: Missions rewards get fewer every new event
Remember when we got no free skins? Right.
: 1 more for AI quest
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: Sad, it was my way to stick to only one account for rank, so now I will stick with my plan I had since season started, with smurfs, playing a different main role on each account to make my own version of position rank. It will be same as the one RIOT intended, since I will take rank serious on each account, but on different accounts instead of same account but different leaders of rank of each position.
> [{quoted}](name=Murdarici,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=M846XyxB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-08T16:14:12.930+0000) > > Sad, > it was my way to stick to only one account for rank, so now I will stick with my plan I had since season started, with smurfs, playing a different main role on each account to make my own version of position rank. > > It will be same as the one RIOT intended, since I will take rank serious on each account, but on different accounts instead of same account but different leaders of rank of each position. What you mean _Sad_? It was destroying NA and KR's ladder even more than EU with the introduction of Iron and Grandmaster. It had 20-30% acceptance from the player base. Why would you want a ranked system that is being abused and no one is taking seriously to represent your skill?
: Thinking of giving up ranked...
Want to know why you don't climb? "I know this is a team based game, but soloq seems next to imposseble to get a good team". This and only this, instead of spending time fixing your mistakes and finding out how to improve, you hide behind this mentality that is complete bs and will get you nowhere both ingame and irl. Cheers.
: Low LP gains after 9.3 update
Does anybody know if this is a bug or a real thing now? Because I have a couple of friends in my elo that haven't experienced this. I think it has something to do with the lp changes they did in the positional ranks from NA and Korea.
: Low LP gains after 9.3 update
+16 before +1 now... (joke). 22-23 before +15 now in d4.
Yraco (EUW)
: Ranked wins seem random
It's really sad to read some of the comments here. "Its more about Champions or luck. Skills dont have that impact anymore." Unbelievable, that's coming from a Karthus player. Want me to pick ur acc and show u how fast I get your d4 with an off meta champ? People are right, league boards is a dumpster for braindead complaints and delusion. My advice? Get good, maybe when you get out of your delusion you'll climb. Don't plan on coming back to these boards so go ahead and ban me mods.
byboHugo (EUW)
: Honor
Because they messed up and reseted honor lv < 2 back to 1 or 0 without checkpoints. They told me they'd fix in 48 h it but still nothing. It's a shame really.
: could be one of the following things 1: They got all the data from the ranked games you've played and got a rank implemented for those roles 2:All the roles get the same rank before the 2nd split starts
> [{quoted}](name=Mykedejong,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=HnRM7yBp,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2019-01-24T23:16:21.915+0000) > > could be one of the following things > > 1: They got all the data from the ranked games you&#x27;ve played and got a rank implemented for those roles > > 2:All the roles get the same rank before the 2nd split starts I hope it's like that and they don't do another soft reset.
: Doesn't matter what lane im in, My Jungler will not find his way to my lane.
No matter how ahead I am, how much I'm carrying the game, I'll always have a top laner 0/10 insulting me because I don't gank his 10/0 Akali. Your last games: 2/9/4 Darius, 5/13/10 Cho and 0/2/2 Naut, are you %%%%ing kidding me?
Remmeh (EUW)
: Disapointed on how this season start is being handled, especially as an EU player.
Can someone clarify this to me? If they haven't released the new system here yet, how will they adjust the divisions from people that have already done their placements? I'm really lost and forgive me if I misunderstood anything, just came back to league a few days ago.
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: Bruiser junglers
The only decent bruiser right now is Warwick, even though he got nerfed. You also have kayn, but it's just good vs tanky comps when you go Rhaast, or against melee supports. Tank and bruiser junglers kind of suck right now, you could try playing graves, you can build him like a bruiser.
: Fix normals for beginners
So, you're a smurf complaining about smurfs in low level and non smurfs getting matched with smurfs when you yourself are a smurf... Idk.
: Why did my baron steal attempt fail?
Either a game bug or replay bug, can't see any scenario where this could happen, since Kayn didn't use his smite and yours indeed does 760 dmg. Unless Malphite had around 800 ap...
