: Why does No One play Skarner !?
: Permanent ban for false reason????
These the community forums, if you want to talk to a riot employe head over to : https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
: > [{quoted}](name=Call me Teddy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=8bxHqpdx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-09T08:02:01.674+0000) > > These kinds of things have absolutely nothing to do with any kind of social handicap, I would never say these kinds of things myself > I'd say it's more of a thing that comes with lack of empathy and respect towards others, not some kind of disability, just bad people Pretty sure lack of empathy is actually a disability. It's called being a psychopath and if someone finds out you get a nice white room and new clothes real fast lol
1 . Psychopathy is not considered a disability as it does not impair your ability to work or perform daily tasks 2 . Psychopaths do not get locked up for no reason, if they don't commit a crime they won't get jailed or sent to a ward, unless they take the decision to get volontary sent to a ward
Gnirk (EUW)
: There's plenty of counterplay against Tryn... first of all if you stun him snare him, fear him etc. He has to get into range again, assuming you caught him while he spun in. That by itself is certain death or retreat for any Trynda. Also a good support can peel him off, for example thresh or Leo. If you don't use all your skills right away, you can take the whole ult time out. Any good kiter can free himself from tryn, even more if they have cc and mobility, like trist or vayne. Trynd without his ult is not even half a champ....
Trynd is still really strong without is R, assuming he doesn't do like the typical player that ints his lane and then comes back into the game thanks to his R
: Now Swain is really "Vlad but Better"
yes swain can now 100 - 0 squishies in 0.1 second
Etarga3ut (EUW)
: riot says that being toxic makes u lose more games
The elite is irrelevant to the average
: Okay Thanks for leaving the comment, it's super helpful.
I'd like to add that you're obviously already doing good, there's no denying that, but to the system that's not good enough for an S
: That's not a reason every one have the right to play in his language so they must put the 8 UN languages or only English cause that is fair
league is a business, not some kind of democracy, they have no obligation to do what you think is fair
: Getting S Rank
Yasuo is a farm powerhouse, 125cs in 25 min is not up to yasuo standards also , 25 mins -> 4 wards placed, even if you don't bother buying any control wards, just by using your trinket in 25 mins you should have at least 8 wards placed To add to that, you have a good kda but you have a low kill participation with only 22 kills/assists out of 48
: Why league don't have an Arabic language
cause it's expensive, there are around 150 different characters that need voice acting in league, if you just pick a single example with aatrox, he has somewhere around 300 lines all to himself A professional voice actor can make between 35 to 250$ for a single line, and considering some of the weird voices that league has, they'd need some top notch voice actors that wouldn't be cheap, obviously for projects this big they aren't payed by the line tho, but it would it would still cost riot a small fortune, just for a single champ Now is it worth it for riot to spend a fortune on possibly tens of thousand lines of voice acting ? is the fact that arabic players will be able to hear their own lanaguage in the game translate to more sales ? would that even break even to the cost of production ? If riot hasn't done it yet then in all likelyhood they don't think it would break even
: Can't Add Friends!!!
Try inviting him via name search
: Imagine
Yeah let's fire the people working on fixing the bugs, that'll fix the bugs right
: Negative attitude around Builds.
Just ignore em, if you think it's a good item that's all you should care about When illaoi came out and I started building death dance on her I was called a troll and now it's even in her recommended items lul
: Yeah, it's kinda upsetting. :/
Also would be cool if you organised your list, like grouping every ability that goes thru champs together etc etc
: I think that's not a bug, but Riot has put the Chat and all of that under maintenance.
that could be the case mhm, i'm just a bit frustrated that they're not comunicating with us about all this mess, I mean there's the ocasional red tracker but it's pretty limited information
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
All my friends have disappeared too
: Why doesnt rito disable ranked now???
idk it's 7am at rito HQ, they barely even getting up
Salron88 (EUW)
: is it normal that a cassiopea can 1 v 1 a darius who is in melee range?
if you had a replay available it would be easier to tell if it was normal for her to win Otherwise I'm not too sure, cassio does deal a shitton of damage, at the cost of being very mana hungry, really not sure if it's enough to 1v1 a darius without even kitting tho
: > yeah eve support didn't work out nearly as ok as I thought it might Why did you think she might work as a support? She has basicially no cc, no poke and no sustain.
