Burn for me (EUNE)
: amazing that you can use a keyboard and not fall off a cliff at the same time.
I know right, it's almost as amazing that the human species could evovle to the present stage over a blink of the eye in cosmological terms, when you make it sound like we're stuck in the trees.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Is it necessary to win lane as an adc?
A few factors determine if that is possible: * Can you farm effectively and extend the laning phase without you / your support dying to much? * Are your other lanes going well enough to extend the laning phase, so other enemies won't collaps on you? If you can't tick yes to the above, chance are 50 / 50 purely because of how a hell of a lot of players, seem to value personal KDA > everything else, and more often than not start chasing and opening up the window for a comeback.
: ***
No they won't... Just 3 hours ago on a different account, I had a player wishing cancer and death to another players family repeatedly in champ select, because his pre-selected champion got banned. This was followed up in-game with phrases such as '_Go fu**ing Ky*_', and the dying > spawning > running into enemy jungler and repeating the suicide 11 times. Guess what, that "person" is still playing, despite *Ys is suppose to elevate you straight to a 14 day suspension, nevermind the cancer and death wishes which should do the same. If you want to believe in something about Riot, then believe in their inconsistency in all aspects, because everything else is just smoke up players asses.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ceberuz,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bM3A0bfo,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-23T05:04:09.238+0000) > > Riot is highly inconsistent in their dealings with their game, going by the summoners code you should have hundreds (if not thousands) of bans and name changes daily. You know? There's a system that prevents you from inserting a "Riot" tag into your name. The same system could be enriched to prevent people of using offensive names, it would take a couple of days to manually add all those words into the filter. But i guess it's none of my business. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Indeed, but you are using commen sense which is something that simply does not exist in this game! Here is another fun fact, Riots super sofisticated ultra futuristic AI system that is suppose to control verbal abuse and high toxicity when players use phrases such as 'K*S' is also either down / disabled during pre-season, or is flat out not working at this time.. No more than 2 hours ago on another account, I had the distinct pleasure of watching people wish death and cancer to another player repeatedly, and writing 'go fuc*ing K*S' all the while literally running it into enemies as soon as he spawned.. Guess what, that player is still playing games.. With the above in mind, I would dare say that the people who have the overall responsibility for the development of the atmosphere in this game, have the exact same intellect as that very player.
: Riots magic ''only 0.006% of players a worthy of a perm ban number''
Consider that the number would be wastly higher, if Riot adhered to their own summoners code and actually banned players who only play to ruin games (otherwise known as trolling or soft inting), add to this people joining games to suicide 2 - 5 times and then leave the game, which would be a more reasonable punishment than just a 20min que-timer for 5 games.
: K Y S in every club tag ever... please stop this trend
Riot is highly inconsistent in their dealings with their game, going by the summoners code you should have hundreds (if not thousands) of bans and name changes daily.
: "Its only preseason"
The game is inherently creating those types of players, even while leveling you didn't used to encounter a high degree of verbal toxicity or trolling until lvl 25+, but these days you can experience that wonder as low as level 7. With the above in mind, you can't blame anyone but Riot since they are responsible for the framework of the game. Ranked is inherently a competitive game-mode (_By shear definition_), except Riot is treating it as every other mode they have, so until they actually make clear defining terms that seperates competitive mode from fun mode, nothing will change, inside or outside of a season.
: The newest champion "Neeko"
What's offensive about a champion who's name means '_f..k him_'? Do you even realise you are talking about pixels here (in an imaginary world), Riot **can't** and **shouldn't** be sending out questioner forms about a given champions name every time something new is on the horizon. I guarantee it's a word most of you have used multiple times before in your life (as have your family members), so get off the offensive high horse, because it looks like a muskrat.
: League Drop During Pre-Season
Season ending was announced and timed, so if Riot did their job, all accounts are marked at the second the timer expired closing out player rewards to the standing they had at the time.
: Different teams handle different things. The balance team has nothing to do with skins or music videos.
