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: > [{quoted}](name=ChaÎÎenger,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bg5H7uKN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-11T08:49:29.156+0000) > > Because trolling is not a report option > And trolling is not bannable in any way > > I play all kind of troll stuff, people report me in every single game, yet got 0 restrictions, not even a chat ban > > **Trolling is not forbidden**, deal with it. > > Intentional feeding is different. **It is**. (Trolling doesn't follow the Summoner's Code in any way) You can Report it under Negative Attitude ... and possibly under Intetionally Feeding, and write "*Trolling*" in the text box below the categories. Playing off-meta (a.k.a "troll stuff") **is not** the same as 'Trolling'. I used to play Annie as Support back in the day where is was not under the *pro-scene* (ergo popular or even remotely considered into the meta, or Fiddle. That's why actions are so important in game, and that is harder to detect that a wall of flame; you can't really miss the latter. {{summoner:31}}
You kinda said what I wanted to say pretty much People tend to report many times players just with a negative score by saying "he is a troll" or someone that hard lost lane, or someone not ganking, or a supp with no wards, or someone not SSing All of those are not Trolls but they define em as it No one still knows what's the real definition of "trolling" that's why Riot doesn't put it into the report options
: Why riot doesn't punish trolls?
Because trolling is not a report option And trolling is not bannable in any way I play all kind of troll stuff, people report me in every single game, yet got 0 restrictions, not even a chat ban Trolling is not forbidden, deal with it. Intentional feeding is different.
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: your comment just now is exactly the same thing happened with him , he tried to help but ended up being the bad guy , and now same to you , you're doing exactly what he did
in 5 years i've never got a single restriction, so Riot seem to be less "heavy/boring" than people on the forum, luckly.. By saying cancer i'm not making fun of those who have it in any way forum lions should chill a bit
: You know that using the word "cancer" in the way u used it is toxic.
You should consider Learning the meanings of words so, cuz you clearly have no idea.
: So I just got banned
Ban deserved You don't get banned for one game, so you're the cancer to League of legends, not the troll you were talking about
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: It kinda depends on how you value the current runes. Purchasing them now will give you an increased experience for the rest of this season. So it's not directly wasted either, since you do get value from them. --- Compare it to Hearthstone: When each expansion comes out, I spend some money to get some packs, fully knowing that after a couple of years, I can't use those cards anymore since I only play the Standard mode. And if you aren't familiar with Hearthstone: Standard mode only allows you to use the classic cards, and expansions from the current and previous year. However, I still got value out of those cards for the time I used them.
Well, huh... my page rune costs about 26k IP, it takes 3 months to get it back
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. When the next pre-season comes, the rune system will be completely reworked, and the runes will be free. Runes won't exist in the same way you're used to. Riot has stated that they'll provide some compensation for those that have spent a lot of IP/RP for runes and pages, but we don't know the details of that yet. --- The change is actually quite big, and you should consider reading the explanation from Riot [here]( But simply: Runes and masteries are becoming part of a pre-game system, where you can make choices that have a bigger impact on your game than the current system does. Runes right now don't feel like they have much impact other than giving you some required stats. The new runes have 3 different tiers, where the strongest one can be compared to the keystone mastery, intended to be a personal choice that fits your playstyle, and is displayed in the loading screen. Take a few minutes to read the topic I linked. =)
Thanks a lot :) The fact that they'll give "some" ip back makes me comfortable, so I could buy runes anyway without fully wasting time and ip
: The runes will be in preseason so you won't be able to do as good this season, I'd say buy the runes
will they give ip back or they'll just get lost?
: You forgot the part where you need to insult your hardware for faults it cant solve
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AstralDream (EUNE)
: Why intentional feeders are not banned?
Wow, i've never seen so much stupidity in one post, also you even got upvotes, so many qqers apparently.. Kids, first of all, if you report someone for NO REASON but you pretend it was Inting/flaming or whatever the hell you think it was cuz u lost the game, your account won't have any more validity onto the next reports My reports make atleast 5 bans per week Or simply you don't even know what is INTENTIONAL feeding and/or TROLLING I play AP sivir and many other no-meta stuff and i will never get banned, you wanna know why? because it's not %%%%in trolling, but instead if you lose a game with an AP sivir in your team, you would cry in all chat with "omg sivir ap report this troll", i'm so hell sure about it Also if I would go 0/40 doesn't mean I'm inting, maybe I'm just garbage at the game, but once again, I'm pretty sure many of you report anyone with a negative score each loss, 100% Even then, you cannot get banned for 1 real inting game
: About Yasuo's current state
10 bans, we won't see him again anyway


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