: i need to poop
i POOPED IT still HURTS its like my butthole was on fire i think my turd weighted 7 courics
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: Karthus is a problem
idk why people find zoe strong every AD assasin can crap on her
: totaly agree. And all people who talk against that and say your just bad etc. are the Riot white knights who actually play 10 games a day wasting so much time on this game just to keep up with the changes made
atleast u have a brain all the others who commented are just saying the same they are all conformist everyone is always defending riot and sucking theire %%%%ks but this game has changed in the wrong way in people never admit that the game sucks these days
: totaly agree. And all people who talk against that and say your just bad etc. are the Riot white knights who actually play 10 games a day wasting so much time on this game just to keep up with the changes made
atleast u have a brain all the others who commented are just saying the same they are all conformist
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: Gonna quit LoL now
Riot never fix this game . the thing i hate is the lose and win thing when u lose u lose allot when u win u win a few times. u always get match maked with apes when u lose once
YfaisalY (EUNE)
: buffs/nerfs
they need to change the mark system. maybe that the marks arent visible to the enemy team. or that not only the enemy jungle is marked .
Kioshek (EUNE)
: Same with Leona, Tahm, Zilean. No shield, heal.. ^^ It's all come to the fact, that every champ is designed to do something. Not every support needs to heal... not every support have hook. It's just so they are not the same.
leona has disenage and good engage she can build support items , tham kench can protect the adc with the eat ability zilean can buff the adc with speed and revive him
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: Need help with Katarina.
katarina isnt that strong in this patch she is on the weak side . and as zed u should beat her easily
: Rek'Sai should be ''unreworked''
champions with these kinds of ults are always so weak that they become unplayable . champs with these ults are always abused in LCS and there for unplayable for solo Q
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: A new Jayce skin
Jayce needs some buffs and a new skin maybe pool party Jayce id like to see him shoot water missles
: Ninja Annie, Samurai Poppy and Nightblade Camille
ninja annie and sammurai poppy doesnt work a heavily armored samurai no . + a dark little girl who is a ninja . Ninjas are suppose to be mobile and sneaky and annie is nothing like that
MarcoDeff (EUW)
: The Old Man
a The New Ryze rework
Rioter Comments
: You just said he shouldn’t get a rework then said he should. But remember that a lot of the time riot will attempt to preserve aspects of the old kit so long as it’s healthy and iconic... for example ww mostly kept his entire kit, poppy kept her E, sion kept his W... blitz won’t be blitz without his Q but a rework doesn’t mean he will lose it
If Blitz Q stays the same that means his other abilities will still be weak his Q is just too powerfull and too balence that then blitz his other abilities has to be weak . Maybe blitz his Q should be a grab like nautilus his Q
Rioter Comments
: A champion I want to see reworked. (Blitzcrank)
i dont think blitz really get reworked he has one iconic ability and He isnt blitzcrank anymore without his Q . but i do think he needs a rework a full VGU he relies on his Q when so much champions have escapes these days its almost impossible for him to grab someone when almost every champ has a dash or a blink , or whatever
Naranjo1 (EUNE)
: 'See more stats' still missing, I want Rioter's response
yes i miss it too now no one can see my penta kills and stats
King Lego (EUNE)
: Yeah sorry about that. I'll edit it in. Yeah i agree on what you said. It makes them somewhat tanky. Is the cooldown for that item short or long?
the cooldown is decent but the item should be removed cuz its unfair to play against
: when elise comeack like a overpower.. she need some buffs
elise is already getting some major buffs on the pbe Her W will deal damage and her movement speed in human and spirder form are up
King Lego (EUNE)
: That's kind of true. This is even unfair to AP assassins too. I am kind of aware about this, but i probably should have mentioned that too?
yes u should have mentioned that . i main Katarina thats a AP assasin . i can win against a Zed yasuo or Talon in lane Untill he buys a Hexdrinker . Im unable to burst them because of that massive shield . its like playing against a tank with that item . Mages can buy the {{item:3191}} but mages need Mana so buying that is no option
King Lego (EUNE)
: Mages vs Assassin...IS THIS EVEN FAIR?