Did you not understand the speech bubbles?:D Ironic, it isn't far from how it is...
: should have thought about it before u got urself banned. This about it this way. Riot banned you because they don't want you on league. they want you to be gone. forever. Leaving a window open so you could come back to and chat with friends and start playing again on a new account? riot doesnt want that.
If Riot wanted you gone forever, they'd make it impossible to create new accounts.., which they won't ever do. Since you are obviously a **highly** intelligent individual, you can no doubt figure out why that is.
Kalviras (EUW)
: The change to assist gold was another big hit to em, you ideally need to let your laners get the kill most of the time so they can win the lane better, but that means you get so little gold from it that it put's you behind compared to if you just afk farmed, but then if you somehow end up ahead (often by taking the kills yourself) you're penalised with a tax on the minion gold. It's just not a good time to be a jungler right now.
As it should be, junglers farming jungle have zero impact on the game, laners have impact every time they are in the lane even when farming or freezing it. The only time you ideally want to take kills as jungler, is if a lane is clearly not going to be able to contribute anything, where as you can take the income from killing the enemy laner and use it to snowball another lane. Again, you are tying carrying into KDA, making this entire debate useless and a waste of time. Jungling will always be a "hot topic", because you will always have farm champions vs early gank champions.., if the early gank champions are succeeding, that translates into map control which can easily be snowballed into a victory. So unless you aren't arguing carrying = KDA, but more all jungle champs should be made into farm champs, I am out.
Kalviras (EUW)
: The point is some need to farm more than others while others can gank as their main source of income. Plus the whole point of this thread is about the tax, even a gank heavy jungler suffers from not being able to tax the lanes because of the limit on gold from minions put in to stop funnelling, I've had games where the lanes die too quickly to gank but I can mop up the kills after, then as I'm ahead of everybody else I can't effectively kill any minions as even though they'd die to tower or other minions before the laners get back I get 25% of the gold.. which is basically an extra way of stopping junglers having an impact on the game.
An extra way of stopping junglers having an impact.... You are right, junglers are in a very bad spot, they have almost no gold from effective afk farming jungle, what little to no income they get from assist or kill on a gank isn't worth taking into consideration either..
Kalviras (EUW)
: Yes I realise that perfectly well, but to if you're stealing the dragon it's likely because bot was killed, if you've taken down a tower it's likely because you killed the laner, kills lead to objectives, yes kills for kills sake are pointless and don't lead to a win but if you have a lane thats constantly dead you aren't going to be taking the enemy tower and you'll be forced to try for steals of the drake instead of just taking it. What do you need to do that? gold! if you don't have item's you won't be killing anybody and the tax means junglers who get ahead are punished even more for doing so as they end up not only having a big bounty on their head but no gold until they are doing as badly as their team is. Imagine if laners had to put up with getting 25% of the minion gold until they had as little gold as the rest of their team.
Having played quite a lot of jungle myself, I can't say I agree with your PoV. The whole point of playing jungle, is to apply global pressure (best case sneario), or at least provide pressure to one lane that can snowball, or counter enemy jungle ganks. As it currently is, there is already to many players afk farming as I mentioned earlier, and if lanes are "countered" or just not going well, this more often than not leads to losing 3/4 of the map while the jungler is farming. It's not that I don't understand what you mean when you say some junglers need to farm, but that's literally how it is with all champions in the game regardless of their role. Some need farm to be effective, others don't.., it's not something that is fixed by reducing the tax on jungler.., it's fixed by players actually getting a clue.
