Angrex (EUW)
: Both systems are terrible.
Shamose (EUW)
: Why though? The tribunal was slow and inconsistent. Why would we need it back?
Well better a slow and inconstent system than no system at all i would say altough i don't give a shit about it a little trolling never hurts
SepharU (EUNE)
: Morganas Q are one of the best abilities in LOL
Everyone in this Thread:
: This is a super delicate subject - mainly because it's one of those things that's very difficult to find a balance with. On one hand, the current system is flawed in the way you have advised. On the other hand, if Riot made it easier to surrender, then you'd have the opposite problem if people surrendering as quickly as possible - because people seem to have this mentality that the game is over in the first 10 minutes for some reason - and we'd be on the opposite end of the spectrum. You also give much more power to premades in a system like that as well. My question to you is: If you would like to change it to how you've suggested, what would you do to counter the issue of people surrendering too often instead?
Well lets see what is even the priority here? Should players have fun in their games or competitive contest over everything else? For the first: How about the enemies getting a vote if they want to accept a surrender aswell and in the case that the mayority of your team + total mayority of all players wants to end the game then i think the game shouldn't force everyone on it. For the latter: Make a surrender vote only available if the team in question is 1. behind in total team gold by more than 20% and/or 2. have at least lost 1 inhibitor. Also abstaining from vote should count as regular "no". Or alternatively: How about a second vote option for a tie that can also be triggered before minute 10 for cases when 1 team has an unfair advantage for some unforeseeable reason and both teams (total majority) has the sportsmanship to just remake the game.
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: your rank
Well its not Iron 4 yet but im working on it :)
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: lol players logic
and your point is... ?
Daeix (EUW)
: This game is all about snowball at the moment
It's funny to read this after another 2 years of ever getting worse snowball mechanics upgrades
: "Its only preseason"
Well it's just an excuse that's used to make someone feel better about himself if it weren't preseason it would instead just because of "ping" or anything. Also the same goes for: "It's just flex" or "it's just normal" whenever their is some made up reason available to make themselves look good or less bad it will be used, because (although he gets matched with ppl he will never see again in his life) it is somehow important what others are thinking about him, humans are just %%%%%%ed like that.
: Thanks for that. I was going to get a t-shirt made with "Bronze 4 Life" on it. Shame, I'll have to change that now! xd "Iron in my soul" or "Fe forever" or "Iron heart" hmmm...gonna have to re-think this.
: Only say things that are related to trying to win the game, or something positive
Or nothing at all also works great for me :) i was honor level 5 previous season and level 4 this season, without even trying.
: You have to create a new account. - Perm bans aren't lifted
simple, yet effective
: Isn't the entire reason why someone doesn't want to play autofill because he is not familiar with that role and therefore more likely to lose? Your method makes losing also way more likely, so it achieves absolutely nothing except putting your account at risk.
How does that put any account at risk? There is no way to get back to you on that, also as long as you avoid the chat you can do anything you want anyway, because there is only some bs kind of word detection filter handing out punishments and it strongly looks like that the chat is its only input source.
: About game and what he turned to become
: Is our system of punishment working ok?
What if i told you that punishment doesn't work?
: They are fine as they are. This would only serve to make games longer than they are now.
well first longer games would be better and second they could also remove 1 or 2 towers to adjust for this.
Jsp (EUW)
: This spell used to be the answer to your problem.. Top laner picked TP and fortify or flash and fortify. The spell makes EVERY SINGLE TURRET in your team INVURNERABLE, DOUBLE ON ATTACK SPEED and DEAL SPLASH DAMAGE. Enemy chogath tanking the turret? FORTIFY and force chogath to leave.
yep fortify and clairvoyance definitely have to come back!
: No thank you. I don't want laners towerhugging for 20 minutes because diving them will kill you. And by all means i don't want junglers AFK farming because, again, towers can't be dived so they are better off farming for mid game when lanes can actually be won, for real. If i play bad i'm more than fine with losing my tower after 2-3 deaths, if i really deserve it (and let's just say that many feeders DOES deserve it). I don't need the tower babysitting me.
yeah right, because making towers useful suddenly equates to making them insuperable, nice troll.
Blitzz (EUNE)
: when u try ur best but u dont suceed
Welcome to life kid, it happens to everyone, all the time :)
: Logged in after a year and banned
: Can we please stop with the lock in toss out of queue feature.
What is even the point of pre selecting a champ when i get auto kicked anyway? Or why is the no ban option even there when it doesn't get used? It's so stupid.
: How often are you allowed to intentionally feed?
Gatygun (EUW)
: Bard is the most useless champ in dominion.