Montazuma (EUW)
: At least you got the experience of climbing meaning you must have had some sane people along the way, with the exception of 5 - 6 games since Gold 3 (Now Silver 5) I've had nothing but these hardcore degenerates. I'm also on my last straw and giving this game exactly til the end of the week, if things haven't improved player-wise by Friday evening, it's heading in the bin since I'm tired of Riots inability to implement changes that could actually improve the environment. _Now before Hansiman or one of the other champions of this sickening environment chime in asking for suggestions, you've had them multiple times_ Seems I was wrong in thinking I could last until Friday... 2½ game today, one with reasonably balanced players except for 1 person, then 1 with full monty flamers which unavoidably leadings to a loss where they hold you prisoner, but this last half game sealed it. A wukong with 9 deaths at minute 13, I know reporting him wont result in anything, as such I saw no reason to delay this any longer, so the game is deleted.
> At least you got the experience of climbing meaning you must have had some sane people along the way What a cheap way to devalue someone's climbing achievements and the point of this post.
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: Caitlyn's lategame
Caitlyn is one of, if not the best, top late game adcs, and she works really well with most broken supports like Lulu or Janna. Her early game ain't weak, it's her mid game. She's far better than most adcs.
: smurf want a vayne main name
RallerenP (EUW)
: So umm... If you had actually read what I wrote then you'd find out that I said the opposite of that. But you do you. No one cares.
I'm pretty sure it's impossible for an AI to judge human behavior, at least to an 80% perfection. We need something similar to what the tribunal was, maybe with selected people, not public, that judge some filtered games. Otherwise, I can't see this working.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: Yeah if source of information is based on 3rd party website or located in states which laws allow it, its a legal nightmare so is logical to skip it.Not worth the effort.
Blizzard took their time to take legal actions against hacking sites and private servers, Idk why Riot wouldn't with boosting, considering it's much more cancerous and it has a direct impact on the game.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: People are not informed than. But any case there is no way to remove eloboosts anyhow, since no way to track which accounts are their mains. A considerable amount of players do this since it is well paid and they already got skills in the game so earning $ for it, its just that people think it dont happen same as when you say there are no cheats for league of legends, while when you google it you can find some real ones right of the bat. Hell there are even cheats on youtube being implemented in the options by add-ons allowing zoom out, auto join and level, and macro, saw some BR's play with it on youtube and showing how it works.
I reported this guy a month ago http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=1x both in-game and through support, he's still playing nowadays. He changed his summoner spells every time the booster was playing. They can also ban the boosting sites that have been running for ages like they did with scripts, I got an answer a while back that it was because they can't take legal actions against sites ran from countries that allow it, but I think it's bullshit really. At this point I feel like Riot's involved in it so Idgaf anymore, don't bother.
: Ranked is dead
Definitely, I've got 3 accounts in platinum this season, 1 about to reach diamond, all of them starting from low silver but hey, you should be where I am, I just got lucky teams in the end. Get better at the game, you need to carry because silver games is pretty much easy "carryble".
munraker (EUW)
: This client is BS...now I lag AF ingame, i didnt 2 days ago, WTF
This has nothing to do with the client lol
Mada (EUW)
: The game is lost, surrender/open mid
Totally true, and I also think it's mostly due to streamers, but that's because they play in an elo where coming back from mistakes is pretty much impossible unless both team's compositions allow it.
: That's the problem tho. SoloQ has never been teambased efficient but the meta requires teambased play right now which counterintuitive. I want to play a SoloQ style game with SoloQ champions but it just doesn't cut it. It's more about which team is less coordinative and has 2 tanks
Not really, tanks have been underpowered this whole season, even Sion is after Conqueror. The meta has always asked for teamplay because this is a team based game, but that doesn't mean you can't solo carry in soloQ. As a macro player, I find most of my teams don't know how to close games even at high plat or low dia whatever you wanna call it, and they're at the same place than me because they're good at snowballing if they take the lead. The ONLY role that has been tweaked so that it can't solo carry is the jungle, with the removal of feral flare or devourer, and nerfs on Nidalee, Graves... For the rest, hyper carry champs have always been the ones with most win rate.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: His main was prolly banned, i mean look at his club name, it reeks toxicity. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Also i think i have read several times that boosting is allowed by Riot. Even getting paid for it.
It's not allowed but there is indeed some fishy shit going on there.