Kalviras (EUW)
: Mainly things like Lee, WW, Graves, Shaco, Twitch, yes some of them aren't individually strong but they have CC that can make a gank happen or stealth in to get the surprise. Shyvana for example I've tried but while you can walk into the lane you rely heavily on your team-mates having the CC as she brings nothing to the table until level 6. You get some people not playing them how they should (I always see Lee do lvl 2 ganks for example so 10mins in seems like somebody giving him a first try) but the junglers that rely on ganking instead of farming are just kinda dominating right now. As Hecarim I can kind of do both but I need to farm early on as while my charge is a nice KB I'm squishy with no damage till I finish my Tri-force. And even ignoring when junglers can be useful, the tax still ends up meaning as a jungler you can't even try to carry, all you can do is provide your team with the tools to do it, yes you can get really strong if your team does well from your ganks but if they don't then the tax just means you are kept in line with them rather than being able to try and make plays to help the lanes win so you slowly end up further and further behind
It sounds like you associate '_carrying_' with having high KDA, it literally isn't the same thing (sorry). A guy having 2 / 15 / 4 but being responsible for stealing 2 drakes, taking down 3 - 4 tower + 1 - 2 inhibitors has more impact on a game, than someone spending 45min running around the map chasing kills. Carrying means making smart decisions and having enough impact on the game to close it, yes.., at times that may mean roaming around securing kills in other lanes under pressure, but in 99% of those cases, the person doing that end up wasting the lead by continuing to chase.
Kalviras (EUW)
: Can we fix the minion tax next season?
Which junglers do you mean requires farm in order to be able to succesfully pull off a gank? I've seen {{champion:56}} + {{champion:19}} + {{champion:104}} + {{champion:102}} go for early ganks and at times pull them off. Meanwhile I see people playing {{champion:35}} + {{champion:64}} + {{champion:28}} and do nothing until they complete eitehr jungle item, or 1st upgrade on jungle item + first part of a damage item, which is usually around 10min into the game (or level 6 - 7 when doing nothing but farming). It all boils down to both your laners and yourself. If all lanes are pushing 24/7, then the risk of attemptiing a gank that goes wrong, goes up drastically.
: How do you stay motivated?
People subscribing to the notion of '_If you don't carry and win, it's all on you_' should be banned from the internet due to having to low IQ. First and foremost because despite this game being framed heavily toward the single player aspect (Everything is heavily focused on individual performance), it is in fact a team-based game. _Whether you manage to go 500 / 2 / 10, it is a result of 9 other players in that game since no one in the history of the game, have ever gone 1v5 while the enemy team had everything ready and full health_
: Your point is...? Apparently it's a mystery to all those banned players.
2 + 2 = 5 on these boards? I'll just let it hang there, eventually you'll catch on.
: Changing Ranked to Role specific Rank is not a good idea
If you understand what Riot is "trying" to achieve with the role-changes coming to ranked, please share it then.., because all I see are cosmetic changes with no real value to the game or it's atmosphere.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ceberuz,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fYIbaB8f,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-11-16T11:13:03.979+0000) > > Maybe it's just me, but I am having difficulties deciding which is more pathetic, the flamer or the guy creating threads like this one. Given the sheer amount of punished players coming to the boards and claiming they don't understand why the got banned, this thread nicely maps out the process of why the majority of the aforementioned players got banned.
Cause it was one of the deeper mysteries of the universe that people like Einstein and Hawkings never managed to solve in their life time.., oh wait, it wasn't.
: Yes, thats the point. As I stated in my post, call it naive. I'm reasonable but... Frankly, at that moment, I didn't know that someone had ripped off my account via that link. I wasn't really aware of that being able to steal an account with a "stupid" link. Even after it got "hacked" the first time, I wasn't aware of the cause. Well, even Rito wasn't even aware of it. I mean that "Warning System" and enlightenment came in way after those incidents and, so in my case, my incidents in 2015. Riot and most of the players got enlightened very late. I mean, as I said I'm reasonable, it's totally my fault. But at this point, no one could have known that one click one on stupid link could lead to get your account ripped off. And to be absolutely honest, it still makes no sense to somehow lose your data to someone that sits who knows where by clicking simply on a link. Here I'd like to pass the ball to Riot and state that if there were known security issues like these which could harm people drastically they could have at least talk about such bans. Account security isn't only the responsibility of the account owner himself. In my opinion at least.
