flom (EUNE)
: "dont finish i need 100 farm" Firstly, you shouldn't even care about missions when you're in game in the first place. If you are a normal player you will always get 100 cs AT LEAST at min 15. Mission's objectives are things that you earn each game, let it be assists or kills. Someone that trolls from not letting them "complete a mission has the same chance at trolling because you stole their blue.
> If you are a normal player you will always get 100 cs AT LEAST at min 15. Right... I guess I am just playing support wrong then?
Eveninn (EUW)
: It's basically discrediting them because you just take them flaming as something that makes them be below you. And you don't have to care about what someone below you says. Not the most elegat solution, but if it works for someone, why not. (Just keep this whole thing in your head and don't bring it into chat I'd say.)
Well the easiest solution is probably to just use /mute all Since chat really isn't all that necessary since usually not much useful is said in chat and the best way of communicating with the team is usually by using pings... so you don't lose much by using /mute all And you avoid flame and toxicity
: I love LoL but I think I can't play anymore... really... enough is enough...
/mute all Chat is entirely unnecessary as usually nothing much good or important is said and the best way of communicating with the team is pings... not chat
Oriyoki (EUW)
: What is the match making thinking?
Well it doesn't think? It just puts two teams with about the same MMR against each other Though MMR doesn't always show how good those players are... since some of those players can be inconsistent having great games and horrible games.... or maybe they ended up on a champion they are bad at making them play worse than the average of players on their MMR or maybe they are on their best champion and play better than the average on their MMR If what you care about is winning... I would recommend /mute all Because chat isn't very useful or helpful since most of the time nothing useful is said in chat and the best way of communicating is with using pings
Emmala (EUW)
: How to deal with nasty players?
/mute all There that's the best solution and the best way to start the game if all you care about is winning Since people usually don't say anything useful and if they talk they are usually flaming or stuff like that Pings are the best way to communicate
Anigodz (EUW)
: Percentage-True-Damage
There are a couple of things you can do against % max hp true damage Shields and healing does work and well those champions also deal physical damage so armor and HP does help somewhat against their other damage and against Vayne {{item:3110}} {{item:3143}} does help as they reduce attack speed and Vayne true damage relies on AA's
: I challenge you guys to do better
I see you haven't heard of the greatness that was Dominion Draft.... which you could basically sit in queue for as long as you wanted to
: Still you cant see him,unless like you said you are close to him,so since i did hit the plant and the plant that i hit made him visible dont i deserve the assist? since because of me they killed him?
The thing is that it is all or nothing with nothing in between... either you will always get an assist for revealing an enemy even if your allies are standing right next to the target and would have vision regardless so revealing them didn't actually do much at all Or you never get assist even if revealing the enemy was useful and helpful to your team
Eveninn (EUW)
: In soloQ she still works well. I general prefer to take a more tanky path and simply play frontline though. Going for Warriors and Tri makes her be very hit or miss, while a tanky build with Titanci Hydra won't give her as much burst, yet still enough damage to be a backline threat and just a prime engage/lockdown tool.
Well Titanic Hydra does add some decent burst with the active with it being an AA reset and the active dealing 40 + 10% max hp +100% AD from the extra auto attack from the AA reset
: SCRYER'S BLOOM (Vision Plant) Not getting an assist when it hits invisible units
Twitch does not have invisibility? He has camouflage which means that it is always possible to spot him if you are close enough or if he is revealed by a control ward
Rismosch (EUW)
: From my experience, most tanks (including AP ones) take red attackspeed runes and take the attackspeed mastery over the ability one. The reson is because they AA alot. When you trade, you not only use your spells, but throw AAs in between your abilities. You basically "combo", simmelar to Renekton and Riven. Especially when you all in you AA alot more than you use abilities, because of high cooldowns. It's more effeciant and more over time damage, which you want in the laningphase. In the lategame those stats obviously become useless, but since a tank has bad early game, this attackspeed helps them out alot. Especially because AAs don't need mana. I've seen this many times and people always point out that attackspeed is not that bad.
