shes a tank buster, but she will kill me in 3 secs flat, i built HP, countered, I built tanky, countered. Of course, you need a very coordinated team to take Vayne down, but that's where the balance is off. Because that just proves vayne is more OP, she requires more attention than others, and that attention could also make ur team die,, as an ashe, if I catch her, shes bound to die, or run for good. Her %HP from her true damage, needs removing. True damage rapes tanks enough.
: League's gotten bad
Nar, I feel you, I used to spam the game daily, but now when I win/lose a game, i can pinpoint exactly why I won, it as you said, its champs picked. Skill is no longer required, when a Nasus Q's you for 800, a Veigar hits u for 1500, alternatively, true damage, so you cant even defend yourself, So your like, I won because, well, my champs were better. I lost because, no matter how much defense I had, it just got penetrated. If you check my match history, The games I lost are purely based on champ picks, the games I won a purely based on champ picks. When you see an MF adc, you know it's over... when you se ea Vayne adc, you get this warm feeling in your stomach, This is how you know the game is fucked. 95% of the mf games, she will feed or, fail late game, 95% of late game on vayne, she will make a difference, even if that is just baiting and dying, its still more than what MF can do.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which is the best all around champion right now?
xCiiD (EUW)
: How did pros join there first "pro" team?
Playing op champs and showing false potential.
oSören (EUW)
: Where are my RR's?
or maybe you are {{champion:64}}
Eveninn (EUW)
: Yet she can still do something during that 2 seconds a threat might exist, Vayne can't do anything at all (without risking). And poking Vayne in lane is another lovely Story. :3
She can tho, she has a knock back and a stun an d40 more speed with her passive, and invis if needed. I main amu, if I catch vayne, its just like chooking myself of a cliff. I was playing leona, everytime I tried to ult vayne she tumbled, everytime i tried to ult ashe, she died, everytime I tried to ult jonx, she died, but vayne, she Q'd. Her mobility is just too op.
: I would cut my dick off for good internet connection
Get a better connection, or play the right server.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Losing games due to lack in communication
The rito staff are trying to remove everything piece of negativity, but they don't understand, there is no posisitve without negative, so banning all the negative also removes all of the positive. This is just how the system works. Sorry rito, u be failing. Suggestion: Dont give anybody a chat restriction, invest your money into investigating those reported, and make your own judgment. Don't rely on automated systems to do your work for you. A lot of innocence get chat banned. And this post, is spot on, people, such as myself are scared to talk, valuable criticsm is bannable now, espiecally if the recieving end takes it badly. Also, the people who play this game are strange, spoiled, and stubborn, trying to inform them of their mistakes makes them angry and causes them to troll.
WPG Sandi (EUW)
: Reworked championselect for ranked
Yesh, I can relate to this, as your opposition, I main teemo, and im pretty good, but I am hated, the moment I pick I get a lot of grief, but I get to play none the less, now, if you was to add the kick option, I wouldn't even get the opportunity to play him Good suggestion, that could work up until a certain extent, since a lot of trolls do confess to their actions in champ select, or especially the angry people who have just lost a game.
TaddlX (EUW)
: yo i'm sorry for you man. i'm in the same spot as you (almost, the only difference is that it's still fun playing for me). i see myself as some kind of purge-helpling now. after my 14-day ban got lifted a few days ago i tried a game. i was too scared to type anything though but i didn't even have to, they flamed and afked anyway. i reported the players of course, and instanlty got a pop up, saying that with my help someone got banned. my mission for now is to report them and see what happens. this game will get bearable again, though it takes time, i know.. but i am helping. this and the fun factor when i play (i really don't give a shit about the others anymore, i just play for myself if someone decides to afk. not worth my time or nerves.) motivates me enough to keep playing. ___ i've seen WAY better times in this game. they were very long ago but i believe they'll come back again as long as i constantly play and report those who deserve it. i hope you find something more fun man, it sucks to be frustrated like this by a game :/
Empathy, that's exactly what i'm looking for, someone who understands. With flaming, I hardly flame, I communicate mostly with pings, in fact, I have been chat restricted since it was first implemented, out of 2300, I have like 380 left. and you're right, msot people playing this and commenting here, are egoist and arrogant :/ Unfortunately, I have not received anything about anybody being banned yet, out of all the afkers I have had, I didn't even know that that was a thing. I mostly ignore players too, but afkers, are really under my skin, and since I can't play much, I feel like, the system should be changed slightly, so that, those who end up "wasting time" because of a pointless game, where they get owned by an afker. Should be compensated in some way.
: finding a new game is better solution to leave LoL. I suggest dragon nest. it has a pvp arena where you can make a 1 vs 1 match or group matches. the game is free and there are different classes. there is some balancing made by its company but since it is all skill based (no point and click skill, you need to aim everything), beating any class with any other class is possible. sample match on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlW7LJOGqsc
I already play other games, LoL, is in low priority, I am searching for reasonable answers to justify the actions of Riot trolling the shit out of me.
