: The thing is that overloaded and overpowered aren’t the same thing... yasuo isn’t really meta and hasn’t been for a while now, you still have plenty of die hard mains making him always popular and enough people hating him/his mains to keep his ban rate high but he’s never really been overly strong especially recently. The reason champions like azir has lost stuff from their kit is because they’ve been an active problem, yasuo hasn’t been a problem (just hated) so does he really deserve to be nerfed or stuff removed. And his kit isn’t that overloaded by today’s standards tbh... only weird thing in his kit is the R armour shred the rest has at least a compelling argument for being there
Isnt yasuo really meta. still high banned high pick rate. He is played allot in the bottem lane. i play in diamond + and i see him lots of games. and did i write he is overpowerd no i wrote his kit is overpowerd. and hated doesnt deserve a nerf. Lots of people dont like jayce teemo quin dont say they need nerfs. Yasuo his kit is too extreme and he does needs some balence changes. Check out other champs like Akali irelia azir, all bottem winrate champions with low pick rates yasuo High pickrate with decent winrate.
Antenora (EUW)
: 0.6 and 0.7 are actually pretty high ratios.
specially for an ability like that.
: Why is Yasuo still so overloaded and gets nothing removed over the time
i dont find Pantheon E stronger because Pantheons E blocks for him self and Yasuo windwall Blocks for entire team and the windwall is Big AF
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: NERF GAREN RIOT HOLY {{champion:86}}
people disliking this post WHatever i didnt read it but i do agree garen needs nerfs the nerfs he gets next patch are very minor Riot games want garen to be overpowerd
: So I need help about Talon.
uhhh talon can one shot champions at lv 2 so its u
Iverrn (EUW)
: Ivern rushes mobi boots, which makes him walk very fast, faster than most junglers. his Q is not very hard to land but its very valuable as a gap closer, think of nasus and renekton now. you are judging this champ as a jungler based on his damage but we both know hes not meant to damage, hes meant to peel, support and find targets for his carries. IMO he is one of the best junglers if you play him like a janna instead of a master yi.
Iverns Q is hard to hit specially in late. ye u can hit it on the front line but do u really want to use ur Q in the front line Daisy is like the most useless ultimate in game the enemy team can use it to leach HP of
: i think shaco deserved it the guy was going through hell with patches for 2 seasons straight garen however can get nerfed this is too much haha
he does deserve to be balenced but he is overpowerd right now. just a small nerf to make him more balenced.
Rioter Comments
: No one knows yet, but we should get to see a teaser today or the next few following days. Victorious Skins are revealed/teased around 1 Month ahead of the end of the season - on November 19th this time; which was yesterday with October 19th. Can't be that long no more. It'll be an ADC or a Supporter as those are the two roles missing from the 2nd Team Cycle of Victorious skins that currently fills Maokai as the Toplaner, Graves as the Jungler, and Orianna as the Midlaner. There are many possible candidates. {{champion:145}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} and many more. I was to say Alistar would have been a possibility too, but he got Conqueror earlier this year, so he is disqualified for the choice of Victorious Skin for this year.
{{champion:145}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:43}}
: Some nerfs are on the way
the nerfs are nothing he will still remain overpowerd
Ratatouka (EUW)
: ivern gets less gold and exp than other junglers
Ivern is one of the worst champs ever for jungling if u ask me. Compare him to others When ivern walks for a gank very slowly he has to hit his Q which is hard and when he lands it it deals little damage his E deals little damage little slow. When an elise comes in for a gank hits a E which is easier then iverns then she gets a 1.5 second stun then she can all in and deal insane amounf of damage. Lee sin can shield just like ivern aswell slow enemies and deal insane damage and with his ultimate he can make crazy plays. Ivern cant i love ivern but he is so weak
SuperJunk (EUW)
: when voli and ornn oneshot you with full tank items it is normal, but when they die after some attacks under conqueror and few damage from max health or defence reduction items, oh tanks are not tanky anymore? if they make tanks that tanky what you want, then they have to nerf their damage, and mostly tanks which do damage from max health and have low cd
ive never got one shoted by a ornn. Volibear is more like a juggernaut like darius and garen they dont have CC spells but they do are tanky as %%%%k and deal damage
saibot420 (EUNE)
: Buff Aurelion Sols Ultimate Width
what bothers me more is that it only deals 150 base damage it should be 250 if u ask me and at rank 3 it should deal 500 base damage or higher.