I was bidding it all on her roaming potential
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: https://imgur.com/4I450Vg id like you to go delete your account now
yeah eve support didn't work out nearly as ok as I thought it might and if you're talking about the fact that there are 2 silver players in that came, it's really not uncommon for it to be silver players in gold games also a single game is a bad sample, you can't tell if you have 2 silver players in a gold game or 4 gold players in a silver game it's better to look at a bigger scope with 10 games in which I was matchmade with : 2 bronze players 5 plat players 8 silver players 29 gold players and as you can see there is an overwhelming number of gold players and around as many plat and silver players, that's clearly not silver mmr
Crazybg (EUNE)
: Is this true? Can you send me a link to the source? I think this is false.
Riot's official statement is that each queue has it's own mmr So your ranked mmr has no impact on your normal mmr and vice versa I'm unranked and yet don't play in silver games as he claims I should, most of my normal solo games are gold plat, so his point is completely wrong
Crazybg (EUNE)
: Am I misunderstanding something about normal draft pick mode?
I played a bit with a lower elo premade recently and normal games are horrible, a lot of games have people genuinely running it down mid nunu style, in both teams The rest of the time neither junglers actually cared about taking drake even if it was a free drake, which was quite frustrating Not to mention that since it was with a premade, matchmaking was horrendous, placing iron players against plat players and vice versa, making the whole game a dice roll unless you tryhard Overall I'd say you'll have to tryhard some games to get in a higher mmr bracket where people are actually a bit more serious about normals I'd like to point out that this is nowhere near the experience I have in solo normals whenever I play them, or with premades of a closer mmr to me
: > That I can at least happily support the only people, who deserve compensation for their work, the art team and the team working on TFT. How exactly are you supporting them if you don't spend actual money on RP?
If have no idea which app he's using or whatever, but the RP still comes from somewhere, be it advertisers or something else, riot still gets the money for the RP
: Ok but dragon claw doesnt really protect you against AD damage
Morgana has a big hp pool by default, only assassins would be able to kill her before she can cast her ability, and assassins would have already jumped to your backline Demons and glacials could also counter that by not letting morgana cast her ability
: I don't like the 9.14 Leona changes. Don't remove Incandescence.
I feel like such a change would just make leona less interactive to play
: Yes he grabs the furthest target. So if you place your marksman in the corner he will always be hooked. The way to counter blitz is to put a weaker unit into a corner or a tank into a corner. So that unit will.be hooked instead.
Put that 2 rabadon dragon claw morgana in the backline and watch his blitzcrank completely nuke his own team
: "Recently Played With" Tab
Yeah it's gone for me too, rip recently played with tab
: I know it was dumb, can't help it sometimes.
Well u gotta help it now or u gon get ur account in trouble, but anyway, you seem like a decent person I'm sure you'll manage to keep your account
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: I usually don't use nword, so that might explain it. I also tend to explode at one single game so they stack up over longer period of time. might be a factor too. Basically what i'm saying is, the system is not that universal.
Yeah, the IFS basically punishes for two reasons : - You went way too far in 1 game (racism, homophobia, sexism, extreme derogatory terms etc etc) - You've displayed a **consistent** negative behaviour There is obviously an in-between but I'd wager that it's harder to get punished if you don't go too far, and aren't very consistent with it
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: basically you need to learn to be a punching bag
: That easily it is to get perma in this game? Now i'm genuinely scared.