: Man I've been to Plat 5 promos and after that dropped down to Gold 5 The "Teambased" gameplay doesn't really work in SoloQ since lack of coordination But I'm finding my way back I guess, doesn't look too good It's like fighting a water stream that goes the other way, and each and every game feels like it isn't decided by me even if I'm supposedly carrying. And picking an Orianna-type champ Midlane feels like you're asking to get shit on in SoloQ by other lanes snowballing. So you kinda have to find a nieshe but at the same time deal with the stream that goes the other direction and you not being that great in teamfight costs you. Double edged sword, which way is better: The "Teambased Teamfight" way but having to **rely** on your team, or the "Earlygame snowball way" but due to champ choice fighting against the stream of 5v5 ball games
Solo Q has never been a team based queue, that's why it's called that way. It's not LCS, it's there for you to carry. If u wanna play comp champs like Orianna (which I think is a really good champ to solo carry since she's a lane bully and her kit lacks nothing) you'll have to play as a lead, make calls and ping, and elaborate your team's macro, you can't expect everyone else to coordinate like in a pro team. I'm not a micro player, I've always climbed because of my macro, and it's no big deal really.
Kire27 (EUW)
: what he said ^
How's that? You git gud, climb, get higher elo teams aka better mates. Does that make sense to you?
Kire27 (EUW)
: how to get good teams?
Mreeshai (EUW)
: Pretty much this. ADC positioning and finding the safe opportunities to grasp damage in a fight where you are the #1 priority focus target is pretty hard. {{champion:51}} has her traps to work with. Where are they of most use to the team? Does the {{champion:51}} have the skill to place them well and are her teammates capable enough to use them?
What are you on, we're on an adc meta lol. Assassins are extremely weak compared to other seasons, tanks are glass cannon but without the cannon and bruisers are non existent, tp is useless with the long delay, and all games are decided by who takes bot first and starts basic rotations.
: New Warwick Bug
Why did Kassadin keep his E?!
: just got into ranked game with literally 10 people lagging
fawkes (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Centur,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UO74kLFH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-15T23:46:41.158+0000) > > They&#x27;ll ban you for being toxic to them. I wasnt that toxic, I just asked them couple of times why are they doing that. Well I got inting ad carry in my gold promos while I was his support. I had a bad early game (2 deaths till 6lvl) and he decided to int saying I'll never win my promos, and he said he does that all the time when his supp is playing bad and never got banned. I lost that one but few days later I got to another promo and won. Well thats a bit softer version of inting because he had a reason, he played well and I played bad so he decided to int. Stupid reason but still better than ''you'll lose this game because of us'' mentality which started in lobby, for no reason at all. Anyway, if this isnt bannable, I dont know what is. I understand (not really, but ok) that riot doesnt ban this kind of players, but at least I hope I'm not the only one who thinks these kind of players should get perma baned.
Just kidding. I meant that they're more focused on banning toxic ppl than the 0/20 guy running mid.
fawkes (EUNE)
: Perma for inting?
They'll ban you for being toxic to them.
: Because duskblade is getting nerfed. Every assassin that builds it gets buffed. Khazix is also getting isolation bonus dmg from 65% to 100%. Talon is also getting buffs. Heal is getting nerfed and ignite is getting buffed. Was about time they did something, assassins have been useless in this hypercarry meta which is a joke.
Know anything about J4? It's core for his ad build too.
reticxE (EUW)
: i have 61% wr on a bruiser toplaner for 96 games this season, and played like 1 or 2 games as a tank toplane. It's not about pick its about adaptation
Lol, you're playing not just playing the only viable bruiser but also a broken one.
: You don't really fully develop your motor skills before you hit your early teens, I'd say it's actually very impressive you're able to make a forum post, let alone play LOL when you're only one year old. I'm sure you're getting better, it's just happening so gradually you're not noticing, keep in mind that you will face more and more skilled opponents as your own skill advances. Try to play a bot game and see if you can go without dying at all, if you can then you're better than you were when you started. The true way to become better is to play at least 5 games a day and never have more than 6 champs in your roster, you won't really make any meaningful advances if you play 7-15 games a week with a different champion every day of the month.
> [{quoted}](name=Oracle of Pain,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A2MZxF1Y,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-03-14T00:34:58.425+0000) > > You don&#x27;t really fully develop your motor skills before you hit your early teens, I&#x27;d say it&#x27;s actually very impressive you&#x27;re able to make a forum post, let alone play LOL when you&#x27;re only one year old. > Made my day
: What Do You Think Of Kindred? Is she OP / Broken??