Account security is never just the users responsibility, but unless I am reading it wrongly.., are you trying to argument that the fault is partially Riots now? I got no love for a company that is openly hypocritical and contradictive in how they frame their own game, but cmon..:) Riot's responsibility for account security begins and ends at their own server stations, it doesn't begin and end at the users computer:) Even in 2015 most people knew that scams were happening 24/7 365 through links via email or on social media, and at the age of 17 unless you've been raised in a bubble of cotton candy, I have trouble buying into someone being so naive as to fall for the same approach twice.., and even more trouble believing Riot didn't ward you about clicking links the first time you were in contact with support. Anyway, it's not me or any forum user you have to persuade mate, but Riot and their minions, and I do hope you get it back, because it quite frankly sucks losing an account you've poured effort, time and money into.
: I feel my permanent suspension was unfair and the reasons given do not justify it.
Everything about Riot and this game is haphazzard at best, directly contradictive and hypocritical, so why would their penalty system be any different.. 8/10 games I have look like your chat logs, so if my games are any indication on things, half the people in this game should be out the door.
: Wait mate, you got me wrong. These arguments were just in my defense to at least try to move somebody to check my case. The problem isn't that they not tracking IP's and stuff. The problem is that there were no irregular activities on my account since there was only the one and only player who were playing on logging in when I was on my holidays. That's what it makes it so difficult to prove. I mean like the only way to prove them that I wasn't in town is to send them holiday pictures from my home country with dates on it x) Might go well too far buddy.
According to your OP you've lost your account twice and been in contact with support each time (recovering your account the first time). Lets just assume your story is 100% accurate, it still leaves out the "minor" detail that after losing your account the first time, you took no steps to ensure it wouldn't happen again.
: Permanently Banned November 2016
Assuming your story is true, it proves one of two things; * Riots system is so archaic that they aren't tracking IP / Mac / ID, otherwise it would be easy to see your innocence. * If Riot is tracking the above, you were banned legitimately and tried out scripts in normal games to understand it. I've never been naive enough to believe the whole '_Oh but I am so high up on the ladder that you know I wouldn't be using cheats_', because I've seen friends use scripts in other games who were among the top 5% world wide (WoW to name one game). That being said, not long ago Riot announced they might consider unbanning some accounts in NA to see if they'd reform by getting their original account back (or something along that line, can't remember it 100%). If the trial proves successful they would consider rolling it out on other regions, so I guess you have a small sliver of hope unless this doesn't apply to script usage. On the other hand, Riot is also working on implementing mobile authentication, so if you fancy a new account, it should be secure around 2020...
Mael bro (EUNE)
: S8 was pretty amazing if you ask me
Season 8 have been the worst by a landslide; * Games being decided in laning phase unless the enemy team started afk-farming jungle and not securing map control. * Champions moving more and more toward the "1-shot" end of the spectrum with no counterplay options (No, even HG just delays that). * A rapid rise in players flat out intentionally suiciding or going afk.
: 10 Years Celebration mode
While the idea is okay, it is an almost impossible task to carry out in any game that evolves on a yearly basis. Given how Clash have been working out (or not rather), I doubt you will see any kind of new major event despite it being a 10 year anniversary, but probably some of the following; * Some kind of speciel reward for accounts in good standing who's been active for 10 year (or close to 10 years). * Some kind of commemoration due to it being League's 10th anniversary. * Some kind of minor event with speciel prizes attached to it (missions etc). Assuming there will be some form of rework to ranked again and major overhauling of some champions (along with new ones), I doubt there will be more than the above, due to time-constraints etc.
: Changes to Honor Eligibility for End of Season Rewards
Couple of questions EmeraldSatyr. 1. Those affected by a penalty, are they taking that penalty into season 9 if they don't play enough games before start, or will it reset to honor 2 when the season begins? 2. Do you know if it may be possible for players to moderate their own chat in season 9 at some point, as in disable the chat entirely in champ-select, in-game and post-game lobby?
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Inting = intentionally feeding. Playing bad isn't the same as intentionally feeding, so it's not reportable. Even if they go 0/10, as long as they were trying and didn't INTENTIONALLY feed, don't report them.