it's pretty hard to get to the 14d ban unless you're trying imo, was pretty dumb of you do to what you did But once you're past the 14d ban it's v easy to get to the perma, you're basically on your last straw
: been banned for 14 days saying the n word, what do if happens again
Yes you'll get permabanned for the next offense, it doesn't even need to be that extreme So that it doesn't happen again you just need to learn how to control yourself and not blow up when someone pisses u off
para5yt3 (EUW)
: Last chance program for perma banned players
There already is a last chance program in place, it's called the 14d ban
Febos (EUW)
: - There are only 13 pieces of a Tier 4 champion. To make a Level 3 we need 9 pieces. Nine freaking pieces! - There are 9 different tier 4 champions and the higher someone can, realistically, go is 20% on rolling (someone that pushes for level 9 likely won't have any gold left over). This big pool of Tier 4 champions, combined with the low roll chance, make it harder to find exactly the one you want. - If three players have a Level 2 Tier 4 champion, then it becomes literally impossible for any of them to make a Level 3 of the same type. Some champions may be easier than others. For example, Draven is very popular so likely you'll never get to build a Level 3 Draven. The best chance at making one of those is with niche builds, like Brand (Demon Elementalist) and Kindred (Phantom Ranger). Maybe Leona is no one is going for Nobles.
That's why you're trying to get them as fast as you can, by being 3-2 levels above most people means you have much higher odds of finding those 4gs For now it's worked every time for me so I really don't think I'm just lucking out, it doesn't always win but it's whatever Also keep in mind this isn't a way to get the 4g unit you need for your comp to 3 star, it's a way to get random 4g units to 3 star, it's pretty random which ones you get and it almost won't fit into your comp unless you transition your comp to fit these champs in
Rioter Comments
: It’s not like she is the only champion who lacks something in ARAM, ivern is the same, as is kindred. If she’s struggling she could prob get buffs, but there isn’t really any way to get her that water bonus without reworking the whole map
She's more than simply strugling at this point, 33% win rate is beyond ridiculous when every other champ is within 45 to 55% win rate Regardless they are many ways they can adress that issue, and it's really up to them, qiyana is still new and they're most likely gonna try to adress the issue in a patch pretty soon They could increase her damage and reduce her damage taken, they could change how her w interacts with the map in ARAM, they could change parts of the ARAM map, none of these things would really be too dramatic imo We'll see what riot does to this, considering riot has been taking ARAM balance more seriously recently I see no way qiyana is gonna keep her 33% win rate for much longer
Kasadya (EUW)
: finally someone with a brain !!! exactly its the strongest part of her kit basically because thats how everything happens! idk if riot forgot about that or not . But as u see this community is what it is xDD
it's bad to generalise, most of the time it's a wrong assumption The overall negative responses you got are not a result of "this community" it's just that you expressed yourself badly, but oh well, I still get what you mean, and other people will also But regardless try to express yourself better, if your whole post makes up basically one line of text you can't expect much good replies (unless it's a good one liner)
: Thats where I think it is wrong. As good as I can remember I was not toxic, but responsive in a way that for someone might be "Toxic" because of tilt. If I had the ban reason I could show you, but I can't seem to find it. Thats why I think Riot should look into it, there is a difference between constructive feedback and "flame"(being toxic). It ain't my job to tell someone what do and what to think, but sometimes people have to say it for them to understand.
if you really think the chat ban was really a mistake by the IFS then feel free to contact the riot support and tell them to manually review it, and then one of two things will happen : * your ban gets lifted and your honor restored cause the ban was indeed a mistake (that happens - extremely rare tho) * they explain to you why your behaviour was considered toxic Also keep in mind that you do not get punished for 1, 2 or even 3 games of toxicity (unless you cross the line), riot understands that sometimes you can lose your cool and won't punish you for it unless it's a frequent behavious the games they show you as the reason for your ban are meant as examples of the behaviour you have a history of displaying
: Broken Report System
getting reported doesn't do anything unless you've actually been toxic
Kasadya (EUW)
: How are players supposed to not be toxic ?
