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: You obviously did since it's impossible to get perma banned for nothing, not only that game but probably flamed many more games before it as well.Glad you finally got punished.
I was in US for 2 weeks playing with my team then i come back play a couple of games on this acc to see if my ping spikes would get high cause some times when i come back from trips the internet gets f-ed up for some reason. I play a couple of games and this was the only game where i was A LITTLE BIT out of line. Other games chat's (even when we were getting completely stomped) included "don't mind we can bring this back", "good hustle boys, better luck next game". Did i get banned for that? Probably cause it looks like you can't defend yourself but BEING TOXIC IS THE WAY TO GO IN LEAGUE
Tyranitar (EUW)
: Sucks you got banned. However, you do deserve a punishment for your toxic behavior. I don't know your past, but you must've had several warnings before you got this ban. So I can only conclude that it's completely your own fault.
Actually that's the thing. For 2+ years i didn't get a single chat/ranked game restriction, temporary ban or anything of the like. This is my first punishment in ~2 years and it's permanent
: Well i remember riot telling me something like "don't fight fire with fire" but what that means is that we pretty much just get flamed and trolled and we can't do anything about this
Sure muting helps against toxicity but what about trolling? You open cause u don't want to play with trolls, you get reports for afk. You play it out- you waste at least 20 minutes and in my case it was even more
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well i remember riot telling me something like "don't fight fire with fire" but what that means is that we pretty much just get flamed and trolled and we can't do anything about this
: > [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1WxlEFxh,comment-id=00010000000000020000,timestamp=2017-04-29T11:20:22.682+0000) > > Sigh... > > Sir Tasdemir: i have seen how u play > Sir Tasdemir: ur just not good > Sir Tasdemir: challenger thoughs > > Sir Tasdemir: yea it's lose > Sir Tasdemir: just report him > Sir Tasdemir: u are already worse > Sir Tasdemir: there is nothing else u can do > Sir Tasdemir: u fed zed > Sir Tasdemir: u dont ss > > Sir Tasdemir: u dont ss agin > Sir Tasdemir: STAY > Sir Tasdemir: IM HERE > Sir Tasdemir: idiot > Sir Tasdemir: 3vs2 > Sir Tasdemir: my bot left me > Sir Tasdemir: they didn't want 3vs2 > Sir Tasdemir: ZED WENT BACK MID > Sir Tasdemir: IT WAS 3VS2 > > Sir Tasdemir: how about > Sir Tasdemir: ssing > Sir Tasdemir: or anything zigs > Sir Tasdemir: honestly > Sir Tasdemir: u dont ss or pign > Sir Tasdemir: or anything > Sir Tasdemir: lool > Sir Tasdemir: idiot > > Sir Tasdemir: report renekton > Sir Tasdemir: extremely toxivc > > > Stop abusing your teammates. Stop telling your teammates what to do. Ziggs was right, you should watch map. Players shouldnt have to mute u just because u are being toxic. You shouldnt be toxic. If you are losing game, dont look for someone to blame. Accept it and move on. If only way you can make yourself feel better about defeat is to abuse your teammates, then you have bigger problems than chat restriction. Lol call that abuse? Idiot was as bad as it was. You want people restricted cause of the word idiot. Get a life
Dw. 25 game chat restriction for saying "report for toxicity" isn't as bad as what i got 2 years ago for asking everyone to report Annie for flaming our Yi. I got a perma ban for saying this lol
: In that situation, you mute the toxic person, and report them after the game. If you're feeling really bad for the Yi, tell him to mute the toxic player too. There is no need for you to do anything more than that.
Well I had been only playing the game for roughly 2 months at that time so It didn't really occur to me but I still believe that leaving the toxic player and banning the one battling toxicity is pretty f-ed up
: Off topic but... outside of the US, we say 'dived' rather than 'dove' as the past participle of 'Dive'. I am not calling you out or anything, but it's something that I see on here a lot.
Oh really? Cause I lived in US for 4+ years so I didn't know that.
: Calling for other people to report someone is harassment. If you think someone deserves to be reported, that is up to you and you are free to do it. Same goes for everyone else in the game. Riot gives you all the tools you need to fight toxicity without becoming toxic yourself, which is something you did.
Yeah but she was openly flaming our Yi saying stuff like "kill yourself you bronze %%%%%%", "i will troll to make this Yi lose" and I was the only one battling against that and from what i saw in her match history she was just trolling a lot of game so I just wanted for her to be gone right after that game. She didn't get banned. She is still playing/trolling w/e. I got banned for defending a player from harassment and wanting to punish the toxic player
: You probably got banned after enough players complained about you, you keep saying it as though its the result of one bad game but the reality is that it typically takes more than one game for Riot to ban someone. Even if he was a bad jungler, I'm sure that ban is not based solely on that one game. You probably got what you deserve.
