: Snowdown Showdown 1v1 and 2v2
I remember abusing old Yorrick 1v1. The flame of "noob champ", "F**king broken" "Play a real champ noob" used to make me complete. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Loonstaa (EUW)
: Jungler's that don't gank.
Yea but how often does this happen, really?. I can honestly say that in my 3 years of playing LOL, I've never had it where the Jungler never ganks (other than the obvious AFK).
JamesIAm (EUW)
: Buy MSI capsules, there's a significantly increased chance to get them in those.
Oh really?. Still probably have to buy a heap of them tho :s
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Perilum (EUW)
: 88CS is horrible for a S Jungler. You naturally take CS during wave pushes to take towers or shove the wave so the enemy loses CS. You're compared to all other Wukongs in your role. So if everyone does the same, but has the double amount of CS, then you're not top notch. Always remember: The worst Jungler is ganking but leaves after it.
Did you ignore the rest of the stats dude?. Its was a very busy game. And you get shouted at for taking CS in lane. Dont act like you dont.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: that's because that facility doesnt really work.
In a round about way, I think you do get my point after all.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Learn to support
But I don't enjoy it, and there is a facility built into the game which means I (shouldn't) have to play it. Auto-fill removes that facility. I think your missing the point.
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: > I'm a little concerned/confused. Have Riot gotten rid of the normal draft queue?. No, it's just the annual "People blame the new season for everything" phenomenon we encounter every year. Some people claim that flex queue is basically the new normal mode since people take it less seriously than the new solo-Q. In addition in EUNE the normal draft pick was deactivated since the EUNE community is too small to keep so many different game modes running. But since you are playin on EUW this needn't concern you. Normal draft pick still exists and it's the same as before.
: New season the worst?
Riot is out to get you. Its as simple as that. You are the only person who has ever played the game to be put on a team of people not as good at the game as you.
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LordAlaa (EUNE)
: Fiddlesticks E is too OP in ARAM
If you start to nerf fiddle, you will have to nerf others, and that would be insane. Lots of champions are "buffed" hugely by the fact that its just one lane. {{champion:17}} Is by far the worst in my opinion. Mushrooms for days. "Just buy an oracle huuuhuuuuu". Oracle will get rid of some of them, but you cant clear mushrooms in a team fight, so if you are in a team fight and you are advancing, step on say 2 of them and the fight has swung in the opponents favour. In Aram, you get games some times where 99% of the time, you are not going to win that matchup. Your just not. {{champion:51}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:110}} vs {{champion:77}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:75}} , You are never going to win that matchup. Its the luck of the drawer {{champion:4}}
: Hey It's a new thing called remake, if someone has someone dced or afk before 3 minutes into the game, that team can essentially surrender, or remake.
great thanks for the explanation.
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Rorÿ (EUW)
: Ekko Login Screen ( Fan Made )
Did you really make that or are you trolling?. Pretty fucking good mate. Rather have that than the Ashe one.
: Female Champions classified by trope
Leptyx (EUW)
: He lied, he played one before ^^ http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/220314597
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Alaania (EUW)
: Just got Soulstealer Vayne from an Augment Cache
can someone please explain to me how the augmented cache things work?.
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: Ban Smurfs
The irony here is that the only way you would get angry about smurfing is if you where smurfing, and got beat by a better smurf.
: Being a Woman/Girl in LoL (...literally..XD)
I never understood why women felt the need to tell everyone they are female. Does it really matter?. Apart from the fact no one would know your a girl if you didn't mention it, you seem to open yourself up to all the discrimination that the anonymity of the internet allows, and then often moan about it on the forums. If your a girl that plays games then thats great. But I don't need to know about it.
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TuckFits (EUW)
: This statement is so true, all just for money, riot are starting to think more about the money rather than the community, i don't like it :/
Lol "starting". Riot are a business first and foremost. Ultimately, they really don't give two shits if we are happy or not. As long as they are making money. Honestly, if they where given the choice between "Insanely rich, but unhappy community", or "making good money and happy community", what do you think they would pick?. Not that I blame then. You can't.
: Malp shouldnt get onto a carry without his ult, if he does the carry fucked up! his ult is what makes him viable because he has no"real" dmg and no other hard cc resulting in him being a safe laner with no splitpush nore fight capacity. A cast time like that wont be implemented because at pro play(and dia 3+) it would make him nearly useless which would be stupid. For his ult, if flash up flash it later in the game if not try to dash else positioning
Good point. Its balancing it. If you build damage malph and use it in low elo its godly. You can win team fights in an instant. In pro play, its useless.
