: Here is how to fix: For mac: Search your computer for Activity Monitor and type Riot in its search bar, it'll come up with a few clients. Double click on them and hit quit on everything (including RiotClientServices) after they are all gone, it should work again. For windows: Open Task Manager and do exactly the same as discribed above! {{item:3903}}
johnny19w (EUW)
: Remove the application, empty the bin, download it from the website and install it again?
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Philaepp (EUW)
: Stream ON :)
Hi, we need streamers for an amateur league of legends league, hmu: EA Owner#4417
: Saying things extra nicely is not very natural for me, especially in though situations where there is not too much time for writing and main point is basically to transfer information. I just say things how they are. Feels bad that people blame me for not being nice when in my opinion I'm just being neutral.
Yeah maybe being nicer is something you can work on if you are gonna criticise peoples gameplay. Kinda hypocritical to go "soraka should listen to my criticism" and then not listen to criticism yourself or shrug it off like "that's just not the way I am". that mentality is just as bad as her mentality of lying about the heal cd
: Saying things extra nicely is not very natural for me, especially in though situations where there is not too much time for writing and main point is basically to transfer information. I just say things how they are. Feels bad that people blame me for not being nice when in my opinion I'm just being neutral.
"yeah right..." is not neutral it is accusatory, and if you are dead their is plenty of time to type out a relatively short and less offensive response. I think you are in the right i'm just giving _you_ advice on how to actually give constructive criticism in future.
: Gold on main account and also Gold last season on this account. 106k mastery score just on main account on Soraka. You are that type of player who can do a something without his support. Both need to find a playstyle and not just expect your support to adapt to you ("give me heal, tank the damage, die to get kills"). Is not your support but the team support.
I mean soraka's damage is good, but if you have a strong adc, the adc has better dps, so in a 2v2 vs a mage/tank supp (who can't match your healing) staying further back and healing your adc is a better play. Like i said depends on your adc, if its a draven or lucian, you're really supposed to just be buffing and using your q and e to peel if someone gets close to him, not stepping up and tanking a bunch of damage making your healing ability redundant. Like, correct me if I'm wrong, but sorakas w heals more than she loses in health, especially if you are maxing it or maxing it after putting an extra point in q for poke, which is usually the correct way to play her. So if your heal does more than the health you lose, and you have more than half health (sivir w won't kill 25% health soraka unless she already has crits) the best play is to heal the adc, who has better dps, because even if you do somehow die (which would be due to your own mispositioning, not your decision to heal the adc) they do not have to worry about high cooldowns on dmg abilities and can probably trade a kill. It's not about the adc treating you like "their support" its about you playing the champion you picked for that game to its full potential. If you wanna do dmg and play independently of the adc because you are the "team support" (of which the adc is a part) then play a mage not an ardent support. Also i'm pretty sure the team would all appreciate the support trying to keep the adc alive in lane by any means necessary, since if you die, then you give away a kill, whereas if your adc dies, you give away a kill, priority and gold/exp depending on the position of the wave during the fight (but vs sivir, unless you had a massive minion wave in which case you would've won the fight anyways, its pretty much a given that she will gain an advantage as she can push into turret after the adc dying and gain wave control of the lane and a good recall for herself)
: And you think this is how the majority of players would react? Is that what you experience every day in Leauge, that most player react just fine to their obvious mistakes being pointed out? I strongly doubt that. Just because it might be a good thing for SOME players in SOME situations this doesn't mean it's a good idea on average. In almost all cases this stuff goes south.
I think the soraka scenario was well phrased and not accusatory on the part of the OP, by asking "why?" you are constructively criticising, as you offer to understand their thought process and don't immediately assume they just misplayed. Obviously context and the way you type things influences the way it comes across as well as the way you follow up. I think that is the actual issue with the OP's mindset. For example in the Soraka case there is a difference between: "dude, why dont you heal me.." "heal was on cooldown" "yeah right......." "wtf dont blame me for your mistake" and "dude, why didn't you heal me?" "heal was on cooldown" "oh okay mb, ping me the cd next time so i know" Yes the Soraka is probably lying however, by addressing the issue and then assuming blame even though you know they are lying, you bring their attention to their mistake without embarrassing them. This is the more constructive way of doing what you said, whereas causing conflict when they are lying, whilst it feels better, is likely to cause friction. Obviously this doesn't always fix the mistake as the community is toxic as hell, but nobody can really argue with you if you take this approach and they'll likely get reported by teammates if they try. If however, a player just can't take criticism and gets upset that you mention it at all, that is not your fault, it is them having a bad mentality, don't engage with their toxicity, but if they do it again, play cautiously and take into account their repeated mistake and try again, politely.
