Naxram (EUW)
: quick cast or not?
Most of us started without using it, but after 2 years of playing I would def recommend you to get used to the quick cast. It will help you to improve your reaction time and even the teamfighting- Some champions with skillshots are very useful with the "don't use the skill until i stop pressing the key" option. I can't remember the exact name of the option tho lol nbut it is somewhere on the options. It makes it easier to aim your skillshots (Thresh Q/E, Blitz Q, Ahri E,Q, Jinx/Ez/Drave R, etc) But at the end it's up to your playstyle ^^ play how you feel more comfortable
SquisHz (EUW)
: All Girls Team, Looking for players!
so sad i lost my promos to gold like twice and finished season 5 on Silver II ): good luck!
M4ndrake (EUW)
: Where is the Snowdown Shop ?
I believe usually this kind of updates (like reworks, game modes, skin releases, etc) come around either in the morning (maybe 10/11am) or like 3/4/5pm in the afternoon (GMT)
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