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: Playing support in plat isn't fun anymore
I think it is so hard to climb playing in bot lane because there can always be miscommunication, if you care about climbing I think you should look for adcs to play with, otherwise it is a big gamble for sure.
Yeah I feel you. Surely a nerf is on the way. Next patch there will be lethality items and masteries nerf already.
: His win rate is not that bad, increased with few patches. No need for a buff at the moment.
Out of 56 champions playing top he has the 50th win rate. That is not a high win rate
: Remember that 50% win rate isn't actually optimal for every champion High skill cap champions should have a low win rate as newer plays should drag the win rate down... like when LeBlanc was widely considered overpowered she had a win rate of about 45%... she was still too strong but she was difficult to play which caused people trying to play her to ride the meta to lose their games. Alternatively low skill cap champions will have high win rates as people won't drag it down... like amumu who has held the top 5 win rates since before S3 and yet has never been buffed, nerfed, or even considered above mediocre in strength the entire time. So your idea of every champion having 50% win rate is actually rather unbalanced... with champions like azir and leblanc being way too strong if newbees are succeeding as much as experienced players.
Sure, I understand that. It is just a matter of saying the game to be super balanced. You also did not mention that the effectiveness of a champion also depends on the level of the player you are playing against, on top of your own learning curve. Like people in high elo will not be too close together to get all 5 hit by an Amumu ult.
Budsbam (EUNE)
: well i kinda feel that Riot only notices how good a champ is from the LCS(na/kr/eu/oc...etc) and with the 10-bans system i think there will be more nerfs , since malz,zyra,jayce got nerfed, challenger player will have to pick more champs and then rito will nerf more xD i think that would happen
I totally agree on that. Thats why they nerfed Kalista and Azir to the ground, because of what people do on the pro scene. In addition, Nidalee was nerfed to the ground because people in the highest tiers were having above average success on her, coupled to picks in competitive ofc.
Arzonv (EUW)
: Gnar needs a buff
If he is strong the pros destroy with him in pro play. Same with Azir and Kalista, if gets big buff will dominate the pro scenario. So, RIP Azir, Gnar and Kalista.
Inquisitous (EUNE)
: Playing since early season 2. This is the most unbalanced it has ever been.
Don't worry, they will nerf ad assassins one by one until they are total crap. Just wait and see.
Catimba (EUW)
: Does anybody think that the champion/items balancing are fair?
What about Zyra, Malz sup, and Jayce? I didnt try Jayce yet but got hit pretty hard. Imagine all the nerfs coupled with what is coming next patch. Lethality itens and masteries nerf. Sure it is still PBE, but the trend lately is only nerf. Kata will get another nerf, Maokai getting hit pretty hard too.
: Small random rant about Champion and champion changes
New Kata is way more fun imo. you can kill everyone even if u get stunned in the middle of ur combo. Before it was so boring and no skill required. I also think they broke Shen and Nidalee. The new Fiora is a good duelist but in tf is complete garbage compared to the old one. I also think that Shyvana is too weak atm.
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