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Wow that sucks... Guess competitive gaming still got a long way to go. I swear sometimes I wish we needed our IDs to play.
Arnoter (EUW)
: Boosting or selling Boosts is not illegal, they cant stop people from doing it. They can just catch the Boosters and the Idiots who pay them to give away there Login Datas.
Is that for sure? I'm not an expert on laws but being against the ToS doesn't allow them to take legal actions against it? I remember reading an article about Epic Games doing this with a kid who cheated in Fortnite.
: You should ask them to be more clear about it. Usually if they see that the link doesn't satiate you, they will respond personally
I think I'm pretty precise with my question on the ticket, I don't have to be begging for an answer or asking twice. It's up to them if they wanna reply or not, they didn't, so I'm just guessing they don't want to.
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IuStrenght (EUNE)
: What am i doing wrong
60% win rate in bronze is decent for someone who peaked s4. What are you doing wrong? Checking your last 20 games you mostly top damage when you lose the game, and that's in exchange for a shitton of deaths. What I'm guessing from this is that you may be too scared to make plays when you've got the lead, and you end up playing for kda. My advice would be: grow balls when you're winning, you can't just take a lot of kills and expect someone to win your game, do some "risky" plays and carry it. And when you're losing play safer, don't die a second time 1 v 1, shouldn't even be once, and do some safer plays. Other than that, you've got a lot of coaches you can learn macro from, I always suggest LS. In silver-bronze, even gold and plat, most people know nothing about macro. Pings can save you the game, don't just play a mage, play a leader.
: Ban system suck : is this behaviour acceptable in ranked game ?
It is obviously bannable, but really hard to detect. I remember Ap0calypse trolling around 20 games in d1 and getting no punishment, literally going Nunu with Ghost and Cleanse and doing nothing all game but die. But what do you want Riot to do? Spectate millions of games every day and decide if a person is trolling or not? Maybe you're a genius and can come up with an algorithm that can solve this problem, share it with us. I do agree with the fact that they put too much effort on banning toxic people and forget about trolls and afkers, which are usually the motive why people turn toxic. There isn't much they can do though.
: Yeah I know, but it's only been a recent thing for me, I have spells currently where I'm enjoying it. But mostly in season 8 not so much, even though I've been playing for so long, I've never had this opinion about league, it may be more to do with the community in-game tbh because theres so many more feeders afkers, flamers etc. knocking about and it makes trying to get better at the game incredibly hard for me, I don't care about my rank too much, I just want to focus on getting better, but when team mates are doing stupid things and intentionally losing games and tilting others, I started getting a bit fed up with it all and I've hit my limit with it. I also feel like a large portion of the champions available have becoming incredibly dry.
I disagree with the last thing you said, at least compared to last seasons, but the rest you're right imo. SoloQ or whatever u play, unless u go as 5, sometimes it's more of a mental game than anything else. Having a great attitude even when queued with trolls or w/e is really important and can get you a whole league up or down. People will tell you to use the mute feature, but chat is really important and having it disabled is like playing with a handicap, so u gotta learn to live with it and not let it reach u.
Spidernunu (EUNE)
: Is it just me?
4.7 / 7.7 / 7.9 On the past 20 games 1.64:1 (44%) Idk man, those stats seem to fit a 30% win ratio. I'm at 7.0 / 5.4 / 11.6 3.44:1 (64%) And win half of my games so...
So basically the client won the game in a match since the game, despite crushing the client at the start, gave up and opened mid. Then the guy, disappointed and frustrated with the result, restarted the pc trying to get back to a checkpoint where all this didn't happen yet but surprise, it's an online game, not skyrim. It was a well-deserved win for the client, Riot won't help you.
: Is it just me that feels like league is becoming incredibly boring?
Well, that's kind of subjective. You've been playing for a really long time, it's normal that you're getting burned out. Tbh, I feel like this season is much more balanced than the latest ones in terms of champs and roles and they're taking steps to make the game more dynamic and diverse, like the removal of Tracker's Knife. I do agree though that eSports have become extremely boring, but it's normal too, since with experience players polish their macro and micro and they end up taking always the best way to face a match, it's not like s1 when everyone was braindead in terms of game knowledge and you could go yi ap mid.
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