The reason most tanks can take attack speed is because of them having some sort of auto attack modifier to make them threatening even when having their abilities on cooldown (so you can't as easily ignore them after they have used their abilties) Natilus have root on AA from passive Maokai have heal on AA from passive Cho'gath have AoE damage from his E Malphite has bonus damage from his W Tahm bonus damage and stacks from his passive Rammus bonus damage from passive And because they are often durable enough to make use out of the attack speed if they are able to stick to the target (since attack speed is great for DPS which is why it is good on junglers who DPS down jungle camps while AD is often better for laning for a lot of champions because you often tend to do shorter trades where up front damage is more important than DPS)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheDebowyMocny,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QVkbg4T4,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2017-05-28T08:22:31.141+0000) > > Lol? > Never seen situation when {{item:3075}} discouraged anyone from focusing me. They still focus me. Its betrter to get frozen heart because you have also 20% cdr and some amount of mana, what gives you more sustained damage. Only 10 armor less but other benefits just crushes thornmail. > > Thornmail is just a waste of slot in inventory. Thornmail is cheaper and provides extra damage output. Meaning you get armor faster on the buildpath and finish the item quicker. In a situation where the enemy is getting fed really fast, thornmail is a better option to slow down the feed of the enemy. All the components of frozen heart take up more item slots and are more expensive to combine. Since thornmail does 15 damage per 100AD enemy has, a typical fed adc with 500 AD would get 75 damage redirected back to them. + 25 per 100 armor you have so over 100 damage per autoattack. Frozen heart gives great utility. I would rather pick it for a support to be more tankier in the lategame and bring great utility for the team. I guess thornmail is just a cheap get tanky fast gimmick. But it does improve your farm while frozen heart doesn't. (Since you shouldn't be wasting mana on minions in mid game.)
Frozen heart also in a way provides damage with the CDR allowing you to cast your abilities 1.25 times as much which can also reduce the damage you take by CC'ing the enemy more which makes it so that they aren't dealing damage (or by having defensive abilities up more often) > I guess thornmail is just a cheap get tanky fast gimmick. But it does improve your farm while frozen heart doesn't. Yes but only if you are able to get the minion aggro which means your minions need to die or you need to run ahead of your minion wave to get the enemy minions to aggro onto you
: Ninjatabi + thornmail = Many tears from autoattack based champions. Thornmail was never meant to kill adc's by standing still. It was made to counter attack speed low lifesteal builds. Like warwicks on hit passive. There is anti crit armor and attackspeed slow armor. But thornmail was the middle jack of all trades. It does the medium of both. So it's just a 50% {{item:3110}} and 50% {{item:3143}} item. While both these items fill their purpose at 100% efficiency, the thornmail can be chosen to do both at 50% efficiency. The point of thornmail is to have a chunk of armor that DISCOURAGES enemies from attacking you. Frozen heart is bought to make attack speed champions less effective and Randuins omen is bought to make crit champions less effective. Since frozen heart is an aura, it's a "mini taunt" to get rid of the aura bearer to maximize your damage output. While randuins is the opposite of a taunt and it discourages enemies from hitting you since it wastes your damage output. You see how thornmail is kind of a jack of all trades? If enemies are heavy crit, get randuins.. If enemies are heavy attack speed, get frozen heart.. If enemies have BOTH. Get thornmail. It was never about the damage redirected back. You don't buy this item for a tank just because you expect the enemy to lose 50% of their health on your taunt. It was bought to give you utility for diving and discourage enemies from focusing you. (A good ADC will focus the CLOSEST enemy.)
Randuins is just as good as Frozen heart against attack speed... unless they hit someone else.... but attack speed slows are good for lowering DPS which isn't all that helpful if the enemy is targeting your squishy allies as they usually die to burst and up front damage not DPS And while attack speed slow are potentially really powerful reducing AA DPS by up to 15% (for the 15% attack speed slow) however that is only in the case where the target stands still and constantly auto attack if they move and kite they probably don't lose quite that much DPS and auto attack resets also counter attack speed slows as they allow you to attack again regardless of your attack speed (which has been reduced)
Sheø (EUNE)
: Well, i was playing him on aram with rammus enemy building thornmail.. for an unknown reason i was getting chunked by it..
Well Rammus is a bit of a special case though since he has a taunt which force you to auto attack him (not sure how it interacts with Azir soldiers) Also Rammus has his W which deals up to 30 +15% total armor to enemies who auto attack him while also increasing armor by 20 and increase armor by +70% which means that all of the damage was probably not from Thornmail And Thornmail deals 15% of physical AA damage (not much in the case of Azir) +25% of BONUS armor (which means it deals a lot more damage with all of the bonus armor from Rammus W) So in total if you auto attack a level 18 rammus with thornmail and W you will at least take 156.32 +68% of any additional armor per auto attack (And +15% of physical damage of the AA but that probably isn't much higher then 15 for Azir) MATH 104 base armor + 20 (W) + 100 (Thornmail) = 224 Armor from W 224 X 0.7 = 156.8 Total 104 base armor + 276.8 bonus armor 15.6 (15% base armor from W) + 110.72 (15% bonus armor from W + 25% bonus armor from thornmail) + 30 (W base damage) =156.32 +15% of physical damage from the AA +68% of any additional armor
Perilum (EUW)
: {{champion:266}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:83}} Thornmail is a pretty good item against many champs. For everyone where the primary damage comes from auto attacks. That includes AA modifier spells. It's like Ninja Tabbies, which are actually OP. So if you face at least two of these champs, then Thornmail is a really solid armor choice.
