Zedant (EUW)
: Lux is unfun to play against
: p e e
Ezreal, he can reliably cancel out any hard engage and even if nothing happens for 20 mins and botlane is 0/0/0, suddenly he gets his second items and does half your hp from a very safe distance He just has too much burst for a mobile poke champion imo
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: Not like it matters
: Is ekko's ult balanced?
It's very predictable, you can't really choose where it lands, it's affected by grievous wounds and can't be used while cc'd
: How do you get the green Zoe chroma for star guardian?
aint green chromas for people like youtubers and streamers to give out or sum ?
: this is the new client?
Pretty sure they changed the behind the scenes aspect of it too and not just the way it looks
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Your most silly hope for future?
Honestly I just hope that nothing horrible happens to the people I care about I don't see what else I could hope for that I can't accomplish myself :v
Kashukah (EUW)
: Rito Plz Star Guardian Skins
Isn't that based on the LA timezone tho ?
: Ok why the %%%% lucian looks so much like wukong
Ah, I was confused for a moment and then I realised you were just being racist
: now what tilts you the most
When no minions are hitting a low hp minion so I go to last hit it and the minion is left with 1 hp so I throw another basic but suddenly every minion randomly switches agro to that 1hp minion
Eriya (EUNE)
: suspicion ban
You probably said something extreme (such as k.y.s), homophobic, sexist, racist, xenophobic etc etc But who knows, if you share your chat logs we can tell you what went wrong :shrug;
: Surrender when your nexus is about to blow, seriously?
SoloAkise (EUW)
: champs that need a buff and why
I think xayah needs a buff because I like xayah and it's fun to win Thanks for coming to my Ted talk
: New Nami Skin
I'm pretty sure i'm also gonna lose some money when they get released
: This is not about math, it's about how inflated the hextech system is on RU server. You can get over 100 extra chests+keys + other free stuff like boosts and essences in a year.
Wait the system is different on RU ?
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: it isnt. i still have less than 100 champions after 1 year of playing on RU server
Do you know how to maths ? You got 70% of the champions in a single year, it took me 5-6 years to get them before the BE system was added, that's 20% of the champions / year You're getting champions more than 3 times as fast as I did before the BE system was added
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Yeah I think so as well, nice summoners name btw really like it
Lol thanks, a lot of people seem to like it :3
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: How long did it take you to buy all champions
5 or 6 years, but with the new BE system it would probably be faster
: didn't you make a post a few months ago about changing your name? it was a competition iirc.
Yeah but I guess no one won since I still have the same name :shrug: I wouldn't really call it a compeition tho since there wasn't really a serious prize :v
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Everyone always says "5 minute queue dodge timer"
5 minutes in NA = 6 minutes in EUW, that's how timezone works
: When rengar is in a brush, does his range increase by X amount or is it set to be a specific (+ rfc if u have one)? If it increases by 450range, this would be disgusting on rengar.
Rfc doesn't increase his leap range from what I tested, so it sets his range to a specific value I guess
: Old champions
Riot already said no, too much work for something that might not even be fun for most league players
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: I am so bad!
Firstly, don't give up so easily As you said u were expecting the enemy team to be god awful, so you might have simply done bad because you underestimated them too much, and also bad games happen regardless You'll probably see better results if you keep trying with a positive mindset That being said, just because you are bronze doesn't mean you can't give your opinion and champions or anything, you can even be right about them, some people have a much easier time with theorical and just can't apply the practical part while under pressure And if being bad at league affects you on a mental level and gets your down, might as well get some coaching and try to improve
: remove the true dmg from yi's E or give him a mini rework
There are 2 massive differences between kayle's removed true damage and yi's e true damage - range - aoe
: wtf
He's on the enemy team, riot made it easier to spot people win trading jk
soripop1234 (EUNE)
: When are MR items Buffed or reworked?
: Well, there's this misconcpetion that global ults serves only for getting troll kills from the other side of the map, while actually {{champion:119}}'s in one of the few who is particulalry effective to use at personal range because you can R once, hit the enemy, press R again almost immediatly, hit the enemy again, all while pummeling him with axes (the more you are close to the opponent, the more it's unlikely that you will move the axes accidentaly away from him...something that it's still not going to happen anyway if you are good with the champ). For the exacty same reason it's good to get that last sliver of health once the opponent run out of reach. Frankly this eternal does not surprise me at all. It's actually a good reminder that {{champion:119}} is not only about Q and getting axes, but about skillfull use of his ultimate too.
