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: Pressing M4 on mouse causes game to tab out.
Yeah definitely a consistent issue, usually once a game for me. I've managed to get by but I died for the first time yesterday due to this.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Which Champion Would You:
1. Lee Sin - he will have all the wisdoms 2. Ekko - he could stop me from making stupid decisions 4 seconds in advance 3. Jax - he could teach me 4. Syndra, Lb, Neeko or Qiyana - reasons 5. Caitlyn - Headshot and fuzzy cuffs 6.Swain - he's a master tactician, look out masters 7. Akali - She seems like a foodie 8. Jhin - he's a performer, plus we'd get drunk too and I could listen to his monologues and add a '..totally' here and there 9. Draven - He'd keep it entertaining
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: Zed vs Talon
Not an expert, but I've played this match up a few times and from what I've gathered is: Poking each other very early and keeping check of each others CD. It's imo something that whom ever gets 6 first can then push a lead, that's not to say a first blood won't happen, more than likely for a talon with the bleed and W + Q combo. As zed playing a bit more safe when your W isn't up. A little tip I've found is igniting talon before you ult will keep him visible since he'll more than likely ult immediately after you, if playing from zed's perspective ofc. As for talon players, I'd focus more on roams and ofc negating Zed's ult with yours if he hasn't ignited you. They're both good at roams, edge towards talon with his parkour of course and in this match up that's what I'd focus on more.
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SonenseS (EUW)
: Rune Page Sale
Okay I found it, it's part of the 2017 kick off sale, ends on 13/12/2016 (EUW) Source:
Just Cat (EUW)
: read her lore, that explains why she walks like that.
I've had a look, is it because of her heritage and up bringing? or is there more to it
: And enemies can enter the zone, after they got pushed away.
I don't mind her ult, every champ is gunna wreck your squishies until they tone the numbers down
: Weel she got freaking blades as legs, what do you expect?
idk, look at Ryze he runs like he's got places to be and she's walking at the same speed and keeping up and it's weird, it's like the villian effect in movies haha
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Eveninn (EUW)
: It used to be like that a while back, you'd always get the other, Machete or Talisman, on your first back. But then they changed it so the passive doesn't stack, and you basically get the max XP just for one now. (While they have different names, both give you the same 'Special Bonus experience'.) Therefore it is better to just pick up strong items that help you in other situations, in case of Elise or Lee who both are quite strong in early this comes down to early combat stats.
Thanks, this will definitely help my early jungle game.
: {{item:1041}} and {{item:1039}} both have the unique passive EXP gain, Machete is for junglers that are based on auto attacks while Talisman is for people who black magiks their way through jungle Btw you only need 1 of the items to get the full EXP form jungling having both doesnt give you more exp nor does having the smite item give more exp.
True, but if you read the passive's, one is 'tooth' and one is 'nail' and yeah they both give you xp but I thought with their name's (passive name) being different, that they would stack, is that not the case?
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: {{champion:245}} Don't worry about thanking me
And ban yas, nobody needs that running around late game
: what is yasuo and teemo's weakness?? and should they get nerfed?
{{champion:245}} Don't worry about thanking me
Eveninn (EUW)
: When to build Rabandon's Deathcap?
I would never buy rabadon's first item. You are right in what you are saying, it's situational in the sense that in a lot of cases utility is the better option depending on the champion and the enemies builds. To me, {{item:3089}} means to Mages/assassins what {{item:3031}} means to Adc's, since they buy IE if the enemy isn't stacking armour otherwise they buy armour penetration and then buy IE later. If the enemy is not building resistances against you, rabadon's is a great second or third item, usually third. But if the enemies are building resistances then {{item:3135}} is the better item and then you can always buy rabadon's later if warranted. The only exception where I may rush rabadon's second item would be on {{champion:45}} since it increases your AP based on your current AP and with Veigar gaining AP with every spell landed on an enemy or takedown with your Q, it's core on him. It's a great item but all depends on your champ and what the enemy are building. I hope this helps :)
: as a big time Azir player I think what he really needs most is some movement speed, so he can utilize his kit better and survive early/mid-game. tweaking dmg numbers would make him broken so the only way to go would be utility imo. ..aside from that, Azir in the current state is but a shadow of his former glory. The Blacksmith of Shurima {{champion:268}} {{item:3070}}
I agree with your point that some increase on his movement speed would be great, avoiding changing his damage is the safest way to go about this. Thanks for the reply :)
: I'd say they should give him a Syndra Passive. 25 units more range when Q is maxed out 1 additional soldier stack on W max 180 (+50% AP) On E max (currently 40%) Longer wall duration on R max In all honesty, the tower he gets from his passive fits thematically, but it makes him a very strong pusher once the first tower has fallen as it's hard to kill him without losses just in that towers range. I'm looking for ideas to balance him or get him into a spot where numbers can make him viable without making him OP. If I get more than 3 ideas I'd like to create a megathread over at the NA boards for maximum Riot acknowledge chance.
