: KitingTheBait (Team)
i would like to join
: If you are at least plat, why are you not plat?
cause u cant carry every game alone. sounds a bit cocky but its the truth
: Looking for members from Switzerland
haha wür au aschribe bin aber serscht silber 1 :P
Munchiezz (EUW)
: Forget about a team / duo queue partners for now, they won't help. What you need to do is reach challenger on your own and build up a name for yourself. Once you've done that you can consider going pro. But there's literally no other way around reaching challenger solo. You have the false perception that finding a team or duo queue partners will help improve your level.
well i see myself higher atleast plat. but you cant imagine how many trols and afkor just bad players i get. hahaha im no lacking in skill im lacking in luck hhah
: Hey man. I am an analyst for a diamond team that should qualifer for challanger series. I can analyze your games and try to help improve your skills
can you? and how?
Its kinda a trol because i know that its really hard to get into lcs. but im serious, its kinda a dream for me and right at the moment im searching for a team or a duo q partner to reach a level where i can join a team
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