: League is not a platform to advertise for your own profit.
It is when that is in mutual interest with Riot. In fact the complete opposite/inverse is true. You are totally entitled to advertise for your own profit UNLESS Riot rules it out. The default position is that it's permitted, it's then up to you to read the fine print of the T&C to know for sure if your form of advertising is allowed or not and guess what? Streaming is completely celebrated and encouraged by them.
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: Agreed. His Kit are overloaded. Gapcloser, shields, self healing, aoe slow, massive burst potential. He has the best earlygame out of any jungler and never falls off. Yes he is a bit mechanical but only because his kit has so much utility. All he needs to do is R q q e and he's killed you.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Try putting a comp like that on summoner's rift You're all damage, you're hard to deal with, but you still lose in the end cause you got no front line and no cc. Gunslingers are great with on-hit items like disarm with some sort of glacial/knight/guardian frontline Or even Jinx (+ gunslinger) + brawlers for the vi hextech. No one goes full glacial or full knights only, cause you need a healthy mix of things
Frontline with gunslingers is usually from the third pirate until you buy MF. Then how can you have Frontline?
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Carrimi (EUW)
: Gunslingers need massive buff, it's actually disproportionate how underpowered they are.
Still in this patch it's happening, check my last 2 TFT games played. Gold tier synergy of gunslinger, 3 tier 3 champs in both games... poof dead. No one was lvl 9, only 1-2 lvl 8's, I was lvl 7.
Wannes (EUW)
: True. I am Iron I. Like I said, I Suck. With lvl 5 honor I mean I play while being nice, maybe that helps......
Yeah Iron players care very little about how bad teammates are doing so least fights will break out in general.
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: Fiora-weakpoints but predictable ?
Vital point always shows to the opposite side of before, which originally is on YOU VS THE WAY THAT FIORA'S SWORD IS FACING. What this means is, if her sword's tip is facing you, it either will be directly towards where he face is looking OR will be the opposite way, this seems random. The important part is to know that always when you go out of range and come back in, it will flip around the other way. The reason it seems random is because even though it is in strict rotation, if she's been vs another champion, the rotation won't be known to you unless you watched the fight's ending. This means that if fiora directly faces you, it is going to either point to behind you to the right (think 4 o clock position on a clock) or it's going to face the opposite of that (10 o clock position). I could be wrong, I am not sure if I got this exactly right, but there is definitely a pattern to it that seems to be linked to her arm.
Nonterino (EUNE)
: Good name for a fiora main???
Nonterino (EUNE)
: Good name for a fiora main???
: Well thanks for that history lesson that no one asked for. No anyone from plat or above knows that Silver and below the skill levels are so abominably bad that if you just learn to farm correctly, get the skills to pull off good trades in lane and not int in teamfights and you'll climb to gold in less than 100 games. Just look at how LS reacted to someone claiming they were stuck in Silver because of bad luck and team mates. He burst out laughing and told it as it is. Silver and below the skill level is so bad that there is no reason to be there unless you truly belong there because getting better at the game allows you to exploit the lack in skill in every other player. As for a challenger player with bad mechanics by all means find that person tell me their tag and I'll watch their games and happily explain to you why you're wrong. I don't know why I've gone this far to be honest. Of course you're silver yourself so you're going to go to any lengths to claim it's all complicated to climb ranks. You're not an authority to speak on matters of something you've never done or even come close to doing.