You have some good ideas that I agree with, mainly the Wall duration being extended, I've commented on another commenters similar idea when I'd even be happy for a trade with some damage for a longer duration. The tower I have also mentioned sometimes being a godsend but then sometimes it can just be tanked and brought down immediately depending on the situation. So I believe the tower is fine as it is. I feel the ideas you've provided if all thrown on him would probably have him be put in a situation where he is complained about but they are still all good ideas. This is all my opinion obviously but I hope that riot can see all of our thoughts on Azir and if you wanted to link this post to those on the NA boards then that would be great since there are a bunch of ideas here already I'd appreciate it otherwise I could give it a go myself. Either way I appreciate the reply :)
: Azir is good as he is just weak he should have never been nerfed if a champion takes allot of skill to play to do good not braindead {{champion:157}} the player should be rewarded for mastering such a hard champion doing the perfect combo's and everything but ofc he got nerfed for no reason hard
I still believe that a good Azir is still rewarding, I just believe that he needs a little more in the survivability department in a trade off for his long line of nerfs because although Azir is a high skill cap champion, he is the way he is because of how well competitive players have used him previously and it's more than likely the only choice riot had. And on a side note I can see where you're coming from with Yasuo but I think he is a high skill cap champion and hard to master, but I will say that he is easier to exploit in lower ELO. Thanks for the reply :)
: Why do you have a 65% win rate on azir? i'm stuck at 38%...even though my kda and cs is decent go ahead and check if you want same goes for the guy who made the post he has a 55% win rate i think it's probably cause your games might last longer, whenever i play azir i have the enemy botlane sitting mid at 8 minutes -.-
It's just playing enough of the champion that you're doing your best on him, that won't mean that you will be guarantee'd win your games but at least you're doing all that you can do Mid lane. Also I would say he is a situational match up, only take Azir when you're confident there is potential to carry. Good match ups are champs with no escapes: {{champion:63}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:90}} etc, bad one's would be champs with high mobility that can avoid your soldiers and get up in your face:{{champion:7}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:103}} Any way good luck and I'm sure you'll get your win ratio up :)
: Riot had complaints about Azir because he is too versatile of a champion. Too much long range damage, too safe, too mobile and such. Let's fix those points. Q-> Now has reduced range the more soldiers you have summoned, up to a maximum range of 1 for 950 range, and a minimum of 4 for 350 range. W-> Removed- Additional soldiers after the first do 45% less damage. Base damage down at all ranks Removed- Has ammo Cd lowered by 2 seconds at max rank E-> Only the soldier dashed to moves if q is cast during e R-> Wall damages enemies again if they try to dash through it, still cannot be dashed over, but additional knock ups are removed Passive-> Tower now can be damaged by champion abilities, max hp increased, immune to stuns and silences
You make some good points and viable ideas, additional knock ups being removed I could get behind as long as the duration was reverted to the original number (7 seconds at max rank) The problem I see with Q/W/E is that I personally don't they wouldn't work well together, my reason is that although I do like your reasoning behind having reduced range for multiple soldiers, keeping at range from enemies is what keeps you alive, you are too squishy to be 350 units away from any champion with burst. I also think that if you E+Q that leaving another solider behind would be a bad idea since you would be leaving soldier(s) at too long a distance that they diminish very quickly since that's what happens when Azir is too far from them. And lastly I disagree with the Tower nerf, if you've observed every time you've used a tower you'll notice that there are times in the games where it feels almost obnoxious but I'm assuming that's after you've shuffled 3/4 people into it and they're squishy. On the other hand I've played games where a darius/malph/leona will walk right under there and their team will take it down in a matter of seconds. I think it's fine the way it is personally. Thanks for the reply and I hope that riot sees all of these suggestions since the points I made above are purely my opinion :)
l MrD l (EUW)
: ive said this many times but i think all that azir needs is to have his damage from his ult removed and revert the previous W nerfs and increase the ult duration so thats hes a true long ranged DPS champion. Doesnt make sense for an emperor to fly in and slap the enemy to chunk them down. The concept should be kept though but i rarely see the ult used for peeling allies and mainly used for the shurima shuffle flank. i used to love playing azir even upon release when i fgot flamed for playing such a weak champion even though i thought he was actually really good and that turned out to be true.... But the constant nerfs. Better nerf irelia? more like Better take Azir to KFC... I do kinda get annoyed at riot sometimes how they overnerf champions on 1 patch and then forget them and then give the ones that truly need balancing a small pathetic nerf... Yes {{champion:157}} i mean you.