: ok HOLD ON!
Just another of those things that gets ignored, because new stuff > broken stuff.
Yraco (EUW)
: Toxicity does make it harder for people to climb actually but I won't go into that here. The title was a little clickbait I think but if you read the actual post again it's about how people will claim that a game is dying because things aren't going their way for whatever reason (eg punishments/low skill), even when there is a large playerbase that enjoys playing something for fun.
So does the imaginary match making, and certain champions to which counterplay exists on the same level as match making, but hey.., it's all the same anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ceberuz,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=8xuj6ugx,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-11-13T11:05:45.479+0000) > > It's elementary really dear Watson. > > You talk about the game dying, then you open up with talking about it being because people can't climb or get banned. > > That's two entirely different entities as one is potentially related to the match making and / or individual skill, the other is linked to ignorance on both fronts. You're overthinking the topic here. Point is the minority of players who get punished for their toxic ways end up moaning on forums that the game is "dying". I'll never understand why the mountain needs to be made of such a negligible molehill, but there we go.
I assume it's for the exact same reasons people create topics like this one, bashing toxic players who claim sensational things.
Yraco (EUW)
: OP never said the game was dying though; the post was about players getting punished/failing to climb and claiming the game would die, not actually the fact that league is a dying game. (because it isn't)
Check the title mate. Toxicity has nothing to do with being unable to climb, he's grouping everything into the same thing.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ceberuz,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=8xuj6ugx,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-11-13T10:26:14.339+0000) > > Talk about mixing several things into one post and thus having no credibility in your post. What are those several things mixed, if you may add? It's one straight topic about punished people thinking the game is dead without them. I'm just pointing a simple fact, "the dying game" syndrome is not something that belongs in league, and no matter where you go, as a toxic player, you'll do exactly the same things. If one calls Riot shit, and moves to Dota 2, he'll get stomped hard by hardcore gamers, then here it comes the post on Steam forums "dota 2 sucks, i cannot climb here either". It's a mentality that doesn't belong to a specific game, but one that belongs to someone that refuses to learn ANYTHING, not just about league. _**As a conclusion, it's people that need to change, not the game.**_ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
It's elementary really dear Watson. You talk about the game dying, then you open up with talking about it being because people can't climb or get banned. That's two entirely different entities as one is potentially related to the match making and / or individual skill, the other is linked to ignorance on both fronts.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Legends of toxic players : This game is dying!
Talk about mixing several things into one post and thus having no credibility in your post.
Rioter Comments
Serlirea (EUW)
: What sucks about this game (my 2 cents)
Personally I'd settle for point 1 being done for the new season, it would be the single biggest improvement (apart from making a proper match making code) the game could get.., but seeing as it has been this way forever, it speaks volumens of the peanut brains working at Riot. Summoner code prohibit boosting and smurfing is not tolerated (or is it also prohibited?), yet they build in the option to do exactly that in their own game, and then have the staggering incompetence to claim that duo-queing with a high level smurf isn't boosting. As you pointed out, Murica intellect at it's finest.
