: That goes both ways actually, you're not supoosed to split push without your team providing pressure unless you know for a fact that your team will gain something elsewhere from having the entire enemy team colapse on you which will surely happen in that scenario. Also you might want to set up vision before going for a tower regardless.
Yeah should work on the vision game true.. So what if my team doesn't put pressure at all. Maybe it sounds crazy but it is real. Some are focussed on only farming..etc. We are talking about support Shaco 0/5 blaming the team.. or twitch support feeding. Or a Caitlynn who is 0/6 and end with 7/7 and thinks he had a good game. Just look at the games I had.. last 10 of them.. the wins.. only when I am crushing the game we win. Isn't it strange that u only get carried 1 game in 30 games? Advice me guys.. I am focussed on midlaner/jungler.
: People often suggest picking a strong split pusher that'll most likely not die in the pro. My go-to pal for when I want to stay safe and push damage on anything is definitely Ziggs. His passive and lich bane absolutely destroy towers, not to mention his w. Others often suggest Champs like trynda, yorick, Camille, etc. Note: there's plenty of other ways to win games, be it assassination, objective control, supporting/cc, team fight havoc, extremely good jungling, etc. But purely for closing out even games with even half-decent teammates splitting is good. Make them use resources on stopping your push and you're doing your job fine.
The thing is.. when i split push my team doesn't team up and push for objectives. Meanwhile enemy team comes top and kills me or makes me stop the push while rest is farming and losing the chance to get a quick objective. Or second scenario.. enemy team sees me pushing ..lets say top.. they come top with 2 or 3 guys.. and my team comes to top to "help" me? This happends so much that i quit splitpushing. But thanks for the ziggs advice 4 sure I will try it bro.
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