: What year is this??? (balance politics change)
Indeed they have but Im afraid this _"change"_ of politics is only regarding masteries. Champion nerfing is still old school :<
: Leblanc Gets 2 shot from gangplank and caitlyn
That was so satisfying to watch :) Thank you.
: Imperium (40k) > Galactic Empire (Star Wars)
***Heavy Smoker Necron Voice*** _"The Nightbringer... shall consume ... all ... primitive lifeforms."_
: Strongest late game champions for each role?
Top; {{champion:57}} Jungle; {{champion:203}} Mid; {{champion:30}} Adc; Jhin, The Deadeye Support; {{champion:16}}
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: Riot on drugs again
I honestly have no idea what is the actual reasoning behind the {{champion:30}} nerf. It just seems plain stupid. My Karthus gameplay has been SEVERLY (and I do mean severely when I say it) nerfed by the mana potion removal. Let's not forget the removal of Revive aswell. Why does Karthus deserve all of this ? Also, after MONTHS (or has it been a full year now?) I am still salty for removing {{champion:412}} 's consecutive wall damage. Now, the other walls are almost useless. Sometimes, Riot really manages to disappoint me more than usual. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Unfortunately not. >:
It's {{champion:62}} 's Underworld skin.
: If you're having one of those bronze-level games...
What has my favourite band become O.O {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} We need someone else to cover this ! {{champion:30}}
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Catchdown (EUW)
: My apologies to everyone
I simply cannot understand why is it considered reportable if you retaliate against someone's flame ? Out of all the flamers in the world, the racists, the russians, the polish, the guy who claims he's slept with all 5 of the team's mothers at once and etc. Out of ALL OF THEM I really really [HATE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8ekz_CSBVg) the condescending imbiciles. Especially if they are bad (because you can make a case if they were good...maybe). Just yesterday, I desperately tried to carry with my main {{champion:30}} and I almost succeeded but in the end we lost. This feeder Anivia who was something like 2/7 is going _"omg I cant carry this Karthus useless only Ult is good i so gud"_. Couldn't stop flaming the guy, he simply deserves to know the retarded piece of cancer he is to this community. If you carry the team and act like an assh*ole I MIGHT not flame you but if you are BAD in-game and BAD in behaviour then... oh boy, I can't contain myself. Is there something wrong with me T.T
TheGauntler (EUNE)
: Start learning him as marksman first, then transition into learning him as frontline assasin like irelia or riven. then combine the two and you basically have learnt azir on a decent level. I'm learning him, elise and cassio atm, 3 of the hardest champion mechanically
Marksman as in trying to build him AD initially and then transition to the standard AP build ?
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DogIsGod (EUNE)
: What song best describes a champion?
[I actually have a thread dedicated to this.](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/8wsLhOkm-league-of-legends-champion-theme-songs)
: Best sentence you ever said after a penta?
{{champion:30}} **_Sit tibi terra levis._**
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which is your favorite region in League of Legends?
The Isles of the dead The epitome of Death The place where **HE** sings the Dirge The place where HIS hooves make your fear surge The Kingdom where betrayer's souls are taken and punished by fires cold Then collected and to torture subjected until their sanity has defected And their bodies ? Left to be carried by ghouls and buried, with the dirt achieving closure. Abandon your false perceptions of happiness and embrace eternal sorrow. Your tomb awaits, it hungers greatly as it is still hollow. Rejoice and overcome your shallow denial Embrace the phantasms of the **Shadow Isles** !