I know draven's R is really good, just saying his core gameplay revolves around catching his axes much more than hitting his R But apparently every champ is gonna get 2 more unique eternals and axes caught is going to be one of them for draven, "apparently"
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: A good point and well made. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} I rarely use these ^ D:
: Can we find some E-girils in League of Legends
Declined (EUNE)
: I'm not staying up to date with everything, but when it comes to Draven I'll make an effort, could you lead me in the right direction please? What is 'eternal' and where can I read up on it, especially when it concerns Draven?
I'm probably not the best person to ask that to so hopefully someone else will in my stead
CarryAll (EUNE)
: Hopefully you'll get your requested Eternal as well, since now each champion will have three special Eternals and not just one.
oh, that's probably better then
: Is it just me or my team?
It might be your team's fault once in a while, but on a more general scale, it's not your team's fault You say you have team-mates inting in your games, the enemy team will also have those, if you can no longer progress and climb, it means you need to improve on something to keep climbing You'll get bad teams fosure, but you'll also get good teams , you're free to stay hardstuck because you focus on the negative instead of improving on yourself tho
Rioter Comments
: Eh, to be fair the buff they're giving her is pretty negligible. It's basically buffing her so that instead of killing you with her ult she kills you with her ult.
No no no, you're getting this wrong, considering the new buffs to evelynn, this is how her new combo should look like : **E**
: What are some champions that you think are "unfair"?
I'd say ezreal, he's extremely safe and mobile, yet still has as much burst as a mage and still has pretty good fps and utility while building tankier than any other adc, all that from one of the biggest ranges
: What potential for abuse does skin trading have?
Riot can give away free stuff in moderation via the hextech system because it's RNG, if riot makes a new skin that you love, you're extremely unlikely to find that skin, with around 1000 skins and even ignoring the potential outcomes that aren't skins (emotes, champions, icons, ward skins) with a single chest available every week you'd have less than 0.1% chance of getting that skin you actually want, which means if you really want it, you're gonna have to buy it directly with RP If skin trading was a thing, it wouldn't even take a week before someone made a website where you could list the skin shards you have and the skin shards you're looking for, which would make it really easy for anymore to see that you have a skin shard they want and that they have a skin shard you want, they contact you, you both upgrade your shards and trade them, tada, you both got the skins that you might have otherwise paid for at the cost of a little bit of time and riot gets 0 money for it
: 1/24 and didn't get punished. Its ARURF You take your premade and have fun in this gamemode. Btw, I was Soraka vs Zed, Trynda and Shaco. They didn't want to end and we didn't want to surrender. And didn't saw someone complaining that he got punished for inting in a gamemode.
going 1/24 doesn't mean you're inting tho
: So you complain that you don't "get your LP" in ARURF games because the matchmaking is unbalanced.? I have fun playing the mode, not winning it. So what if someone one shot me? You can't get banned for inting in ARURF.
pretty sure u can get banned for inting in any gamemode, but I've yet to see any legitimately int in urf tho, like some people go like 0/16 and stuff but that's still not necessarily inting
ReijoNano (EUNE)
: VOICE CHAAAAT !!!!!!!!!!
Rioter Comments
: Is my sleeping schedule bad?
As long as you get enough sleep and good sleep and that your sleep schedule doesn't get in the way of your social and school life then there's nothing wrong with it imo
: I am in Africa and I play on euw and have a constant ping of 191-200 But does this mean I ruin games? No, its just people like you who can't read/write English properly The first thing you learn in school are the 7 continents of the world. How on earth can you not know how to spell Africa
Many european countries spell Africa with a k It's also a correct alternative form of the word Africa in the english language, althought it's practially never use Yes the vast majority of the time people spell it with a c but don't be so quick to critique people in such a shallow way just because they spell a word differently
: How to stop a snowballing Aatrox?
: I'm looking for a main champion who can go mid and top
how bout ryze ? not too sure how good he is at the moment tho I haven't seen him in ages ?
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Add remake to ARAM
I feel like people might just dc as soon as they see the enemy team comp in the loading screen instead of trying, cause they know there would just be a remake if they leave
: An up/downvote icon next to posts titles like on Reddit to not open posts where title is the content
I think they don't want people to upvote or downvote before actually reading the content of a post
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: You are not explaining it to me. You are explaining it to Rioter that could check the boards and read your topic. Right now he just sees baseless opinion that matchmaking sucks. I would just consider that this is just an opinion of salty person losing some games and ignore it. If you want to give a feedback, you need to show, what is wrong with it, to prove that you are not salty because you are not good enough to win, but there is in reality a flaw in the system.
Give up lol, it's obvious he doesn't even know what might even be wrong with it
: I do not play flex. So it only shows my placement games basically.
ah yes, your 39 placement games, that's only normal then since your placement games make you start with an iron rank
: Dragonclaw stopping void??
Just to make sure, you did have 3 different void champs right ?
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