: You mean so u can sidestep it without a fail ? Kappa it already has casta time(moving) which can be used to dkdge eith huge ms Or dashes
You can still gank from bushes or the jungle and no broadcast, it would just reduce its effectiveness in a team fight when everything is already kicking off. and there is no "moving cast time" if he ults 1 foot in front of himself.
: {{champion:105}} and his pathetic E skill, [it should have way longer cd for skill of this type, like vlad ... nope vlad has huge hp cost of this skill and no troll jump] yomaha yomaso
Couldn't agree more. Such bs. Also, vlads doesn't do stupid damage when he comes out of pool.
Skere (EUW)
: Nerf Malphite
He needs a cast animation on his ult and something like a 0.5 cast time, just like Annie does with tibbers.
Larry (EUNE)
: Come on, seriously, i saw your match history and you have 3 defeats in a row, but in total you have more than 50% win ratio. So stop getting mad okay? You will rise the more you play. I also noticed that you give deaths. So whether you like it or not force yourself in the next ranked games to stay alive and not make a single death. Moreoever if you win your lane especially with ahri as i see is your main, use 2 fast q's and kill wave then immediately go to another lane for gank. You have to spread the snowballing to other lanes as well, or create opportunities for snowballing. Dont just sit in your lane passively farming. Mid lane is the key player. Expand your laning phase to ganking phase the moment you hit lvl 6, inbetween waves. And i know that you already know it, but stick your deaths close to 0. It really helps your adc if the enemy mid laner is not fed.You have a medium/high average of deaths as a mid laner, you can totally work on that for improvement P.s. dont play wukong, he sucks hard in this meta compared to other bruisers
Depends where you play Wu. I wouldn't take him top, but Jungle is another issue entirely. I'm having massive success with WU in the jungle (in my current elo) atm.
Infernape (EUW)
: There's changes on the PBE for him. The chances are these will be added to patch 6.7. * Powerball * Base damage reduced to 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 from 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300. * Tremors * Cooldown increased to 100 / 80 / 60 seconds from 60 at all ranks.
Useless nerf to his ult. It only really starts to be an issue at max rank anyway.
: wouldn't you destroy him if you got a bork or other lifesteal item in combination with a spirit visage in order to just ignore his damage?
The problem is thats building 2 or 3 items just to counter 1 champion in a team of 5. That doesn't sound right to me. Of course, items need to play a part but you should counter champions with how you play, not just how you build.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Why does everyone ban zed?
I admit, I am a Mid main, and a Zed banner when I get the chance. So I can tell you first hand why I PERSONALLY do it. As he uses energy he does not have to worry about a resource, he can poke you down, and farm without having to worry too much. He is AD, and combined with his abilities, he is (in my opinion), the easiest mid laner to farm with. AP champs auto's do not hit as hard, and if they use there abilities to farm, they will soon run out of mana. Zed doesn't have this concern. In a lot of matchups, particularly against a good Zed, you are forced to buy a Zhonias first. Whilst its a good item to have anyway, without the extra mana that a regen item will give you, again it becomes harder to farm and out trade him. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Zed is OP. He's strong, but not broken. However, I do not enjoy playing against him as he undeniably has advantages, particularly when it comes to farming. Sometimes I can beat him in lane, sometimes I cant, but weather I beat him or not, I rarely enjoy the experience. That's why I ban him. I want to enjoy the game.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: My point was that you, as an experienced player, should know better than to bring your friend into an obvious skill jump, bypassing tutorials and easy/intermediate bots. But, I guess this isn't what you want to take from my reply; I'll oblige. It seems fabricated to freely diss on low levels. There's other ways to do so, but they're usually frowned upon; so you baited into "a friend" story. If anyone to blame here it's you, knowingly the polluted atmosphere that is League's PvP and feeding your friend to trolls.