{{champion:268}} ??? He only deals magic damage (so the armor does nothing) and he doesn't take any return damage as his soldiers doesn't count as auto attacks (and that is also why his soldiers doesn't proc Lichbane damage or Nashor on-hit)
Zanador (EUNE)
: First of all, along with 90% of the new players who have trouble in ranked, your runes are bad. _Never_ go to ranked games without full tier 3 runes. Second, don't pick Shyvana to lane. she can work, but there are simply better picks for that position. Third: it's good that you know which champions you do not like. Now comes the annoying part: practice against them in normal games. Against some of them, like Zed, Riven, Fizz and Yasuo (assassins in general) you need to make sure you pick a champion that can handle them. So i'd say work a bit on your champion pool too. Aside from these, i'd like to ask you an important question moving forward: do you know your style already? Not your favorite position and such, but your syle, your strengths and so on. Some people are good at mechanics, some are team-players, some fill, some main a role, there are analysts, team leaders, and dozens of others. Each player plays differently, and learn differently. This is essentially what got Stahlvormund and Rismosch into an argument. They have different style and different ways to improve. What is yours? If you don't know yet, maybe i can help you find it out, if you know already, then i can probably give you some pointers on how to improve. Feel free to ask.
> Some people are good at mechanics, some are team-players, some fill Fill? I used to do that but somehow I ended up as a support main XD
: Daily reminder that Death's Dance is like poisoned wine
> just had a Vayne who rushed this item against Veigar, she survived with about 50 HP after killing him, but gues what, Veigar used his ult before which dealth 500 DMG to her, she later on died Well it was still useful though since without it Vayne likely would have just died without being able to take down Veigar with her
l MrD l (EUW)
: Is there anything that affects how much LP you gain/lose?
Yes MMR affects your LP gains/losses MMR is match making rating (the systems estimate of your skill based on the matches you have won and lost) which is what the system uses to try and create two evenly matched teams (if you have platinum MMR in gold and you win over those plat level players then obviously you should gain more than someone who win against gold level players) Also if one team has lower MMR they will lose less LP or gain more And of course if they have higher MMR they will lose more or gain less
Febos (EUW)
: Exactly. Lower mmr players aren't mechanically worse than a few divisions above; ie a Silver 3 can be as good as a Gold 4. They can lane properly and they know what to build, in most cases. Where they fail is in the macro play. Not only low mmr players though. Being good at macro game makes a big difference. *** I only disagree with 2 things: - Fire Dragon. That drake should be a priority. I don't mean you should lose 3 towers for it, but don't ignore it either. If it's free, then you should do it. - Wards at Baron. No one in low mmr does Baron at 25 minutes. Even if they attemp to do it, you usually can tell even if you don't have wards there. What you should do is have the area you are in/going to warded. If you are pushing a lane alone, then you should have their jungle deep warded. Plus, supports are not the only ones that should be warding.
Fire Drake value depends... The higher the AD and AP of the team the more valuable it is so early on first tower is probably quite a bit more valuable though it does scale if the game goes on for a while
: I love aram! And yea everyone needs a team. It's hard to 1v9!
You don't have to 1v9... You can always try to 1v0 and let the other players mess around while you work on winning the game by going for the objective which is the enemy base (seems more likely to work out compared with going 1v9)
: Oh yea thats what I meant with helps for others too. If the support doesn't do it someone else definitely should. But if you are a silver support and you want to carry your team just always have one ward reserved for baron thats all. I know u only have 3, but baron is definitely worth one of them anytime.
Well duh though sometimes it can be dangerous and I would love it if someone helped by at least giving me some backup... Especially if I don't have a good way of checking bushes other then face checking But oh well...
