: > If you leave you get suspended, if you go afk, suspended, actually if you go afk or leave, you get low priority queue for a few games
that doesnt change the fact, that if i would do that, i would leave my team with 1 player less, when they were already 1 player less..
: > Now i have suspended for 12 days, for what? that i tried to tell him, to play normaly, because i wanted next rank? > I mean yea i admit, it got me very tilted and i wrote some bad thing and i apologise for that Which one is it then? If you want us to tell you what exactly triggered your punishment, you should upload your chat log(s). Keep in mind that you're not allowed to break the rules just because someone else did that first. We all experience bad games, both with and without trolls, but that's not an excuse to flame other people and do whatever we want. Also, censor their name. Naming and shaming is against the Universal rules.
well i know already what was the reason for my punishment. nothing i can do about it, and i admit it was my mistake to get baited. but still i think it was not cool, and people like him are so much in the league, that it's sad. and nothing can be done.
: You know... Just because you got yourself baited into breaking the rules by someone cunning that can avoid partially the system doesn't mean you are right in what you did. Also... 12 days? Why do I feel that "3-letter acronym" was involved? In this case... {{champion:164}} Patience isn't a virtue... It is THE VIRTUE.
I would love to see you in that game, maybe you would be able to calm me down. but i'm sure if u would be in my place, you would not write your comment atleast like this. yes i regret and it was my mistake to get baited. but i'm also a human, and it is in human nature to get mad, atleast once in a while, randomly unavoidable, and with out doing anything. Thank you for your attention btw.
: well yeah, although i tried many times to get a logical argument, believe me they simply ignore most of the toxicity and blame the community. This game can be easily turned into a lost cause so many troll the game that way or by tilting other players, it's like an unwritten law
the fact is that, everyone was playing at their best, stoping invade, and going for it ourselfs, getting first blood, enjoying the game. it was my first game of day, needed to win to get promoted. Recently woke up with good emotions and everything. had hot streaks im not bad player, not the best one but i can play normaly, never have trolled and doing stuff like that. if it would be like normal game or normal ranked game, it wouldnt make me so mad. but when it was my promotion game. its like some1 just on purpose trying to make you lose, which by fact was happening. and the player he was following whole game on purpose just getting in way and gettin on nerves was me and in chat insulting other team mates which were doing good in they role. is not forgiving. i usually are tilt-proof. doesnt matter if some1 flames or trolls, having fun in game. but this game was chaos. any1 would get so mad and would want him to die or something because of his actions. and when i was q , cause previous game was cancelled in champ section. in chat some1 wrote about him too, but i didnt pay attention. and when next champ select he again was on my team. i was the last pick. so i knew all team and enemy team and could get last champ to counter all others. and having good syn with my team. it was bad experience.
ChabiNabi (EUW)
: Distrubing game, making others tilted on purpose, and nothing?
Btw i didnt write this to get unban or something, just wanted to see other people opinions.
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