Careful (EUW)
: Why do promotion series exist?
Thank you for a nice discussion guys and girls! I personally agree with y'all in terms of it halting the progress together with grinding. It was nice to hear your opinions too about this matter, so thank you a ton! <3
: Banned for being trolled
You trolled. You intentionally tried ti ruin the game. You went 1/23 and maxed Q to dash into every enemy you saw. How is that sportsmanlike? Give me break.
: Ya because as i stated i didn't care after awhile because of how i was trolled, it's not the main thing I'm getting at here. As i opened my original post with that the report system is unfair because how is it fair to get a 14 day ban out of one game yes ONE game i play with the intention of not caring to win because i got trolled? It isn't fair at all... I even stated in my original post i thought ok i'll not get banned as this be my first time and they deserve it for hard trolling me... but how wrong was i... Pretty messed up to get a hefty 14 day ban on your first offense imo esp when i got trolled into it. Plus on top of it i never played Sej since her rework so no idea what i was doing and that was another reason i lost interest in caring.
> Ya because as i stated i didn't care after awhile because of how i was trolled, it's not the main thing I'm getting at here. So you DID do something. You could've easily done fine ingame even if they trolled you in champselect. You could've dodged the gamr as well. You get punished according to the action that you took - you decided to ruin 9 players' game and yes, one game can cause that, it's a warning. Be more sportsmanlike next time. Dodge if you don't want to play.
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: Do promotion series no longer exist?
I started in silver 4 when I started my promo. I went to silver 2 after all 10 placements were done. I got around 40LP per game and skipped promo to silver 1 and then skipped promo to gold 4. My MMR is probably really high - I still get 33-37LP per game and will mostlikely skip my next promo - I only play ranked to getthe victorious skin tho.... So I'll probably just stay in gold 4 hehe.
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Careful (EUW)
: Anyone up for some flex?
Wait, I'm gold 4 now :D
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: if you play 3v3 ill hold it down B
: probably won't be able to match the timings. try making some friends in solo q, I've made plenty.
Well, I'm online most of the day heheheh
Adama (EUW)
: I WILL add you mark my words.
Looking forward to that :D <3
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Renold (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} im eune so i dont think thats possible xd
Renold (EUNE)
: Boost is not LEGIT {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hm? Btw you wrote on my other post too, just forgot to add you lol
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: Hey lookin for a ranked duo partner at silver and people to play normal draft with a lot :=)
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: Adc looking for a team
Best ingame name :^) {{champion:28}}
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Hirrurg (EUW)
: feel free add me on discord Archerix#9701, lets play some until collage starts
Grips (EUW)
: I've put off Flex for a while, starting to play it so I can get to Gold and get those juicy bonus rewards. I've sent you an add in-game. I prefer playing mid/top/adc
Let's play again asap :33
: Your name reminds me of Olleh's in-game name. *Never mind if you don't know what that means.* But overall you seem like a nice person,I don't mind all the 'Things that would be good to know' I'm not on right now but send me a request in League if you wanna play sometimes,i'd be more than happy to join you in your games. -3- And if not i can add you whenever i'm on next time.{{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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Kvout (EUW)
: added you tho i have no ranked team to offer i was hoping we could have fun playing :D
: apparently ur friend request limit is max lol, if you want to play and talk just add me :)
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: Bored of Solo-Q
Oi o/ Not plat 5 yet, stuck in G1, but maybe we can talkerino :3
: Looking for 1 more to flex queue add: Propanganda Due or Soul Fight
: Gold III ADC looking for DuoQ Partner Gold III+
I'm in \o/ Prefer a normal to begin with to see your playstyle :3! I'll add ^w^
: I'll add you if you want to play with me. But it's only my first season playing LoL so I hope you don't mind. I main nothing atm, still figuring out how the game works. Started in bronze 3, currently silver 1 in promos for gold 5. Also I don't like flaming ragers.
Totally agree with the flaming stuff. I'd love to play, just add me as I said in the post :3!! <3
Ilien7 (EUW)
: Hey there,im gold adc also coming back from a bit of a break and struggling to have fun playing solo although thats pretty much how i've always played. From your post you look like pretty chill person so if you dont mind a bit of broken english let me know ;)
I told you, just add me :3! I like playing with everyone ^w^
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: E - That was kinda abrupt! Was going to suggest you tag along to some games and meet others and maybe change you're mind, feel free still. :)
I already told you - I'm interested in people, who got the courage to add me, and not a community :). You tried to force a community upon me, so no ty.
Careful (EUW)
: Repost - Searching for more friends :3
Btw folks, don't add me just to make jokes :). Don't claim you're joking when you're talking trash to me, oki? Read the post before adding me ^_^. Ps. Don't tell me not to use smileys when you do it yourself ^.^ - pointed at a specific person
: Hi I´m adc u can add me :D
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: yep
Yaaaas, flere danskere, uuuuhuuu xD
: Looking for someone to lvl with, friendly non raging person EUW im lvl 13 atm
Wait a sec... Do I know you??? XD Edit: Are you all new to the game or are you just making a new account?
: Janna onetrick LF duo d4+ (D3 60lp peak rank)
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: Players who wants really play for job and in pro level. (DIA-CHALLENGER)
Maybe you should add 50ShadesOfVarus, he might want to join you, though he thinks it's too much work to create a team so you probably have to gather the peeps ^_^
Hypas (EUW)
: You are just not able to undestand that making a team is completely different then joining a team but ohwell plat player talking
Why do you have a negative winratio? Nevermind, you wouldn't understand otherwise, keep assuming things. Don't talk down to someone just to feel better about your own rank. When you add someone you say hello and start talking, you don't just say "hi" and "oh" when someone tries to kick in a conversation with you xD
: Just skipping threw ur post history its obvious u have no hobbies besides commenting on posts so imma let u slide : ^)
Sure thing bro, I'm currently really bored and I at least try to make a conversation, don't get so butthurt because I asked ya {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Careful (EUW)
: Then we're two searching for a serious team {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Nevermind, you aren't open-minded about it and you're really awkward to type to, just forget about it :3
Hypas (EUW)
: Main adc looking serious team
Then we're two searching for a serious team {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Sykkuno (EUW)
: Why do you duo in rankeds?
Personally, I've always played soloQ - ever since I started playing ranked. Though I prefer playing full permade when it comes to ARAM and normals C: ! The reason behind my choice is the fact that I don't want to rely on someone else even though it's great sometimes. Furthermore I'm afraid that I'll lose that person as my friend if we end up getting mad at each other.
SmìLe (EUW)
: Main Supp looks for comeback
I like the way you're introducing yourself + writing what you expect from those who add you :D! I'll try to add ya - dw about my main champs, though I'm happy to meet **another** Janna main ^.^! I've sticked to support since that's the easiest way to carry when you're playing solo. Hit me up and I'll give you some more information ^_^
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