Shamose (EUW)
: Ok trying to google it I found: Link in 2015, not related the the state of the game. Dyrus recently, not related to the state of the game. And a couple of other streamer names which are all still playing league. So do you have any names or did you just make it up?
Should I write Names from players theyre still playing ;') to honor them to be able to play 24 7 this hilarious game without quitting? PS: close your mouth PPS: Dumb Random
Shamose (EUW)
: > It have a reason so many Pro Players and Streamers Which ones?
Just Google it you will find and after this season add NB3 to the list
Shamose (EUW)
: I like how you are linking a thread containing a comment by a Rioter on the topic. > Hi! We looked into this one pretty extensively when it was first reported and found that it Biscuits are not affecting /remake. There are other factors that could block the /remake (such as the afk player moving, etc.) but I can see why you might think it's some weird interaction with Biscuits because the timing lines up so well. >Receiving other items, such as Minion Demats, Viktor's item or a free Stopwatch also do not have any impact on /remake (we went ahead and checked all of those ones too, just to make sure).
I like How u Try to Defense this Game, It have a reason so many Pro Players and Streamers Stop playing this Hilarious game and its Impossible dumb staff team.


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