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Tailtrain (EUW)
: I personally can understand the point of having a ranked team que settup, but I feel that to play as a team we do have flex que now. And if I had been playing in a team to go on tournaments and doing my best to become a better player overall, I would been trying to keep connections up to the other teams. So my team could do skirmishes as training in a custom game against other actual competative teams. Instead of going up against players at random that mostly wont play for the more competetative stage that I get the feeling you guys are aiming for. Thinking that would give your team way more experiense as a whole and also getting way more out of each game when rewatching it to see what you did wrong in all important aspects. Well any way thats my thoughts // Tailtrain (a support in gold 5 EuW) aiming higher. Still need more core knowledge tho won't be happy if I get higher ranked and unable to hold my own ground.
But the flex queu doesn't alow us to play as a team. It still focuses on personal elo/ rating. League is a teambased game, so why would there not be an option to rank up a team?? That is how you improve as a team. You are talking about improving by yourself, which works aswell. But it doesn't work when you are aiming high. Thanks for your thoughts.
xaridon (EUW)
: I feel the same way. One of our guys when we play has a really bad elo so even if he won 8 games out of 10 in flex he got placed in B5, and we love playing flex as a way to meet people who doesnt troll as u also mentioned. But when he got placed in B5 he couldnt play with us anymore and we have to reside to normal draft which often results in troll bans and people testing new stuff and nobody really cares. And the IP weekend just now resulted in 3-4 "open mid" games which we didnt really want. Bring back a way to make people play with five pople on a serious level and people will get somewhat happier. Maybe weave it into clubs so they can queue up in a ranked club game or something.
I can relate so badly. Playing normals as five isn't just the same thing as playing ranked as five. Bring back Ranked Teams.
Lyroit (EUW)
: That was also my thought. They removed Teamranked without any proper alternative. Before the changes I could play with all of my friends and we got the possibility to create MULTIPLE teams, not just one rank like in flex, now you have to choose between either play for fun and look how far you can come with your combo / offmeta picks / etc or if you want to seriously play this queue and tryhard. There is NO possibility to just start from scratch with some new people you just met and look how far you can get with them. Also why did they even add flex? * 1-2 player: Solo/Duo * 3 player: TT * 4: --- * 5: Flex So the only reason they added this was for 5v5 Team. But Teamranked was a better alternative to this as you acutally could play with a Team, not only one, but multiple teams, now you are more or less forced to one "team". As far as I can see that idea backfired and now people start training for team events in normal games (saw this multiple times now), because they can't play with such a huge rank difference.
Very great points. Very great points indeeed. League is a teambased game, so why on earth would you not be able to have a proper way to rank up a team?
: > My point is that Ranked Teams is something we need. Like, why would it be a bad thing to have Ranked Teams? queues times.Already explained it.Only a small % of the player database will use it .So the games and the ladder there will be totally different.You will see for example only 100k players playing there instead of 500k or more .So this will affect queue times o and same time will push players out from other queues which will raise there the queue times which is something riot doesn't want. A great example is the draft at eune as i said.There were some reasons why riot removed it :"queue times".Based on that such an update shouldn't be made simply because it would create even more unbalance between the servers. What does it mean? It's means that euw>eune already and this like make euw>>eune.If EUW can support this new q so do it right?But EUNE will never be able to have it because of the "queue times" .So you make EUW even viable and eune even more useless/trashy/restricted as a server. This is not something cool for a company like riot don't you think?
Ok, I really don't want to sound offensive so please take this the right way as I really try to keep this thread mature, which you contribute to, thanks for that by the way. But you are not seeing my point so I'll try to clearify - If the problem is that queutimes or the servers will go "bad" because of the reintroduction of Ranked Teams then fine, then there's nothing Riot can do about it if they don't dump alot of money on it. However, as I said, I am highlighting a problem. I want them to spend that money, I want them to reintroduce the Ranked Team queu becuse it's a great concept. But if it's as you say, a technical problem, then there's a solution to that problem. There always is. And I want them to fix it. Because in the end, which I've stated. Ranked Teams is a great idea and a system that works.
: You want one more q...Just take into account that couple months ago riot removed one q due to that (draft eune).So no it's not so easy . > Do you really think that one would have to put down tens of hours, if not hundreds just to be able to play serious with his or hers friends is a sustainable solution? It's still a solution.Maybe hard but i can't think something else. > And you are claiming that it's not Riots problem, Riot is a company that relies on it's playerbase. EUW /NA yes for eune for sure not at all.So to be honest riot relies on some parts of it's playbase . > they are not satisfied with this current system. There are bigger problems than the lack of 5vs5 rank right now .(already pointed and have been 100rds of posts about that in which you can find a similar answer for your problem.(why 5vs5 rank doesn't exist)... So to end up **since the time they are unable to fix and make draft at eune(normal games) can they make the 5vs5 rank team ladder which is what you want if only the 3%-10% of the server may play there?**?(less than these who used to play draft at eune). ______ I mostly pointed that there are alternatives not that your idea is wrong from first place ((my first answer wasnt at your post but for this question) > "And how are they gna que flex if one of them is diamond and one gold?" It's something **which is not bad as an idea it's not possible based the way riot already acted on some servers which you don't play.** (RU/EUNE/TR/LAN etc)
I see where you are comming from. I am just highlighting an existing problem, because it IS a problem, even if there might be bigger ones. My point is that Ranked Teams is something we need. Like, why would it be a bad thing to have Ranked Teams?