So what happens if I want to play a PVP game with a friend that happens to be a new player?. Just tough luck?. I should know better than to bring my friend into an obvious skill jump?. I don't understand this. I created a new account so that we would get placed with some people the same level as him. We did play a couple of bot games. You have too before you can unlock PVP, but he said it was boring and wanted to play against other people. You can believe me or not, I really don't care. I'm not here to impress you, and I don't care about the approval of strangers enough to make something up. I just wanted people to know, especially Riot, that perhaps more should be done to make new players feel welcome, because at the moment, its not a terribly nice place to be. Thats not Riots fault, its the community, but I believe more can be done. The fact that I cant play a few games with a mate without it being seen as "feeding my friend to the trolls" is the problem.
: You are making a little mistake: What you describe here is not the experience of a new player. It's the experience of a smurf. Riot is able to identify smurfs very quickly and matches them with other smurfs. While some smurfs create their account to play with friends, some others do it because their main got banned or because they enjoy stomping new players. In other words: Many smurfs are not exactly the most positive players in the community (euphemism!). If your friend would have played alone, the amount of smurfs he is facing would be much lower. You rarely see actual newbies complaining a lot about the community...but you see smurfs doing that quite often. That's no coincidence. Under normal circumstances newbies face other newbies most of the time and there is very little flaming. But if a newbie plays with a smurf friend, he will face many other smurfs, i.e. more potentially toxic players. TL;DR: Your thread title should be "I feel sorry for smurfs"...because what you see on your smurf is not the actual newbie experience, it's the smurf experience.
Oh I see. I didnt know that would happen. I've probably done more harm than good them by playing with him.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: Why I get from your ( my guess, fake ) post is that you grabbed your buddy and threw into the lions. If you really wanted to drive him away from the game, that's how you do it. Any friend that I brought into the game I played custom maps and 1v1 or 2v0 until they were confident with the basics and THEN we had a go at the lions. Good effort; just, not very enlightened though.
You think my post is fake?, I don't understand, why would I lie about it?.
: This community is known to be one of the most toxic communities ever, and you'll have to adapt to that. Next time you want to introduce the game to someone, tell them to type in /mute all
Yea thats a good idea. I'm surprised the Riot haven't already set that at default until level 30 or something. I know the game is about communication. So it would never happen. But I wonder how many potential players they have lost because the community is so horrible to each other. Sure, flaming still happens once you hit 30, but its no where near as bad, and by then you have developed a thick skin anyway.
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Just Cat (EUW)
: The new skin is the most beutifull yet?( Spoiler obv)
Just my opinion but I think its Kinda Meh, but then again, its only 975RP so its doesnt matter. Not a Kha player (is anyone anymore), so I doubt I will end up getting it. The whole "Mantis" idea is cool and you can see it coming a mile away but Its a bit too "fairy" like fore me taste. Nothing from with the whole fairy thing you understand, but on Kha?. Nah
: Hmm I would say in the current meta he's not as strong as he could be but not really weak. He has the advantage that many like to play squisky adc in many position other than botlane adc so at least he got that going for him. On the other hand because he needs to build up first if he doesn't really get ahead early in some way he will probably just get pushed in and fall behind considerably cause of turretgold, more mappressure etc. It also didn't help him that games got faster cause turrets are weaker. But if you want to try him again I would suggest that you pick it with champs that have good waveclear on other position (like {{champion:99}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:117}} ). Cause if you get time Veigar is really fun to play. You can stack faster than before the rework (obviously you will probably need some time to get it right) and his Q can now hit 2 people which is kinda nice cause Q is probably the best ability for teamfights when you don't have your ult for burst.
Great!, thanks {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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CenturKYN (EUW)
: Season 6, what's going on?
I just think its early days. Games for me have never felt the same since they changed the Masteries page. Riot said they wanted people to make meaningful desicions in games, but its not really worked. How many players choose Thunderlords as the final Mastery?. Having 8+ players in a game with Thunderlords is not uncommon. I'm hoping it will level out around mid season. Tanks are too Tanky and do too much damage.
: Beter ARAM matching
Just wasted 15 minuets?, Are you nuts?, I don't think I've had a game last less than half an hour for weeks. In fact, most ARAM games I play now last longer than games on Summoners Rift. I get what you mean though and agree. If the enemy team as Alastair on their team, its GG.
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: The game is for whoever likes it but i think the majority of the playerbase is between 16~25.
Yea I definitely agree. I don't believe there is an age where you are "too old" and should stop. There is still a stigma in society about it though unfortunately. The older you get, the less likely you are to bring it up with your mates in the pub. And that's your mates!
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