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: There are a ton of smurfs running around. Only noticed this after I played on my smurf for a while. While I personally don't struggle with playing against them, I could imagine people who truly sit in lower elos might. __*Can you prevent it?*__ No. Modern Age technology allows you to disguise/change the Ip which will be seen, so Ip-locks are not effective. *__Does riot handle these cases well?__* Kinda. They got a system in place that detects smurfs and matches them against other smurfs. Your Idea with the Ip based creation of accounts won't solve a thing. Most people get a new Ip every 2 weeks or are able to use VPNs.
Yeah i know, but like i said in my post. It will at least discourage them from smurfing. Not many people use VPNs or proxies to play video games.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Bro... I have like 5 or more accounts linked to SINGLE MAIL. Riot dont care about smurfs and if anything... They encourage it. Noone have to disguise himself as well~ I even was talking with support about removing them but they dont care. (Was very picky about my name - dont play them 😜) Also its a "new" thing because when I started playing X years ago mail was 1x per account (just what you ask for). People had to make multiple mails but yeah... Nothing can stop smurfing anyway.
Do you agree that this issue should be solved?
Pikaguif (EUW)
: And account for IP won't work either, as you can easily get a proxy in case you're taking about Internet ip or go look for an old device in case of device ip
Yeah i know, that was just a rough idea.. but it will discourage smurfing in lower leagues. Im sure there are tools that we dont know about that can complicate things for these smurfs..
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