> How are players supposed to not be toxic ? Easy, just do what the majority of players does, since most people aren't toxic
Kasadya (EUW)
: Qiyana water/ice enchantement
I don't get what all these people are on about yes it's logical that qiyana can't get her frosty w on aram since there's no river, that doesn't mean that doing what's logical is good since you're left with a champion that is missing what is in my opinion the strongest part of her kit There's a reason qiyana has a 33% win rate in ARAM and that's a big part of it, she's litterally the only champion not viable in ARAM because of that missing interaction The fact that it's logical that she can't get frosties does not mean it's a good for the champion
: Selling products at ("reasonable") clear pricings is okay. Making people, especially minors, gamble for it is not.
I mean honestly the way they sell them is pretty garbage imo, if I could just buy the one I wanted I'd honestly just buy it, but since it's RNG i'm just not gonna do it but regardless expecting to get them without paying is just no
: really? Riot does it again {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Oh right, how greedy of riot to try making money by selling cosmetics that have no impact on the game, it's not like it's the only way for them to monetize tft
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: I dropped from grandmaster (but okay flex doesn't count, but I was d1 100lp in solo about month ago). Even when playing champs I do know like Teemo or Ezreal I could not carry these guys. I could just not fight Yasuo or Irelia or Akali with the same ammount of kills they got on my teammates. And because this elo likes to group around 20min and I could not do shit in 5v5 vs 3fed players when it was just me who got kills/cs lead on my side and I couldn't splitpush because fed Yasuo/Lee Sin/Akali/Irelia came mostly even with backup so I couldn't even hope for 1v1 outplay, I just lost unable to do anything. When all my lanes fed I couldn't do shit. I wonder if T1 could win those games because I just gave up.
I mean not every game is winnable, sometimes the matchups are too bad for you to handle them But if you're not in a bad matchup there's no reason for you not to be able to carry an iron game being diamond since there are a bunch of people with 100% win rate in iron ^ Some people like to stay in iron / bronze by soft inting all their games on a certain champion and then completely destroying every other game on their main champ to get a 100% win rate on that champ But I mean, considering ur diamond it's just impossible for you to get placed in a real iron game, you might go premade with 4 iron premades but the enemy team is gonna be like, silver - gold level to balance your team mmr If you really want to try out the iron experience and see how easy it actually is, you'll need to int on a smurf or buy an iron account for like 0.02€
: Would it be possible to get permabans instead of eternal chat banners?
What Timethief49 said Btw your title is upside down
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: I was playing in iron/bronze few games as I found premades of these ranks. Yes some of the players have bad cs score, almost all of them feeds miserably but I saw some guys who were able to get plat level of cs there and their rank wass iron/bronze/unranked. I actually couldn't carry these plebs at all. They fed so hard that even with 3 kills and 60cs lead on Teemo I couldn't do shit especially when enemy had full lethality Lee Sin with 18 kills (or they surrendered 4:1 despite I was telling them we can win and I can carry it but I need time). And in one game when I picked Talon enemy unranked mid picked Renekton and I lost lane so hard. That guy was better than most d1/master players I played against. He had challenger level cs. He was warding our jungle and roaming with enemy jungler constantly. He was tower diving me in a way I could not outplay him at all. He didn't miss single ability (though that is hard to do on Renekton). He took all tower plates and first tower and helped with dragon and herald. I could not do shit. I really wonder how would Tyler1 carry that. I was even trying splitpush with Teemo. The most common mistake in this elo is that enemy team cannot finish the game so I tried to just go into sidelane hoping my team will buy me some time so I can get level advantage and gold avantage. Not in a single game I was able to do that. Enemy most fed player came the moment I was close to their tower, sometimes even more peoples shown up and stopped me while my team was just stacked under our mid tower doing nothing. Likewise when I played bot I was not able to dominated enemy that hard. Either my premade iron support was screwing plays and giving free kills when not recalling with me and trying to engage on enemy to prevent them hit tower for no reason, or enemy jungler was permanently visiting my lane so I had to play more safe or I simply died several times and got behind as Lucian against silver Kaisa. And then enemy grouped with uber fed top and mid and I had maybe 1 item completed. So I am really not sure you guys actually knows what this elo looks like. Granted these were normal games but I don't think ranked is that much different.