Zanador (EUNE)
: I just showed you, that while you think you are right, you can only do so by ignoring the possibilities. And you answer that by ignoring the possibilities. Suit yourself, my job is done. And if you want to make this all about my character, then we can do that too. Don't worry, i haven't noticed you before, so i won't reciprocate the attack. So you say that i'm one of the most ardent followers of an infallible godlike picture of Riot. I counter this with the fact that i attack or criticize Riot quite often, when i see it fit. And yes, often, because especially in the recent years they have given me plenty of opportunities to do so. I've spent months arguing against the Dynamic queue and analyzing on the boards why it did not work. I've spent almost half a year campaigning against Riot's decision to disable Normal Draft on EUNE. Recently i even went over to the NA boards to raise my voice against Riot regarding the PAX fiasco and while i count myself as a moderate on that matter, i still argued for at least 3 key Rioters to lose their jobs based on their comments and Riot's own policies. Yes, i turn everyone's comments against themselves and see how they fare. I have often joined discussions about balance, bringing up Riot's mistakes and the reasons that could have led to them. I've said on multiple occasions that certain Riot departments, like Champion design and Live balance have forgotten lessons they have learned and talked to us about in the past. I have predicted this mess around the ADCs this season half a year before Riot made the patch, based on the horrible direction they presented in one of their videos. I have criticized things including items, builds, champions and meta. I have expressed how in my opinion Riot should really improve a large variety of things they have the power to do and i gave constructive examples too that i thought are worth looking into. Including new player experience, justice system, honor system, spectating, IP/BE prices and for Riot to stop forcing new players into Blind pick, since that is more toxic than the alternatives. And you say than i'm an ardent believer who covers his eyes and accepts everything that is spoon fed to me? Just because i raise my voice for logic, and only argue when i can back my point up against anyone? Keep covering your eyes then if you want to believe. While we are at it, you never addressed my other post: you could just describe a better system in details, and i would support you against Riot, but apparently you are not willing to take this easier route in our discussions. You just like your image of yourself as the only one who sees the grim reality, yet when you are given the option to improve it, you apparently ignore it. Ignoring things seems to be a recurring theme with you.
I didn't detail a better system because you didn't ask, all you did was assume that what I was refering to was adding KDA to the insult that is the current match making (KDA is just 1 metric that should be utilized, simply because it's a factor in every game), I didn't state it being positive or negative KDA. _When I was refering to muppet players spending their games chasing from 1 end of the map to the other, it result in them dying and hard feeding in well over 50% of the cases, not to mention losing their lane uncontested. _ I am the only one seeing the grim reality? For someone claiming you attack Riot (When in fact you don't), you do give up a striking apprerance of having "lived under a rock" for this past season.., the boards have literally been flooded since early season to end season about the atrocity that is current day League. But ye, so far it's been your oppinion vs mine (and the thousands others who've created the same threads and posts over this season) and it's going no where.
Zanador (EUNE)
: I do like solid arguments, unfortunately you have not presented a single one so far. Let's break it down. (instead of quoting, i'll just use numbers for your paragraphs) 1. You start with a black-or-white fallacy, trying to make it look like there are only 2 possibilities . Stating that if people don't ward enough, then the MMR must not count for vision score. There are a lot of other explanations, maybe other scores are valued more, maybe people compensate for their lack of vision score with micro control. Maybe most players are just micro-oriented and they generally lack good macro control. The fact is that warding and vision score is just one of hundreds of possible measurements, and just because you can't observe it to be a major factor does not mean that it can't be accounted for. 2. And you follow up by another black-or-white fallacy paired up with a fallacy of the converse and a bit of generalizing. Generalizing is where you assume that a player who is narrow-sightedly chasing down kills in one game does this in every game. While some of them might do that, it is nevertheless not a necessity. Again, you make the argument for only 2 possibilities existing: either MMR counts for objectives or people chase down kills. Just like in the first case, this is a black-or-white fallacy, since more versions are possible. And the Fallacy of the converse goes through all this part. You set up this scenario: "if MMR doesn't count for objectives, then people chase kills. People chase kills, therefore objectives do not count". A common mistake, as yet again, a lot of other explanations can exist, and people chasing for kills does not exclude objectives being counted in MMR. 3. This a false equivalence. Vastly different KDA can be the result of a lot of factors, and well performing players will not always have the exact same KDA either. It is also possible to win and carry League games with low KDA, so your observations do not rule out KDA being used in the calculation. Have a nice day.