: > [{quoted}](name=Noibla,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=gqZExErw,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2015-11-14T20:23:48.974+0000) > > "One reason to change "Project 1993" would be "1993" which could refer to personally identifying information (such as one's year of birth)." > That honestly makes no sense, should that be the reason. > > A friend I used to have had "1986" in his name (though he was born 1990). "1986" just refered to when his older brother (who had passed away) was born. > He later on changed his name (because he felt like it) but kept 1986. Riot never made a complaint about that back then. > > I'm not saying your argument is invalid, I'm just saying it'd be a stupid reason. > > Had it been like: > 1990-08-16, THEN I can understand it (as that might be your date of birth; if it is, happy (belated) birthday buddy! And to anyone else who might be reading this post!) > However, I have seen a TON of people having numbers in their names, such as 93, 91, 95 etc... Why are those allowed when "1993" isn't? Frankly, that argument wouldn't hold water. > > If they think he's referring to a horrible project, THAT would be another story (e.g some mass genocide event called "Project 1993"; from the top of my head, there has been no record of any such event, however.) Can't find anything about a project 1993
Stay away ! You must now know... ... of that Project. # illuminaticonspiracyalienz
: Good example. Every single cigar shortens your life and threatens your health. You still smoke. Why do you do it? Because you enjoy every single one of them and would miss them when they were gone.
Now in am in no way competent to have a say in the matter, as I'd say I lack enough information on the matter but I still want to express my opinion and am interested in people's reactions to it; So, the method of accepting only refugees with identification seems fairly decent to me. However, the situation we are currently in (and with the position ISIS is in and the fear tactics they use to make us not want refugees) can easily be turned the other way around against ISIS. What I mean is, why do we not accept only refugees who willingly choose to abandon their faith in Islam ? I am not saying they should necessarily convert to Christianity, I am just saying that they should abandon their Muslim beliefs. I know that this does sound rather unfair to all the "decent" non-explosive muslims out there, but difficult times call for difficult decisions. If we accept only refugees who willingly sacrifice their belief in the Quran in order to enter European borders, ISIS will see that their scare tactics have made a huge blow on the Muslim faith (no pun intended) and, if they are true believers in Allah, should stop using such scare tactics. I am interested to hear the responses to this suggestion.
Charibasa (EUW)
: Give this man a cookie, a medal, a WWE champion belt, a mango and make him president of the USA.
: Instructions not clear enough, I made the powerpuff girls.
: "All people must meet this man" - lamb telling wolf how them came to be {{champion:203}} I'm pretty sure that makes them death
The {{champion:203}} are the self-titled anthropomorphic personification of Death in Runeterra by definition. No doubt about it. What Im claiming though, is that {{champion:30}} is much more fitting for the job due to his aesthetic appeal, personality expression and overall vibe he sends.
: Graves can't have his cigar but...
More often then not the word _"Reaper"_ has been used when describing {{champion:412}} , which is pretty much a synonym of Death with a capital D in popular culture. {{champion:30}} , in my humble opinion is a much more literal example of the manifestation of Death then the {{champion:203}} themselves in both looks, thematic and behavior. As far as {{champion:429}} goes, she's the embodiment of a fate **worse** then death! Zombie Brand & Nunu are examples of "mere" and simple undead. {{champion:412}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:429}} these, I beg to differ ... (although Kindred isn't even undead)
: I didnt like the harrowing story , it was less about th harrowing and more like propaganda for the upcoming champ...
I wholeheartedly agree. Also, why was Olaf in the story at all ? I'd much rather scrap him so there would be more room for Karthus/Kalista/Yorick/Mordekaiser. We didn't get anything from them this Harrowing (except awesome new lores ofcourse) !
Vuks (EUNE)
: Nope, try again!
In that case, it must be {{champion:14}} !
Grimpulse (EUW)
: "I see the forces that hold the universe together."
> [{quoted}](name=Grimpulse,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xwGT5zNN,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2015-10-28T17:00:01.894+0000) > > "I see the forces that hold the universe together." {{champion:38}} ?
: Wukong Mine is : "There are three certainties in life, honor, death, and hangovers"
: {{champion:56}} ?
Vuks (EUNE)
: **"I! Am! War!"** Literally me when I play this champion.
Sounds like {{champion:266}} ?
