Krauz (EUW)
: Bring ryze's shields back riot !
He just needs another Rework. a Brand new ultimate and stuff
: Janna is the only Champ that can Shield Turrets, but its never worth it. :(
: why does qiyana even exist.
her INSANE CC u say. her Water Q CC duration is almost nothing
Pieter741 (EUW)
: Heimerdinger still viable top?
He is more like an Cheese pick
: FIddlesticks meme
i dont understand it
: Is new Pantheon bad ?
he is getting some buffs on the PBE ATM. But i think he isnt that bad his LV 1 is still super strong. If he put a skill on W on lv 1 tho.
Eagl (EUW)
: ADC is a dead role ?
Adcs are strong tho. they can take over the game and 2 vs 8 with a decent support once they get ahead.
: how is kai'sa balanced?
her winrate aint that high because 1 people dont know how to build with her 2 lots of stupid people play her only because she is Op in many ways
SayDaddy (EUW)
: draven should be nerfed
The Tyler 1 fan boys dont want him nerfed. He is overpowerd and if half of the people werent a T1 wannabe then his winrate should spike up even more. his passive is too op for a champ who dominates the lane so easily.
: She isn’t weak, just difficult... she is on a tear through pro play at the moment (87% presence this patch) and a great win rate to boot so she’s getting pretty close to pick or ban status... so no it’s not surprising in the slightest
yes her ultimate is pretty strong . but its also pretty easy to dodge if u ask me. when she got released i knew her ultimate would get nerfs. but i find the rest of her kit ok. But i find there is room for buffs in utility. Many Assasins have ways to get in and out of the fight and qiyana doesnt really have it. but i think her W should be buffed so she get more attack speed and a little more damage so she could jungle
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: i really want to buy the new infernal Galio skin But.......
Good news Galio is getting buffed next patch. Q Cooldown lowered from 14 -10 to 12 - 10 W damage increased by 30 at all ranks This wont be enough his ultimate numbers need to buffed. Damage cooldown etc
: /remake needs to be reworked
i Totally agree, but what bothers me more is that the Afk reconnects at 2:50 and makes the team unable to remake
: It’s not a case of riot nerfing all solo laners who turn up in the jungle, hell if they did that they’d have to hit vi... riot attempted to nerf these champions and then when that didn’t work removed them from the jungle. Karthus hasn’t been a jungler for as long, nor has he been tweaked as much. And given how his play rate has dropped to near nothing in pro play it shows that there are flaws to it. > Maybe its just me but i hate getting my HP bar blown away by an outplay button who is undodgeable besides from a zhonyas. Karthus ult is one of the most dodable things in the game... there’s a litteral meme of how easy it is to stop {{champion:12}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:26}} can all stop it on themselves or an ally. that’s about 1/3rd of the champion pool. You’ve then got {{item:3102}} {{item:2419}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3026}} {{summoner:21}} {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:3}} Saying it’s undodgable is outright wrong... karthus ult is extremely easy to counter, to the point where karthus was only considered viable after PoM was added because he got ult actually ult faster than some of these counters... outside of that unless he is getting kills there’s no reason why you can’t use these to stop him, and there’s no champion who can’t buy at least one of them
How can Alistar Anivia BC Evelyn Garen Janna Ivern Kalista Karma Kled Lulu Lux Morde Morgana Pyke Reksai Shaco Shen Swain Tham Warwick Zed Zac Zilean stop his ult. A itsy tiny shield wont do much against a spell like that. and its oke if u can dodge it but how about the rest of ur team. u cant rely on banshei or Stop watch they are mostly proced. The only item that can stop his ult is zhonyas. The rest is just a small shield to block some of the damage. but there is no such thing as a 1000 damage shield.
Forte (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7Rwxem5p,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2019-08-19T22:22:00.455+0000) > > But shen ult can only be used on allies as well, and shares the same cooldown as Galio ult... so that argument is moot. > > And again I don’t think his ult should have the cooldown buffed because he is weaker, that doesn’t actually solve as much as you’d like... instead I’d prefer they’d use the power void left by flash taunt to put more power into his ult so it’s on par with others of its class. Shen is stronger than galio at the current state of the game which is why he is an exception to what I said. The reason why I'm saying that they cd should be reduced is because is because since he's weaker by himself at least he'd be able to help other lanes which in the end makes him a viable pick.
Galio ultimate should have lower cooldown not 180 but like 140 130 at rank 1 and his base damage could be up by 100 at all ranks.
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Forte (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7Rwxem5p,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-19T21:36:04.233+0000) > > It’s still semi global teleport, which gives it a high cooldown. It’s around the same as the other semi global teleports in the game (they range from 200-140... highest being Galio and shen, lowest being tahm). > So it’s just being consistent with others of its catagory (though as the flash taunt has been removed personally I would like to see at least some of its power returned, perhaps more damage resistance or bigger knock up). I have to disagree. Galio ult is only meant to assist an ally, you can't engage with it unless you have someone else starting the fight. Pantheon and tf ults can in a way be considered as teleport ults but not galio. Its cd should be lowered since he's much weaker now.
