: sadly he is played basicly never so i have no accurat information however when he was viable it was aids to play against him because he literaly could steal all your buffs/camps in the blink of an eye while also being a support meaning he shields his team offers cc and is quite tanky .. while building ardent and redemption for ultra range 'ganks'
ivern isnt tanky and his early game is oke but his mid late game is just awfull. support like janna sona have a good mid late game but iverns shield scales so badly and his Q is super hard to hit in the late and his W and R are just useless and so is his passive late game
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: pls rework this champions
{{champion:238}} make him have counterplay besides zhonyas {{champion:13}} no words for this one {{champion:427}} make him usefull
: zed rework
lol zed need no buff. he deals too much damage already and he doesnt have real counterplay . u need to buy a item to counter him {{item:3157}}
: Except she's still a hotily contested pick in pro play, has amazing late game scaling, can fit into pretty much any team composition and is one of the safer ADCs out there.
blablabla pro play destroyed so much champions , they are unplayable for solo Q cuz pro players like these champions . Riot only cares for pro play they dont care if some champs have insane high winrate in solo Q for months those champs dont get nerfed riot rather care for Ryze and Zoe to be under 45% winrate
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wolf jade (EUNE)
: is kata bad now?
As a Kat main ill say she is weak . All kat mains think she is weak and the people who say that she is balenced dont play kat . People say : she is a skill champ. but Shaco and Evelyn are suppose to be skill champs but they are overpowerd
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: I have opposite story. We had fed TF who went traditional sorcery tree and AP build. They had fed Urgot who won toplane and was splitpushing the whole game, this urgot had exactly 0 bonus magic resist in his build, not even boots, he was AD + some armor items. At the end of the game. Urgot sneaked to our exposed nexus when we were pushing mid as a team. We sent TF there, he recalled and get there pretty fast before Urgot was able to start autoattacking. What happened is that our TF was not able to kill that Urgot with 0 magic resist items. Urgot lived during 4 yellow cards and finished the nexus while ignoring TF completely. Both TF and Urgot were on same level.
i wasnt talking about TF being strong . and i feel u . i hate champions who are tanky without any items . same with Graves he is Tanky when he doesnt build tank items . or full AD garen and Swain
: So being killed in 0.0 seconds is fair? k
people who reply are always negative and never agree
: totally balanced don't nerf
and then people cry about zoe . and Zoe does damage with skill shots. whats the counterplay of a stealth champ one shoting with right click ??
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: Katarina is now disgustingly BAD!
win rate's dont say it all. Zoe has a 44 % genneral winrate but i seem to get more succes the more she gets nerfed with her . but Kata is in a bad spot but riot doesnt ever want to buff her they only care of nerfing weak champs and buffing balenced champions over the top and make them overpowerd.
: katarina rework ?
Im a Kat main and i totally agree with u . i liked the old kat way better but i dont think she gets a revert but i do hope she gets some buffs she is so weak now. and i get way more succes on Zoe even tho Zoe is way weaker then kat
: Discussion: State of Diana
i like to play diana sometimes but i hate to play against her , but that is mainly cuz she is a hard counter to my 2 favorite champions Katarina and Zoe . Diana seems to be pretty balenced but her kit is kinda outdated she will need a rework to make her champion great again. Her jungle sucks really hard . cuz she needs to be 6 for decent ganks and her laning phase is oke but she doesnt have kill presure before her 6. she has hardcore base damage so u dont have to get High AP items to one shot people . and when u do get high ap items then u dont even need to hit ur combo right to one shot someone . u can miss ur Q and still one shot with only a click of a R and W
: i swear it was really afwull, his range was complete bulshit aswell he could just hit me under turret with his Q without being hit by turret
but cho's Q only has a base damage of 80 or less i think
: Cho gath really needs a nerf
thats impossible 250 damage at lv 1 even a nidalee spear at full range cant deal that much damage at lv 1
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So you think a ranged lane bully should deal same amount of damage than an all-in single target melee assassin?
if that ranged lane bully is unmobile unlike the all in single target then yes
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: Starting Jayce! what do i start? if anyone could help me out here?
it feels like jayce deals 0 damage and has 0 scaling . he is stronger in the early game but his mid late game is so weak his Q doesnt deal that much damage as it used to do
: best champ
1. {{champion:142}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:76}}
LuckyLuke11 (EUNE)
: Old Katarina
Agreed i miss her aswell i can only dream of playing the old kat once again. the current kat doesnt feels satisfying to play
: Can Riot listen to Kata mains for a second?