: There are sooo many, but Ill try to stick with these two: 1) Sounds dangerous.....Im in! and the second one: 2) Neither the flames nor the depths could claim me
The first one...{{champion:245}} ? The second one, hmm. {{champion:58}} ?
: {{champion:5}} "Enforced Equilibrium."
Could it possibly be {{champion:39}} ?
: Human thresh would be interesting.
: One of my favourite has to be "_A heart of ice cannot bleed._"
Whoa that quote is amazing O.O I know it's from Freljord but I can't quite guess who ...
: I think his the OP quote is from Kindred. Yours is from: {{champion:266}} Mine: "Wretched mongrels get the leash." But actually too hard to decide for me :)
Nope, not Kayle. Not Kindred either, you are close though. Yours is from another one of my favourites {{champion:412}}
: Core : {{item:2140}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3707}} or {{item:3710}} VS Heavy AD:{{item:1316}} {{item:3143}} or any other armor item you like VS Heavy AP : {{item:1321}} {{item:3156}} or{{item:3065}}
Your build is seriously lacking in some vital Attack Speed.
Rioter Comments
Bluejay111 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cardinal Sinveil,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iyTWxOU7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-18T18:13:54.735+0000) > > Move on, you know ? > > _"Change is good."_ it's impossible when u love someone ;_;
Rid yourself from the biological illusion and spiritual deception that is _"Love"_. It is merely a simple chemical manipulation which your brain wants you to experience in order to procreate. Why ? Because your Brain's master is Mother Nature herself. And that is where all suffering is derived from. You must not answer to your brain (or your desires). Nor must your brain answer to Mother Nature. Your desires and your brain must answer to YOU ! The ultimate step is mastery of Nature which is a worthwhile and meaningful activity you could take up, instead of wasting time on that dreaded, loathsome treachery that is Love. _"A different view."_
: New Champ Speculation..
I got a {{champion:254}} type of vibe
Bluejay111 (EUNE)
: Kha'Zix my best friend ;_;
Move on, you know ? _"Change is good."_
: {{champion:412}} - {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:4}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3035}} {{item:1304}} Need i say more?
What Runes and Masteries do you use ?
Ahdee (EUW)
: So....why Isn't Karthus Played?
My main <3 Truly an amazing champion. Honestly, I am glad he is underplayed and unpopular. Let's keep it that way or else people will learn to permaban him. The majority will tell you that everything counters Karthus which is true in a way, as much as it is true that Karthus counters everything if his playstyle is utilized properly. Assassins are annoying but it's just that, with the needed experience you learn you survive trough them in the early game and late game they will be to you what a witless barbarian is to a God. What is most annoying in Assassins is that their noobish mobility renders you from making the flashly plays people here mention. They just disable your immense possibilities for a time (the first 15 mins or so). Then there's nothing they can do about you. I truly love Karthus's lore and character theme. His playstyle is fitted so perfectly and synchronized so well with what he represents that it's just astounding ! Just like Death itself, Karthus's gameplay revolves around slow, steady build up, no rush.. just patience until the time comes. Death encompasses all, just as Karthus's ult. And during the eventual conclusion of the game, a Full Tear Stacked & RoA Karthus dissolves and leaves to decay everything in his path. {{champion:30}}
: Sorry, I don't take Virus' with my Coffee
WHAT ?! I use that website for literally every song I wish to have in my playlist. Infact, my entire playlist even exists thanks to youtube-mp3.org, what is this Virus talk you speak of :O ?!
