: why does everybody cry about yasuo lately? yes, good yasuo players can be a pain in the... but still there are so many bad ones, cant count the times ive lost games in high plat because of wannabe-pro-yasuos
There are good and bad players for every champ,but you don't measure one's strenght by that..
: Random drunk, manic depressive post.
I have a question for you.If you are nasty with other people why do you aspect to be loved? Maybe you need to change your attitude towards others . And if you have everything in life,then what you really face is boredom. Change your way of life,try to do things you might not even considered to do before and be nicer to your surrounding ,it might help....
: new client
I swapped back to the legacy one.New one too slow. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: so since my uncle died to cancer
I find myself getting quite upset sometimes also.I try to help myself not being toxic saying something else when i am in urge to flame,something like i want a cake,make love to me,love me a lot to day..anything that is not toxic and might make everyone ease up and just forget to take things so serious and rage.
obeyman (EUW)
: new client.
Before you launch the game, on right side top you can use the repair button. It will take awhile but it helps. Hope will help you guys out also. See ya in game^^
obeyman (EUW)
: let's update each other if we found something that solves the problem
Good idea mate,my repair is still running,will let you know if it makes any difference. P.S. My repair has been finished and i was able to launch the game.
: You can try to launch the old client from the folder because the lol icon on you desktop now i think launch the new client!
Does the same thing.Gets you nowhere.I have the same issue as OP. Trying to repair the file ..dunno if it helps.
: I Cant Play Lol Anymore.,.
Having the same issue.I think Riot might have to have a look at it,if its not only one persons problem. I thought its only me,good i checked here .{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Badabooam (EUNE)
: Take back Normal Blind Pick and give us Normal Draft Pick
Hmmmm.... You dont like something,you want it gone and you want back what you liked. But what if some people actually like blind pick,doesnt that matter? Why can't you just ask back what you want instead of offering something else which might be something that others might enjoy. Op you sound to me like a child who wants its favourite toy back and offers the toy that belongs to everyone,not only him,back instead. Naughty boy! No TV for you tonight...
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Still haven't received my Doomed Minion icon...
Is there a doomed minion icon also?Did not know,got the Teemo one but i thought that's it.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Tukan Tonko (EUNE)
: What do you enjoy the most in LoL?
I was looking for a very long time for a champ to capture me.I know i am not good with him,but the only thing i enjoy in LOL is to play Bard.And i can't stop loving him..playing him... Kinda scary:d Played him ever since i could buy him,i don't care about big plays,is he in or not...he is just so much joy and pleasure to play for me..i would never stop..i just can't {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: runes
Hasiula (EUW)
: RADS error after recent update
Have the same issue.Got thrown out of a game and never managed to get back. I tried everything i read here,nothing helped. The firewall is not blocking it either.
: To all the people playing solo!
Thanks!:) I always play solo but only normal blind mode.I am an occasional player ,who plays for fun. Its really not that bad playing solo.:) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Don't play League when you are drunk or on drugs PLEASE
Why wouldn't you play a game when you are drunk?Its a game,its offers you fun.Shouldn't you suppose to have fun when you are drunk? If its ranked ok,but otherwise?OO
Riddarn (EUNE)
: The only people in the same boat are people who don't know how chest drops work.
Thank you for giving me this information.I am much smarter now:)
: One chest per champion per season. And you only have 4 chest then they have to recharge.
I thought the chest for the champion recharges after a week.my mistake then:)
Arcessam (EUW)
: Chests are the easiest to get by far.
: Its getting borring
I got loads of S.Down voting me wont change a thing.I am getting only keys,even with S.
Rioter Comments
ZiinKz (EUW)
: Anyone else having troubles with Queue times?
That's one long queue.Never had that long.max 3 mins,and i am soloQ also.
: Japanese as a option for other servers as well
You did not add to the option:i don't care. I really don't,i wouldn't understand the language anyway:)
: Happened to me. Had to start client 10x times just to come 5min ingame too late and get camped by enemy jungler and bullied by teammate.
I thought its just me:(
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Makaveli IV,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=TEvuhyKj,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2016-05-09T18:11:33.442+0000) > > You okay mate? Yes, I think so. ;_; I've never had any problems with malzahar, guess I'm against bad malzahar players.
The new one is a bit different .Maybe if they would make his passive have longer cd or something,like Anivia's egg or dunno.He feels just too much..
Tironium (EUW)
: Key fragments
Haha! Did you see the post i had before? I had 4 forged keys and no chests. Looks like Riot likes to play with us:P ...that sounds a bit pervy here >.>
: As a new player, here are a couple of things that bother me.
I saw loads of flamers also on lower levels.Since i hit 30 its more rare. Ofc happens here too,but not as much as on lower levels where is full with smurfs who think they know everything better and want to report everyone,as, everyone except them is a so called NOOB. Try to survive those levels.The game is much much fun:) Welcome to LOL,i hope you otherwise enjoy it! See you on the field of justice! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: What is Zed's counterplay?