It actually was that 1 game. "enough players" indicates the 3 people on my team (apart from lucian) and whoever was on the enemy team that reported me just cause it was 3 against 1 in this. Lulu olaf and jax were saying report me, i was saying "for what?" when i didn't say anything that would be worthy of a report
: You don't get permabanned for one game. It takes dedicated work in ignoring all the signs it is coming over a period of time to get permabanned. And more than anything, it takes a toxic individual to even be taken into consideration for a permaban. So rather than crying about one game which is irrelevant in every other way except being the final straw that broke the camel's back, focus on your general attitude and the way you behave in all your games. I hope you'll learn from this and be a better person in the future.
I didn't get a single temporary ban or chat/ranked restriction since season 5 where i got my very first account banned. That first ban was even stupid cause i got banned for saying that "i will report Annie for flaming our Yi who got camped and was having a rough game". After that no warnings, no restrictions, no temporary bans. And now this perma ban for saying "I have never reported anyone but I am tempted to report you for afk, olaf". So what you're saying is that (sure I know now was an exaggeration) I shouldn't try to battle toxicity? I wanted to report Annie for being toxic and got banned. Riot's response? "Never say that you will report someone in all chat", in other words it sounded like Riot don't want for toxic players to be banned cause saying "report X player for toxicity" in all chat means that you want that player to get as many reports as possible from that game to get them banned. But riot banned me for saying "report" in all chat. I understand the %%%%%%ed "report for feeding" or "report for inting" even tho they're just having a bad game. But I got banned for saying "report for toxicity". I was battling the toxic player and I get the ban while she is still playing till this day. How is that fair in any sense?
: First of all , Don't blame the jungler in this case. {{champion:8}} has all the tools to deal with {{champion:238}} even though I admit it can be challenging ... you should rush {{item:3157}}{{item:1001}} as soon as you can after getting at least 10% CD reduction and for the rest farm under turret if need be, hold onto your W and keep your HP bar as high as possible as to not to enable {{champion:19}}. {{champion:2}} couldn't come to your lane because that would mean he'd have to deal with fed {{champion:238}} and fed {{champion:19}}, both are champions {{champion:2}} would find hard to take on in normal circumstances as it is, even with his ult and all. If you want to blame someone, blame your top laner who lets Lee Sin roam without punishing, that'd make more sense.
Well the main thing that i find %%%%%%ed what Olaf was doing is that he literally never came mid. He could have at least come mid after I die to deny Zed FREE farm and defend the turret but he was taking jungle camps and giving up mid turret+ all of the free cs to Zed. Zed started game 0/0/3 so he wasn't fed of kills. He was fed of cs that Olaf could have denied
: The jungler intentionally avoided your lane **because** you were dying so much. Ganking a lane that is behind like yours usually ends with giving the enemy a double kill. it is always more beneficial to tell your feeding lane to play as passive as they can, while camping the lane which is winning, because they can actually carry. Jungle 101.
Did you not read what I wrote in some comments? He intentionally started avoiding mid even when i was just 0/2. Asked for a gank into a zed with no w and no ult and under my turret. Got a "no". zed was 0/0/2 since ww and lee took 1 kill each. I wouldnt have even minded if he at least came mid to deny Zed all the free farm that he was getting after I died but he just kept dealing damage to turret while getting all cs while olaf was jungling. +he ganked mostly top lane which ended up 2/9 so i don't see how was that a winning lane that should have been camped
: > [{quoted}](name=Capn Dankplank,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wIi6gsIK,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2017-04-30T14:07:18.301+0000) > > How am I a troll lol? Are you high or something? I specifically told what happened in game and you call me a troll. L O L. Now i honestly hope that when u get mid you get that Olaf that intentionally avoids mid in your team. + I have 9 other accounts so if I ever want to come back to League, dw I will Jungler work is Jungle, not helping people who cant stay under tower and farm if camped. If camped by ww than your team have 2 free lanes. If you camped by top laner, you top has free farm, Sry but there is no way to dive Vladimir under tower in early game. NO WAY. If Vlad stays under tower NO WAY to dive him. SO sry but i dont believe you.
Early game when i died lvl 3-4 then at lvl 5 and zed had ghostblade and hexdrinker+boots while i had t1 boots hextech revolver and cloth armor it's really easy for them dive me. I use ult to dodge zed ult and then lee with ignite comes from top to ult and kill me. Simple as that while the jungler still didn't do anything. He got 0 drakes and ganked bot 2 times and top 1-2 times. I wouldn't have even said "are you afk?" to him if he ganked bot/top as much as ww/lee ganked mid.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: See? You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and instead of blaming your incredibly bad score and bad plays and lack of understanding of the game on yourself you prefer to shit on your jungler. In this one game there were a million things you should improve on before you can cry about your teammates. You can't possibly blame 0-11 on anybody but yourself. This is actually disgusting and dishonest.
