: S10 reset works as intended
i used to be master and now hardstuck P4 but im 1 vs 9 every game i can only win by solo carrying games
Blue Ahri (EUNE)
: So when is Sett gonna get nerfed?
people be like uhhhh he is not OP ::: He is OP i dont want him to get nerfed so i can abuse it some more ::::He is not OP
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: Man stop making QQ threads and either play or quit and take a break. Seriously you made the same thread yesterday nothing changed from 1 day ago
awerness letting others know
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: season 10 is full of trolls nice game
i litterly no joke have to 1 vs 9 every game im hardstuck platinum because every game i have trolls inters always a hugh gap between lanes. i only fed 1 game in this season so far. idk what this matchmaking is i had extremely bad luck in my 10 promo games and now im in elo hell
Wolity (EUW)
: >no one ever gets banned you must be new xD
i started in season 3 so i have been there for a while
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: NEO PAX Twisted Fate ?
it feels so unfair to owners of OG Pax TF
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Zed exxe (EUW)
: Sylas Rework and Nerf
totally agree . His Q is super useless now it can only be hit on stunned enemies
: Twisted Fate experts help me . . .
i used to main TF and he is just too team reliant if u ask me u can never really solo carry with TF his damage isnt high he is kinda short ranged his Q is hard to hit because its a very slow ability and he doesnt have mobility so its easy to kill him.
xStyrosx (EUNE)
: 1. already reworked 2. he is op in high elo
what makes u think he is op in high elo
: How do you play Sylas now ?
Nerfed so hard he is unplayable now
: AP Shyvana
Shyvana reminds me of the dragon from Shrek
Luqiez (EUW)
: Nerf Fizz !!
the thing i hate the most is that fizz is pretty tanky duo his passive and still super mobile with hyper damage and his Auto attacks hurt aswell + he dodges abilities so its pretty hard to kill him even when u hit ur abilities he will survive duo his passive
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: The Yuumi nerf has butchered her gameplay
im oke with the W thing that is just her counterplay but her Q bugs me allot it cost way too much mana and Q is like the most useless ability in game it deals ok damage not much but ok and the Slow is litterly nothing only 20 % for 1 second. that is litterly nothing they should make it 80 % for 2 seconds or 1.5 at the latest rank Nasus can have a perma 95% slow but yuumi cant have a 80% slow. And her E mana cost is way way way too high aswell
: The Damage on hitting the W on a E right now is very good... Don't know if this is only me but her damage is at a acceptable level right now. Somegames she falls off yeah, but in early she is a monster.
i have to disagree Her W is kinda hard to hit and it has to trow the enemies in ur entire E otherwise the damage aint that great and her early aint that strong either its ok but not strong.
: Sylas sucks so hard now
He is just too squishy and his Damage just from his E now which can be hard to hit the Shield got removed but then i think mmm his base stats should go up then but instead of upping they decrease it by allot. His mana cost are so low u are forced to buy ludens and be squishy AF His W used to be great for execution now its not
bsharah2 (EUW)
low elo (silver) gold is also low elo and so is platinum
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: You guys still dont realise riot balance team is a joke?They awful and need to be fired before this game dies on their hands. They nerf {{champion:517}} to the Death when he didnt really need that..and still shit conqueror is broken ...We s10 tommorow and btw conqueror is still not nerfed. {{champion:38}} nerfed -5 movement speed.Wtf.What kind of "monkeys" are in that balance team.
{{champion:82}} never had nerfs since his rework and still is OP AF {{champion:105}} sits on top winrate charts for like 6 months and stays unnerfed {{champion:131}} also didnt get nerfs after her overpowerd rework
Drda (EUNE)
: As he should be, he was op
he was op ye was on release he has been in the dumpster for a long time
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: Then they need to buff items for jungle to clear camps. Basic damage from Q and E is not that strong, but with correct rune you can do high damage in scale %. It's impossible nerf that rune, that's why nerf on ability's with % Lower it's a lot better. for Olaf, abused right now in top plays for strong early jungle and snowball in late. I doubt but there are more champs who are 10 years off good buff top lane, If you use it correct again you can out damage many.. i don't say its strong every game but again easy to abuse and snowball, Think its more time to remove Tiamat for wave clear as well that settle most of these champs in fast clearing that makes them so strong in lane phase. Aphalios is balanced, hes weak early just people don't know how to play against it. You can easily outburst him. See which of 5 weapons he has to proper play. Currently everyone just run in like other remaining adc's that has just normal poke or damage. Aphalios use ability's with his auto attack hope that said some enough
Aphalios is not balenced. unhealthy gameplay its too overloaded and his ultimate just one shots if ur grouped
: These champs are lookin for a nerf
i can agree with a few but the ekko damage decrease is a no he needs his jungle clear to be slower so his passive shouldnt deal double damage to monsters Senna isnt that strong if u ask me i find her more weak then strong Aphealios needs a hardcore nerf on lots of things i can agree with ur mid lane picks and Olaf shouldnt be nerfed he is finally getting more balenced after being dogshitt for more then years for ur top laners u made wrong choices aswell irelia is more weak then strong camile is balenced and so is kled and ur adc nerf picks arent strong aswell. Adc is prettty balenced besides aphealios there are just some weaker picks like varus kalista that are too weak and 100% agree on yasuo windwall just the most unfair ability in the game
: I love Taliyah's current place in the game, but
i dont like her weak stats its way too easy to kill her and hitting her W is way too hard because of the small hitbox and delay i would love to see a mayor buff to taliyah
Beolius (EUW)
: Morde is just so broken. He can carry anything no matter how much feed he had.
