CamoSnide (EUW)
: Taking a break was the best thing ever!
Oh no trust me I'm getting my fair share of trolls, flamers and strait up just afks. But even being 4v5 still manage to pull out a win. Feels great to come back refreshed and focused. Honestly just shows after a nice break and coming back with some enthusiasm trolls are nothing but something to spice the games up and make them more fun. Before I would of just given up.
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: Riot fix match ups
Something needs to be done. I recently came back to the game. I think I have played 10 games and every single game someone has left the game. Now call me unlucky but my wife has been playing during the time I took a break. She has a higher % of games of people leaving than people not. Be it her team or the enemy. Don't even get me started on ARAM. Holy**** that mode is riddled with bots. They need to punish people and I mean PUNISH! One of my friends decided if you can't beat the trolls join them. He played the game just to troll, none stop for a few months. Not once did he get banned or a warning. *To top it off he sold his account for £62, not that riot can do anything about that.* Just shows people are doing it because they know nothing will happen.
CamoSnide (EUW)
: Mute all option
Oh, it doesn't say this info on the website. Thanks Agerune. :)
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