I saved some of my team mates with Bards ulti.But they tend to run out from my ultimate..also its sooo situational :( I find Zed very irritating in the same way.He will always get his kills...
: So i have...
Another key fragment...no chest.Yes i got S on my champ..but..but..:(
: Chests don't have anything to do with luck - you get chests by getting an S on a champion (or one of your friends you're playing with). Also remember that you can get only one chest per champion in a season.
Are you serious?So if i got one chest in this season already i wont see the site of other until next season?? Now you made me cry {{item:3151}}
: chests arnt even rng tho as long as your getting S ranks your getting them if your not getting S ranks then your just not doing good enough
I did get S quite a few times,the chest never came:/ Or key fragment or nothing.Many times nothing:(
Rioter Comments
Agidyne (EUW)
: Just listen to her death sounds, guys.
Sounds like a serious constipation to me:D
: Whats up with key fragments not dropping?
I dropped a chest i think when i lost a game.But its getting so hard to drop anything now.I need some key fragments also.Well..maybe more luck today:)
D15T (EUW)
: Virgin Media ping spikes cause a Ranked Loss
Virgin media here too.And most of the times sucks. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: gone from a picture of yasuo's dream comp to a discussion on {{champion:432}} COUNT ME IN!
Bard is love.Bard is life!:D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: I would like to see Blindpick removed but therefor Teambuilder implemented back. I dislike Blindpick, because the Champselect is way to stressful: You have to write your role as fast as you can in the chat and when you fail, you have to play something different. The short selection time is in my opinion way to short, because when you fail at calling out your role, than you might have to play a role that you might hate and you start your next game salty. You can't change your mind in such a short time period. When I play Blind, I am like: "MID, MID, MID! I HAVE TO SAY MID FIRST!" and when I manage to fail, I'm like "F*** THIS GAME!". Of course I don't write that in the chat, but my mind is definitely not relaxed in this gametype.
But i love Blindpick,and i bet ,there are others out there who like it too. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Haha! Dreaming of RP and free skins eh?:P I don't think that part will happen. The game mode does sound fun^^
: A Message From an Angry Fan
Angry fan i agree with you with many points. Funny thing i was starting to ask myself also if the adc's did turn into casters. The matchmaking it is absolutely awful.I do play only normals,but when i'm placed against people who know and play the game for ages,obviously my chances to win is quite low.That is very very frustrating,no matter how hard you try,they just erase you again and again,until the end you feel..fuck this...i came to have fun,and this is not fun.I had many games when i played against people with 1000- hell even 2000 wins.No,the wins don't mean that you are challenger,but obviously means you are better and have much more experience with the champs and against the champs. They deleted the mana pots,now still some of the mages end up shooting 2 spells then walk back and tickle the minions with they AA.Strangely meanwhile the adc is doing quite well even with spells.The mages,most of it at the beginning of the game are not even there.Their presence is a laugh,and in the late game they don't matter anyway,not against these adc's, and the tanks are laughing in casters face also. Unbalanced game and unbalanced matchmaking does make people frustrated and at the end might produce toxic people. I did said it before,but sadly it was overlooked .Why?probably i'm not very good at explaining and well...i am not a big name,neither gold/plat or whatever. Thank you for your post OP.
: Improving players experience in ARAM matchs
My question would be for ARAM if its really random the champion select. Many many times i had such a one sided game,like the game would take the piss on my team.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I usually restart queue if it takes longer than 8 min. :v
Same,but sometimes i wait abit longer.
DarthRap (EUNE)
: When is the season ending?
Is there any reward for those who dont play ranked?
: Does this make me an horrible person?
Go for it boy ! :) i used to get calls from Africa and India. They never had luck with me either. I am a criminal because of it. Muhaha!!!
Encrux (EUW)
: Your favourite (mini-)game next to LoL!
Dofus. I just go farming some barley or fishing. Chills me out in every way..no rush there. Of course you can also pvp or pvm there if you want to,but for me only the professions are important for relaxing.
Ulliete (EUW)
: Because ... i can block people IRL. Yes. Sure.
Is it same in real life also? If yes and he puts you down like this,maybe you are not ment to have this relationship. Honestly i wouldnt take that from a friend,because my friends are not to make me feel shit.
loliufg (EUW)
: Support should be able to honor him slef
I honor when i should,but then again im a support player and what i get mostly is...hold on tide !!! ........friendly..... lol
Rioter Comments
: Wtf is this lag?
Lagspikes here also. Im from UK also...using Virgin internet
Rioter Comments
: Random Lag Spikes
Same. I thought its only me. Died a few times thanks to that :(
: I think the champion you like to play shows what type of person you are. Not in the personality or your secret fetishes but the playstyle. Are you a calm, patient person that likes to strategize? You will most probably like Vladimir or some of the jungle tanks. Are you an impulsive daredevil who thrives in danger? You will love Shaco and Zed. Are you an attention whore with a god complex that feels the need to get praised for every single move you make? You will probably love Battle Bunny Riven. And so on
But your playstile show what you are.You are an aggressive type you will chose Yi..easy win ,lough in face type?Kata,Riven
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