: > [{quoted}](name=Tosha,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6ugjrVQ7,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-12-27T13:48:11.083+0000) > > Seriously? You think you are perfect? :s Not at all, I just lost the team the game, I made stupid mistakes and lost the team the game so i learned from it that game
> I didnt go 0/10 ingame and all my team have. Score doesn't really say much? Like if Pantheon is 4/0/0 against Kayle 0/4/0 (or any late game champion really) even with those stats Kayle and Pantheon might be about even depending on how far along the game is... since the longer the game drags on the stronger Kayle becomes compared with Pantheon Early game champions have to win the early game and try and press their advantage (or it will be an uphill battle) Late game champions just have to survive until late game without ending up too far behind (Though late game can be somewhat of a risk as anyone messing up can potentially lose the game)
: is what im thinking but it feels stupid, because i always win my lane and i always lose the game.. early game im always good but after some time.. idk i feel like im losing skill or something and i play for like 4 years i should be doing better not getting worse
Well winning lane doesn't mean winning the game? Like early game champions like {{champion:58}} can almost always win lane... however if he doesn't use that advantage and the game drags on he will likely be less useful then his lane opponent (since they likely scale better then what Renekton does) If you can always win your lane then why not pick champions that are: good at roaming (to get your other lanes ahead) for example {{champion:4}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:133}} OR good late game so if the game drags on you have a higher possibility of solo carrying the game
: Reducing a champion's damage output by simply giving them less base stats than the rest is another way to say "We're too lazy to think of an actual way to balance her" Should be reverted and her bigger jumps when she jumps backwards must be returned, W attack speed passive is dumb, Kalista is worthless in duels and when split pushing because of that, and she barely gets what she needs even when shes near her oathsworn. E should increase the damage by a % that makes it a bit stronger for each spear lodged into a champ with a cap for how many times the damage can be increased, Q needs a base damage buff and a ratio nerf and the removal of boot enchantments indirectly nerfed her passive (I think) because the jump is based on boot tier i believe, W should punish people for trying to take it out from behind, marking people and causing them to take more damage from Kalista and her oathsworn (when they detect someone the mark would happen, and they will be alerted and detect any enemies that try to take them from behind) Let them be a little tankier with each rank as well.. Also the ultimate's range nerf is VERY unhealthy for her. She needs to get in a range where she basically kills herself if she wants to try and save her oathsworn, and that basically breaks the champion, revert it as well. Kalista is a very high skill cap champion and due to her potential to carry so easily when mastered (Azir syndrome) she was gutted into oblivion and Riot still won't even bother about those poor champs. Such good design and lores but basically unplayable because of Riot's lack of imagination when it comes to nerfing champions in a good way.. An actual nerf for Kalista would be something like a cap on the damage that her E can do to monsters. Securing important objectives with something that can be more powerful than 2 level 18 smites is kind of broken and stupid. Also a small delay before the ally can launch himself, because when a duo supp+Kalista are coordinated and are talking to each other they can pull off an ult engage in a split second and the enemy duo can't do anything at that point (while now it doesn't even matter because Kalista is not viable atm, but it'd be a good nerf in case Riot will actually bring her strength back and then it'd be a good way to keep her balanced)
> the removal of boot enchantments indirectly nerfed her passive (I think) because the jump is based on boot tier i believe I think Kalista have always only had 3 tiers no boots boots 1 upgraded boots > An actual nerf for Kalista would be something like a cap on the damage that her E can do to monsters. Securing important objectives with something that can be more powerful than 2 level 18 smites is kind of broken and stupid. I think it is perfectly fine and reasonable as it requires Kalista to stand and shove spears into Baron/Dragon for a while meaning that it can only be used to secure objective not steal objectives... most of the times it would be way better to have Kog'maw, Jinx or Vayne to just burn down the Baron/Dragon way faster hopefully before the enemy team can even get there and stop you (Jungle Kog'maw is especially insane with {{item:3153}} + {{item:1419}} and his W all dealing % damage and being amplified by the crazy attack speed his W gives)
: Alternative solution: [Kalista's 90% AutoAttack ratio hinders her lack of critical strike damage late game. Buff / Rework?](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/GEbzEzrX-kalistas-90-autoattack-ratio-hinders-her-lack-of-critical-strike-damage-late-game-buff-rework)