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: Need help of the community
Try our stream: https://www.twitch.tv/esportsacademyofficial our YT is there also
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Sefi (EUNE)
: Sorry but seeing "EA" makes me just want to staaaay the f*ck away.
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: Rank 6 3v3 trying to set up stream: HELP?!
Hey, Not sure if you’d be interested, but if you want some experience streaming, my league is looking for casters, we are in week 7 of 9 atm and need people who have the hardware to stream to stream for the casters over the next couple weeks. It’s 5v5, but if you are interested you are also more than welcome to cast! If you want more info you can contact myself or the producer (details below) also anyone else who sees this is welcome to contact us :) EA Owner#4417 (discord) eliteesportsacademy@gmail.com Or in game: Not Cheesy LordFlab (producer)
Sakuritou (EUW)
: I want to join a Team/Team Invitation
Here are some helpful links: https://discord.gg/2AQaghw - Scrim League (biggest EUW I think) https://discord.gg/VPCqag - Scrim League (newer and popular among some orgs) https://discord.gg/jsgjkE - Mouseplayz - Org may be looking for players https://www.serenitygaming.org/ - Serenity Gaming - Danish Org but are expanding teams so may be interested (discord link at bottom of webpage) https://discord.gg/Q6pmxeb - Square 1 League, an LEC style league for diamond teams, may be able to find a team there who wants you :) Not that they would, but if anyone asks how you got their discord links just say that Cheesy from the EAL sent them to you!
: why so many dashes and teleports?
I think this is part of a broader issue of riot increasing damage and assassin/burst dmg play style to cater towards the community who prefer it over the "dull" aka strategic ardent/adc metas
: {{champion:34}} , {{champion:1}} , {{champion:22}} , {{champion:63}} , {{champion:31}} , {{champion:122}} , {{champion:30}} , {{champion:99}} , {{champion:90}} , {{champion:25}} . Ez
Lol you put darius here? xD think of current meta, Annie goes predator, ashe fleet, darius phase rush or ghost +phage (sometimes stacked) But the rest are legit
Erarrion (EUNE)
: Search for "So yeah ! I Have Finally Made it !"....
: s9 only win if you're lucky ?
Yeah low elo is %%%%ed because riot make too much money off people spending on new accounts to do an iron-dia climb. Low ranked (lower than platinum) accounts have increased by by 10-20% since season start, depending on region. Basically Riot %%%%ed over the bottom 50% of their playerbase because their marginal propensity to spend is lower than the top 50%. Its worst in iron, all you need to do is watch any pro player smurfing there to see how some games you have 9 completely new players and others 9 smurfs or players who are at silver skill level. To be honest you can try grind and that but its gonna be frustrating as hell. Yes you can try and climb and it should improve slowly as you do. Otherwise you can wait this section out and hope it improves after a month or two (though knowing riot they'll make sure it won't). Realistically if you really can't deal with it you can try training against smurfs on another account in iron/low silver (where they are stronger and more frequent) You can play on another region like EUNE where this issue isn't as common But yeah matchmaking is wonky af atm and thats why
: Gold-Based Champion (No not rank but how much gold you have earned in-game)
The w is the same as Lulu w and e is basicaly janna/lulu e combined. I think, other than a tweak in these interactions to vary them somewhat, the concept is interesting
: You're right, it would be a great idea for to be able to punish all a person's accounts, not just one..... ......How exactly are Riot supposed to do this? It's all very well to say "Riot do something about this" but what you ask is impossible.
Not really, they dont even ban multiple accounts from the same email address or IP
: >In case you aren't aware people who have connectivity issues are classed by riot in the same bracket as toxic and afk players. This means that you are more likely to be put into games with toxic afkers etc. League of Legends doesn't have a "prisoner island". I don't know where you got that idea.