Galio was first picked allot in LCS but now no one ever picks him. so now he should be buffed. Same for Other death champions who arent picked anymore
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Choppa n1 (EUW)
: Friendlist gone ?
this happened to me a few times in the past aswell. but then my friends never got restored they where perma deleted
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Maybe because his buff is almost invisible? They removed like 1-2sec of cd from one ability... And as long as it's not E he will engage the same number of times. Its literally only helping him to lane easier (pve).
there is no escape from Jax. the 2 seconds can be pretty good when he needs to escape or chase on someone
SebaSebS (EUW)
: Buffed Jax, %%%% it Riot
so funny how people dislike this post when its true. Why did jax got buffed ??? was he underpowerd ?NO He was A/S Tier already.
: 15lp per win 66% winrate
what is worse is matchmaking. The Win streak lose Streak thing. I dropped from D1 to D4 with a lose streak of like 15. since the release of 9.14
: Stop Playing Ezreal " ADC "
i never liked him on my team. its always like this for example. Leona goes all in and the Ezreal is in the back missing his Q and not even Auto attacking once. i used to ban him because he was quite populair and i dont want one in my team
: Xin Zhao needs a horse!
There is already a horse riding in league . Yuumi riding hecarim .
MarcusNMA (EUW)
Star Guardian {{champion:79}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:54}}
: is Draven overpowerd ???
A lane bully with an Passive that grants him so much Gold ya that is balenced
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Torkl (EUW)
: Lucian is the strongest early adc, but only if you play him correctly with short trades.. Spamming threads on forum is not gonna help you either..
correct lucian is the second strongest early adc {{champion:119}}
: What do you do when you are sad?
Listen to Queen and sing along. Or Cuddle with ur Cats and if u dont have Cats just watch Cat pictures or videos. Or watch Sacha grey
Possible (EUW)
: All it does is that it shows that he is viable in the mid lane
PRO players play kalista aswell , when she is not viable for the bot lane they play tham kench support when he is more like an troll pick
Possible (EUW)
: no he is not, he actually gets played mid quite often in pro play.
people are so ignorant pro play 0.01 % of the league players Ruined so many champions in league and makes them unplayable for casual play. If Pro players cant deal with a champ then they just need to ban champs like we do in solo Q.
: Can sylas be back into the mid lane
ye he is perma pick in pro play when he is picked he is only picked in the jungle
Rioter Comments
: Wukong's current state.
Wukong is just outdated. He Damage is pretty strong. but the rest of his kit is just meh. no one falls for the clone. his Q can be better aswell. Wukong should be more like a trickster.
NowiFate (EUW)
: Pantheon has been deleted...
: First of all kata is S tier... Of the champs which you stated who in theory counter her she has negative win rate vs only Kassadin and Fizz according to league of graphs... Also u are kata main but i do aggree with u fizz is overpowered too...
first of all dont believe everything youtubers say . How can Katarina become S tier out of nowhere ? the Buff she got was nothing and didnt even impact her. All her counters are All meta. Youtubers put champions like Azir and Zoe into A tier when they are B C tier
: Can someone explain me how promos matchmaking work?
When ur in Promos u always get matchmaked with Monkeys. its to proof if ur really worth to get into the next division
: The idea of pointing out the buff was that it was a stupid thing to do and in fact she needs nerf(i agree probably it didnt impact her much she was was already super op). Her early game isnt bad her lvl 2-3 is strong her 6 powerspike is crazy and she isnt easy to shutdown even if she camped and destroyed in lane the moment she get some random kills which is easy she becomes crazy cuz she can nuke 2 people or more with cuz of her reset mechanics . Also u have 160 Katarina games so u are biased and i get that u dont want to see ur champ nerfed....
powerspike at 6 ??? her ulti doesnt deal damage at lv 6 at has high AP ratios + katarina counters are all S tier champs so she gets destroyed pretty easily. {{champion:103}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:91}}
: Can you nerf Katarina already???? 52% win rate 20% pick/ban rate in both plat+ and diamond+ (
Man katarina is so easy to counter and shutdown. Her early game is far the worst of all Assasins. And dont believe every statics website because they all say something different. Believe me katarina isnt OP people only think that because she got buffed recently. and dont believe every youtuber cuz they always say that is a good buff it will bump her up in the tier list. The buff was only 20% healing reduction. that is almost nothing its only effective vs Mundo or Vlad soraka u barrely notice the buff
: Game wont launch after champ select... losing LP...
Same happened here . and after i try to relogin it only says game still in progress there is no reconnect button.
: Pointless to main Irelia, is she trash?
{{champion:142}} {{champion:427}} Irelia is super op compared to these champs i main Zoe and in the jungle i main Ivern. Ivern is just too useless Bad early game bad mid game Terrible late game.
: Annie in Wonderland
Annie in wonderland is one of my favorite skins price 1820 . Quality 520 RP skin
: They get punished by leaver buster so they only get low prority queue
i dont think so otherwise people wont leave that much
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: When will tft end?
i hope it will be gone soon. i personally hate it because its not even fun to play and i dont understand why people play it . its like a chess game
: Will Ekko get a new skin soon?
i think he gets one soon he got abuff this patch
jacktjong (EUW)
: No Elderwood Zilean?
Wow im thinking of radagast the Brown elderwood Wizard from Lord of the rings and the hobbit
: Star Guardian Urgot
Maybe star guardian for patch 9.18 Elderwood infernal skins in 9.17 Ahri gets another skin its her second this in 2019 if not less
: Riot dont want kill meme so probably not this year {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
but riot does want money and 100% that people pay money for a meme skin
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Is it bannable?
its super funny but i dont think it is bannable because he just writes N I G G and not the ER
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