Well yea, I do see your points.., nevermind that the pattern I present is one that repeats itself 7 days a week, 365 days a year in 90% of all games, so clearly I am mistaken. Then again, it's not like you are known to disclaim everything that talks against the god-like creature that is Riot, who is well known for creating the most flawless and well thought out systems. I literally think I can count the number of people on these board who just go 'nahnah' and cover their eyes, to the countless contradictions and flaws of this game.., you being one of the most ardent defenders.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Except you are wrong on most of your base information. First of all, we don't know what stats are calculated into the MMR, but it is most almost certainly not based only on WR, since even the old Elo system League used was modified a bit to begin with. You got both parts of your base assumption wrong. Then 1200 was the base, that was around 1200 Elo. Gold starts around 1400. But hey, this is the boards, and people can't be bothered with bashing Riot for the right reasons, i guess. I have an open invitation for you too in my other post: show a better system that is not abusable and i will support you.
Well lets test my assumption. Games have players in some 90%+ of them that don't even make 15 trinket or control ward drops over the course of 40min, so it's safe to assume a vital key in winning games like this is not being used. Games also always have (No exceptions on this point) on one or the other side, the class-clowns who ignore objectives and spend the entire game chasing around, even at times running from a lane toward 3+ enemies collapsing in another lane.., that rules out the usage of objective count or assist in the match making. Not even KDA is being used, because if you ever bother going on something like op.gg to look at stats (Not MMR estimation), you will notice they are wildly unbalanced.., especially during promotional games! For your final point about ELO which does not exist and have not existed for the longest time, current MMR starting point is either 1250 or 1500, as I wrote.., I can't remember which one it is. I do like your solid arguments though, it's sharp and on point (lol).
: is this bannable?
It's grieving at bare minimum, so yes it is bannable.
Krux (EUW)
: My first punishment.
It's Riot logic.. Instead of attacking the problem head on, they keep hyping the idea that harder punishment leads to higher reform rates (_Just like their American criminal system, and we all know that works wonders_). So what do I mean with attacking the problem head on? It's easy to see to anyone who isn't 100% fanboi (_This isn't mean as a dig at anyone, it's just fact since it requires a degree of delusion that is unprecedented_). The problem is 3 fold; 1. Ranked ladder with 0 integrity in the match making. (_Leads to lashing out when you get the muppet show players literally losing games inside of 10min_) 2. Ranked ladder with prizes at the end. (_Leads to a higher degree of competitiveness which can cause frustration and lashing out_) 3. People and human nature. (_Hello? You don't need a master or Ph.D in psychology to understand this point_) Give the players the option to disable the chat entirely (_Both in champ-select, in-game and post-game lobby_), it's literally a win - win feature. People for the wast majority know if they have problems with controlling their frustration, if they could disable chat entirely in the client it would solve it for them 100%. It would also negate the unwanted element known as flame-baiting or threats of others players in champ-select saying they are going to troll or int, thus triggering a negative and hostile attitude instantly. Finally it would also free up ressources so you at long last (_and long overdue_) could turn your focus on actually creating a working match-making, and improve your so-called feederbuster, and get some faster perma-bans out there for those players who genuinely do nothing but sign on to troll games.
: To all the people who rather camp fountain than hitting the nexus.
How dare you call out logic on these boards...
Kalviras (EUW)
: Worst part is I don't think iv ever been put with people below platinum... does ranked just auto-fill you to silver and you need to slow climb and I should be platinum? or is it just nobody but platinum+ play in normal? All I want to do is try to learn Shyvana but it's impossible against people who are 2-3 tiers above me.
The only thing that is known about the so-called "match making", is that it is based on a hidden "system" called MMR, what is also known is that it does not utilize any game-related statistics at all other than your WR. So you could be Challenger in 2 ques, and then go normal mode and have standard MMR which is (Can't remember which it is) 1250 or 1500, and that is high Silver to low Gold. Your only hope is that players who are obviously far superior to yourself moves up the normal ladder fast (Not likely since smurf accounts are created daily for sales etc), or that you drop to a point where you don't met them. You dropping due to players breaking the games due to their obvious misplacement makes the game less appealing to you for obvious reason.., but hey, as I started out by saying, this is League and this is Riot's undeniable logic...
Kalviras (EUW)
: Are they going to fix matchmaking next season?