If you read on I explain, its experience based but with over 1000 "experiments" the clear trends are obviously more than just bad luck/coincidence
: Yeah, this is great and all - except, how many people play Curve Fever? Now how many people play LoL? The issue is with volume of reports. We used to have the Tribunal, which worked similarly, but it got removed for a variety of reasons - topmost among them the fact that there were too many cases for the small part of the community that participated to keep up.
well I'm sure it can be used at the very least to help realign the current ai/algorithm which has some bad issues
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I actually never heard of tribunal, this is a legit copy from the game I referenced, which is the system used by most online games with similar issues. My system is different from tribunal as far as I can tell though
: Muh feelings
Mainly because riot doesn't distinguish between rage quitters and connection issues people very well (and lets be honest thats not the person's fault) but also because, at the end of the day, other people and their feelings are more important than your rank/account on a game. Whether you see it that way or not, but the majority of society would see it like that. Also gonna upvote your post because its not nice when people get downvoted, just as toxic as flaming people in game imo. EDIT: Though having red some of our comments you seem like a generic toxic player so I'm glad you got banned :)
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Pavle2001 (EUW)
: Couldn't have said it better. I've been a loyal player for 7+ years. And I've lost my main account a year ago because I've been playing with soo many trolls/inters and I've lost my temper _**TWICE**_. (don't bother commenting ''you don't know their intentions'' since I am not another 10IQ re-tard to not know these simple things). I assume the white knights will come and tell me that I don't know who's **intentionally** loosing games so I will give them some examples. A person that is following you in the jungle trying to take your camps, a person auto attacking enemies or simulating a fight and leaves them to finish him, a person who went to another lane to take creeps/xp and force fights and dying like it was an accident (**don't think this is your casual normal games, in ranked the story is completely different**) , a person who is not using anything to help you out in fights (when he can), a person who just moving around the map mindlessly doing NOTHING for minutes after you took red/blue buff (because he thought its his). If you think these examples are over-exaggerated or 1/50 games then you are delusional or just never played ranked seriously. These people will never appear in normals since they know that nobody gives a %%%% about winning there. The people actually do such things and never get punished, its not 1/50 games but more like 1/5 games. All of these examples are **NOT ** in your typical normal/bronze/silver (or even gold) games. So the majority of the league boards CANNOT RELATE. These trolls appear mostly in plat+ and they are all smart enough to not make the trolling/inting obvious. The current system can only punish the absolute idiots that make it obvious. But once you call them re-tards or whatever insult you throw at them you are the one getting punished. And don't come with that ''Just move to the next game'' , ''Its just a game'' , ''Nobody deserves to be insulted'' , ''Doesn't make you any better than him'' kind of bullshit since I've heard it all and its beyond ridiculous to say such thing to a more competitive player. Like someone can stay calm and friendly in 20-40 min game while being constantly provoked. Not to mention how often this happens... .
Imagine how much worse this is once you enter the "toxic/afk" matchmaking: https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/vqnpR4nz-bad-connection-not-toxicafk
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: Season 8 plat 1 LFT
Your discord don't work
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P4yterro (EUW)
: People to cup
This sounds dirty xD
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: Is there any site where a few small tournaments are listed ?
Battlefy is probs the best for that, add my disc if you want to share the link when its up! you should also make an event in the evnts page with riot :) EA Official#4417
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Wehmer (EUW)
: G5 hardstuck looking for a friend to duo with (s3+)
PutterFly (EUW)
: To anyone wondering, Angola Cables is soon to launch SACS(South Atlantic cable system) connecting southern Africa to South America, meaning as African(South African Players) you will be able to obtain a more competitive ping by connecting to Brazil servers. <3
Soutie (EUW)
: i use to play on 200 ping and then i moved.now i play on 227.
I played a year in the UK, the difference is huge, you cannot cs effectively on 200 ping and as soon as you are faced with any assassin/gap closer enemy you are toast, yes its still playable, but I will be hardstuck bronze next season when i move here, because you just cannot react fast enough to players abilities: animation speed<Lag buffer. Good macro play means nothing if you cant even auto the right person because where you clicked theres no enemy anymore. Only way to play like this is become a supp main or play cho gath. Try playing in europe dude, you will see the difference.
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