: Hello, 1) I said to you that if you are under honor level 2 you lose the rank, I am sorry for misleading you was a bad choice of words, you don't actually lose the rank itself, you lose the visual of it so you apear as unranked and can't show it as borders, armour etc, you also apear unrak in profile, but the system remember and know your last season rank. 2) When new season start you are not getting rank reset and become unranked, you are getting a soft reset of last season rank, so even if you apear unranked you still have a rank base on last season rank, so if last season was a big difference that you can't que togede its same now just lower for both of you but still a difference. 3) If you were both same rank as you said both gold in flex, there's the possibility the system soft reset your rank very different (it's based on mmr not on visual division display) and you end up different mmr, or simply a bug, after you solo play the 10 placement games and get your permanent rank, if you are not to 2 division different (like gold- bronze, silver - iron etc) you will be able to duo.
Hey murdarici, firstly, thank you for your response in this post and the other linked in the my post. Do you have a link/source where Riot explains this? i cant find any. Secondly, my problem is why does riot make a difference between placements and normal ranking for queue eligability if you are in a group. This is really confusing when you play ranked with a friend and the next day the system prevents it because of some arbitrary rules that are not even easily accessible. I know you cant to anything and just want to help me but man this is frustating.
: You were below honor level 2 at season end ? if yes, then all players under honor level 2 lose the rank from last season and apear unranked, if no, then maybe a bug
how do you know this? was it stated in any of riots post about the ranked and/or honor system?
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I feel the same. if i see all the champions and i cant rly decide what i could pick or want to pick.A filter system would help a lot, it doesnt even have to be customizeable for me, but for example you could select the role like in the champion view in the profil


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