You're actually both wrong. Macro and Micro are two ways to climb. Neither is superior to the other. Every single challenger player has deep understanding of both. Some grandmaster players have slightly poor micro or slightly poor macro but are definitely extremely polished on one of the two. If you ignore one element, you will ignore others. Micro appears more innate talent, while Macro appears more learned knowledge but actually both require innate talent to fully pull off. Dopa is a Macro genius, his actual brain wiring and memory allow him to comprehend Macro in a way nearly no other player in entire LoL history can. This is why he hit Rank 1 so often in the most competitive server in LoL and on top of that could boost people, smurf on other accounts etc. He'd usually have 3 accounts in Diamond on top of his Challenger one, just to quickly switch when/if the admins caught on and banned him. Faker, Bjergsen and Perkz are Mechanical geniuses. Their brain wiring and memory allows them to create avenues of gameplay in high-risk scenarios, that very few humans could perceive. In fact, it is the very lack of perception in the enemy that enables them to truly capitalise on this. Macro is a purer form of genius, because Macro ingenuity is still shown regardless of the enemy having it as well. Macro is like chess, whereas Micro is like poker.
: > [{quoted}](name=N3TNINJAH,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=TH0E96pT,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-26T22:06:48.168+0000) > > THE IMAGE ON THE TOP IS TO SHOW THE HACKER IN MY ACCOUNT IN SEPTEMBER when I was out of country and never touched league since JULY 2019 ! I usually play MOSTLY Teemo and Gnar just casual !! > [{quoted}](name=Hexa XV,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=TH0E96pT,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-27T18:37:08.302+0000) > > My acc was not hacked. It is not really possible. I have other acc from season 2 and it was never ever hacked. You are contradicting yourself here, where you hacked or not?
You're replying to someone who isn't the OP, thinking they were the OP.
Gόld (EUW)
: "TFT Mission" Get a 3*Star* unit before Stage 3-1
It's plain idiocy to do this anyway, I am a gold ranked player so not the wisest but in my eyes there's NEVER a right time to have tier 3 by stage 3-1... Literally if you ever have this, you've synergised wrong. This is a toxic mission that directly requires you to play against your win-condition to attain the rewards.
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Super24Lily (EUNE)
: I disagree. Would love a mute chat system implement in TFT though :)
say /mute and username (case sensitive) say /pingmute or /muteping for that
: So you basicall have the stance, that flaming is okay, because the other player shouldn't care about it anyway? And I think if you do badly you lose games, if I drop from Gold1 to silver 3 I'm pretty sure I would understand, that I am a factor in losing many games, without someone flaming me on top. The sole reason to gain elo is basically, that others are doing worse than you anyway. And criticism!=flame, someone can tell in a nice way, that he doesn't agree with your items, or tell you 'hey mate, if you went more tanky, we might have won'
Exactly, he is just a bully sympathiser.
: As I said, if you wouldn't get negative feedback from anything you do bad in life, you'd think that you're doing fine. That's just how the world works, you do dumb stuff, you suffer negative feedback from the world. You put your hands on the stove, you get burned, then you don't put your hand again on the stove. If the only negative feedback you get from playing like crap is mmr loss then you might think that you're doing fine and you lost because of your other teammates. If no one talks smack to you when you're doing badly, then you won't evolve, and put the blame on others. I learned quite a lot from people flaming me, especially at first when i didn't build the correct items. People were spamming me with things like, look at your stupid build, you're a noob bla bla. Well i did get pissed off at first, but when the game ended i realized that they were right, they were just mad because i was basically one of the factors that were making them lose the game, and since then (which was what ? season 1 ?) i never really cared about anyone talking smack to me, cause if they are right then you can learn from it and if they ain't, then you shouldn't really care about it.
It is not the duty of a bully to let you know that you're doing bad. Why is the flamer matchmade with you if they're in any position to criticise your play? LOL! Stop talking like bullying is alright, it's not. It is the bullies who should get negative feedback for their bullying by being banned.
: They flaming you directly and that is definitely punishable and detected by the system. What you don't know is that instant feedback is very rare and is only sent to the last person that reported the punished player once the punishment is issued. In other words, a lot of the players you report will be punished, but it's very rare when you'll know about it. > Do you think it is possible to bypass the system even when behaving a way, that should yield a punishment Yes that's possible, the system can't always detect everything (like changing some letters in a word) or soft inting (feeding on purpose while making it seem like you're doing your best). If you see someone trying to outsmart the system, you'll have to send a support ticket so a human review the game. But for all the normal flaming like what you mentioned, reporting after the game is more than enough.