kat feels so weak ,and specially compared to other assasins
: Katarina
her laning phase is bad compared to talon zeds laning phase
: Amumu ability rework concept
: Udyr is incredibly bad in higher elos, shaco is a toxic champ by design and basically soloq only, zoe was broken af in high elo teamplay, now she is in a bad state for lower elos but thats better than being broken in competetice Same for ryze but more extreme seju is still one of the best competetve picks
Man FCk competitive play do u want the game to be balenced for urself or for people who are barrely human. there are many champions that became unplayable just cuz pro players can play that champ they just need to ban these champs if they dont wanna play against them
: upcoming Ryze nerf
Udyr has a 54 % winrate for almost a year but he never gets nerfed . Shaco 53% no no nerfs for him Zoe 45 % Gets nerfed Ryze 44 % Nerfs Sejuini 46% insane nerfs Riot only buffs balenced champs and nerfs underpowerd champs
MarcelSai (EUNE)
: Zed and Yasuo should get nerfed and Ahri
Zeds passive needs a nerf he can last hit under turret so easily its hard for a zed to miss a minion. and the thing that needs to be nerfed about yasuo is his passive shield it comes up way to fast. and ahri doesnt need nerfs i think she is balenced
: Master yi balance
Yi just need counter play . people say just CC yi but he can dodge CC with his Q and u cant burst him duo his insane damage reduction . and he lifesteals all the damage he took in seconds. u cant build vs Yi Armor doesnt work , Health doesnt work , Magic resist doesnt work , Damage doesnt work . I hate having a yi on my team but i hate playing against it
DeathR0p3 (EUNE)
: Jax is a monstrocity that needs a nerf
well jax sits on a high winrate right now so he is strong and might get a nerf
: Rework the death recap
Yeah same . it never shows what really dealed that much damage.
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catalin0975 (EUNE)
: Rework back Aatrox
New aatrox is another champion that gets balenced cuz of the Pro play. so he is weak for solo Q
: zed rework
Zed has no counterplay for squishies , ur forced to buy a zhonyas otherwise u have to accept that u get killed over and over. a zed doesnt even need to hit his Q to kill someone
Kâtarina (EUNE)
: New champ - Katarina ?
i main kat aswell and i like to play these champs {{champion:142}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:4}}
: Can you stop nerfing Zoe before she becomes post-nerf Camille?
if they nerf her damage then they should up her mobility and defenses. make her untargetable when she uses her ult or make her ult more like leblancs W but without it dealing damage , but to make her more mobile
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sattoshy (EUW)
: why everyone is cryin gg about zoe ?
Agreed . Zoe was only overpowerd at release then she had a big nerf , then a major buff , then she become balenced , 4 months later she gets 3 nerfs in a row , and now she is the weakest champion. But not for long cuz Ryze has a 45% winrate and Riot is going to Nerf him so Ryze stays on the lowest winrate. Zoe has lots of counterplay in my eyes. Every Assasin can stomp her easily. Bruisers can make her life hell aswell . Zoe was only good against unmobile mages and Marksmen champs.
Kamille W (EUW)
: Zoe is getting a mini rework according to Phy who got the information from a live Korean stream. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqTVsBlJCoE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqTVsBlJCoE)
youtubers say lots of things they said a year ago that Aurelion sol is getting a mini rework , or that fiddle gets a rework soon , or that azir kalista Ryze are getting reworks
Hansiman (EUW)
: Wait, so Ahri can take 100% of someones health with a single AA? Quite often I see people claiming they were one-shotted, and when they on rare occasions post a video evidence, it's clear that they were hit by multiple abilities and auto attacks. An assassin killing a weak target quickly is in itself not a problem, because that's their core job.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US_EmxMBCVk . this is a old video that i made ,
Kalvix (EUW)
: She is still really powerful and if anything could perhaps use another nerf, yes you can't easily 1 shot people while missing your skillshots now but if you hit them DAMN it still has the ability to almost if not 1 shot you very early on, which I would be ok with if it was more of a skillshot but when it's super easy to land the bubble it ends up being super easy to land the follow up as well. Also don't you love how people compare Zoe at all levels to champions who scale well when they are at end-game? Yes I hate them as well as I do hate when I see a certain champion and think "right this game has a 20-30minute time limit... which wont be stuck to as it's solo Q meaning it's a loss if we don't have 1 of those champs as well, but that doesn't mean they should make more champions that utterly dominate early on with no counter besides other champions that utterly dominate early.
Zed one shots people without hitting skillshots , Talon one shots people at lv 2 , ahri can one shot people without hitting skills , leblanc can
Agreed , i just paid 10 euros for her new skin + chroma and then they make her unplayable , i only enjoyed her new skin for 3 weeks. i want my money back. I never thought Zoe was overpowerd she might deal insane damage , but she isnt the only champion that does that , Draven can 2 hit people and that are just right clicks in 1 second . Twitch can melt a entire team in 3 seconds from 1000 range . Zed / nocturne can make any squishy champion have nightmares. so i dont know why people complain about zoe when u have those champions. Zoe has lots of counterplay in my opinion , she can just be annoying to play against thats it. but i think Yasuo is annoying to play against . and Leblanc , Shaco , Evelynn are way more annoying then Zoe
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Mr Hubson (EUW)
: Fun to play midlaners to main?
Zoe is my favorite champion , but she is super weak right now 44% winrate ,
: Kassadin R cooldown reduction buff on PBE
i dont know why he gets a buff , like he got affected by the electro nerfs , i think all balence changes on the PBE right now are bullshitt. Lots of AD assasins are getting buffed , Annie gets a buff in auto attack range , And Ryze gets a nerf so Ryze will be the weakest champion again , now Zoe isnt the weakest anymore
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