You are asking a logic questions expecting to get a logical answer from Riot, or one of their supporters (LOL) ? There is no logical reason for match making being separated, for the exact reason you pointed out.., but this is League and this is Riot, nothing makes sense! Even their own summoners code is contradictive to their own frame of the game.
: We need more people like you in league, GJ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
What we need is Riot taking action against such creatures instantly, instead of waiting until they've destroyed (or attempted) 50+ games.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Oh shudup. There is no way Rito should adjust their mm algorithms. They are perfect and make no mistakes. The skill levels here are obviously matched. They all also belong to their respective ranks, that accurately display how skilled a player is. This is the way it has been for years, and don't you think that this would've been fixed it there was a problem This, is also not sarcasm.
At the risk of securing a ban... If it isn't sarcasme, then you sir, are redefining the definition of idiocy and incompetence!
: > [{quoted}](name=Ceberuz,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cXXgjuoF,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-11-09T16:18:21.561+0000) > > I don't know if what you experience is a new phenomenon during your 2018 ranked experience, but I am confident I am not alone when I say this problem have been persistent throughout this season, to a higher degree than previous seasons. Actually the banning system and matchmaking are both a joke.After a nice wining streak i lost 2 games in a row where i had a Yorick dying intentionally at top lane while just walking to the enemy's malphite,without farming and without doing something else. 2nd game we had an Alistar that left his lane at level 5 and forced his adc to play alone.He would also spam his ultimate in the middle of teamfights without using any other abilities. In another game game i played AGAINST a Sion who was using the inting strategy(dying and using its passive to destroy towers with the demolish rune) to get towers which made his team suffer and lose the game.Later on,i checked his profile and found out that he played countless games as Sion using this strategy.I do not understand why is this shit allowed and isn't punished. I get everyone's point here and doesn't actually help to state examples like i did.The whole system is just unfair as it doesn't recognize your skill and it matches you with bad players or trolls out of your win/loss percent. Especially the solo Q is just random.It doesn't matter how good or bad you are.
I can't agree more with you, the ranked ladder has 0% integrity on any level, just to name a few factors as to why that is; * Team-wide mmr matching _This would be okay if they incorporated KDA, average ward count, objective count or assist, but without it is literally just haphazzard_ * Duo-que boosting is a thing, especially later in a season * Smurfing, it may be a minor issue, but it all adds up to the mayhem due to team-wide mmr matching Sadly next season will be even worse, because Riot cannot make a system that is functional on any level.
: Bad teammates in League of Legends
It's a result of Riots "match making", it's super simplistic where it may just as well be finding 5 random players vs 5 random pla.., oh wait, that's already what it is doing to avoid "prisoners island". People saying matchups in normal are random and ranked is different is just (LOOOOL).
: [{quoted}](name=Ceberuz,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=JB1rm0Be,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2018-11-09T16:40:59.127+0000) > Lets say you've got a ranked game that's close to 50 / 50 and can swing either way (You know, that 1 / 1000 games), you enter enemy jungle to plant a ward to try and secure drake / baron, but you get killed by 2 enemy players waiting for someone trying to ward it up, then Joe Random from your team goes; > > * You %%%%in %%%%%%, that cost us <insert objective) and possibly the game > * Sigh, go kill yourself please > * That was a regular Einstein move <insert name> That's why there are pings, because people just don't know or see the exact same things as you, you gotta inform them.
Yea, and we all know the majority of players in this game use the minimap (Not)... That's the underlying point of it all, you don't need chat at all to communicate, so it should indeed be each players decison if they want to be part of the hostile environment chat breeds. Your c/p is also entirely out of context as it is not related to the point in the post made.
: personal experiences are not to be trusted. Your games dont add up to enough of a sample size to draw conclusions with any kind of accuracy.
Try not to use the pseudo arguments of Riot and their wrenchmen. Personal experience is all that matters regardless if you have 500, 5000 or 50000 games, why? Because what happens in other players games have _**zero**_ influence or impact on you (which means me). You may have 5000 games without verbal abuse or trolling of any kind, it still has _**zero**_ impact or influence on my experience.
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