You could also do something in between by just giving Kalista increased crit damage This is obviously stronger when Rend (E) is on cooldown and the fact that it does the damage up front instead of after casting Rend can also be useful Though making crits apply two spears is stronger with Hurricane as the secondary targets hit will take more damage from the additional spear compared with increasing crit damage and it would also make it easier to get Rend resets off secondary targets hit by Hurricane
Klordix (EUNE)
: LeBlanc and her overpowered early game
All hail our lord and savior {{item:1057}} ({{item:3001}} )
Daerux123 (EUNE)
: So i got banned
The ban is account specific and there are nothing against owning multiple accounts so you are fine as long as you won't be toxic on the new account
JesterHX (EUW)
: Her E (which is the primary AA-source you will use) scales better off AP, so do her Q and W. Nashors, Rageblade, Huricane is a good combo. It provides on hit (which nashor's scales with AP) and AS, the two things that Kayle loves. So those items are just fine, but by building some AP you get extra damage, speed, healing and overall effectiveness. Hope this makes it a bit clearer (since I rarely am good at explaining :D)
Hmm Kayle E scales better with AP? To the primary target it deals 20-60 + 30% AP + 100% AD (basic attack and it is 200% if it crits and {{item:3085}} does give crit) And in the AoE it deals 20-60 + 30% AP + 40% AD The E with AD deals more damage to the primary target while AP deals more AoE damage.... though the main reason to go AP is because W and Q also scale with AP and some AP items are rather useful for Kayle mainly {{item:3115}} though if Kayle is already building {{item:3085}} then getting {{item:3031}} isn't all that bad actually (and it would probably be one of the best items for single target damage)
Rismosch (EUW)
: What do you think about Zhonya's? {{item:3157}} I don't think it would be healthy if the turret targets you even if you use that item. But that's just my silly opinion.
Zhonyas is different as it makes the target fully invulnerable (meaning the target can't take damage from anything including DoT's and other delayed damage which untargetable champions would still take damage from)
crowney (EUW)
: accidantally typed "take" instead of "attack" in the last one there. D: But yeah thanks, this gave me for sure a different mindset on some stuff and i guess my problem was as an assasin that i go straight in when there is a teamfight and thats why i reasonably get all the ults.
Well in bot lane fights it depends a lot But usually you target the ADC if you can In the early game supports do actually do as much if not more damage then ADC's however most supports have burst damage meaning that they aren't as much of a damage threat after after they have unloaded their burst/abilities while ADC's always have some decent damage from their AA's and killing ADC's is more valuable because the ADC obviously can't farm when they are dead (though if you kill the support you might be able to zone the ADC away making them unable to farm) but like against {{champion:16}} you should obviously target her if you can (after all she can't heal herself much but she sure can heal the ADC a lot) Also against squishy and immobile supports like {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:1}} targeting them can be best (especially if the enemy ADC is mobile like {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} ) Oh and please if you are quite a lot ahead of your opponent try and not push so that the wave is as close to your tower as possible this will make it more difficult to gank you and it makes it harder for your opponent to farm as you can more easily place yourself between the enemy and the minion wave (obviously you can only do this when ahead and it is somewhat less effective against {{champion:81}} {{champion:51}} and such who have long ranged skill shoots to farm with) And if it is close to the enemy tower you should try and push it into the tower so that your minions will be killed by the tower and the wave will hopefully reset
crowney (EUW)
: How do I get better at beeing a carry or jungler? (and some questions) Elo: Silver 3
> How should I react or what should I do when people insult me? Well the easiest thing to do is just to mute them... I have heard being very nice to them can also be effective at times > What should I do better/else as a jgl? Well I am not quite sure as I am not the best at jungling and it is a role which is very complicated and depends a lot on the champion you are playing and what the situation of the game you are in is > When should I gank?