The Glacierr actually makes money doing soft-inting and admitting he's doing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AZm9Z2BPe8 So far 0 punishment from Riot, YT or Twitch for the content style/theme.
: Players think this game should be a haven where they can reside and not be bombarded with any negative thoughts even if they perform badly. Truth is that you need negative impulses whenever you do something bad to be able to improve, if you're doing badly and no one says anything about you, you might live the illusion that you're doing well and it's actually someone else's fault when in reality it's your fault. The way the punishment system works in this game is utterly illogical. You should expect getting negative feedback from other people when you perform bad but not take it on a personal level and scream for them to get punished, cause they shouldn't. Even if they wish bad things to you and your family, it ain't like those things would happen, just consider them to be mentally challenged people that have no good sense of what they're talking about. Everyone implies that you should be able to cooperate and be nice to everyone, but most of the time you simply cannot offer your kindness to people who do not deserve it. Stop living into an imaginary world my friend. Stop caring about other people flaming you, focus on improving and playing at the best of your abilities. Don't you see that most of the people on those boards tell you that it is your fault ? I understand you, but in truth it's only your fault cause you care about what others have to say, and complain about that, and people that complain about that end up getting you punished as well. You're part of the problem, but you can change.
The only punishment to playing badly should be loss of MMR, you're also hypocritical as he is 'criticising the criticisers' in this very post as well as in that game, making your point self-defeating.
: Anyone else getting a black screen when enterimg champ select ?
No, but I get this: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/1dFvHtjx-critical-error-bug
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: I will never understand why you are punished for playing good, by having bounty on your head, when people are rewarded for losing with catch-up exp.
Actually that was the single best update they ever did and likely will last forever in the game. It used to be that it stayed at 300 but the gold for a 'losing player who isn't gaining kills' lowered. They finally made it fair and enable comebacks to genuinely be viable when the leading team get too arrogant and the losing team get enough shutdowns. You really don't understand how 'stomp or surrender' the game was in older seasons if you speak ill of shutdown gold. You may have been around for a while and tell me 'no, I know how it used to be' but I don't believe you truly paid attention to how unfair the game was to a good player on the 'behind team' in the older seasons pre shutdown.
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: Thats still gambling and a procedure that hopefully will be illegal in games over the next years
I am of the opposite mentality, I don't believe in Sharia Law at all and think gambling is a healthy part of any competitive game.
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: wait, aren't you hashinshin? if i'm not mistaken he has this nick or something very similar back to the topic, i guess a good ranged champion could harass him and prevent him cs, or play some late game champ and just farm top without trading much
On NA he has this username, they can replicate for different users across servers.
: Yeah i see what you are saying here and here's my perspective .. i have been a support main since bronze 2 to plat 2 currently (alistar, rakan, pyke, blitz, thresh) and my champs just don't feel strong and here is why .. E GIRL SUPPORTS THAT ARE BRAINDEAD AND BROKEN BEYOND BELIEF (soraka, sona, lulu) .. and the prime example is soraka .. the %%%%% spams W on her adc and ults in a fight and auto wins everything .. healing reduction doesn't help at all and that's just one problem .. so yea they need to take a look at the game for real .. because why would you want a hook engageing champ when you can just get point and click healed every second ???
Soraka, Janna and Lulu takes a lot of brainpower to play. Pyke and blitz barely have to think about anything other than a landing a hook. I agree with you on Sona.
: quiting game cuz of the %%%%%%ed champions around
Either embrace the broken strategy or admit it's not as broken as you think. What is broken in 'can oneshot' is flawed in 'can be brutally stomped by most smart players in mid-late game if doesn't build hard and fast'. If there's a meta champion who is broken throughout, use the champion or ban it, dodge it if enemy picks if it's that broken.