When you get a lead, it's important to know how to use it, the cs and kill lead gives you a lot of power, but knowing how to use that power is a completely different story You have players that are 19/2 but will still not be able to 1v2 and on the other side of the spectrum you have players that are 3/0 and that will completely outplay the enemy team 1v5 A gold lead will give you an edge on them, you can use it to easily win your lane but if you want to hard carry with that lead you either need to have a lead so big that the enemy team can't do anything against you, or you need to have really good mechanics and decision making People who smurf in iron and brozne games obviously don't just win cause they have a gold lead, it's because they're really good at the game and can easily use that lead to carry games against bad opponents But telling people that to get out of iron they should "just get better" is actually really bad advice imo, not that trying to improve your micro play is a bad idea, just that people will just take it badly and it's overall not realistic to expect people to just improve their micro just by being told to, that comes with experience On the other side, again, getting a cs lead does give you an edge, and if you always get a gold lead, your team will always have an edge, meaning that statistically, a team with you in it has a higher chance of winning, slightly higher, sometimes you'll get bad team-mates, sometimes the enemy team will get bad team-mates, it's 50-50, so if you always win your lane, they have 5 people who **might** do bad, while your team can only have 4 people **might** who do bad What that means is that statistically you should slowly climb up the ladder as long as you get a gold lead on your laner You don't need a 97% win rate to climb, most people climb with like a 52% win rate Overall this is a very sloppy explanation imo (I just woke up) but I hope you get what I was trying to say EDIT : I just noticed ur diamond and not iron, in this case yes, normal games are very different than iron solo queue games, your mmr gets mixed with their mmr and you get missmatched games where you'll have iron players against silver players, diamonds against gold etc etc Normal games with premades of vastly different mmr are a very bad representation of solo queue
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Silver is alright too, only thing is that some silver players are a little better than iron/bronze players.
if you're satisfied with silver then it should probably be alright for his first 10 games or so on his VOD of when he started his latest unranked climb If I recall T1 had something like 97% win rate while climbing so I'm sure he climbed thru silver extremely fast, it should still be alright tho if you wanna see silver players get messed up
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Watch Tyler 1's VODS. I hate that person, but around 4-5 months ago, he had a bet vs Yassuo on who can climb higher from unranked in a month. He played adc like 97% of the games, and on Twitch VODS you can see full footage.
if he did that on a clean account, he probably won all his placement matches he probably started somewhere in silver The rank you have in your placement gaves is not a real rank, it's just a provisional rank to give you an idea of what rank you'll get after your placements, when you start you might start with a provisional rank of "iron" but you still get placed in silver / gold games most of the time Basically your provisional rank does not match your mmr **at all** when doing placement games If you want to play iron or bronze games you need to fail your placements or fall back down, I really doubt that Tyler 1 managed to play any iron or bronze games as he most likely breezed thru his placements
Masaig (EUW)
: When does TFT go mobile?
Not anytime soon, it doesn't even work properly on PC so they're not gonna build it up again for another platform anytime soon That being said I think it would be totally feasable for it to be ported to mobile once it's stable on PC and they don't need to work on it so much anymore
: that's a really dumb comment xD.. you make it seem like your enemy team won't farm.. 100 cs probably enemy has 120 when they're fed.
He clearly said a 100 cs **lead** , meaning 100 cs more than the enemy laner And people in iron and bronze have like, 3 cs / min, if you just farm correctly at like 6 - 7 cs / min, nothing too fancy, you get a huge lead on the enemy lanner You also want to look into punishing the enemy laner, he goes for a creep ? slap him, he gets too close, slap him, get them low and then if they recall u can further ur cs lead, if they stay you can punish them with a kill That's how you carry low elo games, you cs properly and bully your laner
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