: Yeh, I get it. If you are asking where a mate of yours is, and the best way to describe him is black, **because he is indeed black**. Then so be it, just lick describing hair color. Now, I know it may sound confusing, but he should still not be forced to feel different. He should be proud he is black, but he should be a person/nationality before he is a race. You _can_ talk about someone's skin color, ok, just like you could say how pale or freckled someone was, but you wouldn't really consciously think about that kind of thing would you? That's what "Skin color should not be a topic that needs to be discussed" means. Actually, its like sexuality; nobody is really concerned if you are heterosexual (straight) but for some there is a ruckus over being gay. At the moment, there is debate, where there really shouldn't be. Same with skin color, there really shouldn't be a need for debate. As for when there *is a need* to talk about skin color, be careful, because that usually means there is some negative side to this argument where there shouldn't be. As for your last point, there will be times when you describe someone as black, and they take offence. Stuff like that, it is their fault for getting offended, for they should be proud of their skin color. On the other hand, you need to be careful you are not causing harm with what you say. Someone being black is a fact (don't abuse it though, you don't go around calling everyone white), but saying that Black people make the best Ninjas because they can't be seen in the dark, is kind of pointing out that they are black in a way that would make them feel different. **In some cases people may indeed getting fussy over nothing, but be careful that your "freedom of speech" isn't just a disguise for the false belief of "freedom to be rude, inconsiderate and generally not polite"!**
I completely agree with you. Frankly, few people understand me the way you did (the way they should) and start a debate over racism in which I am simply not interested in (as we all agree that hateful racism is plain wrong, there's just nothing to debate but some people still insist to do it). The glorious concept of Freedom of Speech SHOULD NEVER HAVE and NEVER SHOULD be a simple disguise for Freedom to be Rude, stupid, idiotic and etc. It pisses me off so much that Freedom of Speech's reputation is being defiled constantly because of this. There are also some oversensitive people that find virtually anything offensive and complain about Freedom of Speech. I myself am a person who can be very easily offended but I usually keep it to myself. As you said, alot of times it's simply not the other person's fault that you get offended. Just as it is not my fault if a black, white, arabian or martian person gets offended when I discuss matters of his race/nationality/color. There is only one point I don't agree on though. They should be glad because they're black ? Why ? What does a black person have over an arabian person ? What does a white person have over an asian person ? They're really all equal in their, well...identity ? Heritage ? Anyway, as a misantrophe I think they are all equal in their crookedness but that's another story.
: Skin color should not be a topic that needs to be discussed. If you are making comments about someone _just because they are black_, then you are hampering that person's freedom to live without the worry of being seen as different.
Listen, I am firmly against racism but the reason I am opposing you on this is because I have some...extreme views on the _"Freedom of Speech"_ concept. You see, just as it is massively abused, so is it equally carelessly restricted. You see if I decide I want to comment on a specific skin color, I have the right to. Restricting me because it _"should not be a topic that needs to be discussed"_ seems a bit obstructing. Of course, if my reasons for commenting on that specific skin color is merely the barbaric reason of pure insult, then it should not be done. But if I have other, better reasons for discussing blacks, whites, browns, asians and etc. I have the full right to do it regardless of what nearby blacks, whites, browns, asians might feel about it. The fact that It might make them feel different should not restrict me. If I cut off their hand and make them walk around one-handed in a society were most people are two-handed then yes, I restricted them in many ways one of which is making them worry of being seen as different. This is a practical, physical example. But if I say something that makes them worry of being seen as different then that isn't really my fault. Feelings are maybe the **most** subjective and mutable things in existence and they should not be regulators of Freedom of Speech. This all is of course just my opinion. Cheers !
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Your freedom ends where the other's freedom begins. In other words, you are free to do what you want as long as you don't violate the freedom of everyone else
Please explain to me how is commenting about someone's skin color a limitation of that person's freedom ?
: Braum's mustace should scale in size with his maximum HP.
So at 4K HP {{champion:201}} turns into Friedrich Nietzsche ?
PlzenCZ (EUNE)
: gonna try noc again. I have played him few times in jung and failed sooo hard :D, but that was in s2-3 so I thought of picking him up again in the jungle mainly (i play jungle in our 5v5 team, even though i am not very skilled jungler), but i thought about noc top for a long time. Do you think that he could be used as a splitpusher with hydra?