: How i go bronze 5 form g4
well unfortunately you will have to lose every single game all by yourself when you want to be with the bronze elite. it's also not so easy as it looks, i can tell you :)
: Hard bots potentially cant be beaten by some newbie going Lethality/AD Talon either. Ppl can choose to learn and inform themselves and if they dont want to, you cant force them. There is tons of learning material available.
too bad it's not in the game ;)
: I have yet to see a single game where they managed to have bots successfully simulate human player behaviour.
thats not even needed bots just have to be hard enough that a new player can realize that it is probably not a good idea to build ap on talon.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: The bots are weak because riot wants people to play against other players. They are also sufficient when it comes to practicing the basics. Besides, bronze players are sometimes worse than intermediate bots.
excellent reasoning, well then i guess riot doesn't care about their players getting to play with absolute noobs (the real meaning of the word) that doesn't even have a chance to know what a ward is or that you don't build thornsmail on ashe as first item and that they probably only learn after 20 games when they get told so the first time *slow clap*
: How in the hell a lvl 45 is asking such a question,
i'm playing with some player that never ever played mobas before lately and it starts getting on my nerves
xGunna1 (EUW)
: items rework bestest idea in the history of LOL
so your damage items neutralizing your tank items and vice versa? Then you are either tank, glass cannon or useless great idea!
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Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: oki good point ... still even if they made her likethis i will not play a girl like her
oh there will be hell of a lot of people who will definately pick her and if it's only because they get off on the splash art.
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: she need a buff ... she is shit
ikr, she needs true damage based on percentage of enemy maximum life and her cooldowns lowered, also remove the mana on her and give her MS based on the damage she deals. Also she should have a passive that resurrects her with full life when she dies and make her invul for 10 sec after the channel.
kipop (EUNE)
: Let's talk about aatrox
you won't, they should remove him from the game, that would save a lot of trouble for everyone.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Who deserves a buff?
: But I want to get S on that 'noob champ'
well then better get 21/0 with 500 cs, it's not that hard
: You are compared to other people who have played the same champ in your region. So if you play OP champs you have to perform OP scores. Plus EVERYTHING is factored in. An important part is vision. It is a huge part of the game and therefore factored in pretty heavily. You bought no control ward. The good side is. I bet if you just had bought 3 or 4 and placed them. May be even killed some enemy wards with them you had easily gotten S+. And seriously you can just get one on every back. It helps your team a lot ;)
: Why is it so hard to get an S?
because you play noob champs play something that actually needs skill
: I feel so stupid
i also took a shit this morning
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: [Bad Balance Idea] Reworking klepto
This is what you call a "Bad Balance Idea"? I have a better one: make klepto literally remove items from your enemy and give it to you, now that's unbalanced.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: /fullmute all Avoid using keyboard
: Could someone give me advice not to tilt in games and have fun?
why would you want to do that? It's the whole point of the game to go on tilt and make fun of your teammates, at their miserable attempts to "win" the game, that just is the fun part.
2Spicy (EUW)
: Does Riot care about reformed players?
Doomley (EUW)
: Win streaks will not help your LP gains. It's exactly the opposite. If you go on a streak, you will reach your actual mmr sooner, which means less LP gains. If you are already at your actual mmr with your rank, going on a win streak will raise your rank faster than your MMR which means less LP gains and more LP losses.
> [{quoted}](name=Doomley,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lvPokuJE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-01T19:45:37.303+0000) > > Win streaks will not help your LP gains. It's exactly the opposite. > > If you go on a streak, you will reach your actual mmr sooner, which means less LP gains. If you are already at your actual mmr with your rank, going on a win streak will raise your rank faster than your MMR which means less LP gains and more LP losses. yeah thats kinda the bullshit he is complaining about. But the actual answer is simple: Riot wants you to play this game forever. OK maybe not forever but you should play as many games as possible and when you can reach your desired Rank too fast, you wouldn't play as many games so the algorithm slows you down, easy as that.
: I like to play Ivern
Update: altough i'm playing a lot of Ivern the matchmaking seems to adjust for my "bad skill" and doesnt let me climb to bronze V, but man is everyone flaming :)
: Ivern not rewarded for taking Krugs
11 month ago ivern still sucks
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: How it will end: 1st pick and ban [short p&b] (2 minutes): Player A was lucky, he got his role and the champion that he wanted (lets say the {{champion:157}} ). But the enemy team player who also wanted a {{champion:157}} decides to dodge. 2nd p&b (9 minutes): Player A was unlucky, he got autofilled. So he dodges. 3rd p&b (16 minutes): Player A doesn't have any other dodges, so he needs to play. But the autofilled team member decides to dodge. 4rd p&b (25 minutes): Guess what? Someone dodged! Poor Player A. ... 7th p&b (52 minutes): At last, Player A can play! Everything went smooth. But what's going on? Player Z d/c-ed at the start of the game! Lets remake! After this Player A needs to spent one weak in hospital, because he had broken his arm when hitting the desk in rage. For the next 4 weeks he will need to wear a bandage without possibility to use one hand. Poor Player A. Of course, he will not ready any of this as he will spent next few months in the defunct mental health facility. So... I would say that this is not the best idea. :)
valryth (EUW)
: stop the dodge queue penalty
dodge penalty should really get toned down a bit
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