: If you won't play anymore, can you give your username and password? I will take good care of the account :D.
You'd probably sell it.
: Whenever i meet a flamer, the only naughty word i say is /IGNORE. Try it, it works wonders.
This is mostly about afkers.
Sianon (EUNE)
: I find it difficult to believe you don't flame in games if at the first criticising comment you went on to enlarge to fonts which is pretty much equal to caps. You can never be sure if someone afks intentionally or if it's something urgent or internet issues, excluding the "I'm afk." guys, which I haven't seen for a while though. Given that I have spikes in ping and I've lost connection several times during the past weeks and had at least 3 games where my internet would die on me for 15-20 mins and it would get recognised as a game I left in the past couple of months I find it highly unlikely that you would get punished for a single dc. You might lose MMR or LP because of other people but so does everyone else. There are games where you get it for free when the enemy has the afk. So I wouldn't go as far as saying you'd be higher ranked if you didn't have those couple of games you lost because of an afk. Lastly it's a game. You play it for fun. If you are no longer having fun you are making the right decision to quit.
Lets start with, my font, and why i got so angry, let's start with, I have held everything in, I have not been angry, I have kept calm and patient, but it just doesn't stop I feel like if I don't speak about it, then nothing will happen, I played, and played, I chilled, I didn't even play to win, I played for fun, because I kind of enjoy the game, and it just keep's throwing afkers in my face. But their are solutions to afkers, like Dota or HoN, when someone dcs for a certain amount of time, the game takes them as a bot, making the game still relevant and playable. Yes I do play it for fun, but whats fun with an unfair game? I can take losing very well, I don't mind it, but when you consistently get afkers, it's kind of unfair, and aggravating. P.S I have just come back from a 3 day vacation, and decided to have another game, and guess what? ANOTHER FUCKING AFK. This game is hopeless. Stats: 8 days 5 games 5 Afkers
Ebola san (EUNE)
: I had a blip once and got a dc for 5 mins. I got back in, i won the game, end of story. What happened? I was prompted to agree not to leave again. No restriction, no low priority... Maybe you are not telling us something... Chat restrictions? Sorry dude but you are a flamer... You don't get restricted if you don't actually flame... So... Man up and face it, you have a bad attitude. even in your post, you have a bad attitude...
See, I have never afked, or missed a game, just a blip, and I unlawfully got punished for it, and I even won the game. Fair? No. I have been chat restricted since they gave they implemented it, when they first implemented the system I had a game, and yes I was harsh, I said 2 words "Autism wins", Yes I regretted it immediately, I got furiously angry, and in result I received a 2300 chat restriction, I never speak in games, and if I am, I am calling shots, I mostly use pings to communicate.
: -#1, alright then. >2nd, chat restrictions, I can't even remember the last time I could speak, and no I don't spam naughty words, only if we get a deliberate afk or troll, which, well who doesn't? I don't. Lol. For #3 don't disconnect regularly. Fixed. For #4, that's luck. And if you hate this game so much then yes, stop playing. But those guys will be punished if they constantly do it, don't ignore that. For #5 - Don't play team-based games. I wouldn't recommend a game like CS:GO to you. Uninstall the game and forget about it. Problem solved!
#3 I never disconnect. super super super rare. I have never ever left a game, ive had the minor blip, that 3 minute disconnect was my first dc in 2015. And I repeat, I got punished for this minor blip. #4 it's not about justice, idc about those guys, I don't want my time being wasted because of people like that, I don't want to constantly get demoted because someone has to go for lunch, or their girl friend arrives, or whatever else the excuse is. I simply don't want to lose my MMR/LP because of that. #5 I play 5s also sometimes, and it works out really well. SoloQ isn't exactly team based. you're stitched with 4 people who can barely speak the same language. There's a vibe of team, but not core team work. Uninstalling LoL is easy to do, same as downloading it. and playing it like nothing happened.
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Petsho (EUW)
: There already are nerfs on the PBE.
> [{quoted}](name=Petsho,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GEogqceo,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-03-20T10:12:14.804+0000) > > There already are nerfs on the PBE. Yeah, it sucks, why not reverse the latest change, it's a dumb change in my opinion, and only made it easier for the weak minded people.
MiyumiSan (EUW)
: Sejuani popular in ranked?
I mained Sejuani before the last jungle update, but to me, she has been nerfed in a sense. At least for me, without the Juggernaut, it wiped away how I played her, they have made her easier for the general pop, but for those who knew how to play her, they have destroyed her, I hate this new jungle item. I want Juggernaut back, but i'm sure she will be nerfed soon anyway.
Fler (EUNE)
: Dudes wtf please...
Trust me, it will turn eventually, in the last 2 weeks, I have gone on 2 win streaks, 13 games the first one, a week later, 15 games. You just have to plough through, and eventually, you will have an opportunity to win a game, don't miss it, once you win that game, your win spree begins :)

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