funny how people disagree if morde isnt that broken why is he in 90% of all my games
ToriTori (EUNE)
dude vayne isnt played that much that means she isnt strong the Adcs that are always picked are the strongest
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: supportive Tahm Kench buff
he needs a rework a new ultimate perhabs
: He still get's pinned down long enough to be bursted and chained cc'd. You obviously have never played him enough to have a reasonable opinion.
i dont play that champ ya its soo low skill for me but i do know how yi works and chain CC hurts like is said before every champ If an Yasuo get chain cced then he is out aswell if an Lux gets chain cced then she is out if an Qiyana gets cced then she is out u understand what i mean But Master yi can dodge CC easily + he can always build QSS if it troubles him that much + he is on hyper speed because of R and then its harder to hit skillshots on him and he cant be slowed so its still hard to hit skillshhots on him
: Kayn Buffs? - Shadow form
this champ is broken af I see kayns one shot so often without hitting any skills miss Q W but auto once press R and one shot and he is full hp again
: His kit isn't unhealthy at all. It is easily countered by CC, burst and healing debuffs.
countered by CC like every champ U know what counters CC abilities that can dodge other abilitys like Master yi Q And what else Tenacy that reduces CC durations by 60% U know what counters burst Also master yi Q to dodge abilities but also Master yi W that gives like 70% damage reduction this champ is just completely overpowerd just like kassadin
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Can we get a Master Yi rework?
his kit is unhealthy AF didnt katarina got reworked because of her unhealthy kit
Majordx (EUW)
: Even tho i agree {{champion:38}} early is bad...once he reach lv 16 game is over.Like {{champion:10}} .And is not even difficult to pass early game right now.With all this new runes and healing runes is just dumb.Gives them decent early. You just dont get to play the game anymore..
i dont find his early that bad he still has high base damages and can farm easily under turret because of his W he is pretty tanky duo passive and Q shields
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: Remove this %%%%ing ekko garbage
{{champion:142}} is the answer to ur Ekko problem ekko cant R if he gets one shoted
: Aphelios isn’t as broken as I think you make him out to be, just needs tweaks to a few of his mechanics (sniper damage down, scythe pistol range done, AoE damage down... rest is fine) Blitz I completely disagree with, he should have that 50 extra range, remember there’s 4 hook champions but he’s the only one who can’t really do anything outside of his hook. So that 50 range is w good way to make sure he has a unique strengh to be competitive. If need be I’d say cooldown or mana cost nerfs would be better, don’t lower the power of the hook but lower the frequency of hook attempts Morde just needs his early game nerfed, don’t quite think it’s conquerer causing it but currently his early game is not as weak as it used to be... a few nerfs to his Q damage and cooldown would go along way (maybe even reintroduce the health costs) As for the buffs Yuumi needs a rebalance maybe even a mini rework, her Q can’t be strong due to its reliability, but can’t be weak for reasons your very familiar with... I feel like making it not follow your cursor would go a long way in making it balancable Qyiana definitely not she’s still one of the best assasins in the game currently and needs several reliability nerfs before she can get buffs (EQ combo needs to go and frankly I think her ult is way too forgiving) And jayce has buffs on the pbe. The rest I don’t have a comment for.
No aphealios isnt broken . AOW one shot ultimate isnt broken at all
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: I dont think you understand the role the Champion plays. Annie is great for new players to pick up and understand the fundementals of the game. Every game has these Characters. Her model has been reworked, aswell as her E.
ye and u know this game isnt new player friendly There are champs who are simple that have good kit like warwick miss fortune Ashe
: Annie is so outdated rework her please
ye downvote this one like annie isnt outdated. Pantheon got reworked because he was too simple and outdated
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: Best champion for first blood?
{{champion:91}} one shots at lv 2 {{champion:142}} if ur lucky to get an lv 3 spellshart u can hit ur E Q passive passive proc a few times use W and use ur own ignite and easy kill cuz flashing doesnt help against zoe {{champion:246}} her lv 3 damage is pretty good {{champion:18}}
: Is Lulu still viable as Mid/Top?
No she is gutted for solo lanes her damage is meh her wave clear sucks and her Base stats are super low
: Legacy Skins
who the f wants red baron corki
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Rinart73 (EUW)
: Aphelios has no place in this game. At least not with his current kit
i dont find senna OP or strong her damage aint that good and her abilities are slow and dodgeable and 0 mobility squishy poor heal her ulti is good tho but the new champ is too overpowerd
: I'm not talking out my ass when i say he needs buffs, i've mained the guy since season 3. I can feel the difference very easy. I just want him to useful that's all really.
i play lots of Zoe and Qiyana Boths super low winrate even when mastered Zoe has 46 % in qiyana 43 % but they both wont get any buffs because they are Played in pro play when they are (strong)
Gashru1 (EUW)
: Pantheon
Pantheon is overnerfed and pretty useless now
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