(Other indicators except enemy pushing lane = under tower) Well generally champions like {{champion:92}} {{champion:89}} are great gank targets (assuming they aren't ahead) because they kind of have to go all in to do much so you can just wait in one of the lane bushes or in the river and just wait for them to go all in and then just kill them since they are probably too deep to get out at that point Also if your lanes are pushing you can sneak into the lane bushes and try for a lane gank or you can try and invade depending on your champion and who the enemy jungler is and stuff (because if your lanes are pushing then they can respond and help you a lot easier) > What should I do to not get focused so hard (or end up beein ulted by everyone)? Well first ting... how were you in range to be ulted by all of the enemies? Maybe you shouldn't have been there? Generally ADC's and mages avoid that by using their range to stay away from most of the enemies And tanks are generally happy about absorbing ults for the team (if they are with their allies which can then follow up on the enemy now not having much left) Bruisers/fighters generally are durable enough to take somewhat of a beating though they usually do die if they get focused by all of the enemies Assassins usually avoid being ulted by all of the enemies by simply hanging back and waiting for a good time to strike when the enemies are low or have their abilities on cooldown or by simply having stuff to avoid enemy abilities > What should I do when my CS is getting denied hard? Sometimes it isn't much you can do but try and not end up as far behind next time Playing utility champions makes you more useful while behind or playing champions with ranged auto attacks or abilities are generally more difficult to prevent from getting CS > How do I take over control in my lane? Well that's difficult to say as it depends a lot on the match up But tips to keep in mind is that if one of your minions is getting low on hp and the enemy is going to last hit it then it is a good time to get in some quick harass (though be careful if you are melee as taking minion aggro early on can hurt a lot) > How to deny the enemy to gank me in bot? Well depends... and well it is mostly about having wards and being able to pay attention to the minimap and if you spot the jungler you can see which direction he is moving in and try to guess where he will be and where he will go (of course more wards does make it easier to spot the jungler and if you know where the jungler isn't that can also make it easier to guess where the jungler is) > How do I become the hypercarry in the games? Well usually the best way of doing that is to be really mechanically skilled and playing champions like {{champion:81}} {{champion:67}} where you can use all of that mechanical skill to outplay your opponents and just crush them Or some champions just kind of become really powerful late game > When should I roam as the ADC? Depends a lot though generally if you have pushed down the enemy tower and the lane is pushed up you obviously should probably roam as farming that far up is rather dangerous (and if it is pushed that far up the enemy bot lane will probably be busy farming giving your team a good opportunity to take dragon or you could just go mid and try and push down the middle tower before going down bot again when the wave is pushed back towards your side making it safer to farm) > Who should i take as an ADC in bot lane? (Support or ADC) Well that is really difficult to say as it would depend a lot on your playstyle and such And keep in mind you can also carry the team if you can make good decisions and make the team follow you (grouping and teamfighting isn't always the best way to win)
AnimalFIN (EUNE)
: Matchmaking f***ing sucks
Ehh when playing placement matches I believe you start out somewhere in silver? Maybe high silver?
PsyKzz (EUW)
: I think this is a great idea, even if we had it remember per champion the last selected runes + masteries instead of just for previous games. I think the problem though with doing "loadouts" (for use of a better word) for each champion is the the amount of work required before you even go into a game, not that it should be a reason not to, but it might annoy a bunch of players who just want to play. It shouldn't be a requirement.
Well it wouldn't actually be any extra work at all IF it simply used what you selected last time you played that champion So the first time you play after this change you set your runes and masteries and such as usual and after that when playing that champion you start off with those runes and masteries pre-selected for you
Arialiss (EUNE)
: Possible existence of league players around the age of 24+ ?
I don't know... after all I have no clue what the age (or gender) of the people I play with and against For all I know most them could be 24 or older.... or they could all be young... I have no clue All I know is that I am 21 years old
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: In that elo you can prioritize macro play over micro play. Best way to do that is to focus on very early towers, especially if you are having hard time otherwise ganking that lane. I was so used to seeing people just focusing a lot more on really snowballing the one laner or 2 laners and still losing the games, till I saw a diiferent tactic adapted by a silver player. Hell, I even took it in to some of my games, where I had huge pushing advantage, but not very good ganks. Massively improved my own winrate as well. Core of the tactic is simple: Watch for drakes and towers. Can you solo drake as early as lvl 3? If yes, take sweeping lenses at start and get to draking. If no, then check other possibilities. If you can easly outclear enemy jungler or outgank, then do it. On likes of shyvana and shaco I start from red, lvl 2 ga nk mid or bot' then clear botside jungle, then topside jungle and then just roam around till I need to clear again. With shaco you also need to plan your clears quite a bit, cause if