: {{champion:36}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:106}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3076}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3143}}{{item:3075}} {{item:3068}}{{item:3065}}
{{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:1416}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3151}} + so many champs carry true damage armor reduction % hp damage
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: Tanks arent Tanky anymore
Bruisers have heals and deal insane damage and are mobile.
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Agape (EUW)
: Any Buffs planned for my Aatrox?
well aatrox just needs more counterplay/ if u get his by his first Q then its hard to dodge the other parts and when he hits his 3 Q combo then he always gets a kill. so making his Q easier to dodge in return of some compisation buffs
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: Its a waste of time maining Qiyana
I dont care for worlds. balence the game for the 0,1 % of the playerbase or balence the game for the 99% Riot should make a different patch that can only be used for pro players. So the 99% of the players can enjoy every champ in the game Even the one tricks cant play theire champs because they are too weak for solo Q. {{champion:268}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:517}}
: Qiyana way stronger than Zeo ore Syndra. She have dashes, true invisibility, AOE knock back, Huge AOE Stun, OP scaling.
She doesnt scale her late game is bad her early is strong
Rioter Comments
: I am curious why Panth is perma banned in worlds
{{champion:246}} newest champion and has one of the lowest winrates of all champs. How much more can Qiyana get nerfed.
: Isnt qiyana A/S in solo queue?
her low winrate pickrate say no. she is at bottem tier
Rioter Comments
: just tell me 1 healthy that riot release recently? Hope that answer your rengar rework question ^-^
{{champion:78}} {{champion:20}}
Rioter Comments
: Karma's current state?
people on the boards will disagree but dont pay attention to them Karma is clearly a weak support. Shields are weak speed buff is weak her W is meh and her Q is good but she doesnt have an powerfull ultimate like others supports Janna ult great disengage and heals a ton Soraka global heal Sona powerfull stun Lulu great disengage and buff Yuumi great aow CC Nami powerfull engage disengage tool
Rioter Comments
: Tell me how kassadin is balenced
everyone says kassadin has a weak early there are champions with a weak early like him aswell and they dont even get so much power late game
Rioter Comments
: they buff him next patch.
Rioter Comments
Virosus (EUW)
: fiora
her winrate is negative because all the noobs are playing her because she got buffed.
: I'm sorry did you somehow miss that a taliyah knockback into her mines is basically an insta kill on any champion And that if her q lands all 5 hits (relatively easy) it's one of the highest damage abilities in the game Taliyah has INSANE damage
insta kill lol. it doesnt deal that much damage only when super fed. her W is hard to hit. if ahri hits E then its an auto kill
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Taliyah's Kit and Current Meta
i find Taliyah kit a bit lame. she has 0 ways of defending. She deals little damage
rageex (EUNE)
: How do i find a main champion?
{{champion:142}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:246}}
Nexus10 (EUW)
: About Zoe
I know right she should deal more damage. Dont cry about Zoe its stupid that people find her OP Compare her to other champs.People are like Zoe lands E then ur death Ahri Lands E ur death aswell and she has mobility to hit it If zoe R isnt save to use its pretty dangerous in lots of situations. If lux hits Q then she gets a kill aswell
DeejayF (EUW)
: How is Diana balanced?
Her AP ratios are so high she rushes Heavy AP items and one shots with a click of a button
: New Riven Skin
Freijlord taliyah looks like a nothern waterbender Riven does like a bit like Princess Azula
: Nederlands eSports Venue Team opzoek naar spelers
ik ben een Diamond 2 1 mid laner en woon dicht bij eindhoven
: he wasnt even that strong
Rioter Comments
: Which champion's laugh is your favourite?
: how is rengar balanced?
he just needs a rework. his last one failed. a complete new gameplay design. one shoting without 0 counterplay is just too unhealthy if u ask me
: Can we have a new Taliyah
i find her W hard to hit. her E should deal more damage so people actually fear dashing through it. and her base stats are too weak aswell i would say just a couple of buffs
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