: No you don't get it i never said it's financial. It's totally a problem of making all different q healthy (not wealthy).If lol has for example 100k online players at eune and 200k players at euw then you have more restrictions at eune than you have at euw. At RU for example rank q used to be closed at night (i don't know if they changed it) due to the fact there are not enough online player durring non peak hours . The same will happen if we bring 5vs5 .A new problem while flex q is not fully balanced yet . YOU CAN'T have 100 different q for example solo q ,solo q with duo q , soloq ,2,3 / 5vs5,normal blidn,normal draft,aram,blind only as premade,blind only as solo,same for draft. If there are no players then the system is forced to put premade parties with non premade to fix q times.Read old posts about high elo DQ in which you had a challnger with a d5 player due to that. Because you will either have to force players to play games like 5 bronze vs gold players or you will have 1 hour q time. THERE are not enough players to support every different q.To do that you need to merge servers (EUNE +EUW+TR+RU) which will create new problems . Somtimes riot changes things for the better and flex is better than the old 5vs5 way more balanced .**_ If you really wanted play with your friends then you shouldnt climb there.You just have to dodge around 100-200 champion select which is not against the rules get droped down to the elo of your friends and play whith mmr same with the one you have right now. If you want plat/diamond at flex + play with your silver/bronze/gold just want to much!Help them to become like you and then play at flex . Sorry but there are solutions which you just don't want to accept._ ** There are always solutions if you don't care about the shiny border at this q without ruining any game to go down to the ladder :) If you can't want to waste time doing it ..well that's not riot's problem . Same way i should be able to play rank games with my bronze 5 friend at solo q?This is how used to be the game back at season1-season3 if you remember.
If you can't see my point after I've layed out theese arguments you won't ever see it. I see your point with hosting too many queus is a problem, both because of the servers can't take that much data and because that there would be too few people playing the different queues. However, I am not asking for 100 different queus, not even for two. Im asking for one more queu for teams to rank up in, as a team where they can progress both their rank and their skills. And your so called "solution" which I "don't want to accept". Do you really think that one would have to put down tens of hours, if not hundreds just to be able to play serious with his or hers friends is a sustainable solution? No, it is not. And you are claiming that it's not Riots problem, Riot is a company that relies on it's playerbase. Their very existence lies in their customers being satisfied, which I am, mostly. But many can agree that they are not satisfied with this current system. And that is their problem. And just to clearify, I think Riot is an amazing company. It's just their shortcommings in our ability to play with whomever we'd like to play with seriously that I highlight.
: The problem is that the server can't support so many q .We already got issues at eune that's why draft got removed.If we add a new 5vs5 this will affect the other q (flex q mostly). That's the problem. We caqn't have a lot of different q and same time all of them be healthy. Now if you want to practise for will either go with a lv 30 account or yes normals.I know it's bad but sadly riot is able to do somethign at least right now as far as i know.
First you are stating that the problem is that it's "unbalanced" and now you are claiming that it is a financial problem, that's a huge difference. They replaced Ranked Teams with Flex, that's not a problem with the servers, that's because they took a decision to create Flex queu and thought it was better. It is not. Bring back Ranked Teams.
: PLay normals. If you want both competitive and your friends then you either have to make friends there or make an account. You can;t have both due to matchmaking show some respect to riot.I explained the reason why 5vs5 changed .
But if we want to practise for tournaments? Which we often participate in. I have the utmost respect for Riot, they've created and nurture the game I play and love. Your argument is that it would be" too unbalanced", but if there's a Ranked Team queu you would gain elo as a team and not as singleplayers so the good TEAMS would rise and the bad ones would fall, just as in solo queu, how can that be unbalanced?
: smurf account.All diamonds got at least another account for that ,who ever says he hasn't he is either lying or he doesn't care playing with his low elo friends. Old 5vs5 rank used to be fun but totally unbalanced .I used to play with bronze 5 and i know how broken the matchmaking used to be. I have another account at gold elo and i play from there with my friends . It's not against the rules.It's pretty dump yes but if you really want to play with your friends this is what you do.
So am I forced to level another account all the way to level 30 just to play with my friends in ranked? Why should I not be able to play with them on my main account? Seems kinda unpractical.
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