ganks backfire, you will be uselwss rest of the game. If I end up against vi with shyv, I always start at enemy redside jungle, fullclear it, gank top, fullclear my blue side and then fullclear my red side, with ganks in between. Vi loves to camp mid and botlane, so if you can't invade, you want to be able to react fast. If he is bot, you are either bot or if enemy mid is gone from lane, you go take that tower. Your team will flame for taking towers most likely cause they are used to seeing people just taking their farm an leaving. Btw, if enemy has nasus or vayne, don't take the tower unless your laner is rly good and roaming around a lot to close the game early. Also, my second item is almost always {{item:3302}} or {{item:3097}} if I'm going equal or behind. This thing generates passive gold as well as allowing me to tax the lane without my laner missing the gold. If i'm ahead, i take a big ticket offensive item, then defensive item. On shyvana triforce is stupidly strong atm. On nidalee, it's enough to get ludens or runic. On warwick, botrk first is awesome. Also, i always take tier 2 junglihg item and leave it there, since the gold invested in them does not always pay off(Bloodrazor or cinderhulk). In low elo and against stronger enemy laners/early pressure junglers expect fights to start early and build defences early. Sometimes it's best to start half offensive item and then go for defensive items to enable you to last longer in teamfights and skirmishes. The longer you stay alive and apply constant pressure, the better. You might want to add ezlas, as he has climbed from bronze to silver as primarily fill or jungle/mid main(From the looks of recent matches he is currently filling again) and might be able to help you out more, I've never been in low elo myself altho I have watched plenty of players there. Also, use baron replays. It's awesome to selfanalyze your mistakes after a few hour brake. I have literally laughed facepalming sometimes. Also, try difderent build to be able to adapt for every situation. Warwicks core items are either botrk or spirit visage. Nidalees core is ludens or runic. While shyvana and xin have tons of good starts, they all exel with triforce -defensive or gunblade-spirit visage combo. Vi only needs one offensive item and warrior is enough on her. Same with nocturne, shyv, nidalee elise, etc. I personally like to use amumu and reksai in my elo, if I can see what enemy jungler has picked. Amumu is stupidly strong with ganks, clear and actually pretty hard to shut down in current meta, provided you have right runeset.
{{item:3401}} isn't actually that bad IF you are good at using the active it gives 450 HP + 100% hp regen + 10% CDR and 10% of Max HP (if the shield is fully used though if it isn't you get a AoE slow) In total it will probably give around 650 - 850 HP if the shield is fully used (and you have the option to give the shield to allies if keeping them alive is more important at the time)
: Nope. Look again. A win on July 13 gave me 117 IP. The following game on July 13 was also a win, for 256 IP. At this point, I'm pretty sure you didn't even look at the picture.
It isn't based on date You can get 2 first win of the "day" if you play at 1:00 AM and 11:00 PM as the first win of the day has 22 hour cooldown after you win (though if you don't win the cooldown won't start ticking down)
: Hmm. Strange. I've often gotten 200ish IP per good match. I have noticed that if you queue with lower level players, it seems to drop to around 50. But, solo playing, I get about 200 all the time.
If the League wiki is correct http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Influence_Points On Summoner's Rift these lower and upper limits are at 25 minutes (76 IP for a win) and 55 minutes (145 IP for a win). So the only way to gain around 200 IP or more is with first win of the day or IP boosts
: Exactly , what will be your motivation to play if you get everything from the start? Challange = Entertainment.
What will be your motivation? Ehh become more skilled and climb the ranked ladder.... or you know... just play to have fun
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: btw to everyone flooding this thread about solo q fans being a minority.I WAS IN THE SURVEY RIOT CONDUCTED,it was done 4 weeks after the start of the season,with no news of solo q getting canceled yet and the question was :do you like dynamic queue 1.yes 2.no stop believing to what riot bullshit statistics are posting.
Do you like Dynamic Queue? Yes (Do you like it more than Solo Queue? No)
Mangekyu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Champion Skin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1IEcroER,comment-id=00010003,timestamp=2016-07-08T21:15:58.729+0000) > > {{champion:106}} is a bruiser not a tank... his damage is what makes him a threat not his CC > Bruisers/juggernauts are threats because of damage > Tanks are threats because of their CC/utility dude he builds nothing but HP, Armour and MR
So if you build nothing but HP, Armour and MR on Veigar does that make him a tank?
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Is it a good idea to start fight with WW ult? In normal game sure since otherwise he would run, but in 1vs1 where retreat is not an option, wouldn't be better if ww started with W,autoattacks,Q and ult when yi uses meditate or when low?