Its AD assasins who are unfair to play against AP assasins have more counterplay and AD assasins have access to {{item:3156}} and that item makes them unburstable
: Changes in Poppy
i agree with u. IDK why riot nerfs poppy was she that overpowerd ? NO she was underperforming . Garen gets buffed out of nowhere all AD assasins got overbuffed and conqueror is still stupidly broken and with the new items tanks will be underpowerd as hell
: My first impressions of Pyke
his ult is way too broken
: URF on the weekends VOTE
: Announcer Voice packs
NightBlue as announcer, his voice is funny or maybe imaqtiepie As long its not Tyler1 i hate him and if he is the announcer then i quit league
WajdyFazza (EUNE)
: 'No counter play' *laughs in Camille's ult* {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
veigars E is like Camiles ult but then its aow and it stuns for 2. 5 seconds if u touch the walls and it has a lower cooldown . but u can flash or teleport or blink out of his E unlike camiles R . and u can knock camile out of his R to end the cage
: Leblancs interesting balancing
Riot forgot too add counterplay in leblanc's kit She has hardcore burst damage at lv 3 if u hit ur combo then u always get like 70% of theire health bar off 90% with ignite
: i Miss Accension , Dominion , Blood moon
what about star guardian that mode was fun the only thing that sucked about star guardian was that it was too difficult . Doom bots was the most awfull game mode ever it made me tilt
: Well, we had blood moon around a month ago, and I do miss ulting as poppy in ascension. But I also miss hexakill abit, nexus siege, and my favorite Nemesis draft
i totally forget about nemesis draft and nexus siege . what was nemesis draft again
Rioter Comments
: Master Yi
some people just say CC him but thats not so easy . Yi has a ability called Alpha strike that ability dodges enemy abilities he dodges a Hard CC ability for example . Yi is so fast that its hard to hit skillshots on him and bursting a yi is super hard cuz he is tanky cuz of the red smite and cuz of his W damage reduction . in my opinion its the rageblade who is overpowerd and conqueror . not yi
ˉsorry (EUW)
: Why are FULL TANKS doing more damage than anyone else right now?
1. mundo is overpowerd atm but some tanks deal insane damage {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:27}} And some tanks deal 0 damage {{champion:32}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:57}} And some champs make tanks look like squishies {{champion:11}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:110}} there are no ways for tanks to build agains them
Rille (EUNE)
: Don't play Zed.
u act like zed is underpowerd but thats why he is banned so much, cuz he is underpowerd ?. if u ask me he got overbuffed like all other AD assasin when the duskblade got nerfed . AD assasins like Zed destroy AP assasins in the early game making them useless and they make the Adc useless cuz he destroys adc in no time. Adcs cant build zhonyas so there is no counterplay for them towards zed.
Nilly00 (EUW)
: The true problem with League of Legends (spoiler its not the balance)
Every new champ or rework are always too overloaded and they always too frustrating to play against {{champion:28}} one shots As soon as she is lv 6 and u cant see her coming. stealth champs need more counterplay {{champion:39}} 3 dashes and full of Damage and outplay potentiol a bit too much {{champion:107}} NO counterplay {{champion:141}} blue form one shots without hitting abilities just click on R and auto and kill Red form can dive in 1 vs 3 press R when ur low hp after u used ulti u are full HP again and can burst 2 people. {{champion:7}} NO COUNTERPLAY
: New Champ
Riot needs to stop making global roaming abilities these champs are always hard to balence and gets abused in LCS or High Elo and they are unplayable for solo Q just like {{champion:136}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:223}}
Mattheos (EUW)
: BEST IVERN RUNES PATCH 8.9 - League of Legends
Do u think Ivern needs more Buffs . In my opinion he definitily needs more Buffs But then towards Daisy i think all of Daisy's Stats should be way higher . Daisy is only usefull in the early game in the mid late game Daisy is useless AF And no one sees him as a thread so i think all of his Stats should be way higher Damage , Attackspeed , movement speed , Health , magic Armor . or Daisy should have more Attack speed Movement speed Damage whenever u shield Daisy and the explosion range should be higher.
Pharcon (EUW)
: Any support jungler is a good pick by default
Season 8 Killed Ivern we want him back the way he used to be and that is a strong jungler
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: mastery yi alpha strike is not a spell
Yi's Alpha is just bullshit he shouldt block abilities that champ needs more counterplay he already got his W too block abilities
Modifi (EUW)
: I miss old nidalee
i miss her aswell but now i play zoe and that works aswell and sometimes zoe can have insane escapes but u just have to be lucky to pick up spells
Ganki (EUW)
: what are your requirement mate?
u need to have atleast one nipple and u cant be my mom and u need to have a brain and u cant be a Yasuo main
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: Tristana says old quote upon pick
i miss that quote let it stay that way
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