I never said i blame the 11 deaths on the jungler. I was wondering why did I get banned when i was getting flamed and the jungler INTENTIONALLY (I repeat INTENTIONALLY) avoided mid and jungled around mid during dives. Sure I know that I could've flashed from the zed q after he ulted me so it would have done less dmg and i MIGHT have survived but that is no reason for the jungler to completely avoid mid and every time i ask for a gank say "no". He could at least say "I'm just gonna stomp top and bot, get objectives and all that" but no. He just avoided mid, went bot 2 times, went bot 1-2 times, and didn't get a single drake. Yet i'm the one getting banned when i was flamed, trolled and had a bad game
: YES! ONE MORE TROLL GOT HIS BAN. Everytime i read posts like this i go to shop for some beer to celebrate. Gj Rito
How am I a troll lol? Are you high or something? I specifically told what happened in game and you call me a troll. L O L. Now i honestly hope that when u get mid you get that Olaf that intentionally avoids mid in your team. + I have 9 other accounts so if I ever want to come back to League, dw I will
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Capn Dankplank,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wIi6gsIK,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-04-30T13:40:12.853+0000) > > Cause after i was 0/6 (i think) i was trying to be the most useful as i could (which isn't much) and was trying to split but my team just kept getting wiped and someone then came to kill me. Not much i could do in team fights so i tried something You couldnt do much in teamfights? You do know that Vlads ulti makes your enemies take increased damage from your teammates? Staying with your team and pressing R would makes u way more useful than splitting. Im starting to think that you were just trolling on purpose because they wouldnt gank for u.
Ok so tbh i never knew that. I don't play Vlad that much as i mentioned in the post so I didn't know Vlad's ult isn't just dmg+heal
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Just curious, if u were being camped and dove, how come more than half of your deaths are on enemy side of map? 1 under enemy mid turret, 1 in enemy jungle, 1 under enemy top turret and couple in river
Cause after i was 0/6 (i think) i was trying to be the most useful as i could (which isn't much) and was trying to split but my team just kept getting wiped and someone then came to kill me. Not much i could do in team fights so i tried something
: You need to deal with that kind of people when you agree on playing league, I actually ignore them and if i'm even 1 v 5 while my team is just trolling then i'm just fine and laugh about it for myself. I saw some cases of the same thing today, which means that you may be in a ban wave or something like that, ask in support for your log and ban in case they banned you wrongly. Flamming one or two games is not reason for a permaban, you also need to be banned temporary first before a permaban. You better recover that account if you spent over 900 dollars. Good luck.
Well a similar thing happened to me in 2014-15. I had played a bit in season 4 but started playing for real in season 5. During my 3rd placement game where i was playing ez my Yi got counter jungled by enemy jax and enemy top (can't remember who it was since it was 2 years ago. and my Annie started flaming Yi telling stuff like "kill yourself you piece of trash. Learn to play" and stuff like this. I started defending Yi since i saw that he already had a rough game and said "stop flaming or I will report you and if you troll then just go afk and make the game 4v5 instead of 4v6 (since she started running it down mid)" but i got banned after the game for saying "i will report you for flaming" and riot responded "you can't call someone out and tell them that you will report them" even though i said it cause I was expecting her to stop doing that in fear of a report. This sounds a lot similar to this case where I didn't do pretty much anything wrong except going 0/11 but that was only partially my fault. So in other words Riot just randomly ban people who get reported without even taking an actual look at the chat logs by a real person and their computers that do the banning look like they're programmed by a 5 year old
Fake Masks (EUNE)
: Yeah sure, blame riot for you being a typical flamer that blames the jungler for everything, If I was that Olaf and got flamed by someone like you I would've ignored your lane for the rest of the game as well.
How did i flame him? The worst thing i said to him that game was "are you afk?" and he intentionally avoided my lane even before i said a single word to literally anyone.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
the thing was that they dove me at around ~10-11 minutes. At that point both were really squishy and we could have killed them. I might have died but Olaf would have gotten a double kill since both were left with <50% hp. Maybe around~30-35 so that showed that he was intentionally avoiding mid for some weird reason and then started acting surprised about how i'm feeding in a pretty much 1v2 lane
Mabons (EUW)
: ^ this. I would be surprised if the "asked Olaf to gank my lane" didn't include some flaming in there or at least some baiting.
Well i already deleted league cause I don't want to play a game where you get banned for being trolled but the worst thing that I said the whole game was "I have never reported anyone but i'm tempted to report you, olaf, for being afk". Yeah I know that it was an exaggeration but at that time it was really frustrating
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