Probably yes since Warwick heals with his ultimate (though stopping Master Yi meditate doesn't matter as the healing doesn't do that much and master yi isn't dealing damage so WW is healing as well)
Mangekyu (EUW)
: I think the main thing you put there correctly (not saying everything is wrong, this is the one im agreeing to most) is the "tanks disintegrating the squishies with no offensive items at all" I had a Malphite that was FULL Armour (Ik he scales off armour) but let me say this. He saw the Vayne walked at her, she ult Q's, he just presses R and E and she dies in less than 3 seconds... Next I had a Shen that didnt buy Titanic at all. He walked up to the Caitlyn, Pressed Q and she died in less than 5 seconds. I dont understand the role of tanks tbh. Bruisers I understand ({{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} etc) Are bound to oneshot ADC's but tanks?! People like {{champion:31}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:14}} just oneshotting ADC's by only pressing a few buttons? Vayne wont save you. your team wont so hey... btw. secret team comp thats broken: {{champion:62}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:12}}
{{champion:106}} is a bruiser not a tank... his damage is what makes him a threat not his CC Bruisers/juggernauts are threats because of damage Tanks are threats because of their CC/utility
Raeynna (EUW)
: Large amount of smurfs!! Also, sometimes people don't get their preferred role, or they might be trying out a new champ (even if they trained in custom games with like 2 weak bots, and 5 on the other bot site, strong, synergised (spelled?) enemy team, bots are still unbelievable weak and predictable. Still a whole other level, going into a normal game. Their team comb, your team comb. Small mistakes can make big things happening. No one should be blamed for these mistakes, but it can turn out to be bigger. You might win your lane, and then roam, but he manages to catch up. (un) synergised adc/supp etc.. Also, in general bot; Poke beats burst, sustain beats poke & burst beats sustain. Quickly explained, but of course it still varies. (Gold players) Yesterday, I played a game, we were far ahead, fed Vayne, terrible Jinx. Most of them had lost a decent amount of HP. So then, our Alistar got the great idea, of turning his ult on, thinking he was immortal. Tower dives 3 or 4 of them. 2 other got caught by the enthusiasm, and went in (I'm sure they knew it was stupid too, idk, maybe they were premade). Vayne & I (Renekton), tried to stay out of it, but the 3 of them felt like a tower shot through butter, and caught me & Vayne after too. Jinx got 3 kills, (another 8 in a row after that), they got a freaking ACE, and then we started loosing. Apart from that, a 25-7 score? Feeding is not unusual, but I very rarely see something like that, though. But hey... That was still a great game!! I love when things turns around like this, even if I end up loosing.
25-7 isn't that unusual not like the losing team feed that much with the winning team having 25 kills and they did at least get like 7 kills
MyWabbit (EUW)
: why are you talking down on someone? the complaint is legit.
I am not saying that it isn't a legit complaint... I am saying that the reason Sevixys probably haven't seen bots is because of his MMR and or because of what mods/maps he plays
Sevixys (EUNE)
: I have never seen a single bot. I've played for 4 years? Wut.
You probably need bad MMR to see them as they probably aren't very good at winning
Too Safe (EUW)
: hmm, I guess out of the 5 campions you suggested, I'll give fizz a try. I used to like him back in S3, and the others well meh, i play them every now and then, but that's just personal. thanks alot for the input! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Well the ADC's that do outplays would probably be {{champion:67}} and {{champion:429}} There is also {{champion:29}} and {{champion:133}} though they don't really outplay and more like catch people out of position and assassinates them (oh and Quinn is more of a top laner then ADC)
Too Safe (EUW)
: Maining a Champion
Kalista is pretty good however she is rather reliant on her support since without her support she loses a decent amount of her power (and if you have good communication with your support her ultimate can be very powerful) However she can be great at outplaying people by avoiding skill shots and jumping circles around melee champions
: Deathfire Touch and empowered attacks interaction
If it applies {{item:3151}} and {{item:3116}} then it also will apply Deathfire Touch And Jinx Q and Ezeral Q doesn't apply spell effects but they do benefit from life steal (and Jinx Q can even crit)
: So better as a counter pick, i.e. I'm sure I'll be laning against a melee?
Yes Quinn is an amazing top laner against some melee champions And she can snowball incredibly hard and her ult makes her good at roaming and ganking other lanes putting them ahead as well However she can difficult in that well she is squishy so if you mess up you will die... and she is an early to mid game champion so you need to be able to close out the game... because if the game drags on Quinn likely won't be that good or strong
Entiloak (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Genja007,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fB0NFjHa,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-07-07T07:57:09.080+0000) > > All newbie players like u are doing same mistake, -HEY, i hit 30 lets ranked (no runes, bad masteries, poor game knowlage). Dont hurry up with ranked games! > > "I cannot find any champ that I feel comfortable playing"- well dude, normal game cost u nothing u have 100+ champs to try... First this was not me. I was usually playing bots with the occasional normal game thrown in there even after I got level 30. Second I do own runes which I am working towards upgrading to tier 3. Thirdly, yes you are correct, every champ I try does not feel nice for me. Obviously I will be trying others.
What is it that doesn't feel nice for you? What kind of champion are you looking for?
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