He could but after he gets 1-2 kills he becomes a slaughter machine. So having said that, I prefer to hide and take out unwary enemy junglers and other enemies aswell as scouting out and Ulting isolated targets. But then again, I never play the splitpusher strategy with any champions as I simply hate it aswell as people who do it ;q
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Can Nocturne be played top?
I rarely play Top but when I do Nocturne is my go to pick in Ranked. I also play him frequently in Normal (also on Mid). Basically, on Mid or Top I utilize the same strategy. Farm a little in the beginning and allow the opponent to _think_ he can harass you. People generally assume that lane Nocturne is useless. Afterwards, while they are near me and my lane is more or less unpushed (or on equal grounds) I Q them, Ignite, Fear and Spellshield in quick succession. It is important that you have your passive on for this combo. They usually panic and Flash. Then I Flash too as I usually need just one or two more hits for the First Blood. I take a few tower hits and recall with the kill. This is a good strategy for levels 2 to 5. Be warned, Nocturne indeed costs alot of mana so do not farm with spells or use spells carelessly. He has a HUGE weakness against enemy junglers as his passive usually guarantees a pushed lane. This is why I prefer to wait until the enemy pushes lane so I just takeout a creep wave in several blows. If an enemy freezes the lane it's really the worst counter-strategy against lane Nocturne. You will need wards then, lots of them. After level 6 I rarely stay in lane and simply Ult + Combo anyone I see isolated or disadvantaged on the map. After you get a few kills this strategy gets extremely fun for you and extremely frustrating for your enemy. As for my build I start {{item:1036}} with 1x Health & 2x Mana Potions Then I buy {{item:1001}} {{item:3134}} After a few more time I get {{item:3006}} {{item:3142}} . This is were the real fun begins, Ghostblade is an amazing item and with it squishy champions rarely survive Ult + Being Combo'd. Infact, after Ghostblade I rarely feel the need to buy other items until late game but nevertheless ... Next I go for {{item:3153}} great for eliminating ~~gay~~ flashy and mobile Adc's like Ezreal and Tristana. Other items; {{item:3022}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3035}} . My last three items are usually three of those depending on the situation. Also instead of BotRK you can get Hexdrinker versus particularly problematic Mages but I rarely found that to be worth. Not only is Noct great against casters but the slow from BotRK really helps you in making plays. MOST IMPORTANT ITEM FOR NOCTURNE; {{item:3363}} This is probably the reason for half of my kills. Switch to it after level 6, but until then you will find it hard to lane without Yellow trinket and a few more wards. I use standard AD Masteries and AD Quints with AS reds, CDR blues and Armor yellows.
: When you see Tahm, Fizz, Nami and Pool Party Reksai in the same match
: The one Nerf Garen needs...
I wholeheartedly agree !
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Well stop trying to 1v1 them.
Why ? Because they're too strong ? I think that's just what the OP is trying to convey ...
: I'm hardly starting a riot. >Fiddlesticks's lore is incomplete How? Could you explain how you came to the conclusion fiddlesticks in undead? his lore has no mention of necromancy, in fact he was summoned from an >extra-planar Demention as written in his lore. it appears that **you** are in fact creating your own opinion on the character. On a side note by your logic then riot should rewrite the lore of amumu, sion and urgot and make them associated with the shadow isles simply because they **are** undead in nature and design. Perhaps you should leave the lore writing to people with some actual design depth so we don't have it turn out like a 5 year olds nursery book about a boy losing his balloon.
I have already stated why I believe Fiddlesticks is a type of undead. I have no desire to repeat myself, especially to the likes of you. We all "create" our own opinion. This is only a problem when dissolute opinions get defended baselessly and viciously by disillusioned individuals such as yourself. Amumu's innocence (or perhaps cuteness is the more appropriate word) does not fit the theme. Urgot & Sion have too much of a scientific background behind them. I am content with leaving the lore to competent people as long as I am assured that such people aren't at all close to your nature or level of comprehension. Or else, your description about the nursery book reflected perfectly what would happen if similar people make the mistake of designing a story.
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