I honestly think he should have damage on his ult or his 1v1 potential in lane drops significantly and the numbers on his W did deserve a nerf in my opinion, he was very strong. Although if you survive until late game or have a good early/mid game then the power does come back. I do honestly agree with you when you say his Ult duration should be longer. That was nerfed a while back now and then the W numbers were lowered and I feel a ult duration being raised as you said would also be a step in the right direction: Rank 1 = 3 seconds (currently at all rankes) Rank 2 = 5 seconds & Rank 3 = 7 Seconds like it was not long ago. Although I would say the damage could be reduced in a trade for duration. Thanks for the reply
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Team with supp should win more often that the one without, right?
Personally I think there are pro's and con's to playing a mage support. The pros are yeah, you can build a lot of damage, a few mage supports come with built in CC and it is like having another carry by the 30 min mark. Like I said though there are cons and that is a weaker early considering you're just as squishy as your ADC, you're mana hungry early and your team has one less tank. If I was playing against a team with Mage support I would roam bot from Mid, teleport from TOP and sit on them as a Jungler and try to close the game out, unless of course you have hella' tanks that can CC and take their initial burst. Also blitz gives mage supports a really hard early if you land hooks
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lockerman (EUNE)
: Looking for Bot lane partner ! :D
Hello, I'd be happy to try a game or two out with you. Send me a message if you'd like or otherwise good luck :)
s5, s3 couple days ago but stopped playing mains. I'd be happy to try a couple with you, throw me a message or if not then good luck :)
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: Choose your Log in Screen!!
The only thing is that they get to showcase their new champ or skin with the log in screen so maybe if after x amount of days (let's say 5) you could then change it back to which ever you'd prefer? I'd like to use Azir/Ekko/Thresh as mine!
Polinom (EUNE)
: azir
Items - Buy stinger & Rylas for power spike, Abilities - I'd max W & Q first but still take a point in your E for escapes. Tips - Putting a soldier between the caster minions and the melee minions is a good way to zone enemies, farm and poke. If you want builds and info, go lolking and look at builds, if you wants tricks then search for a player on youtube called 'Drift King Azir'
arialo2002 (EUNE)
: If you earned S-, and you're lvl 6, you won't get a token. Maybe you didn't see the -
It was during a ranked game on summoners rift but there is a chance it could have been S- but I doubt it, I do not know what else I could have done to get a better grade lol, I took towers, inhibs, kills, assists, no deaths & a high gold income. If I had to do better than that then I'm not getting any tokens any time soon xD
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Xenoid (EUNE)
: Hello, Just like FurorDivinus27 said, you can download the music and play whenever you want.
Hello, I appreciate that you can download the music and play it but with using the legit DJ sona method, the music lowers so you can hear your champ quotes etc & there's a good balance of music to in-game pings etc. Essentially I'm asking if there's a mod which pretends that DJ sona is in game. I know it would be so much simpler just to play the music in the background but yeah :)
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