RW Heaven (EUW)
: Which is your favourite splash art and why?
http://lol-wallpapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Vindicator-Vayne-Splash-Art-League-of-Legends-Artwork-Wallpaper-lol.jpg I find most league splash art fairly trashy (going away from the Lore to please the masses etc) but this is solid Vayne in all her glory.
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SoLjAaXx (EUW)
: Updating lol on a limited data plan
How do you even play the game on such a plan?
: I'm considering leaving LoL forever because of Toxicity and Harassment
If you play League because you think 'team game' means social, yeah it's hell. If you embrace what soloQ is and think of your teammates and enemies as basically animals that you're trapped in a dog-eat-dog scenario with and five wear a blue vest and five wear a red vest... the game becomes far more interesting even at its most toxic. It becomes a game of psychological warfare where the win condition, aside from hitting the enemy nexus, is to maintain your cool no matter what.
: Ahhh i've never played on EUNE but most people say it's one of the top 5 most toxic servers. Euw is probably similar tbh. I won't read the whole post because i can't right now, so i will just say that quitting league will most likely improve your life. This game is a virus that spreads and corrupts peoples mentals, causing you to be heavily negative to people. (Probably a very exagerated discription but you probably know what i mean). If you reconsider quitting, i would suggest muting everyone in chat, or moving the chat off screen. Every game the chat will be in the same position you move it too (you can do the same with the ff button).
In a game that only has what? 9 servers? being in the 'top 5 most toxic' is hardly a particularly trashy rank.
: Why in god's name does Tryandamere's ulti have a 110/100/90 cd?
This is why you build essence reaver on tryn, ppl think the mana passive i such a waste, it's barely a waste vs the 20% cdr and still legit crit and ad.
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Deeto (EUW)
: Is this a joke?!!!
The pain of failure is the fuel for success. Do not be afraid to cry, be only afraid to stop trying to get better rank! Hooya!
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: That's why i never show my pick. Cause people troll ban me if they don't agree.
This is a suboptimal gambling mentality. You're going to increase the frequency of your champ getting banned by doing that.
: Broken client
Carrimi (EUW)
: Normal blind 2 soraka glitch
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: "slightly" is an understatement, I bet the only reason it was banned was the massive facepalm whatever bot was sent to review it inflicted on themselves.
Real mods deal with reports where the issue is inappropriate name etc. Bot system is only used when MANY in the same game report a person, that's instant flagging and instant automated punishment and chat restriction if it happens to you too often.
: Again, none of these qualities were adeqately displayed on PoTC to really support your very tenuous link. Certainly nothing strong enough to form, as you say a "crystal clear analogy". Jack sparrow may be anarchic, and mad (none of which are qualities which Darius is supposed to have btw) but the films don't show enough of him as a leader to see how much freedom he gives people, or what they do if they are a burden. In fact, he seems to get involved with and even go back for people who frequently "were a burden". Very un-darius like. The same is true of Geoffery Rush's Barbossa character. You simply don't have enough data to infer how much protection he offers people or what he demands for that protection. It doesn't matter whether you are talking personality traits or lore, this is still a really poor link between these characters.
No, it's a brilliant link between them and frankly I could not care less what you think of said link. You're the type of guy who thinks that by calling mine poor you look any 'better' but you're even more 'poor' at linking since you didn't offer a better one within the PotC universe.
: No, I find your analogy terribly stretched and ill fitting. Garen's lore and default appearance portray him as a champion of justice and light..... which is nothing like the Barbosa at all. Darius on the other hand is a feared general who believes in never retreating. Compare this to the comical, rarely feared Jack sparrow character who spends half the films running away from things! I think this is a "crystal clear analogy" you _**want**_ to see, rather than one which is actually there.
If you think Garen is some good guy and not a Tyrant then you dont understand. It's a choice between an anarchic madman (Darius) who will let you be free as long as you're not a burden and a tyrannical narcissist (Garen) who will let you be protected so long as you are totally subservient. Sparrow is far more Darius and Barbossa is far more Garen.
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